Henry Kembold

Henry KEMBOLD (1565 – 1619) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Miller line.

Immigrant Ancestor

Henry Kembold was born 4 Jan 1565 Brettenham, Suffolk, England. His parents were Henry KIMBOLD and Margaret MUNNING. He married JOHANNA [__?__] about 1588 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Henry died 10 Sept 1619 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England.

Johanna was born 1567 Mistley, Essex, England

Children of Richard and Ursula:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Kemball 20 Apr 1584 Brettenham, Suffolk, England Elizabeth Colby
21 Jun 1618
Brettenham, Suffolk, England
21 Apr 1633 Brettenham, Suffolk, England
2. Frances Kemball 9 Apr 1587 Brettenham, Suffolk, England William Seir
9 Oct 1608
Great Finborough, Suffolk, England
3. Rachel Kemball 22 Jun 1589 Rattleden, Suffolk, England Thomas Carver
2 Nov 1609
Of Rattlesden, Suffolk ,England,
4. Henry Kemball 1590 Rattleden, Suffolk, England Susan Stone
27 Nov 1628 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England
19 Aug 1648
Watertown, Mass
5. Richard KIMBALL 10 Apr 1595 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England Ursula SCOTT about 1614
Margaret Cole
23 Oct 1661
Ipswich, Mass
22 Jun 1675 Ipswich, Essex, Mass
6. George Kemball 1598 Rattlesden 15 Nov 1636 Rattlesden


Henry’s father Henry Kembold b. 1539 Hitcham, Suffolk, England d: 1583 Brettenham, Suffolk, England) married Margaret Munning (b: 1545 Brettenham, Suffolk, England d: 8 Dec 1582 Brettenham, Suffolk, England), daughter of Humphrey MUNNING and Eunice (Ellen) UNGLE on 12 June 1564 in Brettenham, Suffolk, England. Their children:

i. Priscilla Kimball (b: 1569 Brettenham, Suffolk, England d: 1583 England) m: John Pilbarrow

ii.  Henry KYMBOLD (b: 1566/1567 Brettenham, Suffolk, England d: after 1619 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England) m: Johanna

iii. Richard Kembold  b: 4 Jan 1565 Lawford, Essex, England d: 10 Sept 1619 Rattlesden, Suffolk, England) m: Elizabeth


Henry’s grandfather Henry KEMBOLD was born 1510 Hitcham, Suffolk, England d: 4 Jan 1558 Hitcham, Suffolk, England) married Cecelia (Cisila) SYSLEY (b: 1517 Hitcham, Suffolk, England d: 8 Dec 1584 Hitcham, Suffolk, England).

Henry was of Hitcham, Suffolk, England. He owned a tenement called Pogelle’s, as well as some land in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England. His will was made 4 Jan 1558 and proved 10 Mar 1558. Henry was probably buried in the churchyard at Hitcham, Suffolk, England, according to his desires.

Will of Henry Kembold of Hechm 4 Jan  1558, proved 10 Mar 1558.

To be buried in the churchyard of Hechm. To my wife Sysley Kembold my tenement I live in called Pogelle’s &c. and a piece of land in Rattlesdam. These to son Henry after my wife’s decease, he to pay certain sums to his brothers and sisters. To son Thomas peice of land in Rattlesden after my wife’ decease. To Thomas three pounds six shillings and eight pence, whereof thirty three shillings and four pence at his age of twent one years and then every year six shillings eight pence untill the sum, three pounds six shillings eight pence, be fully paid. To son Henry a piece of land, which I have in mortgage of Henry Bowle. To son richard six pounds thirteen shillings four pence, for to be paid by Henry Kembold my son, at his age of twenty one years. to daughters Agnes and Margaret Kembold thirty three shillings each at days of marrige and the same sum in five years. Wife Syslye and son Henry to be executors and Edmond Lever to be supervisor. Bury Wills, Book Bell, L. 542.

Children of Henry and Cisila:

i.  Priscilla Kembold (b: about 1543 Hitcham, Suffolk, England)
ii. Thomas Kembold (b: 1543 Hitcham, Suffolk, England d: after 1582 Hitcham, Suffolk, England)
iii. Agnes Kembolde (b: about 1548 England d: after 1582 Hitcham, Suffolk, England)
iv. Margaret Kembold (b: 1556 Hitcham, Suffolk, England d: 9 June 1578 Suffolk, England) m: Thomas Pricke
v. Richard Kembold (b: 1541 Hitcham, Suffolk, England d: before 10 Sept 1619 England) m: Elizabeth
vi. HENRY KEMBOLD ( (b: 1539 Hitcham, Suffolk, England d: 1583 Brettenham, Suffolk, England) m: Margaret Munning .


1. John Kemball

John’s wife Elizabeth Colby

2. Frances Kemball

Frances’ husband William Seir

3. Rachel Kemball

Rachel’s husband Thomas Carver

4. Henry Kemball

Henry’s wife Susan Stone was born Oct 4 1590 in Mistley (or Great Bromley), Essex, England.  Her parents were David Stone (1540 – 1625) and Ursula [__?__] (1560 – 1592). Susan died 19 Aug 1684 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.


HENRY, Watertown, probably brother of Richard the first, came in the Elizabeth, 1634, from Ipswich, aged 44, with wife Susanna, 35; children Elizabeth 4; and Susan, 1 and ½; and servant Richard Cutting, 11; freeman 2 May 1638; had John, born 5 March 1638, died soon; Mary, 26 November 1641; Richard, 13 October 1643; and John, again, 25 December 1645; and died 1648, his inventory being of 22 July. His widow married again, and died 19 Aug. 1684. Elizabeth married Capt. Thomas Straight, and Susanna married John Randall, both of Watertown.

5. Richard KIMBALL (See his page)






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    Hi, we’ve got all this, my name is Liza Kimball, and we have pushed the Kimballs back to Henry Kymbold, b. 1220.

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