Henry Kilham

Henry KILHAM (1558 – 1631) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Miller line through his son Austin.  He was also was Alex’s 13th Great Grandfather;  one of  16,384 in this generation of the Miner line.

Austin Kilham – Coat of Arms

Henry Killham was baptized on 10 Aug 1558 in St James, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. This church was largely rebuilt, starting in 1503, with more alterations in the 18th and 19th centuries. When the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich was created in 1914, St James Church was made the cathedral. His parents were William KILHAM and  [__?__] CLEMENS.  He married Alice GOODALE on 12 Aug 1582 in Dennington, Suffolk, England. Henry died on 27 May 1631 in Dennington, Suffolk, England.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral and Abbey Ruins

Alice Goodale was born in 1560 in Dennington, Suffolk, England. She was christened on 1 Oct 1566 in Barnham, Suffolk, England.  Her parents were John GOODALE and Elizabeth [__?__].  She died on 14 Jul 1634 in Dennington, Suffolk, England.

Children of Henry and Alice

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Kilham 13 Aug 1583 Dennington, Suffolk, England William Thomson
Suffolk, England
2. Alice Kilham 16 JUN 1588 in Tannington, Suffolk, England. [__?__] Cosbie
3. Austin KILHAM c. 1587 in Dennington, Suffolk, England. Alice GORBALL
8 Sep 1619 Wrentham, Suffolk, England.
5 Jun 1667 in Wenham, Mass.
4. Robert Kilham c. 1589 in Dennington bef. 1597
5. Elizabeth Kilham 08 Jan 1591/92
Dennington, Suffolk, England
11 Feb 1618
Dennington, Suffolk, England
6. Robert Kilham 1597 in Dennington after 03 Jun 1631
Based on being the sole executor of his father’s will
7. Henry Kilham 1599 in Dennington 27 May 1631
Dennington, England
8. Catherine KILHAM 20 Mar 1606 in Ropsley, Lincoln, England Robert GOODALE
1629 at Easterham Suffolk England
10 Sep 1666 in Salem, Essex, Mass

The family name can also be spelled Killham, Killam, Killan, Killiam or Kellum.

Will of Elizabeth Goodale, Alice’s mother 1 March 1602, proved 7 March 1601.

Elizabeth Goodale of Dennyngton, widow,  Sons George, John and Robert Goodale. Henry Kilham and Alice his wife, my daughter. William Downing and Margaret his wife my daughter. Grandchildren Alice Kilham and Margaret Downing, the three eldest children of my son William Goodale at ages one and twenty years. Son Thomas Goodale to be executor.

Will of Henry Kilham

Henry Kellam of Dennington, (nuncuptive) proved 3 June 1631. To Mary Kellam my eldest daughter, I give my desk. To Alice Cosbie, my daughter, my featherbed as it stands, and my chest, with the linen that is in it. To my son Austen Kellam all my apparell. To Daniel Kellam, my grandchild, ten shillings or else my biggest kettle. To Willian Tomson, my grandchild, my bible. To Ezechiel Tomson, my grandchild, my new chest. To Alice Kellam, my grandchild, one coffer and two pairs of sheets. To my grandchild Ezechiel Tomson my flock bed. To Henry Kellam, my grandchild, my cupboard table and my coopers’ tools. To Robert Kellam, my son my lease. And I make said Robert my son sole executor of this my will. Witnessed by Elizabeth Booteman, widow, and Joane wife of Thomas Kerrich


1. Mary Kilham

Mary’s husband William Thomson died before 1620.

William Thomson’s will

William Thomson the elder of Saxstead, yoeman, 1 Nov 1619, proved 22 Jan 1619/20. Wife Mary. My children, Tenements &c. in Dennington which I purchased of Robert Kilham and Richard Adams. Sons William and Edward Thomson. Daughter Mary. The executors to be Henry Kilham of Denyngton and Daniel Smith.

2. Alice Kilham

Alice’s husband [__?__] Cosbie

3. Austin KILHAM (See his page)

6. Robert Kilham

Robert died after 03 Jun 1631 based on being the sole executor of his father’s will

8. Catherine KILHAM (See Robert GOODALE‘s page)
Some sites say her parents were Henry KILLHAM and Alice GOODALE. Others believe that the Catherine Kellam baptized in Ropsley, Lincolnshire 20 or 21 Mar 1606, father was Rafe not Henry.





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