Humphrey Griffin

Humphrey GRIFFIN (1605 – 1662) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.   He was also Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Miller line.

Humphrey Griffin Coat of Arms

Humphrey Griffin (aka Griffing) was born in 1605 in Stepney, Middlesex, England.  He married Elizabeth ANDREWS in 1639 in Ipswich Mass.  Humphrey died about 1662  in Haverhill, Mass.

A will belonging to Robert Andrews mentioning Humphrey and John Griffin indicates that Humphrey was first married to Joan and that she died 17 Jul 1657. His second wife was Elizabeth. That would mean that Joan is the mother of the children. Note: “The Pioneers of Massachusetts” – In this book he talks about Humphrey working in a slaughterhouse and that he came to Ipswich in 1639 but was not accepted because the town was full. He moved on to Bradford, Mass.   But then on 19 Jan 1641 he bought a house and lot from Daniel Denison (this is also spoken of in Robert Andrews will) and he was able to get into Ipswich by purchasing this property. It says that he married Elizabeth Andrews, Dau. of Robert Andrews and then it talks about Andrews will and the Griffins.

Humphrey Griffin was a Butcher

Elizabeth Andrews was born in 1624 in Norwich, Norfolk,  England.  Her parents were Robert ANDREWS and  Elizabeth [__?__] or was a child of Elizabeth’s previous marriage, see Robert Andrew’s page for details.  After John died, she married Hugh Sherratt on 10 Feb 1662/63 in Haverhill, Mass.  Elizabeth died on 18 Apr 1670 in Haverhill, Mass

Children of Humphrey and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Abigail Griffin 3 Nov 1640
Sudbury, Mass.
17 Nov 1660
Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass.
2. Elizabeth Griffin ca. 1641
Edward Deare
3 Mar 1659/60
Dec 1677
Ipswich, Mass.
3. John GRIFFIN c. 1641
Ipswich, Mass
17 Sep 1663
27 Mar 1688
Bradford, Mass
4. Sarah Griffin 20 Nov 1642
Sudbury, Mass
Jonathan Stanhope
11 May 1674
Sudbury, Mass.
1681 – Sudbury, Middlesex, Mas
5. Samuel Griffin 9 Jan 1644/45
Lydia Younglove
27 Jun 1674
23 Oct 1691
6. Nathaniel Griffin c. 1646
Ipswich, Mass
Elizabeth Ring (daughter of Robert RING)
26 Aug 1671
Andover, Mass.
Salisbury, Essex, Mass.
7. Jonathan Griffin 22 Jun 1647
Mary Long
25 Oct 1678
2 Feb 1685/86
8. Lydia Griffin c. 1649
Ipswich, Mass.

Humphrey was also known as Hugh and Griffin was also spelled as Griffing.

He was a butcher. He was refused admission to the town of Ipswich in 1639 “the town being full”.  The Griffins remained in town He was finally admitted as a formal resident on Jan. 1, 1641 by purchase.  On 18 Jan 1641, Robert Andrews (Elizabeth’s father) witnessed a deed from Daniel Denison to Humphrey Griffin of a dwelling house and two acres of land, a meadow, and a planting field near the mill.

He was often a guest of the court system, being charged for “reviling his mother-in-law, drinking, profaning the Sabbath by working before sundown and fined for “undue pride” by allowing his daughter to wear a silk hood.

1639 – Humphrey Griffing, a butcher, made application to become a freeman of Ipswich, Mass. in 1639. This application was at first refused on the ground that the ‘town was full,’ but he was allowed to remain. . . .

19 Jan 1641 –  Humphrey Griffing bought a house and two acres of land near the mill at Labor-in-vain and a planting lot at Heartbreak Hill near Ipswich, Mass. from Daniel Denison. The deed was witnessed by Robert Andrews.

1646 – Humphrey Griffin contributed a day’s work and voluntary carting toward the building of the east bridge at Ipswich in 1646. . . .

1648 – On 4 Jan 1648, Humphrey Griffing sold property in Ipswich to John Brunham, who on the same date sold it to Anthony Potter. . . .

1655 – The town of Ipswich, Mass. gave Humphrey Griffing permission to erect a ‘shambles’ or slaughter-house, twenty feet square, near the pound

1657 –  he was ‘a common packer of beef and pork.’ The meat was salted and packed in barrels.

1656 – when Humphrey Griffing fell off his horse and used ‘evil words, — his breath scenting much of strong liquors,’ as the witnesses testified, he was found ‘not drunk but admonished as to drinking!’

1656 – He was fined for unloading barley before sundown, thus profaning the Sabbath. –

1658 – Humphrey Griffing, aged 53, made a deposition in which he referred to Corporal John Andrews as ‘my brother.’ – Davis, Walter Goodwin, The Ancestry of Annis Spear (1945), pp.145-148. . . .

1659 – ‘The daughter of Humphrey Griffin wore a silk hood in for which evidence of undue pride her father was fined 10s. Only the wealthy could wear silk with impunity.’ –

19 Nov 1661 – Administration on the estate of Humphrey Griffen was granted to his widow, Elizabeth, by Mr. Samuel Symonds and Major General Denison. It was ordered that an inventory be brought into the next Ipswich Court. – Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol.1, p.97. . . .

25 Mar 1662 – The inventory of the estate of Humphrey Griffing was taken, at Ipswich, Mass. The inventory was appraised by [our ancestor] James DAVIS and [also our ancestor] Theophilus SHATSWELL. ‘The estate was ordered to be divided as follows: To John GRIFFEN, the eldest son, £20; to the two younger sons, £10; and the rest of the estate to the widow.’
“The widow Elizabeth Griffin sued John Gaines for her dower in a house and land that Mr. Ropert Paine had taken from her husband by execution and of which Gaines was in possession, and won her case in 1662, in which year she also sued Peter Nash for debt.
“Elizabeth (Andrews) Grifing widow of Humphrey Griffing, married (2nd) 10 February (or 10 November) 1662/63 at Haverhill, as his second wife, Hugh Sherratt . Ipswich Quarterly Court Records, vol.1, p.104, vol.14, leaf 149; Published Probate Records of Essex County, Massachusetts, p.353.

“Hugh Sherratt was a proprietor of Ipswich in 1635 and a freeman there March 4, 1634. He removed to Haverhill where he was a proprietor in 1644. He was licensed to sell wines on 26 May 1647. He secured to his second wife (the widow of Humphrey Griffing) the sum of 42 pounds by a mortgage deed of house and lands 27 April 1665.”

From “Its About Time, Chronological Historic and Genealogical Research Notes on Some of the Maternal Ancestors and Descendants of America (Spilman) Mears (1846-1935),” compiled by William L. DeCoursey:

“1647 – On 31 (1) 1647, Elizabeth Andrews, widow of Robert Andrews, had a law suit against her son-in-law, Humphrey Grifing, husband of her daughter Elizabeth.

Robert Andrews was John’s Grandfather through his mother Elizabeth Andrews.  His grandmother was also named Elizabeth.

1 Mar 1643 – Will of Robert Andrews.

In ye name of God Amen. I Robert Andrews of Ipswich in New England being of perfect understanding & memory doe make this my last will & testiment.

Imprimis, I commend my soul into the hands of my mercifull Creator & Redeemer and I doe commit my body after my departure out of this world to be buryed in seemly manner by my friends &c.

Concerning my estate, Imprimis, I doe make my eldest son, John Andrews my executor.

Item, I give unto my wife Elizabeth Andrews forty pounds, & to John Griffin the son of Humfrey Griffin sixteen pounds to be paid unto him when he shall be twenty one years & if he shall dy before he comes to that age, it shall return to my two sonnes John & Thomas Andrews.

Item, concerning my son Thomas Andrews my will is that he shall live with his brother John Andrews 3 years, two of which he shall be helpfull to his brother John Andrews in his husbandry, & the last of the 3 years he shall go to scole to recover his learning, & if he shall go to the University, or shall set himselfe upon some other way of living, his brother John shall allow him ten pounds by the yeer for four yeers & then fifteen pounds by the yeer for two yeers succeeding after.

Item, concerning the fourscore pounds, which is to be paid unto my son in law Franklyn’s daughter, Elizabeth Franklyn, my will is that if she dy before the debt is due, it shall be thus disposed of, ten pounds of it shall go to my son Daniel Hovey’s child, Daniel Hovey my grandchild, & the other seventy pounds shall be divided between my two sonnes John & Thomas Andrews & if those my two sons should dy, then thirty pounds of it should be divided between my 3 kinsmen John, Thomas & Robert Burnam by equal portions & twenty more should go to Humfrey Griffins two other sonnes & the other twenty shall go to Daniel Hovey.

And because my son John Andrews is yet under age. I doe commend him unto Thomas Howlett as his guardian untill he shall come of age.

Witnesses hereof
William Knight
John Whiffle
Thomas Scott
Joseph Metcalfe
This will was proved in ye court held at Ipswich 26th of ye
first month 1644.

1665 – Elizabeth (Andrews) Griffing Sherratt, administrix of the estate of Humphrey GRIFFIN was successfully sued for Humphrey Griffin’s debts by Thomas Bishop and by Gov. Simon Bradstreet in 1669.

30 Jul 1670 – Elizabeth (Andrews) Griffing Sherratt made her will (Probated 10 Oct. 1670). In it she left property to her children by her first husband, vis:– John, Nathaniel and Samuel Grifing and Lydia Grifing and Elizabeth (Grifing) Deare, and to her son John GRIFING’s three children and her son-in-law Edward Deare’s 4 children.


2. Elizabeth Griffin

Elizabeth’s husband Edward Deare’s origins are unknown

3. John GRIFFIN (See his page)

4. Sarah Griffin

Sarah’s husband Jonathan Stanhope was born 1642 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Jonathan Stanhope and Susannah Ayre. Jonathan died in 1702 in Mass.

5. Samuel Griffin

Samuel’s wife Lydia Younglove was born 1644 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Younglove and Margaret Legatt. After Samuel died, she married 23 Oct 1691 in Gloucester, Essex, Mass. to Henry Witham (b. 1643 in Gloucester – d. 27 Apr 1702 in Gloucester). Lydia died 1 Nov 1702 in Gloucester, Essex, Mass

6. Nathaniel Griffin

Nathaniel’s wife Elizabeth Ring was born 1652 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.  Her parents were Robert RING and Elizabeth JARVIS.  Elizabeth died in Salisbury, Mass.

7. Jonathan Griffin

Jonathan’s wife Mary Long was born 24 Feb 1647 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Robert Long and Alice Short. Mary died 1720 in Newbury, Essex, Mass


From Annis Spear, 1945 by Walter Goodwin Davis

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  9. David Griffin says:

    I am a direct descendant of Humfrey. You have the standard genealogy here but there are some errors. Hugh (married to Joan) was a different Griffin. I have a lot of material on Humfrey and descendants. (David Griffin, San Diego CA.)

    • David,

      I am also descended from Humphrey and I believe that you are correct, in that Humphrey’s first and only wife was Elizabeth Andrews. I would love to look at your research regarding Humphrey. Do you think that Humphrey is related to Hugh Griffin(g) who was married to Elizabeth Hands? or possibly a Richard Griffing? Do you think he arrived in New England alone?

      • William Griffin says:

        Hi Wendy,

        I am also a descended from Humphrey. Currently on MyHeritage trying to track down more Griffin’s! Would like to see where we meet in the family tree.

        William Griffin, Parker, Colorado

      • Wendy Griffin-LeBlanc says:

        So glad to hear from you. I have been stewing over Humphrey for a long time. I do believe that he might be related to Hugh (possibly brothers), especially if I am correct that their father is Hugh Griffin(g) who married Karen Wall. I have seen some reference to Richard but I haven’t looked at that possibly very closely. I have to admit that my research in this area is not well documented. It is mainly supposition (read guessing) but I would love to share anything I have with you and I would love to look at your research as well. Are you on Ancestry? How can I access your info on MyHeritage?

        I just stumbled on this Miner website by accident. I am also related to the Miners. My family settled in Nova Scotia as part of the Planter movement in 1760. My direct relative is James Chipman Griffin who left Stonington Connecticut in the 1780s to settle in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

        Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

        Allison, New Brunswick, Canada

    • David,

      I believe I am a descendant of Humphrey also. Do you have material on Humphrey’s Ancestors?

    • William Griffin says:

      I’m a direct descendant of Humfrey. I currently on MyHeritage and have gone back about 12 generations. Maybe if you haven’t joined yet you might do that. Lots of Griffin’s.
      William Griffin, Parker, Colorado

    • Steve Griffin says:

      Hi David, I am clearly late to the party here. Have been in touch with Wendy also. Direct descendent as well, via Humphrey to John. I am particularly interested in Joan and as you state, married to a Hugh–different. Please steer me to a resource/data. Thanks! Steve Griffin Wooster Ohio

  10. markeminer says:

    Hi David,

    I would like to correct any errors you uncover. Let me know specifics and I will change.

    Happy fourth, Mark

  11. Steve Griffin says:

    Mark, I can help with the unknown entry regarding Edward Dear and Elizabeth. I found the answer I think as to where he came from. He was stolen out of Ireland in the Cromwellian “spiriting”.. Look in the book: Blumenthall: the Brides of Bridewell. p106 and the ship Goodfellow. The entry is rare in that it names some of the names “missing from their beds.” Steve Griffin

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