Robert Smith

Robert SMITH (1796 – 1879) was Alex’s 4rd Great Grandfather, one of 32 in this generation of the Miner line.

Robert Smith was born 16 Nov 1795 in Jessamine County, Kentucky. His parents were James SMITH and Anna SMITH. He married Mary PATTERSON on 12 Aug 1815 (or 15 Sep 1815) in Hopewell Church, Preble County, Ohio by Rev. Alex. Porter.

Robert Smith Mary Patterson Marriage Record

Robert died 10 Nov 1879 in Preble County, Ohio and was buried 19 Nov 1879 in Fair Haven Cemetery, Israel Township, Preble, Ohio.

Robert Smith Headstone — Fairhaven Cemetery Fairhaven Preble County Ohio,

NOV. 19, 1879
84Y 4D

Mary A Patterson was born on 7 Apr 1795 in South Carolina. Her parents were Samuel PATTERSON Jr. and Agnes [__?__]. Mary died 30 Jul 1865 in Preble, Ohio.

Margaret A. Patterson Smith Headstone — Fairhaven Cemetery Fairhaven Preble County Ohio,

Children of Robert and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Patterson Smith 1816
Somers Township, Preble, Ohio
Nancy Buck
Jane Morrow
Margaret McKay
10 Aug 1859 Preble, Ohio
Sarah Gilmore
16 Dec 1888
Fairhaven, Preble, Ohio
2. Mary Ann Smith 1818
Preble, Ohio
Nathan Sloan
26 Apr 1863 Fairhaven, Preble, Ohio
5 Aug 1863
Fairhaven, Preble, Ohio
3. Samuel Patterson Smith 1820
Somers, Preble, Ohio
Mary Ann McGaw (William McCAW’s cousin)
16 Mar 1843 Preble, Ohio
Matilda McBride
17 Feb 1853 – Preble, OH
Aft. 1900 census, Israel, Preble, Ohio
4. Eliza Jane Smith Dec 1923 Preble Ohio William Paul
Preble County, Ohio
After 1900 Census in Fresno, California
5. Robert Smith? c. 1829 Before 1881
6. Margaret Ann SMITH 28 Jun 1831 Preble, Ohio William A. McCAW
22 Jan 1851 Preble County, Ohio
7. Martha K. Smith 21 Mar 1834 Preble, Ohio 5 Aug 1850
Preble, Ohio
Map of Kentucky highlighting Jessamine County

Jessamine County, Kentucky

Robert was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky.  It is within the Inner Blue Grass region, which was the center of farming and blooded stock raising, including thoroughbred horses. It was formed in 1799. The population was 48,586 in the 2010 Census. Its county seat is Nicholasville. Jessamine County is part of the Lexington-Fayette, KY Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Jessamine county was formed in December 1798, created from the southern portion of Fayette county in the Bluegrass county of Kentucky.  The first session of the Court of Quarter Sessions was held on 25 Feb  1799 in the home of Fisher Rice. Governor Garrard commissioned Joseph Crockett, William Shreve and Richard Young as justices of the Court of Quarter Sessions.  The First Circuit Court was organized in 1803; first order to appoint Samuel H. Woodson as clerk.   The First Marriage was to Jesse Hughes and Mary Nicholson, married by Nathaniel Harris on March 14, 1799.  The First Will recorded in Jessamine county was that of Charles Weber, signed, sealed and published 17 June 1799. 1

History of Preble County 1881

Robert Smith, the second son of James and Ann Smith, was born in Kentucky in the year 1795. In 1815 he was united in marriage to Mary A. Patterson, who was born in South Carolina in 1795. She emigrated to Ohio with her parents and settled in section thirty, of Israel township, where her father entered land in 1806. They had seven children born to them, of these only four survive: John P., Samuel P., Eliza Jane, and Margaret. The two daughters reside in Kansas, but John P. and Samuel P. still reside in this township.

As Samuel Patterson gave his consent for his daughter Mary Patterson to marry it is probable that she was under age when she and Robert Smith secured a license to marry in Preble County, OH 12 August 1815.

Previously, Carroll Ruffin Patterson erroneously indicated this lady was the daughter of John Patterson (1763 – 1837) whereas the latest available data indicates that she was the daughter of his brother Samuel Patterson (1765 – 1833)

Robert’s sister Catherine Smith (1793 – 1863) was the wife of Margaret’s brother Samuel Patterson Jr. (1792 – 1872).

30 Aug 1826 – Robert received property in Preble Co, OH, from father-in-law Samuel Patterson Jr.

Samuel and Rosannah Patterson Sr of Preble to Robert and Mary Smith their daughter, for love, affection for daughter and son-in-law, better maintenance, preferment, livelihood. Pt SW 1/4 S21 T6 R2, 20 acres. Witness John Pinkerton, Jane Patterson. Recorded 9-16-1826

Robert and Mary  lived in Preble, Ohio in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.


1. John Patterson Smith

John’s first wife Nancy Moore Buck was born 18 Jul 1819 in Preble, Ohio. Her parents were John Buck (b. 12 Nov 1785 Ireland; d. 12 Feb 1871 Morning Sun, Preble, Ohio) and Nancy Baird (b. 1790 in South Carolina; d. 16 Aug 1824 in Preble, Ohio). Nancy died 13 Jul 1857 in Preble, Ohio.

Nancy Baird Smith Headstone — Hopewell Cemetery Morning Sun Preble County Ohio, — Plot: Row 19

John’s second wife Jane Morrow was born in Pennsylvania in 1826. Jane died in 1858.

John’s third wife Margaret McKay was born about 1823 in Ohio.  Margaret died 27 Apr 1862 in Preble, Ohio.

Margaret A. McKay Smith Headstone — Hopewell Cemetery Morning Sun Preble County Ohio, USA Plot: Row 27

John’s fourth wife Sarah H. Gilmore was born 10 Jan 1830 in Ohio. Her parents were Samuel Baldridge Gilmore (1801 – 1836) and Margaret McMechan (1806 – 1881). Sarah died 27 Nov 1892 in Preble, Ohio.

Sarah Gilmore Smith Headstone — Fairhaven Cemetery Fairhaven Preble County Ohio

In 1840 John married Nancy Buck. By this marriage he had four children, three of whom survived to 1880. In 1858 he married a second time to Jane Morrow. She died the same year of her marriage, leaving one child. His third wife was Margaret McKay, who died in 1862, leaving one child. In 1863 he married Sarah Gilmore. By this marriage he has had four children, all living in 1881.

In the 1860 census, John and Margaret were farming in Israel,  Preble, Ohio nearest the Morning Sun post office.

In 1869 Mr. Smith was elected justice of the peace, which office he held for nine years. In 6t7y*/1866 he was elected to the office of clerk of the township, which position he still held in 1881. Sarah was still living in 1881.

Sarah Gilmore’s father Samuel B. Gilmore, son of William and Martha Gilmore, was born in Virginia in 1801. When but a boy he came with his parents to Preble county, where they settled in Israel township, where Margaret Gilmore now lives. In 1828, Samuel Gilmore married Margaret McMahon, who was born in Ireland in 1806. She was the daughter of David and Sarah McMahon, who settled in Butler county at an early day. To Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gilmore were born four children, three daughters and one son: Sarah is the wife of J. P. Smith; James I. is married and lives at home; Martha J. the wife of James Ramsey, lives in Tennessee; and Mary is the wife of Hugh Ramsey. Mr. Gilmore died in 1836, and his widow resided in 1881 in the old place, which consists of one hundred and forty acres of land.

In the 1870 census, John was farming in Israel, Preble, Ohio.

Children of John and Nancy Buck:

i. Mary Jane Smith  b. 19 Oct 1845 Indiana; d. 19 Dec 1879 Preble County, Ohio; m. 3 May 1868 to Joseph C. Steel (b. 1845 Ohio – d. 12 May 1916 Preble, Ohio); mother of Lillie, Eva Jane (Levi Reeve), Cora, Samuel, Walter A. and Clarence. Joseph dropped the final “e” on his parent’s name Steele.

In the 1870 census, Joseph and Mary Jane were farming in Israel, Preble, Ohio.

ii. John C. Smith (1848 Ohio – Aft 1850 census)

iii. Martha Smith (1850 Somers, Preble, Ohio – After 1870 census)

iv. Nancy Margaret Smith   b. 30 May 1853, Ohio; d. 20 Sep 1886 Ohio Fairhaven Cemetery, Fairhaven, Preble County, Ohio; m. 8 Mar 1877 to John H. Marshall (b. Feb 1856 Ohio – d. 31 Apr 1888 Fairhaven Cemetery, Fairhaven, Preble County, Ohio) His parents were John D. Marshall (1815 – 1886) and Lydia Stephenson (1816 – 1879)

In the 1880 census, J. H. and Maggie were farming in Israel, Preble, Ohio. Their son Charles Howard Marshall (b. Mar 1879) was raised by his uncle Joseph S. Marshall.

Son of John and Jane

v. Albert Smith b. 19 Nov 1858 Ohio; d. 4 Dec 1878 Burial: Hopewell Cemetery, Morning Sun, Preble County, Ohio Plot: Row 19

Inscription: Albert Smith died Dec. 4, 1878 20y 15d

Albert was an invalid in the 1870 census

Child of John and Margaret

vi. Emma J Smith (b. 10 Sep 1860, Preble County, Ohio; d. 14 Jun 1891 Preble, Ohio)

OR ; b. Oct 1861; m. 1884  to David W Light (Jan 1862 Ohio – After 1910 census)

In the 1900 census, David and Emma were farming in Columbus Grove, Putnam, Ohio.

Children of John and Sarah

viii. Elmer Eli Smith (Oct 1864 Ohio – 21 Mar 1940 Brent, Arkansas); m. 1893 to Minnie B. McKnight (Apr 1868 Ohio – Aft 1940 census 523 N 5th Street Rogers, Benton, Arkansas)

In the 1900 census, Elmer was a laborer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In the 1910 census, Elmer and Minnie were farming in Grant, Hitchcock, Nebraska

ix. Clara Elvira Smith b. 6 Jun 1867 Preble County, Ohio; d. 17 May 1947, Preble County Ohio; m. Sept. 11, 1889 to Oliver McCleod Wright (b. 20 Feb 1866 in College Corner, Preble, Ohio – d. 21 Jan 1926 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio) ; mother of Harry, John R., Laura, Martha, Homer, Helen, Elvira, Mary, & Robert Wright.

In the 1910 census, Oliver and Clara were farming in Israel, Preble, Ohio.

x. Nathan C. Smith (1870 Ohio – After 1940 Census); m. 1893 to Estella J. [__?__] (Feb 1872 Ohio – After 1940 Census)

In the 1920 census, Nathan was a dairyman in Columbus Ward 16, Franklin, Ohio. His son Forrest was a gas auditor.

In the 1940 census, Nathan and Estella were living with their daughter Mary G. Bollinger at 2300 Oak Park Ave, Kettering, Montgomery, Ohio.

xi. Bertha Anna Smith b. 20 Mar 1872 in Ohio; d. 30 Apr 1902 ); m. 1897 to Charles James Hays (Aug 1873 Preble, Ohio – 1956) After Bertha died, Charles married 15 Sep 1904 to Emma Katherine Ault (b. 1 Nov 1876 in Indianapolis, Indiana – d. 13 Jun 1951 in Hamilton Butler County Ohio)

In the 1900 census, Charles and Bertha farming in Israel, Preble, Ohio.

In the 1910, 1920 and 1930 census, Charles was married to Emma Katherine Ault


John Patterson Smith Headstone — Fairhaven Cemetery Fairhaven Preble County Ohio

2. Mary Ann Smith

Mary Ann’s husband Nathan Sloan was born in 1806 in Ohio. His parents Richard & Mary Sloan were born in South Carolina. Nathan died 22 Apr 1882 and is buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Morning Sun, Preble County, Ohio

Mary Ann Smith Sloan Headstone — Fairhaven Cemetery Fairhaven Preble County Ohio

Mary Ann
wife of
Nathan Sloan
daughter of
Robert & Mary A. Smith
Apr. 26, 1863
45y 1m 20d

In the 1850 census, Nathan and Mary Ann were farming in Israel, Preble, Ohio.

After Mary Ann died, Nathan married Marietta Robertson (b. Mar 1835 in Ohio) Marietta had first married Robert Shaw (1831 – 1863) and her three children came to live with Nathan.

3. Samuel P. Smith

Samuel’s first wife Mary Ann McGaw was born 20 Dec 1818 in Preble Ohio.  She was William McCAW’s cousin. She was also Samuel’s second cousin.  Her parents were  Moses McGaw (1790 Abbeville, SC – 1868 Preble, OH) and Isabelle Wiley (1799 – 1888). Her grandparents were Sarah Patterson and John McGaw and her great grandparents were Samuel PATTERSON Sr. and Mary CARSON.

Samuel’s second wife Matilda McBride was born Feb 1823 in South Carolina. Matilda died after the 1900 census in Israel, Preble, Ohio.

In 1842 Samuel married his cousin Mary Ann McGaw (20 Dec 1818 in Preble, Ohio – 1852).  Mary Ann’s paternal grandparents were Captain John McGaw (1757 – 1805) and Sarah Patterson (1759 – 1820). The great grandparents she shared with Robert were Samuel Senton Patterson (1725 – 1792) and Mary Carson (1730 – 1820).  Samuel and Mary had four children, three of whom still survived in 1881.

In 17 Feb 1853 he married for his second wife Matilda McBride.They have had three children. In the 1860 census, Samuel and Matilda were farming in Dixon, Preble, Ohio with five children at home. In the 1870 census, the family was still farming in Dixon.

Children of Samuel Smith and Mary McGaw:

i. Mary Louisa Smith (12 Apr 1844 in Preble, Ohio – 8 Sep 1896 in California); m.  1866 in Preble Ohio to Theophilus McGaw (5 Aug 1842, Preble, Ohio – 12 Oct 1917, Preble, Ohio) Theophilus’s father was William McGaw Jr.  Mary was 2nd cousin once removed to husband. Theophilus enlisted in Company D, Ohio 47th Infantry Regiment on 07 Aug 1861. Promoted to Full Corporal on 01 Aug 1864. Promoted to Full Sergeant on 01 Jun 1865. Mustered out on 11 Aug 1865 at Little Rock, AR.

Forty-seventh Infantry. – Cols., Frederick Poschner, Lyman S. Elliot, Augustus C. Parry; Lieut.-Col., John Wallace ; Majs., Frederick Hesser, Thomas T. Taylor. This regiment was organized at Camp Dennison, Aug. 27, 1861, to serve for three years. The day following it left by rail for Benwood in western Virginia. Going from there to Sutton, Co. B was left as a reinforcement to the garrison, while the remainder moved forward and took part in the battle of Carnifix ferry. The regiment went into winter quarters on the Tompkins farm, Gauley mountain.

In the spring of 1862 a portion of the regiment was sent on an expedition to Lewisburg, which proved a complete success, the enemy being completely routed and scattered and his camp equipage, horses and many prisoners falling into the hands of the Federals. After spending the remainder of the year in Virginia engaged in various duties, the regiment joined the expedition against Vicksburg, reaching Walnut hills on May 18, 1863, capturing many prisoners on the march. On the next day the regiment led an impetuous assault on Cemetery hill, gaining a footing close under the works, which position was held until nightfall, when it was abandoned, the loss being very severe. It led another charge on the 22nd with the same result, and from that time until the surrender was in the front line, occupying Cemetery hill fort.

Being transferred to eastern Tennessee in Jan., 1864, the required three-fourths of the regiment re-enlisted and after their furlough home resumed their place in the army. The enemy was met at Resaca, Dallas, Kennesaw mountain and at Hood’s dash to the rear of Sherman’s forces, the 47th participated up to and beyond Rome, Ga., almost constantly skirmishing. It then participated in the march to the sea, up through the Carolinas, and was mustered out on August 11, 1865. When the 47th entered the field it numbered 830 men, at the termination of the Atlanta campaign it numbered only 120, but was subsequently reinforced by 400 drafted men and substitutes.

Louisa was living with Robert and Mary in the 1860 census. In the 1870 census, Louisa and Theophilus were living in Jackson, Andrew, Missouri, in 1880 they were living in Lakin, Harvey, Kansas

ii. Harriett I. Smith (Dec 1847 Ohio – After 1900) In the 1880 census, Harriett was living with her parents and working as a dressmaker in Dixon, Preble, Ohio. In the 1900 census, Harriett was still living with her parents in Israel, Preble, Ohio.

iii. William Smith (1849 Ohio – After 1870 Census)

iv. James L Smith (1852 Ohio – After 1870 Census)

Children of Samuel Smith and Matilda McBride:

v. Joseph Smith (1855 Ohio – Before 1870 Census)

vi. Alexander Smith (1857 Dixon, Preble, Ohio – After 1870 Census)

vii. Mary Alice Smith (1861 Dixon, Preble, Ohio – After 1870 Census)


4. Eliza Jane Smith

Eliza’s husband William Paul was born in 1823 in South Carolina.

Eliza Jane and William were  married in 1848 in Preble, Ohio.

In the 1850 census, Eliza’s brother-in-law William A. McCAW‘s  aunt Mary McCaw was living on a farm with William Paul in Dixon, Preble, Ohio.  Household Members:  William Paul 27,  Eliza J Paul 26, William M Paul 1, Mary Mccaw 55, Patrick O Connell 17.  6 Jul 1856 – Mary McCaw gave her farm in Preble County to her nephew [Eliza’s brother-in-law] in exchange for William agreeing to take care of her.

In the 1860 census, William and Eliza were farming in Oquawka, Henderson, Illinois, a township on this Mississippi just across from Iowa.

In the 1870 census, William and Eliza were farming in Grand River, Cass, Missouri.  Eliza’s sister and brother-in-law, Margaret and William McCAW were also farming in Grand River, Missouri in the 1870 census.  The McCaw family was family #56 and the Paul family was family #69 in order of visitation so  their farms may have been close by, but not contiguous.  The Paul’s real estate was valued at $18,000 and personal property at $4,000 a healthy sum for those days. The McCaws were farming  between Peculiar and Harrisonville in Grand River, Cass County,  Missouri.   Cass County is now in the Kansas City metro area.  The McCaws real estate was valued at $6,000 and personal estate at $1,000.

Page 9 from the 1870 census is missing on and only the three older children were listed on the end of page 8 William Paul 22, Edward Paul 20, and Martha Paul 18 so the future of the twins Jas. and Mary is in doubt.

In the 1880 census, William and Eliza were farming in Ozark, Anderson, Kansas and the McCaws had moved to Richland, Labette, Kansas about 80 miles south.  In the 1885 Kansas census, William and Eliza were farming in Welda, Anderson, Kansas.  In the 1900 census,  Eliza’s sister, Margaret Smith McCAW William’s widow Margaret was living alone in Welda, Anderson, Kansas near her brother-in-law John Addison McCaw.  the same town where Eliza’s niece  Ella McCaw and her husband Fred Ressel later lived.

In the 1900 census, William and Eliza were retired and living with their daughter Laura Vincent in Selma, Fresno, California.

There was a John W Paul (1818 Tennessee – ) farming with his large family in Washington, Anderson, Kansas Territory in the 1860 census. My guess is he was William’s brother.

Children of Eliza Jane and William:

i. William M Paul (Sep 1849 Preble, Ohio – Aft. 1920 census Hanford, Kings, California); m. 1875 to Cordelia [__?__] (Mar 1859 Ohio – Aft. 1930 Census Hanford, Kings, California)

In the 1900 census William and Cordelia were living in Raymore, Cass, Missouri where William was a stationary engineer. They had had four children, three of whom were still living in 1900.

ii. Robert Edward Paul (1851 Ohio – After 1910 Census Los Angeles, California); m. Sarah (Sallie) M. [__?__] (1852 Ohio – Aft 1910 census)

Called Edward Paul in the 1870 census.  In the 1880 census, Robert was farming in Ozark, Kansas.

iii. Martha A Paul (1852 Ohio – After 1885 Kansas Census); m. [__?__] Christy.

In the 1880 census “Nettie” Christie and her daughter Ines were living with her parents William and Eliza in  Ozark, Kansas. They were named  “Mattie” Christy and Inez (1879 Kansas – ) in the 1885 Kansas Census and still living with her parents.

iv. Nathan T. Paul (Jan 1854 Illinois – After 1920 census); m. 1882 to Mary “Mollie” J. Banes (Mar 1866 Iowa – Before 1920 census)

In 1900  and 1910 census Nathan and Mary were farming  in Welda, Kansas.  They didn’t have any children, though their niece Ruth Paul Boren lived with them in 1905 and 1910.

v. Jas. Paul (1855 Ohio – After 1860 census) Mary’s twin

vi. Mary A Paul (1855 Ohio – After 1860 census) Jas’ twin

vii. John S. Paul (May 1856 Illinois – After 1885 census )

In the 1885 Kansas census working as JA Paul on the farm of JP and Nancy Randle in Welda, Anderson, Kansas with his sister Emma.  The family had arrived from Missouri 7 years earlier

viii. Emma Paul (1865 Illinois – After 1885 Kansas Census)

In the 1885 Kansas census working on the farm of JP and Nancy Randle in Welda, Anderson, Kansas with her brother John.  The family had arrived from Missouri 7 years earlier.

ix. Laura Jane Paul (18 Jan 1867 Illinois – 21 Oct 1943 Los Angeles); m. 1890 to Manuel Vincent (Nov 1863  Azores, Portugal – After 1930 census Long Beach, California)

Manuel immigrated in 1869 or 1871. In the 1900 census, Manuel was working as a blacksmith in Selma, Fresno, California. In the 1920 census, Laura and Manuel were still living in Selma and Manuel was now a real estate agent.


4a. Another Eliza Jane Smith from Preble, Ohio?

Give the family connections between the other Eliza and her sister Margaret’s family, this Eliza must be some one else. Maybe a cousin?  This Eliza Jane Smith was born in 1818 in Ohio and married 25 May 1835 in Preble County, Ohio to Aaron Putnam (11 Jan 1811 – 3 Oct 1893 Los Angeles, California) In the 1850 census, Aaron was a chair maker in Jefferson, Preble, Ohio. In the 1860 census, Aaron was a painter in Hagerstown, Wayne, Indiana.

Aaron’s father, Ernestus, was born 27 Oct 1776 and baptized 3 Nov 1776 Dutch Reformed Church of Schenectady. Ernestus married first Martha Becker in Schenectady about 1808/09. Ernestus married second Elizabeth Gray 24 Mar 1814 at Shepardstown, Virginia. She was from Ireland and was born there in 1788. They later removed to Madison, Ohio, and then Winchester, Indiana.

In the article titled “Reminiscences,” which was printed in the Greenville Newspaper, Ohio, 17 May 1902, the following information was given about the family:

At the age of fourteen, [Ernestus] was bound to a German to serve until he was twenty-one years of age, to learn the gun and whitesmith trade. He was a brutal, cruel master. On arrival at his majority, he receive from home, in addition to his trade, a silver watch, the outside case being made of turtle shell, and a yearling colt; while Uncle John received, to off set this outfit, the home farm of three hundred acres. With a splendid knowledge of his trade, he started his way in the world. He first went to Springfield, Mass., and soon got a good position with the Government Armory. About 1808 or 09, he married Martha Becker at Schenectady. Soon after, in company with two other young married men with their wives, [he] started for the Indiana territory making his way to Wheeling, Virgina. They constructed (these two men were mechanics) a flat boat, which was loaded with such things as would be necessary in making a home in a new country. In this boat, they floated down the Ohio River to where the city of Madison now stands; there they met General W. H. Harrison, who was Governor of Indiana Territory, and who had just finished surveying the plot of the town. Here each selected a lot and erected each a log cabin. Father had taken with him a complete set of tools for making funs, for which there was a good demand from the settlers. The boat, in which they made the journey, they demolished and used the lumber in helping to construct their buildings.

On the 11th of January 1811, brother Aaron was born [however, the 1880 census says he was born in Virginia]; his mother soon there after died. Father often told how kind the wives of the comrades were to him and the motherless babe. He disposed of his new home and, as soon as he could get passage on a keel boat, he worked his way back to Wheeling, and from there to Harper’s Ferry, where he got a position in the Government Armory. While working there, he became acquainted with Miss Elizabeth Gray; they were married on the 24th of March, 1814, and soon thereafter moved to Washington, D. C. where he soon became a contractor with the Government in doing the iron and plating work of the Capitol and the White House, which was burn by the British. In his work, he was successful, soon owning his home and shops. In 1818, he traded his real estate in Washington for a lot of land in Kentucky; he went there in person and found the land as had been represented, but found his title defective and worthless. With the help of Uncle John Gray, he traced the swindler over the south and west and finally located him working in the lead mines at Galena, Illinois, perfectly worthless. Returning to Washington, he closed up his business, packed up their valuables that made the least bulk, loaded them with mother, Jane, and John, who were born there, in a one-horse wagon, and started for Fort Black, Darke County, Ohio, where he had preciously, through Uncle John Gray, entered a quarter-section of land, just west of the quarter that the Fort was located on.

I will digress a little here. Grandfather Gray, Uncle Thomas Carson, and Uncle John Kinnear had preceeded them. Uncle Thomas having entered the quarter section west of father (half for grandfather), and Uncle John Kinnear the quarter section next west. The quarter section on which the Fort was located had been entered by Zeddock Smith, who had made some little improvements nad had laid out some lots and named his town Madison. He had sold three or four lots of which two had small hewn log houses on. At that time, land had to be entered in quarter sections at $2.00 per acre, one-half paid at date of entry and balance in deferred payments.

After a long and tedious journey over mountains, rivers, plains, and swamps, they arrived at Fort Black. (Grandfather with Grandmother and Aunt Mary, Uncle Thomas Carsons with Aunt Nancy and Uncle John Kinnear with Aunt Sarah and two children had preceded them.) They procured a guide who piloted them down the south side of the great pigeon swamp to miles to the McClure cabin, crossing the head of White water, then north passing the John Rush cabin to Grandfather’s. Ernestus died 20 October 1865. Elizabeth died 15 February 1864.

1860 Census AARON PUTMAN Hagerstown, Wayne County, Indiana

He is 49 VA and is a painter. His wife Eliza Jane Smith is 41 OH and they have Josephine (Martha in 1850) 17 OH and Emma 15 OH. He is a son of Ernestus Putman and Elizabeth Gray from Darke County Ohio and Virginia before that. Dutch family originally from New York State. He was born January 11, 1811 and will die in Los Angeles California October 3, 1893. They were in Preble County Ohio in 1850. They are in Clay here in Wayne County in 1870.

1870 Census AARON PUTMAN Clay Township, Wayne County, Indiana

He is still around. He is now 58 VA a cabinet maker, Eliza Jane Smith 52 OH. Also here are their daughter Josephine 26 IN and her husband Ezekiel McCoy 37 NJ and their daughter Alice 3 IN. Dutch family from New York State. He was born in what is now West Virginia, a son of Ernestus Putman and Elizabeth Gray from Darke County Ohio. He was born January 11, 1811 and will die in Los Angeles California October 3, 1893. His dad is in Randolph County right now. They were in Preble County Ohio in 1850 and here in 1860. They are here still in 1880.

1880 Census AARON PUTMAN Wayne, Wayne County, Indiana

Ernestus’ son is still here. He is now 70 VA NY NY, Eliza Jane Smith 63 OH KY MD. Their daughter Josephine McCoy 34 OH VA OH, a schoolteacher, is still living with them as is her daughter Alice 13 IN. Josephine’s husband Ezekiel McCoy has died in the past 10 years. Dutch family from New York State. He was born in what is now West Virginia, a son of Ernestus Putman and Elizabeth Gray. He was born January 11, 1811 and will die in Los Angeles California October 3, 1893. His dad is in Randolph County right now. They were in Preble County Ohio in 1850 and here from 1860.


i. Sarah A. Putnam (1841 Ohio – Between 1880 and 1900 census); m. Jacob Shoe “Shue” (abt 1834 Ohio – 15 Mar 1914 Logan or Columbiana, Ohio) In the 1870 and 1880 census, Jacob and Sarah were farming in Montgomery, Wood, Ohio. In the 1900 census, Jacob was widowed and living with his son-in-law in Stokes, Logan, Ohio. Interestingly, the son-in-law was divorced from Jacob’s daughterIn the 1910 census, Jacob was widowed and board in Pleasant, Logan, Ohio.

ii. Josephine (“Martha” in 1850) Putnam (1843 – ); m. Ezekiel McCoy In the 1880 census, Josephine was a widow teaching school and living with Aaron and Elisa in Wayne, Wayne, Indiana. Her daughter Alice was 13 years old.

iii. Emily F “Emma” Putnam (1845 – )

6 Margaret Ann SMITH (See William A. McCAW‘s page)

7. Martha K. Smith

Martha K. Smith Headstone — Fairhaven Cemetery FairhavenPreble CountyOhio


Martha K.

daughter of

Robert & Mary A. Smith

died Aug. 5, 1850


16y 4m 15d


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