Anthony Perry

Anthony PERRY (1624 – 1683) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Anthony Perry was born in 1624 in Devonshire, England. His parents were Edmond PERRY and Sarah CROWELL.  He immigrated with his parents to Plymouth Colony (Sandwich) in 1637 or on the Lion in 1639.   He married Elizabeth [__?_] about 1647.  Anthony died 1 Mar 1682/83 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Elizabeth was born about 1626.  Elizabeth died on 14 May 1703.

Children of Anthony and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Samuel PERRY 10 Dec 1648 Rehoboth, Mass. Mary MILLER
12 Dec 1676 Rehoboth, Mass
3 Apr 1706 Rehoboth, Mass.
2. Elizabeth Perry 15 OCT 1650 Rehoboth Stephen Burpee
29 May 1674 Rehoboth
Sep 1706 Rehoboth
3. Jasiel (Jahaziel) Perry 18 OCT 1652 Rehoboth SEP 1676 Rehoboth
4. Mercy (Mary?) Perry 9 DEC 1654 Rehoboth Thomas Kendrick
17 JUL 1681 Rehoboth
26 Jan 1685/86 Rehoboth
5. Mehitable Perry 23 SEP 1657 Rehoboth SEP 1676
6. Nathaniel Perry 8 OCT 1660 Rehoboth Sarah Carpenter
17 MAY 1683 Rehoboth
22 Apr 1715

Grand Juryman, May 1654; on a committee to buy Joseph Peck’s house to make it fit for the ministry, 2 November 1663; constable for Rehoboth, 1665 (Peirce’s Colonial Lists. Civil, Military and Professional Lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island Colonies);

Received one share of the land granted to Rehoboth by Plymouth Colony Court on 10 April 1666 (Bowen, Early Rehoboth, VI, 40-41);

On a committee to finish the meeting house (1678) and then to sell it (1680);

Deputy to the Court, 1673; Surveyor of Highways for Rehoboth, 1679 (Pierce’s Colonial List); Townsman, 8 May 1680. Representative to the General Court in Boston;

Made a donation of £14 2d to “Phillips War.”

Anthony’s son-in-law Stephen Burbee is the of the same Burbee family as Burbee Seeds.  Stephen married Elizabeth Perry on 29 May 1674 in  Rehoboth, Mass.


1. Samuel PERRY (See his page)

2. Elizabeth Perry

Elizabeth’s husband is sometimes called Stephen Burpee  (of Burpee Seed fame) b. 1647 band other times Stephen Bruff  born before 1653 – Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass. The marriage is recorded as Steven Burph.   His parents were Edmund Bruff and Mary Chandler. Stephen died before 21 Jan 1719.

3. Jasiel Perry

Jasiel died in Sep 1676 and was a soldier in King Philip’s War.  So far I have not found a specific record of his death. The fighting had ended by then, so maybe Jasiel died of his wounds.

Private Soldiers – The History of Rehoboth by Leonard Bliss, page 117, says, “The names of the Rehoboth soldiers who served in Philip’s war have been preserved, and are as follows:” Those engaged in the Narraganset expedition were, John Fitch, Jonathan Wilmarth, Jasiel Perry, Thomas Kendrick, Jonathan Sabin, John Carpenter, John Redeway, John Martin, John Hall, John Miller, Jun., John Ide, Joseph Doggett, Sampson Mason, Jun. “Those who served under Major Bradford were, Preserved Abell, Samuell Perry, Stephen Paine, Jun., Samuel Miller, Silas T. Alin, Samuel Palmer, James Redeway, Enoch Hunt, Samuel Walker, Nicholas Ide, Noah Mason, Samuel Sabin, Thomas Read, Israel Read, George Robinson, Nathaniel Wilmarth.”

4. Mercy Perry

Mercy’s husband Thomas Kendrick was born 23 Jan 1646/47 Rehoboth, Mass. His parents were George Kendrick and Ruth Bowen.

1668 – He and his brother-in-law were elected constables for one year. “Att the General Court of Elections held att Plymouth the third Day of June, Anno Dom 1668, Prence Gour, Constables of Rehoboth– Robert ffuller George Kendricke” Constables kept the peace, made arrests, served warrants, and among other popular activities, collected taxes.   Their duties included keeping the peace, making arrests, serving warrants, and the collection of taxes. Since there was very little cash in those days they were required to accept payment in produce at rates set by the town council. The handling of such produce made the collection of taxes an arduous task.

1675/76 – George Kendrick, advanced £11 s.13 d.01  to help pay for King Philip’s War. It appears his aunt  Sarah Bowen was killed by Indians as part of King Philip’s War, and her daughter Abigail may have died then as well.

Children of Mercy and Thomas:

i. Mary Kendrick b. 2 JAN 1683/84 Rehoboth, Mass.

ii. Ruth Kendrick b. 1 MAY 1685 Rehoboth, Mass.

iii. Elizabeth Kendrick b. 24 OCT 1686 Rehoboth, Mass.

iv. Thomas Kendrick b. 16 JAN 1686/87 Rehoboth, Mass.

v. Mehitable Kendrick b. 15 AUG 1689 Rehoboth, Mass.
d. 28 JAN 1730/31 Rehoboth, Mass.; m. 19 MAY 1714 Rehoboth, Mass. to Arthur Tucker b. ABT 1670 Roxbury, Mass.

vi. Jaziel Kendrick b. 23 MAR 1691/92 Rehoboth, Mass.; m. 5 APR 1716 Rehoboth, Mass. to Lydia Guy

6. Nathaniel Perry

Nathaniel’s wife Sarah Carpenter was born 11 Jan 1662/63 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Carpenter and Sarah Redway. Her grandparents were William CARPENTER JR. and Abigail BRIANT.  Sarah died 5 JAN 1747/48 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Children of Nathaniel and Sarah:

i. Anthony Perry b. 7 MAR 1683/84 Rehoboth, Mass.; d. JAN 1684/85 Rehoboth, Mass.

ii. Anthony Perry b. 11 APR 1686 Rehoboth, Mass.

iii. Sarah Perry b. 6 OCT 1688 Rehoboth, Mass.; d. 17 DEC 1775 Attleborough, Bristol, Mass.; m. 1 JAN 1707/08 Rehoboth, Mass. to Jacob Ide

iv. Nathaniel Perry b. 2 APR 1691 Rehoboth, Mass.; d. 2 NOV 1773 Rehoboth, Mass. m. ABT 1714 to Patience Butterworth

v. Jacob Perry b. 21 AUG 1698 Rehoboth, Mass.; m. 1723 to Abigail Smith

vi. John Perry b. 11 MAR 1699/00 Rehoboth, Mass.; m. 23 NOV 1721 Rehoboth, Mass. to Mercy Newsome

vii. Patience Perry b. 21 JAN 1695/96 Rehoboth, Mass.; d. 2 NOV 1773 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 1 MAR 1714/15 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. to Samuel Butterworth


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  8. Jacquelyn Warner says:

    Anthony Perry married Elizabeth Wakeman in Rehoboth in 1648, died there March 12, 1683.

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