Joseph Benjamin

Joseph BENJAMIN (1633 – 1704) was Alex’s 10th Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Joseph Benjamin was born 16 Sep 1633 in  New Town, now Newton and Cambridge, Mass.  His parents were  John BENJAMIN and  Abigail EDDY. He married Jemima LUMBERT 10 Jun 1661 either in Cambridge or Barnstable.  Jemima’s family moved from Watertown to Barnstable in 1639 when Joseph and Jemima were just young children.  There’s no record how Joseph and Jemima met.  Some say this was a run-away marriage.  After Jemima died, he married  Sarah Clark, on 7 Dec 1668 in Yarmouth, Mass.  Joseph died about Apr 1704 in Preston, New London, CT

Jemima Lumbert (Lambert, Lombard) was, born 1636 in Watertown, Middlesex, MA.  Her parents were Thomas LUMBERT and  Joyce [__?__]. Jemima, Joseph and Abigail are all mentioned in her father’s will dated 1663 and it is most probable that she died during the birth of her second child, who was also named Jemima.  Jemima died 1664 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA.

Sarah Clark was born 1 Aug 1639 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Some researchers think that since Jemima bore the first wife’s name, it is natural to suppose that she was the first born daughter by the second marriage, born about 1666. Her parents were Arthur CLARK and Sarah THAYER.   Some say, she was Jemima’s cousin and her parents were William CLARK and Sarah LUMBERT, but I don’t think William Clarke even married Sarah Lumbert.  See his page for details.  Sarah died after 1716 as she was still living in New London, New London, Connecticut when her son John died .

Children of Joseph and Jemima:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Abigail Benjamin 23 Mar 1662
Charlestown or Barnstable, Mass?
aft. 1704
Charlestown, Suffolk, MA
2. Jemima BENJAMIN Feb 1664 or Feb 1666
Barnstable, Mass
8 Nov 1686
Stow, Mass.
Preston, CT

Children of Joseph and Sarah Clark:

Name Born Married Departed
3. Hannah Benjamin Feb 1668/69
Cambridge, Stow, Middlesex,
Simon Gates (Stephen’s Brother)
4 May 1688
Stow, Mass
4. Mary (Marah) Benjamin Apr 1670
Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.
John Clarke
16 Aug 1695 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass
John King
14 Oct 1707
Feb 1722/23
Ispwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts.
5. Joseph Benjamin 29 Apr 1673
Elizabeth Cooke
26 August 1698
Preston, CT
May 1738
Preston, New London, CT
6. Mercy Benjamin 12 Mar 1674
Isaac Gates
(Stephen’s Brother)
2 Jul 1696
Concord, Mass
Stow, Middlesex, Mass.
7. Elizabeth Benjamin 14 Jan 1680
John Huntley
Lyme, New London, CT
8. John Benjamin 1682
Febe Larrabee 2 Aug 1716
Preston, CT
9. Sarah Benjamin 1686
Thomas Knowlton
30 Nov 1708
1730 – East Haddam, CT
10. Kezia Benjamin 1688 – Yarmouth 1703

As a young man, Joseph was on the move, appearing in Cambridge,Yarmouth, Charlestown, Yarmouth again, Barnstable and finally, Preston, New London, Connecticut.

3 Oct 1662 – Admitted as an “inhabitant” of Barnstable.

He is mentioned in the ANNALS OF YARMOUTH in Oct. 3,1663 and April 29, 1673.

He was a watchman at Charlestown in 1665 and was named in sessions (court records).

He then lived in Barnstable and then before 1668 he moved to Yarmouth. Joseph settled in Yarmouth before 1670, on a farm near the meadows, on the north of the Miller farm. In Yarmouth, his farm was near the Meadows.

In 1680 he exchanged his farm for that of Joseph Gorham (son of our ancestor Capt. John GORHAM) in Barnstable. He sold a farm in Cambridge, which he inherited, on Oct. 30, 1686.

30 Oct 1686 – He sold the estate in Cambridge which he had inherited from his father. The land was bounded on land by “my brother Abel Benjamin which was devised by Will by my honored father John Benjamin sometime of Watertown, Mass.”

27 Jul 1696 – Joseph bought about 100 acres of upland meadow and swamp in Preston, New London, Connecticut for £13 12s.   This farmland would remain in the Benjamin family for 200 years.

24 June 1703 – Joseph Benjamin, “for various reasons, but especially affection“, deeded his main farm to his eldest son

27 Jul 1704, Joseph deeded the other part of his farm to his son John, who was to possess the lands after his father’s death.

1704 – Joseph died in Preston.

Preston, New London, CT

The town of Preston, CT was established in 1686 and Joseph and his family moved there in 1696, where he bought 100 acres of land. His abstract of purchase was made 27 July 1696 and is as follows :

” John Stanton Sr., of Stonington,New London Co., colony of Conn., for 13 pounds 12 shillings, sold to Joseph Benjamin, now resident of town of Preston, same county and Colony, 100 acres of upland, fresh meadow land and swamp in the township of Preston…” and then follows a description of boundaries of the land. It is recorded in Vol. 1 pg.273 of the Preston Land Records.

In 1703 the father followed common custom, and deeded his lands to his two sons, Joseph and John.

Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England., p.165

Benjamin, JOSEPH,Barnstable, s. of the first John, m. 10 June 1661, Jemima, d. of Thomas Lambert, or Lombard, sold est. at Cambridge 30 Oct. 1686, that came to him, his deed says, from f. John dec. and by this means we know of his descent. He lived some years at Yarmouth, where from the imperfect record we find several children. but not all, nor in all cases the dates of those named. Abigail; Joseph; Hannah, Feb. 1668; Mary, Apr. 1670; Mercy, 12 Mar. 1674; and Eliz. 14 Jan. 1680. He removed to New London, d. 1704, leaving widow Sarah, and ch. Joseph, aged 30;John, 22; (Abigail, Jemima, Sarah, Kezia, Mary, and Mercy, all a. 20,) says the admirab. accurate and precise pro. docum.


2. Jemima BENJAMIN (See Stephen GATES III‘s page)

Some researchers think that since Jemima bore the first wife’s name, it is natural to suppose that she was the first born daughter by the second marriage, born about 1666.

3. Hannah Benjamin

Hannah’s husband Simon Gates was born 5 JUN 1667 in Cambridge, Mass. He was Stephen’s Brother.  His parents were Stephen GATES II and Sarah WOODWARD. Simon died in 1752.

Simon bought out the interest in his father’s estate from his brothers Stephen and Thomas before 1711.

Simon’s will, dated in Stow 22 July 1743 with codicil added 25 May 1747, was lodged for probate by his son Amos, 9 March 1752, and proved 22 Jun 1752. He mentioned his wife Hannah, his “two eldest sons Joseph and Benjamin,” sons Elisha and Amos, all of whom had received land by deeds of gift. Hannah Heald, Mary Haines, and Susannah Fitch are mentioned as surviving daughters [Susannah died before settlement], and daughter Elizabeth Wheeler was deceased.  Mentions cash, bonds, and bills, from which it appears that he was something of a capitalist.  See Torrey, NEHGR 120:166

Simon Gates Bio

4. Mary (Marah) Benjamin

Mary’s first husband John Clarke was born 1645 in Plymouth, Mass. Capt. Gorham officiated their marriage on  August 16, 1695.   John died 16 Aug 1705 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Mary’s second husband John King was born 1648 in England. His parents may have been Capt John King (1629 – 1703) and Sarah Holton (1637 – 1675).  He first married in 1695 in Eastham, Mass to Bathshua Snow (b. 25 Jul 1664 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 14 Oct 1707 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass).  He was 46 years old in 1695, quite old for a first marriage and 105 would make him our oldest relative. John died between date of will (18 Nov 1752) and date proved (1 May 1753)

“`The Boston Post Boy’ of 25 Jun 1753 reported: `We are informed from Harwich in County of Barnstable that Mr John King lately died there, aged 105 years; he was born in Old England and had lived in Harwich about 70 years.'”

John King is said to have been at Eastham by 1686. He signed a receipt with other heirs of Stephen Snow, his father-in-law, on 21 May 1706, but Bathshua may then have been still alive, since William Cole, another son-in-law, also signed for his wife Hannah, who was then living. John King and his wife were admitted to the Brewster Church 14 Sept.1701…John King bought lands at Harwich from Indians 11 May 1711 and was a Proprietor there. In March 1725/6 he was chosen to keep boys of Harwich from `playing and profaning the Sabbath.'”

Mayflower Families-Stephen Hopkins’ by John D Austin (1992) p64 -“The will of John King of Harwich, dated 18 Nov. 1752 and proved 1 May 1753, mentioned beloved wife (without given name) and distributed residuary estate in one-seventh shares to the following: Heirs of son Samuel, heirs of son John, heirs of dau. Joanna Cole, grandson Stephen King, son Roger, son Ebenezer and dau. Bashua Ryder. Son Rodger King filed an account 5 Feb. 1754.”

John’s father Capt. John King was reported by some to be the son of Sir John King, attended school in North Hampton, England. In 1645, at the age of 16, he left North Hampton with a Colony and came to America and where he helped settle Northampton, MA. Later he lived in Hartford, CT. He was also associated with the founding of Northfield, MA in 1638. John attained the rank of Captain in the American Continental Army and was Military Commander of Northampton in 1692. He distinguished himself in the fight known as Falls Fight above Deerfield.  On November 18, 1656, he married Sarah Holton, daughter of William Holton, who was also associated with the founding of North Hampton. Theirs is the first marriage recorded and it is believed to have been the first solemnized at Northampton. John King was for several years captain of the Northampton military company, and in 1679, was its representative.

5. Joseph Benjamin

Joseph’s wife Elizabeth Cooke was born 30 Jun 1678 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut. Her parents were Richard Cooke and Grace Larabee. Elizabeth died 1745 in Preston, New London, Connecticut.

Joseph served in 1695 under Captain Gorum in the campaign against the Indians at Pemaquid and was severely wounded and pensioned in 1700.

Joseph was a blacksmith and settled in Preston, Connecticut where he bought land on 4-4-1700.
Source the book “Benjamins in America”, pg 29-30.

24 June 1703 – Joseph Benjamin, “for various reasons, but especially affection“, deeded his main farm to his eldest son

6. Mercy Benjamin

Mercy’s husband Isaac Gates was born 1673 in Boston Middlesex, Mass.  He was Stephen’s Brother) His parents were Stephen GATES II and Sarah WOODWARD.  Isaac died 22 Nov 1748 in Stow, Mass.

Isaac’s second wife Elizabeth Merriam was born 5 Oct 1673 in Stow, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Merriam and Elizabeth Townsend. She first married 6 Dec 1699 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, to John Farrar (1672 in Lancaster, Mass – 19 Aug 1707 Sterling, Worcester, Mass., killed by Indians) Elizabeth died 15 Mar 1755 in Harvard, Worcester, Mass.  The church record states that “the house burnt down” which might imply fire was the cause of death, but actually, the family was at the cemetery at the time of the fire.

Isaac Gates Bio

7. Elizabeth Benjamin

Elizabeth’s husband John Huntley was born 24 Nov 1677 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut. His parents were Aaron Huntley and Mary Champion. John died 10 Apr 1750 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut.

8. John Benjamin

John’s wife Phebe Larrabee was born 13 Dec 1680 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut, Her parents were Greenfield Larrabee and Alice Parke. Phebe died 2 Aug 1716 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut.

27 Jul 1704, Joseph deeded the other part of his farm to his son John, who was to possess the lands after his father’s death.

Children born at Preston: 1) Phebe; born July 4, 1706; married 1752c, Nathaniel Tyler; 2) Jemima; born February 2, 1708; married March 25, 1725, John Utter/Tyler; 3) Mercy; born August 18, 1709; married 1732c, William Wedge; 4) Elizabeth; born June 3, 1711; married December 10, John Back; died 1797c; 5) John, Jr.; born October 31, 1714; married 1740c, Margaret Jameson and 6) Jabez; born July 1716; married 1737c, Rhode Smith.
“The Lineage of My Children, the Keogh, Knapp, Benjamin & Bellinger Families” by Chester Henry Keogh; p. 32; privately published; 1926 (CS71.K38) (HeritageQuest)

9. Sarah Benjamin

Sarah’s husband Thomas Knowlton was born 1682 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. He died in Massachusetts.


Joseph Benjamin Bio 1

Joseph Benjamin Bio 2

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