Hope Willemze

Hope WILLEMZE (1650 – 1704) was Alex’s 10th Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Hope Willemze was born about  1650 in Hempstead, Nassau, NY. His parents were Robert WILLIAMS and Sarah WASHBOURNE. He married Mary [__?__] in 1668 in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, NY.  Hope died 9 Aug 1704 in Cape May, New Jersey.

Mary [__?__] was born about 1638.

Children of Hope and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Robert WILLEMZE 1669 in Tarrytown, Westchester, NY Greesje CERANT (Grace Serant)
19 Feb 1689 Kitchewan NY
1750 Phillipsburgh, Westchester, NY
2. Sarah Williams c. 1700
Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY.
Joseph Clements
20 February 1751 in Westbury, Nassau, NY.

Robert Williams’ will  2 Dec 1680 Written.  23 Apr 1682 Proven Leave to his son Hope Williams, 100 acres of land, which he hath already.

30 Nov 1692 – Hope and his mother signed a deed to Thomas Cook.

1692 – His mother’s will left  To a son Hope “all my horses wherever he can find them.”

Hope and his brother John, stayed on in Lusum until the early 1700’s and then moved to Cold Spring Harbor and Oyster Bay respectively. From their various land transfers it may be assumed that they got along well together. At one time, however, John refused to sell Hope his share in his mother’s orchard.

Hope Washbourn was Hope Williams’s cousin


John Dole was Hope Williams’ nephew, son of Hope’s sister Mary Williams Dole


1. Robert WILLEMZE (See his page)

2. Sarah Williams

Sarah’s husband Joseph Clements was born about 1689 in Westbury, Nassau County, New York. His parents were James Clements and Sarah Hinchman.  Joseph died on 16 SEP 1748 at Westbury, Nassau County, New York.





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8 Responses to Hope Willemze

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  4. Ken McFarlane says:

    Hello, I have great interest in your website since I am a descendant of Hendrick Belyea. But have two questions. Why does Hope Willemze (and his son Robert) spell their last name differently than his father Robert Williams. My second question is, Hope’s son Robert is born in Tarrytown and his sister Sarah is born in Oyster Bay, which is the home of Hope. Just curious if these are answerable. Great and informative website. The above two questions, hopefully answered they way I want and suspect will be great news. thanks, KEN

    • markeminer says:

      I assume Hope adjusted his family name because he wanted to fit in with his Dutch neighbors. In the 17th Century, Dutch immigrants really didn’t have last names and used a combination of their given name and their father’s given name. The English didn’t like this system as it was vague for taxation purposes and at some point in each family line, the father’s name was frozen and became today’s family name. I believe the “ze” in Willemze means son of.

      I’ll try to answer your other question later,

      • Ken McFarlane says:

        Thank you so much for your answer. This now makes sense to me regarding regarding Robert Williams, my 8th great grandfather, and connects him to the Washburn family. I look forward to hearing what you find on the Tarrytown vs Oyster Bay births.

  5. I love the work you’ve put together and since I share a couple of lines with you its nice to have someone share their research.. But just like Ken I’m a little confused about Hopes first child Robert being born in Tarrytown and his his second child Sarah born in Oyster bay.. Also I can find documentation of Sarah being his child but not Robert.. I’m looking for something that ties Hope and his son Robert..

  6. Cindy Williams says:

    Robert Williams is my 8 9 Great grestsGrandfater
    My father is Lynwood Greenleaf Williams
    My grandfather is
    Leroy C Williams
    Harmen, cornilus Ruben are in the line..
    Looking for
    My family
    Thank you
    Cindy Williams

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