Maximilian Jewett II

Maximilian JEWETT II (1672-1730) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Miller line.

Deacon Maximilian Jewett was born 5 Feb 1672 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were Ezekiel JEWETT and Faith PARRATT. He married Sarah HARDY in 1698 in Rowley, Mass. Maximillian died 23 Mar 1730 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Sarah Hardy was born 25 Mar 1672 in Bradford, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John HARDY and Mary JACKMAN. After Maximilian died, she married May 20, 1731 to Capt. Samuel Pickard. Sarah died 3 Feb 1744 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.

Capt. Samuel Pickard was born MAY 1663 Rowley. His parents were John PICKARD Jr. and Jane CROSBY. He first married Elizabeth Bradstreet 22 JUN 1685 in Rowley. He married second Elizabeth Hale 31 MAY 1687 Rowley. Finally, he married the widow Sarah Jewett 20 May 1731. Samuel died 2 SEP 1751 in Rowley.

Children of Maximilian and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Hannah Jewett 6 Apr 1699
Rowley, Mass
John Tenney
23 Jan 1718 Rowley, Essex, Mass
Mar 1802
Bradford, Mass.
2. Elizabeth JEWETT 3 Mar 1700/01 Rowley, Mass. Deacon Caleb BROWN
18 Oct 1722  Rowley, Mass
23 Nov 1758
3. Seth Jewett 15 OCT 1704
Rowley, Mass.
Dorcas Hardy
12 Feb 1726/27 Rowley, Mass.
Mehitable Hardy
6 Sep 1739
Rowley, Mass
26 OCT 1756
4. Sarah Jewett 3 JUN 1707 Rowley, Mass. Joseph Pickard
bef. 1729
Rowley, Mass.
22 NOV 1802 in Rowley, Essex, Mass
5. Faith Jewett 30 APR 1710
Rowley, Mass.
Paul Dodge
30 Mar 1736
Hamlet Parish, Mass
6. Hepsibah Jewett 2 NOV 1712
7. Anne Jewett 17 JUL 1715 Charles Tuttle
23 Apr 1735 – Rowley, Essex, Mass
30 Jan 1799 – Rowley, Essex, Mass
8. Jeremiah Jewett  1720 7 Jun 1785
Rowley, Mass
Elizabeth Choate
27 Mar 1742 Ipswich, Mass

Maximilliam settled in that part of Byfield Parish, Rowley, that was set off and incorporated as Georgetown in 1838. He was dismissed from the Rowley Church to Byfield Parish, Jan. 15, 1710-11, and soon became deacon.

Administration was granted on Maximillian’s estate in 1730 to his widow Sarah. The real estate was divided March 23, 1730/31 to widow Sarah; eldest son Seth ; son Jeremiah a minor ; daughters Hannah Tenney, Elizabeth Brown, Sarah Pickard, Faith, Hepsebah a minor, Ann a minor.

Widow Sarah Jewett, married (2d) (Pub. May 20, 1731) Captain Samuel Pickard (his third wife). Samuel died Sept. 2, 1751. She died Aug. 26, 1771, in her 94th year. Her will, dated Nov. 22, 1768, proved Sept. 23, 1771, mentions: Hannah Tenney, Elizabeth Brown, Sarah Pickard, Faith Dodge, Plepsebah Jewett, Ann Tuttle, also Seth Jewett Foster, ” grandson of my late son Seth Jewett.”


1. Hannah Jewett

Hannah’s husband John Tenney was born 8 Dec 1692 in Bradford, Essex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Tenney and Sarah Boynton. John died 23 Aug 1732 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.

2. Elizabeth JEWETT (See Deacon Caleb BROWN‘s page)

3. Seth Jewett

Seth’s first wife Dorcas (Dorothy) Hardy was born 28 Jan 1702. Her parents were Capt. Daniel Hardy and Martha Wicom. Dorcas died 4 Nov 1764 – Rowley, Mass.

Seth’s second wife was Mehitable Hardy born 20 Mar 1717/18 and they married 6 Sep 1739 – Mass. Her parents were Joseph Hardy and Mary Burbank.

Seth lived in Bradford and had at least one child, a daughter, who married — — Foster,
and had a son, Seth Jewett Foster.

4. Sarah Jewett

Sarah’s husband Joseph Pickard was born 17 MAR 1700 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Pickard and Elizabeth Hale. After Elizabeth died, Samuel would later marry S May 20, 1731 to Sarah’s mother (See Above) Joseph died 02 DEC 1797 in Rowley, Essex, Mass

5. Faith Jewett

Faith’s husband Paul Dodge was born in 1709 – Essex, Mass. His parents were Richard Dodge and Martha Low. Paul died 3 Jan 1773 – Hamilton, Essex, Mass.

7. Anne Jewett

Anne’s husband Charles Tuttle was born 1 Dec 1708 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were Charles Tuttle and Mary Burnham. Charles died 1 Dec 1788 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Anne Jewett Tuttle Gravestone

Charles Tuttle Gravestone -- Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Essex County, Mass

8. Jeremiah Jewett

Jeremiah’s wife Elizabeth Choate was born 26 JAN 1717 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass

Jeremiah lived in Byfield Parish, Rowley, and was a member of the First Foot Co. of Rowley. His will, dated June 7, 1785, proved Oct. 3, 1785, mentions: wife Elizabeth; sons Jeremiah, Seth, Maximilian, and Samuel, and daughters Elizabeth Webber and Ann Nourse.


History and genealogy of the Jewetts of America; a record of Edward Jewett, of Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, and of his two emigrant sons, Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, in 1639; also of Abraham and John Jewett, early settlers of Rowley, and of the Jewetts who have settled in the United States since the year 1800 (1908) By Frederic Clarke Jewett

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