Deacon Caleb Brown

Caleb BROWN (1698 – 1758) was Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather; one of 256  in this generation of the Miller line.

Deacon Caleb Brown was born 23 Oct 1698 in Lynn, Mass.  His parents were Cornelius BROWN Jr.  and Susanna STORY.  He married Elizabeth JEWETT on 18 Oct 1722 in Rowley, Mass.  Caleb died 23 Nov 1758 in Harvard, Mass.

Elizabeth Jewett was born 3 Mar 1700/01 in Rowley, Mass.  Her parents were Maximilian JEWETT and Sarah HARDY. Elizabeth died 23 Nov 1758

Mary Brown was born 19 Jan 1725/26 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.  Many genealogical records show her parents to be Caleb Brown and Elizabeth Jewett.  However,  many other sources  show Caleb’s and Elizabeth’s Mary married Francis Peabody

Children of Caleb and Elizabeth

Name Born Married Departed
1. Sarah Brown 17 Apr 1724 Rowley, Essex, Mass
2. Mary BROWN 19 Jan 1725/26 in Bradford, Essex, Mass. David DOW
10 Apr 1744 in Salem NH
Francis Peabody
18 Nov 1742 Boxford, Essex County, MA
24 Oct 1771
20 Oct 1770 Sudbury, New Brunswick
3. Hannah Brown 15 May 1729 Boxford, Essex, Mass
4. Elizabeth or Abigail Brown 11 Feb 1731 Boxford, Essex, Mass 18 Sep 1739 Boxford, Essex, Mass
5. Caleb Brown 29 May 1732 Boxford, Essex, Mass
6. Susanna Brown 4 Mar 1735 Boxford, Essex, Mass 20 Sep 1739 Boxford, Essex, Mass
7. Clark Brown 24 Feb 1734 or 1736 Boxford, Essex, Mass Lucy Davis
9 Mar 1757 Harvard, Worcester, Mass
8. Hephizibah Brown 2 Oct 1737 Boxford, Essex, Mass 4 Jul 1766 Harvard, Worcester, Mass
9. David Brown 24 Jun 1739 Boxford, Essex, Mass
10. Maximillian Brown 27 Sep 1741 Boxford, Essex, Mass 13 Mar 1747 Harvard, Worcester, Mass
11. Ebenezer Brown 30 Jun 1745 Harvard, Worcester, Mass 23 Jul 1746 Harvard, Worcester, Mass



2. Mary Brown

Mary married David DOW or Francis Peabody.

 Francis lived in Boxford, Mass. until 1764, when he moved to the St. John River in a part of Nova Scotia set off in 1784 as New Brunswick. He and two sons-in-law, James White and James Simonds, were among the pioneer English settlers of Maugerville, NB. Francis was commander of a company in the French and Indian War. He participated in the attack on Ticonderoga in July 1759.

The next year, his company was in the expedition against Canada by way of Albany and Lake Champlain. After the French surrendered at Chambly, the company returned to Ticonderoga, then marched across country to Boxford, arriving about Dec. 1.

7. Clark Brown

Clark’s wife Lucy Davis was born 26 Jun 1726 in Concord, Middlesex, Mass. Lucy’s parents were Simon Davis (1692 – 1763) and Hannah Potter (1690 – 1782). Lucy died 28 Aug 1796 in Boxford, Essex, Mass or Brookline, Brookline, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.  Alternatively, Lucy was born 24 Feb 1734/35 and died 28 Aug 1776.

Child of Clark and Lydia:

i. Lydia Brown b. 24 May 1773 Brookline, Hillsboro, NH; d. 3 Jan 1812 in Chesterfield, NH; m. 1790 to Amos Crouch(b. 27 Aug 1769 Harvard, Worcester, Mass – d. 18 Aug 1861 in Chesterfield, New Hampshire) Amos’ parents were John Crouch (1728 – 1814) and Hannah Brown (1729 – 1789).

In the 1860 census, Amos age 90 was living in Chesterfield, Cheshire, New Hampshire with Abigail Crouch age 75 and his daughter Hannah Crouch age 53.

ii. Sarah Brown, b. 12 Dec 1777, Raby, NH; d. 12 Mar 1836 Denmark, Oxford Co., Maine; m. 20 Mar 1803 Hopkinton, Merrimack, New Hampshire Parson Pingree ( b. 21 Aug 1776, Rowley, Mass. – d. 10 Mar 1862 Denmark, Oxford Co., Maine) Parson’s parents were Thomas Pingree (b. 2 Jun 1745 ) and Hannah Chapman (b. 3 Jun 1744, Ipswich, Mass.) Sarah and Parson had nine children born between 1803 and 1822.

In the 1860 census, Parson was living with his son Jasper in Denmark, Oxford, Maine.

In both 1850 and 1860, Parson with living with Sarah nee. [__?__] Parson (b. 1787 Maine)


Ancestry of Daniel James Seely, St. George, N. B., 1826, and of Charlotte Louisa Vail, Sussex, N. B., 1837- St. John, N. B., 1912; with a list of their descendants (1914)

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  5. Kori says:

    ii. Sarah Brown, b. 12 Dec 1777, Raby, NH; Married Her sister Lydia`s husband Amos Crouch after her death in 1812. Did NOT marry Parson Pingree. Amos`s father John Crouch married Hannah Brown, daughter of Caleb Brown and Elizabeth Jewett in 1750.

    This Brown line intermarried with my Crouch line like crazy.

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