Samuel Hedge

Samuel HEDGE (1675 – 1714) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Hedge was born 18 Jun 1675 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Elisha HEDGE and Mary STURGIS. He married Grace SNOW on 8 Dec 1698 Eastham, Barnstable,, Mass.   Samuel died 19 May 1714 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.

Samuel Hedge Headstone -- Cove Burying Ground, Eastham, Barnstable. Mass. Source: Findagrave #15872217

Samuel Hedge Headstone — Cove Burying Ground, Eastham, Barnstable. Mass.   Findagrave #15872217

Samuel’s headstone is broken with the top missing. The missing tympanum most likely displayed a winged skull.  Samuel is buried next to his three children, Samuel (d. 1709)  Thankful (d. 1713)   Mary’s (d. 1714) footstone.  Mary died two days before her father. Location – No. 27 on EHS 1976 Cove survey map;  Material- slate;  Headstone – 16″ W, 12″ H, 3″

Grace Snow was born 1 Feb 1675 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Lieutenant Jabez SNOW (1642-1690) and Elizabeth SMITH (1648-1755). After Samuel died in 1714, she married 21 Jul 1716 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass to George Lewis  Grace died 21 Jul 1716 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.

George Lewis was born in 1672 in Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Joseph Lewis (1632 – 1675) and Sarah Lane (1635 – 1697)  He first married 14 Jun 1711 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. to to Alice Crocker (b. 25 Dec 1679 in Barnstable – d. 23 Feb 1718? in Barnstable) George and Alice had four children born between 1712 and 1716. George died Nov 1769 in Barnstable, Mass.

Two first cousins named Thankful Hedge were born a couple years apart on Cape Cod.  Either one may have married our ancestor Edward STURGIS IV. Both show a death of 17 Apr 1762 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Thankful Hedge was born 17 Apr 1714 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Samuel HEDGE and Grace SNOW.

Another Thankful Hedge was born 23 Oct 1712 in Yarmouth, Mass. Her parents were Samuel’s brother  John HEDGE and Thankful LOTHROP.

Children of Samuel and Grace:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Thankful Hedge 22 Aug 1699 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass 14 Apr 1713 Eastham
2. Mary Hedge 20 Nov 1701 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass 17 May 1714 Eastham
3. Samuel Hedge 10 Jan 1704 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass 13 Dec 1709 Eastham
4. Elisha Hedge 4 Feb 1706 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass Martha Johnson
30 Apr 1728 Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass
6 Jan 1789 Barre, Worcester, Mass; Burial: West Main Street Cemetery, Shrewsbury, Worcester
5. Elizabeth Hedge 14 Apr 1708 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass James Morrice
5 May 1736 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass
6. Lemuel or Samuel Hedge 4 Mar 1709/10 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass Mary Baker
20 Oct 1733 Barnstable, Mass
15 Jun 1734 Boston, Mass.
7. Jabez Hedge 13 Apr 1712 Eastham, Barnstable, Mass 1714 Eastham
7. Thankful HEDGE 17 Apr 1714
4 Mar 1730/31
Yarmouth, Mass.
After 17 Apr 1762 Yarmouth



Samuel and Grace reused the names of two of their children, Thankful and Samuel.   I wouldn’t do that, but children’s passing was more accepted back then.  Alternatively, the younger boy was named Lemuel so they may have only reused “Thankful”

1. Thankful Hedge

Thankful’s ( age 13 Years 9 Months) name was used again within a year

Thankful Hedge Headstone

Thankful Hedge Headstone — Cove Burying Ground, Eastham, Barnstable. Mass. Findagrave #15872224

2. Mary Hedge

Mary died two days before her father at age twelve.

3. Samuel Hedge

Genealogies sometimes record Samuel as Lamuel, looks like an “S” to me.

Samuel’s (age 5) name was used again in three months.

Samuel Hedge Jr Headstone

Samuel Hedge Jr Headstone — Cove Burying Ground, Eastham, Barnstable. Mass.    Findagrave #15872222

4. Elisha Hedge

Elisha’s wife Martha Johnson was born 6 Oct 1 702 in Marlborough, Middlesex, Mass. Martha’s parents were Daniel Johnson (b. 5 Apr 1675 Marlborough – d. 27 Apr 1721 Marlborough) and Dorothy Lamb (b. 8 Jun 1679 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass. – d. 7 Jan 1760 in Marlborough) Martha died 4 Nov 1765 Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass.

The town of Shrewsbury was first settled in 1722 and officially incorporated in 1727.
Townspeople created an agricultural economy with apple orchards and by 1750 there were two stores and four taverns as well as several small industries in operation. The rapid fall of prices for agricultural goods, the shortage of hard currency and the general economic depression following the Revolutionary War produced disastrous conditions for colonists. Shays’ Rebellion in 1786 sought to close the courts to prevent debt collections and the foreclosure of mortgages. Shrewsbury became a staging area for the rebellion and the encampment of the more than 400 insurgents, before the march on the Worcester Court House. Shrewsbury is now a suburb of both Boston and Worcester, about 45 minutes from Boston and 10 minutes to downtown Worcester.

Children of Elisha and Martha:

i. Elisha Hedge b. 14 Feb 1729 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass.; d. 26 Dec 1777 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; m. 25 Dec 1750 – Worcester, Worcester, Mass. to Deliverance Streans (b. 1735 in Worcester, Mass. – d. 4 Jun 1819 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.) Deliverance’s parents were John Stearns (1692 – 1728) and Deliverance Bigelow (1695 – 1762) Elisha and Deliverance had six children born between 1751 and 1760.

ii. Josiah Hedge b. 15 Jun 1730 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass.; d. 1733 Shrewsbury

iii. Samuel Hedge b. 9 May 1732 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass.; d. Sep 1760 in the French and Indian War

iv. Rev. Lemuel Hedge b. Jul 1734 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass.; d. 15 Oct 1777 Warwick, Mass.; m. 5 Nov 1761 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass to Sarah White (b. 29 May 1741 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass. – d. 1808 in Middlebury, Vermont). Sarah’s parents were David White (b. 1710) and Susanna Wells (1714 – 1783). Lemuel and Sarah had seven children born between 1766 and 1776.

Warwick, Franklin, Mass.

Warwick, Franklin, Mass.

Warwick, Franklin, Mass. was first settled in 1739 and was officially incorporated in 1763.

The land that became Warwick was one of four tracts of land established by Massachusetts in 1735 to compensate the descendants of the officers and soldiers who served during the “expedition to Canada” and the Battle of Quebec in 1690. The area was initially called Gardner’s Canada and original proprietors were named in 1736. A 1737 owners list names the initial land owners, few of whom appear to have remained to settle the town once it was incorporated in 1763.

It took another 25 years to attract sufficient numbers of settlers to support a town and its minister. In 1760, such numbers were reached and the town hired a young Reverend Lemuel Hedge. The town was formed officially, as Warwick, on February 17, 1763. Its first officers were James Ball (town clerk), Moses Evans, Jeduthan Morse, James Ball (selectman and assessors), Amzi Doolittle (treasurer), Samuel Ball (constable), and James Ball (collector)

As the Revolutionary War approached, the town voted unanimously in favor of independence, although the town minister preached against it. Rev. Lemuel Hedge was barred from leaving the town in July 1775. He died 15 October 1777, the day British General Burgoyne surrendered his troops to the colonists in Saratoga. In 1776, Lieutenant Thomas Rich was selected to represent the town at the General Assembly of Massachusetts.

41 page sermon delivered by Rev. Lemuel Hedge in 1772.

41 page sermon delivered by Rev. Lemuel Hedge in 1772.

1759 – Lemuel graduates from Harvard University at the age of 25.

3 Dec 1760 – Hired to be the Minister of the Congregational Church, Warwick, Franklin, Mass.

Jul 1775 – As the Rev. War approached, Rev. Lemuel Hedge, an admitted Tory, preached against independence from England. For this he was disarmed & barred from leaving the town of Warwick.

Aug 1775 – Lemuel was arrested by a group of 40 Patriots. They intended to transport him to Northampton for imprisonment, but were eventually compelled to release him.

Nov 1775 – Shortly after his release from arrest, Rev. Hedge relocated to Hardwick, MA. He became quite ill from the stress brought on by the persecution for his Tory stance

15 Oct 1777 – Lemuel, an admitted Tory , was considered to have died as the result of persecution.

v. Mary Hedge b. 15 Feb 1736 in Shrewsury, Worcester,  Mass.;

vi. Martha Hedge b. 1738 in Mass.; d. 23 Nov 1809 Barre, Worcester, Mass.; ; Burial: Adams Cemetery, Barre; m. 7 Jul 1753 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass. to Joseph Robinson (b. 13 Sep 1727 in Rochester, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 16 Dec 1814 in Barre, Worcester, Mass.; Burial: Adams Cemetery, Barre) Joseph’s parents were James Robinson ( – 1762) and Martha and Joseph had twelve children between 1754 and 1780.

Joseph was a private in Capt. James Harlow’s Company, Col. Ezra Woods Regiment of Massachusetts Militia in the Revolutionary War. He served from June to November 1778. He was also in the 6th Massachusetts Regiment with Col. William Shepard, from July 8 to December 8, 1780

Originally called the Northwest District of Rutland, Barre was first settled in 1720. The town was incorporated on June 17, 1774, as Hutchinson after Thomas Hutchinson, colonial governor of Massachusetts. But on November 7, 1776, it was renamed Barre in honor of Isaac Barré, a champion of the American Colonies.

5. Elizabeth Hedge

Children of Elizabeth and James

i. James Morrice b. 12 Aug 1737 Boston, Mass.

 6. Lemuel Hedge

Lemuel’s wife Mary Baker was born 25 Mar 1710.   Mary’s father was Deacon John Baker (b. 15 Oct 1672 at Hull, Mass.) Mary’s grandparents were Samuel Baker and Fear Robinson, She was the great granddaughter of the immigrant Isaac Robinson, and 2nd great granddaughter of Rev. John Robinson, pastor of the 1620 Mayflower Pilgrims at Leiden, Holland.  Mary’s mother was  Anna Annable( b. 4 Mar 1675/76 at Barnstable, Mass. – d. 21 Mar 1732/33 Barnstable)

Lemuel Hedge Headstone -- Granary Burial Ground Boston -- Findagrae # 21009463

Lemuel Hedge Headstone — Granary Burial Ground Boston — Findagrae # 21009463

7. Thankful HEDGE (See Edward STURGIS IV‘s page)


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