The dates are mostly estimates, I put them in mainly to order the photos

1904 - Grandma in Kendall

1906 - Eleanor and Furry

1920's - Eleanor and Kitty

1920's - Eleanor and Smoky

1927 - August

1931 - 23 months

1933 - Everett with a big armload

1934 -Mike and Eleanor El Centro

1935 - Could that be a Boston Terrier?

1935 Photo Caption: Bobo and Mike

Mike, a pure bred, show ready, pedigreed, wired-hair terrier with a long official alias that included “High Pockets” lived with Everett, both in El Centro and in Inglewood. This dog, true to his breed, disliked all other four legged creatures on sight, and many two legged one just as little. The family got him as a puppy but his blood line was evident all too soon. When he was two he disappeared in the Pine Valley area and I think mother may have sighed with relief. Five months later, while Dad was traveling between El Centro and San Diego on business, he was discovered on the side of the road and returned to our home. He was in bad shape and not in a good mood. I have pictures of us together and we all look delighted to be together. Don’t trust old photos. Some years later, Dad invited his boss and wife to dinner, and this was a very big deal for mother. Both of my parents thought very highly of Horace Hahn and mother put forth extra effort on that dinner. The Hahn’s arrived on a cold night and his camel hair full length coat went on the bed in the bedroom. Mike, the traitor, locked away in the bedroom too, chewed off all of that cost’s buttons to the overwhelming mortification of mother. A few years later Mike didn’t make it to San Diego with us, and my heart was not broken.

1935 -Nellie Coleman Shaw and Kitty

1936 - Mike in Pine Valley

1939 - Inglewood - Everett and Mike

1940 - Grandpa and Grandma Miner, Mimi, Everett and Lou

1945 - HL, Cora and Mimi

1975 - Puppy Rupert

1975 - Rupert and Nancy

1975 - Rupert and Ellen

1976 - Rupert and Ellen

1977 - Rupert and Janet at the Dog Show

Christmas 2009 - Mark, Waldo and Socorro

Christmas 2009 - Waldo and Socorro

2010 - Winter Warm Spot He doesn't fit there any more!

2010 - Dottie and Everett's Boston Terrier (Coming Home In November)

Black Friday 2010 for Karma - Karma's Mom went shopping on Black Friday. New Bed. Yeah! New Blanket. O.K.. O.K. New T-Shirt???


2011 - Waldo with his new buddy Chico

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