Family Cars 1924 – 2004

Some of the models are guesses and I have no idea the make and model of “Looking Sharp”  Please comment if you know.

April 1923 Cuyamaca

Genevieve Miller and friends go to the mountains

1920 – Univ of Oregon – Everett

1930 – Everett;s wheels The Middle of May

1932 – Maytag Racer

1933 – Buick Victoria (Vickie) – For sale in 2010 for $65,000

1933 – Everett 4 Years

1933 – Four Years

1933 Caption: Oct 8 Little Bobo Miner

Another 1933 Buick

1935 Caption: January Just Darling Aunt Lucys Verdict

1936 – Ford Model 48

1937 – Betty Bookins Shaw with Everett and Eleanor

1938 – Looking Sharp All Around – Any guesses on the make and model?

1939 – Everett’s First Bike

1941 – Backseat

Everett’s first, *Ford Sedan. used*, recycled from Dad’s first post war car and turned over to him when he was a Junior in College was attacked by a falling blue-gum eucalyptus in front of our fraternity house during a winter storm. Split right down the middle it was, but it was revived. I wonder if this was a warning of sorts.

2016-01-08 02.06.55

Some time after we married, Dad transfered title of his *Mercury Convertible*, Used, and we felt extra sporty. That car ran out of it’s agility on Nancy’s trip to join me at the end of my OCS training in Lawton, Oklahoma, and

We bought our first *new* car, a *Mercury Sedan*, brown body, turquoise top. After all, I was now rich, earning 345.00 a month instead of the 40.00 I had left after the allotment as an enlisted man. We drove it for many years, and then at least 10 years after I had traded it in, I saw it merrily driving along the freeway on it’s way, no doubt to the beach for an outing.

2016-01-08 01.25.23

New two-tone Merc at new Hill Street house – 1954

1952 – Mercury Sedan

Everett wrote a piece called. “I’m Going To Get Me One” about the *Volkswagon, purchased new *in Wurzburg, Germany which he drove for nine years. They ere a two car family, and needed them both. This model had the little rear window and max nick sticks for turn indicators. That would make it a classic now.

Everett’s German VW

FE Miner had a 1958 Thunderbird black with a white top like this one

Horace Horton Blair had a Caddie and a trailer – Silver Creek Camp Jul 10, 1963

Everett contracted to built a dealership showroom and maintenance building for a Nash dealer, and he foisted off a *new Rambler Station Wagon* on him. Gave a really good deal, I think.

1963 AMC Rambler Ambassador 990 Cross Country station wagon

When the VW needed a replacement he bought the fourth Ford product, a* new Mustang*. It and looked and felt zippy, but handling was not part of it’s package.

1964 – Ford Mustang

Dad washing his 1964 Mustang

Everett’s dad continued to recycle  .A salesman managed to cook up a great deal for him every other year. What came our way was *a 1967 Thunderbird , Used* of course. I learned the work malevolent, as it was. All the bells and whistles of this product conspired to do me ill. Breakdowns were common, always in a remote locations, and when the engine shut down, access to the engine compartment was frozen shut. Curses on you! Get out of my life.

1967 – Ford Thunderbird

Nevertheless, as our family grew, a station wagon seemed the thing. A friend lent us his for a family trip to the Southwest, and when we returned to thank him for his generosity, I found an identical *used Mercury Station Wagon* to replace the T-Bird. It was even the same color as the one we borrowed. Good choice, except the girls got car sick in the rear seat when we traveled mountain roads.

1970 – Mercury Marquis Station Wagon

1970 – Tuscon Hike

1970 Tuscon Trip

My friend Sheldon had purchased an Audi which he bragged on and often. I don’t remember why I need another car, but I took the plunge and went for *used Audi Sedan*. Very bad choice. Oh I remember, I needed another car because one or more were always in the shop. My Audi was especially good at making trips to the shop.

1974 audi 100LS 4 door

My tenth car is still a fond memory. I was told by my partner that I should have a company car for all the driving I was doing. “What kind”, I asked. “Up to you.”, he said. I went shopping and test drove a dozen cars. The Porsch dealer let me get behind the wheel I had longed to boogie behind, but I was disappointed. Shel asked if I had tried the BMW. “What’s that.” I asked. He told me the dealership had just opened in San Diego. When I test drove my to be *new* *BMW 2002* I was entranced, enthused and excited.

1972 BMW 2002 – Borrego

1977 – Mazda RX7

When I had thoroughly worn out the BMW it was replaced by the* first Mazda RX7* to arrive from Japan. More fun even that the BMW. Rotary engine just like the VW. Well lots more thrust. It was also the only car I every had an accident with. Two in fact, both single car affairs. Charging home on the freeway in light, infrequent rain I accelerated to gain access to the down hill off ramp I need to get on to reach Highway 8. As I entered the ramp I slipped the gear box down a notch, knowing that the brakes were not a good idea. I gently released a bit of the foot pedal and found myself traveling down hill still, but facing up hill. After a really good look at traffic behind me, without having to rely on the rearview mirror, the slow spin continued and I stopped beside the roadway facing in the proper direction. It had happened too fast for me to experience fear. You are the first to hear of this event and I trust you will keep it to yourselves. The other was also on a rainy night. I plan to keep that one secret.

1988 Toyota Camry – The first car I ever bought new.  (This isn’t it, my rims weren’t so fancy, but you get the idea)

There came a time when I needed a sedan to haul clients around, and I bought a* new Accura* with my very own money.Without going into details, that was the best of the bunch. Later, when my son owned it, it was stolen three times, so some others thought so too.

1989 – Acura Integra

We drove a *Suburu Station Wagon* to Mexico in 1991. Well it made several trips loaded with all it could handle. Sixteen hundred miles each way. That lead to a life long relationship with Francisco, my mecanico in Riberas. In the end I gave him the car and I believe he got it up and running once again. His brother took us to the Auto Fair in Guadalajara where I bought first a used *Chrysler Sedan* and later a *Ford Escort*, both manufactured in Mexico and for which repair parts were easy to come by. When we left Mexico I sold the Escort to Francisco in a transaction that pleased us both.

Thinking green for Oregon, we decided on a *new Toyota Yaris* which she drives now with great skill and in which I gaze at the scenery, mostly contentedly. My Mexico license is valid until this June. I don’t expect to need it.

2004 Acura TSX – My current wheels.  I’ve enjoyed it.  How do you think it stacks up against the cars of family history?

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12 Responses to Family Cars 1924 – 2004

  1. doug achim says:

    i have a 1935 maytag racer completely restored for sale. it will be ready to go about the middle of march.

  2. markeminer says:

    Hi Doug,

    You and my Dad can have a race, though I’m not sure if he can find his racer at this point.

    Cheers! Mark

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  5. Rick says:


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  7. dude the yaris is not a honda model it is a Toyota model

  8. James McCormick says:

    I enjoyed your “walk thru history” with all the cars. My question is this: is the 1970 Marquis colony park wagon still around? I am currently looking for 1 ( preferably identical to the one in the picture) and am willing to travel to “find 1”.. Please send me an email if you know where the car might be and if the owner would consider selling it. Thanks for your time and consideration. Jim Mcc

    • markeminer says:

      Hi James,

      Nope, the Merc is long gone. 450 cc’s as I recall. Voom.

      There were fold up seats in the very back for us little kids, but it smelled like exhaust back there.


      • James McCormick says:

        Mark:.. I remember the “exhaust odor” in the rear compartment also.. My father ordered his 1969 merc colony park wagon from Orville lowe merc here in des moines ia back in oct “68. I remember him saying that “he wasnt sure if that 429ci engine was such a wise decision” (instead of the std 390 ci)..but..soon after he got the car he was amazed at the quickness and “adjility” of the car and no regrets about ordering the larger engine. He drove the car for 10 years and then sold it 2 me (with 100k miles on odometer) and then I drove it for another 50k and sold it 2 a guy who wanted it for the engine. I always though that the ’69 and “70 marquis were some of the most beautiful cars that lincoln-merc ever built..thanks for posting the picture. jmc

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