Samuel Patterson Jr.

Samuel PATTERSON Jr. (1765 – 1833) was Alex’s 5th Great Grandfather, one of 64 in this generation of the Miner line.

Samuel Patterson Jr was born 17 Oct 1765 in Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland. His parents were Samuel PATTERSON Sr. and Mary CARSON.    He married Agnes [__?__] in Abbeville District, South Carolina before 1792.  After Agnes died, he married Rebecca Carswell before 15 Feb 1805 in Abbeville District, SC. Finally, he married Rosannah Sprowl on 28 Dec 1814 in Preble County, Ohio.  Samuel died 20 Dec 1833 in Preble Co, OH, at 68 years of age.

Agnes [__?__] (Purviance, Ireland, or Mitchell) was probably born in Coddle Creek, Mecklenburg County, NC.   Agnes died before 1805 in Camden, Preble County, Ohio.

Rebecca Carswell was born about 1770. She is reported to be Samuel’s second wife. Mentioned as a witness to will for which Samuel was an executor. She died before 1814.

Rosannah Sprowl (Sprowle) was born 5 May 1776.  Her parents were William Sprowl and Elizabeth Lusk.  Rosannah died about 1833 in Preble, Ohio.

24 May 1817 – Samuel Patterson and Rosannah (mark) wife of PCO, the said Rosannah being one of the heirs at law of Wiliam Sprowle, dec’d late of Rockbridge Co, Virginia to Joseph Sprowl, one of the heirs of said William Sprowl, dec’d, consideration of natural love and affection they have for said Joseph and $10; quit claim to all land William Sprowl died seized and possess of in the State of Virginia and to any other land he died seized and possesses except 25 pounds Va currency bequeathed to the said Rosannah by the said William Sprowl, dec’d.
Witnesses: William Patterson, Hannah (mark) Davis.
[From Preble County Dee Records, Deed Book 2 pg. 41]

Children of Samuel and Agnes:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William Patterson aft 1792
Ninety Six, Greenwood, South Carolina
Catherine White
3 Aug 1820
Preble, OH
Preble, OH
2. Samuel Senton Patterson III 26 Jun 1793
South Carolina
Catherine Smith (Robert’s sister)
27 Jul 1813
Preble, OH
1 Jan 1872
Hamilton, Fall Creek, Indiana
3. Mary A. PATTERSON 7 Apr 1795
South Carolina
Robert SMITH
12 Aug 1815
Preble County, Ohio.
30 Jul 1865
Preble, Ohio.

Children of Samuel and Rebecca:

Name Born Married Departed
4. John Patterson 6 Sep 1800 Mariah Zimmerman
1 Jul 1822
Preble, OH
1 Jan 1865
Fortville, IN
5. Robert C. Patterson 22 Jan 1805
South Carolina
Frances [C__?__]
Jane “Jenny” Ramsey
03 Nov 1825
Ellen Glenn
20 May 1852
Preble County Ohio.
15 Feb 1870
His body was interred in Camden, Preble Co, OH
6. Jane Patterson 23 Nov 1806
South Carolina;
Hugh Marshall
29 Jan 1829
Preble Co, OH
7 Aug 1872
New Paris, Preble Co, OH
7. Rebeccah Patterson aft. 1806
listed as youngest daughter in her father’s will.
John Berry
23 Sep 1833
Preble Co, OH

According to the genealogical record of Mrs. L. E. Custer for Bessie Patterson Caylor, dated 27 May 1935, Samuel Patterson’s first wife was Agnes [__?__] and on 18 Dec 1790 he sold two (2) tracts of land on Coddle Creek in Mecklenburg County, NC. In Mrs. Custer’s report Samuel Patterson next appears in Preble County, Ohio.

A Samuel Patterson Jr is listed in the 1790 census of Ninety-Six District, Abbeville County, South Carolina. (with three free white females.) This is probably our Samuel, but the identification of the women in the household can’t be known. Residents in close proximity to Samuel Patterson include: Matthew Shanks, Mary Glasgow, William White, William McBride, William McDonnal (McDonald) Augustine Davis, James Bonner, Charles Beaty, John Foster, William Robbison (Robinson), John Beaty, Andrew Cochran, Patrick Bradley, Alexander Patterson, James Patterson (possibly his brother), and Thomas Lindsey.

Samuel Patterson is listed as name #18 prefixed to the call and moderation for the Lower Long Cane and Cedar Springs Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC) in Abbeville Dist of South Carolina where Rev. Alexander Porter was the pastor.

Cedar Springs March 22 1797
Pursuant to an appointment given me some time ago to moderate in a call at D. Springs and L. Cane for any object they might in providence pitch upon this day I have at their request met to preside in a moderation of a call for Mr. Alex. Porter Prob and attest in concert with the other witnesses the unanimity of the under subscribers for sd Mr. A. Porter to be their fix Pastor–and we refer the Presbytery to the original subscription Paper. Peter McMillan V. D. M.

Surnames common to both this pastoral call and the 1790 Abbeville district census include: Patterson, Anderson, Beard, Clark, Cresswell, Crawford, Downey, Henderson, Jones, Little, Lindsay, Massey, McCullough, McFarlin, McKinney, McGaw, Spence, Stewart, Taylor, and Wilson.

In the 1800 SC Heads of Families census listed in Abbeville Dist.:
(Column Headings: Males 45, Females 45 , free persons, slaves)
Paterson, Samuel _ p.32 _ 31010-10010-01
This matches Samuels family exactly; William age 8, Samuel age 7, John < age 1, Samuel Jr age 35, Mary age 5, and Agnes age unknown. It is interesting to see that Samuel Jr. had one slave in his household in 1800.

10 June 1812.  It is possible Samuel Patterson removed from Abbeville, SC to Preble County, Ohio by way of Mecklenburg County, NC.   If this is so, there is a good chance that Agnes’ maiden name was Purviance, Ireland, or Mitchell.   Those three families removed from North Carolina to southwestern Ohio (the Preble County area) and that they and the Pattersons were related or very close friends as they had many legal transactions and intermarried quite often. Futher, two men with Patterson as a first name lived in that part of Ohio – Patterson Purviance and Patterson Ireland. Also the relationship of those four families extended down to Samuel Patterson’s great grandson Thomas Jefferson Patterson (1844 -1914) was married Clarissa Jane Brown (1846 – 1939), daughter of William Franklin Brown and Lucinda E. Purviance ”

A Genealogical Index of Miami Valley Pioneers” says that Samuel Patterson came from Mecklenburg Co, NC to Preble Co, in 1812 and died in 1833. It states that NC deeds show his first wife was Agnes. There is a Samuel Patterson listed in the 1790 Mecklenburg Co. Census. Listed are 5 males over 16, 2 females under 16, 3 females. Also listed as heads of households are John, William, Alexander, and Robert Patterson. It is not entirely known where Samuel’s family resided between 1800 and his first land entry in Preble County, OH in 1812. It is possible that Samuel Patterson moved to Mecklenburg Co, NC. However, it is more likely he followed others from Abbeville District, SC.

Several sources say that Samuel also married Rebecca Carswell 15 Feb 1805 in Abbeville District, South Carolina.  However, this conflicts with Agnes’ death in 1814 which these sources also show.  Rebecca Carswell may have been born in 1770.

Israel Township, Preble County, Ohio

10 June 1812 Deed to 157 acres of land in SE1/4, Section 3, Township 6, Range 1, Preble County, Oh issued to Samuel Patterson by the United States. Deed issued on order of or signed by Jame Madison, President

6 Oct 1812 – Samuel Patterson bought property in Preble Co, OH,    Samuel Patterson assignee of John Ritchey, E half R1 T6 S 30 25 Sep 1813 –  He sold property in Preble Co, OH.  Samuel Patterson to John Garver $785 SE 1/4 S30, T6, R1

5 Oct 1813 – He sold property in Preble Co, OH.  Samuel Patterson to John Ritchey $302 NE 1/4 S30, T6, R1

12 Dec 1814 – He sold property in Preble Co, OH.  Samuel Patterson to John Patterson $100 W side SWp S30, T6, R1

19 Mar 1817 – He sold property in Preble Co, OH.  Samuel Patterson and Rosanna to Tobias Miller E side SW 1/4 S30, T6, R1

24 May 1817 Samuel Patterson and wife Rosanna Sprowle and Joseph Sprowle, heirs-at-law of William Sprowle late of Rockbridge County. Virginia, gave quiteclaim deed to certain property of the latter in consideration of love and affesction. (Complier’s Note: To whom was this land given?) Deed Book 2 pg. 41

Samuel Patterson and Rosannah (mark) wife of PCO, the said Rosannah being one of the heirs at law of William Sprowle, dec’d late of Rockbridge Co, Virginia to Joseph Sprowl, one of the heirs of said William Sprowl, dec’d, consideration of natural love and affection they have for said Joseph and $10; quit claim to all land William Sprowl died seized and possess of in the State of Virginia and to any other land he died seized and possesses except 25 pounds Va currency bequeathed to the said Rosannah by the said William Sprowl, dec’d. Witnesses: William Patterson, Hannah (mark) Davis.

6 Feb 1821 – Samuel Patterson and wife Rossanna Sprowle sold 67 1/2 acres of SE1/2. Section 21, Township 6, Range 2 to William Patterson for $600.00. (Compiler’s Note: When and from who, did Samuel Patterson acquire this land?)

30 Aug 1826 – Samuel Patterson and wife Rosanna Sprowle deeded 20 acres in Preble County,  SW1/4, Section 21, Township 6, Range 2 to daughter Mary Patterson and her husband Robert Smith for love, affection for daughter and son-in-law, better maintenance, preferment, livelihood.  Witness John Pinkerton, Jane Patterson. Recorded 9-16-1826 . (Compiler’s Note: When and from who, did Samuel Patterson acquire this land?)

14 Jan 1830 -Samuel Patterson and wife Rosanna Sprowle sold part of SW1/4, Section 21 Yoenship 6, Range 2 to John Patterson for $150.00.

16 Nov 1830 – Samuel Patterson and wife Rosanna Sprowle sold a lot in Eaton, Preble County, OH to Enoch Preble for $45.00.

21 Nov 1832 – Samuel Patterson wife Rosanna Sprowle sold part of SW1/4, Section 21, Township 6, Range 2 to Robert PAtterson for $100.00

31 Aug 1833 – Samuel Patterson sold SE1/4, Section 21 Township 6, Range 2 containing 92/12/ acres in Preble County, OH to Robert C. Patterson for $1,200.00. No wife’s signature on deed.

As Rosanna Sprowle did not sign the last deed she apparently dies between 21 Nov 1832 and 31 Aug 1833.

Hopewell records listing the following members of the Hopewell Church 1819-1833 from the handwritten records of Rev. Alexander Porter which show:

Samuel Patterson Susannah William John Robert Ginny Becky

Rosanna’s name is incorrectly transcribed as Susannah. Homer Irwin transcribed this in 1964 from his original records done in Weston shorthand. It was compiled by Marjorie Paxton Palmer from his work and is in the Preble county room of the Eaton Library.

The Pattersons were Presbyterian and belonged to the Hopewell Church that was formed in Preble Co, OH in 1808.  The Pattersons may have been members of the Cedar Springs ARP Church in Abbeville Dist of SC.  There is a reference to a Samuel there in 1797.

The Rev. Alexander Porter led a rather large migration from Abbeville District to Preble County. Rev. Alexander Porter was born abt 1770 near Parson’s Mount, Abbeville Co., South Carolina, and was the first native-born minister of the Associate Reformed Presbytery of the Carolinas and Georgia. He completed his literary training at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania. He was licensed by the Second Associate Reformed Presbytery of Pennsylvania, and then returned home and began to preach at Long Cane and Cedar Springs, 1 Jan 1797. A call was presented for his services on 22 Mar 1797.  He led a congregation north to Ohio to avoid contact with the institution of slavery and formed a congregation in Israel township in Preble Co., Ohio.

The second pastor of Cedar Springs and Long Cane was Rev. Alexander Porter. He was installed April 2, 1798. The membership was large in the year 1802 — 520 communicants were reported. At the communion occasions large numbers attended from other churches—from Due West, Rocky Springs and Generostee. Tradition says that 760 observed the sacrament at one time. These communions were great spiritual feasts to the people. They covered five days. Thursday was fast day. Friday applicants for membership were received or kept back, Saturday and Sabbath’s services were especially devoted to the sacrament, and Monday was thanksgiving. Many of the important transactions of the Second Presbytery are identified with Cedar Springs and Long Cane. Here the original Presbytery was organized, and here the Second Presbytery was constituted April 8th, 1801. On account of Mr. Porter’s health and the uncommon largeness of his pastoral charge he asked to be relieved of one of his churches, and accordingly gave up Long Cane September 15th, 1803, and the next year was installed as pastor of Cedar Springs alone.

Cedar Springs A.R.P. Church and Cemetery -North Side The present brick church was built in 1853.

Mr. Porter continued pastor of Cedar Springs until 1813. The next year Mr. Porter moved with a number of his congregation to Ohio. For a number of years Cedar Springs was vacant and the church suffered just as her sister congregation of Long Cane, on account of a destitution of ordinances.

The following is information taken from the book “History of Preble County, Ohio” published in 1881:

Around 1814, the Rev. Alexander Porter, pastor of the Associate Reformed Church at Cedar Springs, Abbeville District, South Carolina, was released from his duties. He came west to Israel Township, Preble County, and in October 1814 settled with his family on a farm in section 16 of the township In July 1815 he became pastor of the Hope Church (Associate Reformed Presbyterian) congregation of about 50 families and shortly afterwards the congregation was much enlarged by emigrations from his old parish in South Carolina Rev. Porter resigned due to ill health in 1833 and died about 3 years later.

THE HOPEWELL CHURCH. In the years 1806 and 1807 several families, members of the Associate Reformed church, emigrated from the States of Kentucky and South Carolina, and settled in Israel Township in the midst of the Beech Woods. Rev. Risk, a minister of the Associate Reformed church, preached to them soon after their settlement. In the fall of 1808, at the house of William McCreary, in section thirty-six, they formed themselves into a society, and in conjunction with the people of Concord petitioned the presbytery of Kentucky for supplies.  Among those who occasionally supplied them were, Revs. McCord, McGill, Samuel Crothers and Brahman Craig.[Note: Samuel’s son-in-law and our ancestor Robert Smith was from Kentucky.]

Samuel Caruthers b. 29 Apr 1770 in Abbeville, Abbeville, SC; m. Sarah Vaughn d. 21 Aug 1847 in Clark, ArkansasStates

September, 1808, the people assembled in the double log barn of David Madill’s, and Mr. Craig, after preaching organized the congregation into a church of nearly fifty members.   The church continued to receive supplies from the Kentucky  presbytery, and the number of members was increased by immigration, but the prospect of having a settled minister among them did not open until 1814, when Rev. Alexander Porter, the pastor of the Associate Reformed church at Cedar Springs, Abbeville district, South Carolina, being previously released from his charge, carne on a visit to the western churches, and to the Israel township congregation preached on two Sabbaths and one week day. By this time the congregation had increased to more than fifty families, and the people were more than ever desirous of securing a pastor and of erecting a house of worship. Accordingly they drew up a call for Mr. Porter, and presented it to the presbytery of Kentucky.  A copy of the call is now in possession of the Hopewell session.  It is drawn up in the usual form, and prays that Mr. Porter become the shepherd of their souls, and promises to pay him all due respect and support. It was signed by the following persons who constituted the first membership of the church, with the understanding that as soon as these churches could be provided with a settled pastor, Hopewell would receive the whole of Mr. Porters labors.

Prior to this call the first church building had been erected just west of the present house. It was a log structure thirty feet square, and afterwards, to accommodate the growing congregation, received in addition of thirty feet. The pulpit was in the middle of the west side, with two small windows just back of it. The seats were made of slabs hewed from logs. They were provided with stiff, upright backs. In October, 1814, Mr. Porter, having accepted the call, came to his new pastoral charge at Hopewell, and settled with his family on the farm in section sixteen.  In the following July he was solemnly installed by Rev. John Steele. Shortly afterwards the congregation was much enlarged by immigrations from Mr. Porter’s old parish, in South Carolina, and six members were added to the session who had been elders of the church in South Carolina.

In 1816 the congregations of Hamilton and Concord having the prospect of a pastor, Mr. Porter discontinued his labors among them and devoted all of his time to Hopewell, which continued to increase in numbers and influence. In 1833 Mr. Porter was attacked by a severe sickness, and it was thought that his days were about numbered, and he resigned his charge, though he rallied and lived three years after his resignation.

In 1834 presbytery granted the petition for the moderation of the call, which was accepted by Rev. A. Bower in October, 1834, and on the third Wednesday of December, of the same year, he was installed as pastor by Rev. David McDill, D.D. The congregation soon became too large for the house, and also too large for the pastoral care of one minister. Consequently, in the spring of 1834, arrangements were made for the building of a meeting-house it Fair Haven, and in the following summer a church was built there, and in the fall a petition was presented to presbytery that the portion of the congregation of Hopewell, contiguous to Fair Haven be struck off from the main church, and, if considered expedient, to grant the moderation of a call for a pastor. This petition was granted and the history of the Fair Haven church tells the rest. John Pinkerton had been session clerk until this time. When he joined the new church at Fair Haven. John Caldwell was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by his removal. Owing to difficulties that arose in the congregation the pastor, Rev. A. Bower, resigned in June, 1837.

The church was supplied until September 19, by Rev. S. W. McCracken, who was installed pastor on the last Tuesday of December, 1839. It was just prior to this time that a number of the congregation, living near Oxford, joined the United Presbyterian Church at that place.  Mr. McCracken labored for twenty years, during which time the congregation gradually increased, and although another swarm left the hive to form the Unity church at College Corner in the winter of 1849-50, and a very considerable number emigrated to the west, the church was as strong, numerically, at the close of the pastor’s labors, as it was at the beginning. He died September 10, 1859,loved and lamented by all.

August 7, 1860, Rev. J. C. McHatten was called, and soon afterwards installed. As has already been stated the Morning Sun congregation became a separate organization of the United Presbyterian Church, and on December 28, 1877, one hundred and one of the members of Hopewell were dismissed to that church. In October, 1877, Rev. J. C. Campbell, the present pastor began his labors among the people of Hopewell.  The church, at present, is in a flourishing condition. The records show that since the establishment of the church there have been eight hundred and sixty-four baptisms and one hundred and forty-two deaths in the Hopewell church proper.  There have been fifty ruling elders, as follows: Alexander Hamilton, William McGaw, John Pressly, John Patterson, Ebenezer Elliott, James Boyse, David McQuiston, Nathaniel Brown, John Foster, Andrew McQuiston,  John Pinkerton,  John Giles, William Gilmore, John Douglas, Samuel McDill, James Brown, sr., John Caldwell, Thomas Pinkerton, David Robertson, William McCaw, Archibald McDill, James Brown, jr., Hugh McDill, David McDill, John Ramsey, George Ramsey, Andrew Hamilton, John McDill, John Buck, Robert Marshall, Robert Simpson, Richard Sloan, Hugh McQuiston, James McCracken, James Davidson, John Simpson, Hugh Elliott, Thomas Buck, Samuel B. McQuiston, William Caskey, Hugh Ramsey, James A. Brown, William Bell, and A. B. Rock. The Sabbath school has about one hundred scholars, with James A. Brown superintendent.

1833 – Samuel Patterson’s Will  From “Preble County, Ohio Probate Abstracts” by Audrey Gilbert Estates and Guardianships Cases 501 through 9999 pg 7.

#531 Samuel Patterson – Executors William (son) Patterson and William Hall. Surety: Levi Jones and Joseph Fowler. Will Abstract: to wife Rosannah in lieu of dower all household and kitchen furniture of every kind, mare, 4 head of cattle, 4 hogs; to youngest daughter Rebeccah Patterson $50; balance after debts are paid to be equally divided between all my children: Samuel, William, John, Robert C., Mary w/o Robert Smith, Jane w/o Hugh Marshall, and Rebeccah Patterson. Signed 4 Sept 1833. Filed 3 Dec 1833. Joseph Miller; Achey & Deem, shroud dated Dec 1833; J.L. Waugh; David Brown; coffin for Samuel dated Dec 21, 1833; Alfred Beall; Myers Miller and William McMechan to prove will; Ingersol & Inman; Lurten Dunham; inventory by appraisers: John Stubbs, John Zimmerman, John Beatty, William Gilmore, Charles Demoss. Those who purchased items at sale: William, John, Rosannah, and Robert Patterson, William Fornshell, William Hall, Myers Miller, James Lane, Richard Newport, Joshua Skiner, Aaron Simpson, Robert Venson, Joseph Forman, and Robert Marshall. Sources: From County Down to South Carolina – Samuel Patterson (died 1791-1792), and his Descendents in Upper South Carolina by Caroll Ruffin Patterson (1919-1991)


1. William Patterson

William’s wife Catherine White was born about 1800 in South Carolina. Catherine died about 1847

Catherine has a will dates 1 April 1842, wife of William Patterson died 1847 or 1848. Alternatively, she died 01 Apr 1892 in Preble, Ohio. In her 1842 will she lists her children as:

George W. Patterson, of Missouri
Andrew J. Patterson of Camden (Preble Co.) Ohio
James Patterson of Portland, Indiana

Margaret, wife of Davis of Camden, OH

Caroline Neff of Camden, OH
John Patterson’s children of Camden, OH
William Patterson’s children of New Paris, OH
Margaret Campbell of Frankfurt, IN

William made a will in Preble Co, OH, 20 Nov 1847. William Patterson’s will was dated 20 Nov 1847 and recorded 18 Jul 1848. Listed wife, Catherine to receive farm where testatator now resides being 67 1/2 acres in SE 1/4 of Section 21 Twsp 6, Range 2. Also lists children, Margaret Ann, George, William, Andrew, James, Samuel, Mary, and John. Executors were friends Robert Patterson and Asa Newton who are also to care for minor children. Witnesses James H. Newton and Chas. C. Walker.

Children of William and Catharine:

i. Margaret Patterson m. David Lewis Palmer
ii. Mary Patterson.
iii. George W. Patterson. of Missouri
iv. William Patterson.
v. James Patterson of Portland, Indiana.
vi. Andrew J. Patterson  of Camden, Preble Co., Ohio.

2. Samuel Senton Patterson III

Samuel’s wife Catherine Smith was born 2 Sep 1793 in Pennsylvania. She was Robert’s sister and her parents were James SMITH and Anna SMITH.  Catherine died 19 Feb 1863 aged 69 years, 4 months, and 24 days)

Samuel Patterson III served in the American Army during the War of 1812. Mrs. Mary Jane McDonnell of Indianapolis informed Carroll Ruffin Patterson that he received a pension for that service and that there is a reference to bounty land.

Samuel and Catherine were living in Fall Creek, Hamilton, Indiana with their son James in the 1850 census.

1800 – In the 1800 SC Heads of Families census listed in Abbeville Dist.: (Column Headings: Males <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, >45, Females <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, >45 , free persons, slaves) Paterson, Samuel _ p. 32 _ 31010-10010-01 This matches Samuels family exactly; William age 8, Samuel age 7, John < age 1, Samuel Jr age 35, Mary age 5, and Agnes age unknown.  It’s not proven that this was our Samuel Patterson, but it is interesting to see that Samuel Jr. had one slave in his household.  It’s not proven that this was our Samuel Patterson, but this somewhat dispels the theory that the Pattersons and other families who moved from South Carolina to Ohio did so over slavery.

Children of Samuel and Catherine

i.   Samuel J. Patterson (26 Sep 1815, Indiana Territory – 2 Oct 1852 Indiana); m.1 Aug 1839 in Preble, Ohio to Margaret McBurney (23 Aug 1821 in Ireland – 6 Nov 1852 in Indiana) In the 1850 census, Samuel and Margaret were living in Fall Creek, Hamilton, Indiana with five children under 10. One daughter Mariah also died 11 Oct 1852.

In 1852 a cholera epidemic swept through Indiana and other parts of the Ohio Valley and literally Wrecked this family, killing Samuel J. Patterson on 2 Oct 1852, his wife Margaret McBurnet on 6 Nov 1852, their daughter Mariah on 11 Oct 1852 and their son James on 23 Sept 1852. Mary Ann Patterson died 20 Aug 1854 aged 9, of unknown causes. After the death of their parents and siblings, the surviving children went to live with various relatives as follows:

=>Thomas Jefferson Patterson (1844-1914) with his paternal uncle James B. Patterson ( 1819-?). Thomas was a very wealthy man of Hamilton County Indiana and active in the Republican Party of that County, which he served as a county commissioner. During the Civil War he served 3 1/2 years in the Union Army. He was in the lumber business and a gentleman farmer, having about 600 acres under cultivation. After his retirement he made a fortune in natural gas. On his death a large estae passed to his surviving children.

=>Amanda Ella Patterson (1852 – 1924) with her paternal aunt Anna Patterson (1817-1876) and her husband John Wright (1812-1894) in Potomac, Ilinois. Amanda suffered a sun-stroke from which she never completely recovered. Her family removed to Colorado on the assumption that the climate of the high altitudes would benefit her. Such was not the case, however, and she became increasingly worse and subsequently died. Her twin daughters. Elizabeth and Blanche, taught school at Boulder Colorado for many years.
=>Martha Jane Patterson (1841-1924) was reared by persons unknown, undoubtedly relatives in the Ohio-Indiana-Illinois area.

ii.  Anna Patterson  (13 Sep 1817 Blue Grass, IL?- 18 Apr 1876, Potomac, Vermilion Illinois); 8 Feb 1837 Vermilion Illinois to John Burrell Wright (18 Mar 1812 in Maggotte Creek, Franklin, Virgina – 27 Mar 1894 in Potomac, Vermilion, Illinois) son of John Wright and Elizabeth Abshire; Ten children

In 1852 Anna, husband John and their first seven children moved their family and belongings in a covered wagon to Illinois. Family tradition says that, as many others in like circumstances did, they were overloaded and had to abandon many of their possessions in the wilderness. Their two youngest children were born in Illinois.

iii. James B. Patterson  (22 Nov 1819 Fall Creek, Hamilton, Indiana – 11 Oct 1900 in Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana); m. before 1843 to Nancy Rutherford (10 Feb 1823 Indiana – 20 Jun 1908 Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana) In the 1850 census, James and Nancy were farming in Fall Creek, Hamilton, Indiana and his parents were living with the. By the 1870 census, James and Nancy had moved to Vernon, Hancock, Indiana. By the 1900 census, James and Nancy were living with their son Nathan in Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana

iv. Eli Patterson ( ); m. 27 Oct 1853 Hamilton, Indiana to Martha Arnett There were several Eli Pattersons who served in Indiana Regiments in the Civil War, but I haven’t been able to identify if any were this Eli.

v. John Patterson

vi. Nancy Patterson (10 Feb 1823 – )

3. Mary A. PATTERSON (See Robert SMITH‘s page)

4. John Patterson

John’s wife Mariah Zimmerman was born in 1798 in Georgia. Her parents were John Zimmerman (b.  in Pennsylvania – d.  in Preble, Ohio) and Betsey (Unknown)  (b.  in Maryland – d.   in Preble, Ohio)

Alternatively, Mariah’s parents were Johann Phillip (John) Zimmerman (b. 15 Nov 1760 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania – d. Dec 1834 in Tallapoosa, Alabama) and Elizabeth (Betsey) Hammond (b. 1770 in Somerset, Pennsylvania – d. 1823 in Georgia). Her grandfather was Bernhart Zimmerman (b. Jan 1744 in Cocalico, Lancaster, Pennsylvania – d. 31 Jan 1818 in Pine Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania).

Mariah died 7 Feb 1898 in Fall Creek Township, Madison, Indiana.

Children of John & Mariah:

i. Samuel A. Patterson, b. 1825, Ohio.; m. M.M. [__?__]

ii. John Z. Patterson, b. July 1831; d. 245 Jan 1888, Fortville, Indiana. It appears that all five of his children died as infants.

iii. Levi Patterson, b. 15 Jan 1833; m. Mary Ann Brown (b. 24 Oct 1838 – d. 4 Aug 1892); d. 11 Aug 1910, Fortville, Indiana.

iv. Mary A. Pattersonc(~ 16 Aug 1841 – 17 Oct 1908) m. bef 1860. John C. Wiseman (~1840 – ?)

5. Robert C. Patterson

Robert’s first wife Frances [C__?__] was mentioned in Robert’s will.

Robert’s second wife Jane “Jenny” Ramsey was born 1805 in Pennsylvania. Her parents were William Ramsey and Martha Ochiltree. Jane died 23 Dec 1849 in Preble, Ohio.

Robert’s third wife Ellen Glenn’s origins are not known.

Children of Robert and Jane:

i. Martha R. Patterson, d. 29 Dec 1828.

ii. Mary Ann Patterson, b. Abt. 1829; d. 8 Jan 1831.

iii. William R. Patterson, b. Abt. 1832, Preble County, Ohio; m. 28 Oct 1852 to Lydia Ann Francis; d. 8 May 1889.

6. Jane Patterson

Jane’s husband Hugh Marshall was born 31 Jan 1801 in Hardin, Kentucky. His parents were Phillip Marshall and Margaret Pitts. Hugh died 8 Mar 1858 in New Paris, Preble, Ohio.

Child of Jane and Hugh

i. Sarah Caroline Miller, b. 20 Sep 1823; m1.15 Aor 1847 to Josiah Patterson Giles (b. 21 Sep 1825 in Abbeville District, SC – d. 26 Jun 1855) son of Andrew Giles and Sarah Patterson; m2. After 1855 to Thomas Andrew Cater (b. 8 Feb 1835 in Abbeville – d. 3 Jan 1902 in Abbeville) son of ane Lovely Patterson and Richard Bohun Cater.

Both Sarah’s husbands were her cousins. Thomas Andrew Cater and Wife Sarah Caroline Miller are buried side by side at Rocky River Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Abbeville S.C.

7. Rebeccah Patterson

Rebeccah’s husband John Berry’s origins are not known. Rebecca and John were married in 1833 just a few weeks after her father’s will was proven.


  • “Ohio Marriages, 1800-1958,” database, FamilySearch ( : 8 December 2014), John Patterson and Maria Zimmerman, 01 Jul 1822; citing Preble,Ohio, reference ; FHL microfilm 0461073 IT 1-2.
  • “United States Census, 1850,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 12 April 2016), John Patterson, Somers, Preble, Ohio, United States; citing family 786, NARA microfilm publication M432 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).
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    Thank you for establishing the link, if there is one between, Samuel Patterson and the following:

    Joseph Patterson, Sr. received a land grant from King George II in 1774. Land located on Buck Head Creek.

    One daughter, Betsy Patterson, by first wife. Betsy was born in Virginia where her mother died.

    Three children born in South Carolina by second wife, Pamela Hall.
    Robert Patterson 1808
    Joseph Patterson Jr. 1812
    Nancy Patterson

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Joe,

      I did a little checking. The two Patterson clans lived about 170 miles apart. My Pattersons lived upstate in Chester, SC not too far from Charlotte. Yours lived in Berkeley County a little north of Charleston

  9. Mark-

    I just ran across your post. I descend from Samuel Patterson, Jr. though his son John Patterson. The line runs as follows”

    Samuel Patterson Jr. 1765 – 1833
    John Patterson 1800 – 1865
    Samuel A Patterson 1825 – 1905
    Frank W Patterson 1825 – 1905
    Esmond Earl Patterson 1891 – 1954
    Markus Earl Patterson 1932 –
    Kevin Robert Patterson 1968 –

    My e-mail is:

    Would love to hear from you. You got some great stuff here!

  10. Pingback: Northern Slave Owners | Miner Descent

  11. Tim says:

    Thanks–your work really helped me get started on my families in Preble, Ohio and Fall Creek Township, Indiana. I have Patterson, Zimmerman, and Wiseman lines in both and Carters in the latter. I particularly have interest because I recently took a mitochondrial DNA test and Mariah Zimmerman, my 4x great grandmother, is part of my maternal line.
    Unless I’ve made some oversights, I’m afraid that most of your details about Mariah’s parents and grandparents are incorrect. John and Mariah also had quite a few more children.
    I’ve collected a number of sources on Wikitree:
    Mariah (Zimmerman) Patterson:
    John Patterson:
    John Zimmerman:
    Betsey (Unknown) Zimmerman:
    I believe her grandfather was Barnard Zimmerman who was born in Pennsylvania and died in Georgia in 1822.

  12. Amy says:

    I live about 5 miles from the Old Patterson Cemetery in Preble County Ohio where Samuel Patterson’s grave is located. Its sits up on a hill where the Patterson Farm was located. Samuel was my 5th Great Gpa. I fall in the line of his daughter Mary Ann. The cemetery is in rough shape and only shows 5 graves. I would like more information on his first wife Agnes. I haven’t been able to locate her grave in Preble County.

  13. Karen says:

    Thank you for all the information and confirming what I have found. My husband is from the Robert Smith & Mary Ann Patterson line to Elizabeth “Eliza” Jane Smith, etc. Lots of hard work is involved with your pages. If I can be of help, please email

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Karen, I think there is another American born Smith or two waiting to be discovered, perhaps in Kentucky, Pennsylvania or Virginia. The Smith line I tried to extend myself. It was fun to do amateur original research

      • Karen Beck says:

        Have you found any further info on Robert Smith and Catherine Wallace? Curious who her parents were. Thanks.

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