Tobias Coleman

Tobias COLEMAN (1638 – 1715) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Tobias Coleman was born c. 1638 in Newbury, Byfield MA. His parents were Thomas COLEMAN and Susanna RAULINES.  He married Lydia JACKSON 16 Apr 1668 in Nantucket and settled in Rowley, Essex, MA.  Tobias died c. 1715 in Newbury MA.

Lydia Jackson was born 23 Jun 1647 in Rowley, Essex, MA   (Or 1656 in Newton, Middlesex, MA) Her parents were Nicholas JACKSONand Sarah RILEY. Lydia died in 1678 in Rowley, Mass.

Children of Tobias and Lydia

Name Born Married Departed
1. Jabez Coleman 27 May 1669
Rowley, Mass
Mary Prescott
2 Nov 1699
Hampton, Rockingham, NH
24 May 1724
Killed by the Indians at Kingston, NH
2. Sarah Coleman 17 Jun 1670
Rowley, Mass
Michael Hopkinson
16 Jun 1696
9 Jan 1740/41
Rowley, Mass
3. Thomas Coleman II 26 Mar 1672
Rowley, Mass
6 Jan 1701 in Rowley, Essex, Mass
17 Dec 1759
Rowley, Mass
4. Lydia Coleman c. 1682 Moses Richardson
1 Mar 1704
Newbury, Mass
5. Deborah Coleman 25 May 1676
Nantucket Mass
Unmarried 14 Mar 1730
Rowley, Mass
6. Eleazer Coleman c. 1677
Rowley or
Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
Mary Langstaff
(Daughter of Henry LANCASTER)
New Hampshire
Anne Nutter
1 Mar 1716/17
Newington, NH

New Hampshire
7. Ephraim Coleman 1678
Rowley, Mass
Susannah Rogers
Newbury, Mass
Coventry, CT
8. Judah Coleman bapt.
3 Oct  1686
Rowley, Mass
Hepzibah Boynton
11 June 1711
Newbury, Mass
22  Dec 1759
Coventry, CT

Tobias was listed for personal service or supplier at block houses in exposed places from Newbury to Bradford.

3 Nov 1673 – Tobias’s father Thomas deeded his lands, houses, etc. to his son Tobias, to take  effect after his death,  at which time he was by his own declaration in the deed, a resident of Nantucket, as well as his son Tobias, who had a wife, Lydia, and a son Thomas. (Our Ancestor)

Be it known unto all men and by these presents declared,  that I, Thomas Coleman of Sherbourne, on the Island of Nantucket, for divers good and weighty considerations me therunto moving, do hereby freely give, grant, ratify and confirm unto my son Tobias Coleman, ten akers of land, part of it being that on which his home standeth, and the remainder on the north side of his house above the highway.

This I give to him, at present to have and to hold, to him and his heirs forever. I also hereby give unto the said Tobias, my son, to enjoy the same after my decease, all my other land, both upland and meadow, upon the Island of Nantucket, with all the housing that is or may be upon it at the day of my death.

12 Nov 1678 – Thomas and Tobias Coleman, both inhabitants in the town of Sherbourne, upon the Island of Nantucket, sell Saml. Bickford half a share of Land, in the presence of  Peter Folger. (sg.) Thomas Coleman.  Wm. Worth. (sg.) Tobias Coleman.

Lived in Nantucket 1673 until after Thomas’s death in 1685, then moved back to Rowley or Newbury.


1. Jabez Coleman

Jabez’ wife Mary Prescott was born 11 Jun 1677 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Her parents were James Prescott and Mary Boulter. Mary died 3 Jan 1740 in Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Jabez was killed by the Indians 24 May 1724 at Kingston, NH

2. Sarah Coleman

Sarah’s husband Michael Hopkinson was born 14 Mar 1673 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were Jonathan Hopkinson and Hester Clarke. Michael died 26 Feb 1751 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

3. Thomas Coleman II (See his page)

4. Lydia Coleman

Lydia’s husband Moses Richardson was born 22 Jan 1680 – Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Edward Richardson and Ann Bartlett.

6. Eleazer Coleman

Eleazer’s first wife Mary Langstaff was born 1650 in Dover, New Hampshire. Her parents were Henry LANCASTER and Sarah [__?__]. Mary died 1717 in New Hampshire

Eleazer’s second wife Anne Nutter was born 1690 in Newington, New Hampshire. Her parents were John Nutter and Rosamund Johnson. Anne died in New Hampshire

7. Ephraim Coleman

Ephraim’s wife Susannah Rogers was born 17 Mar 1682 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Rogers (1652 – 1735) and Ruth Browne (1662 – 1730). Susannah died 1748 in Coventry, Tolland, CT.

8. Judah Coleman

Judah’s wife Hepzibah Boynton was born in 13 Nov 1681 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Caleb Boynton and Mary Moores. Hepzibah died Oct 1776 – Coventry, Tolland, CT.


Savage, James, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1990 (originally published Boston, 1860-1862).

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  6. Denise Slatton says:

    I’m amazed at your site. It is wonderful, really love all the extra information/pictures and writings you have done. Have you thought about writing a book/tv documentary on this??
    How long did it take to find all this information??
    You are the first I have found that has a connection to Tobias, Thomas II & Benjamin.
    I have some, I thought very detailed information passed down thru family and I have done some on and off research but after reading thru all the wonderful information you have listed I think maybe mines not so much.
    We do agree on people/wives/children some of the dates seem to be a little off though.
    I’m a descent of Dr. Samuel Coleman brother of (John Coleman father Benjamin Coleman). I know him through my information as Samuel V.
    Did you ever find where Tobias, Thomas II, Benjamin or Samuel’s is buried/or a marker??
    I have looked at Nantucket’s Historical website and they have this picture of the grave marker for the Founding Fathers which list “Nantucket” John Coleman whose father is “Nantucket” Thomas Coleman. I wonder why Thomas Sr &/or Tobias not on marker. Have you seen this??
    Please write me at my email to go into further about the information I have on the coat of arms, descents from Samuel and these five branches from Lindsparne.

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  8. Hello. How were you able to verify that Ephraim Coleman married Susannah Rogers? I’d like to know your source so I can add it to my tree. I can’t find anything on the internet that supports this (or denies it). She is listed without a surname every time I try to find this information. Thanks for any help.

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