Charlemagne (742 – 814) was King of the Franks and Emperor of the Romans He was Alex’s 43rd Great Grandfather, one of 243 in this generation of the Miner line.


Charlemagne is believed to have been born in 742;  His parents were Pippin the Short ( Pepin the Younger or Pepin III) and Bertrada of Laon (Bertha Broadfoot) .

He was married to five different women throughout this lifetime. He also produced his fair share of children, which also came as a result to his relations with countless concubines. However, Charlemagne was known as a family man as he kept his family rather close to him. When campaigning in other countries, it was not uncommon to see his sons accompanying him on these journeys.   Charlemagne had twenty children over the course of his life with eight of his ten known wives or concubines. Nonetheless, he only had four legitimate grandsons, the four sons of his third son, Louis. In addition, he had a grandson (Bernard of Italy, only son of his third son, Pippin of Italy), who was born illegitimate but included in the line of inheritance. So, despite twenty children, the claimants to his inheritance were few.

Charlemagne died 28 Jan 814. He was buried on the day of his death, in Aachen Cathedral

Pepin’s father is named Carloman by the Chronicle of Fredegar, the chief source for his life.
47. Pepin I the Elder (c. 580 – 27 Feb 640) and his wife Itta.
Begga (615 — 17 Dec 693) and Ansegisel, son of Arnulf of Metz. That marriage united the two houses of the Pippinids and the Arnulfings which created what would be called the Carolingian dynasty.
46. Duke Pepin II (635/45 – 16 Dec 714)and his concubine Alpaida.
45. Charles Martel (c. 688 – 22 Oct 741),literally Charles the Hammer, His first wife was Rotrude of Treves, (690-724) (daughter of Leudwinus, Bishop of Trier).
44. Pippin the Short , (714 – 24 Sep 768) ( Pepin the Younger or Pepin III)  and Bertrada of Laon (Bertha Broadfoot) .
43. Charlemagne (742 – 814) (Charles I), King of Franks and Roman Emporer. Married the Schwabian Princess, Hildegaard of Savoy.
42. Louis I  The Pious (778 – 20 Jun 840), “le Debonnaire”, Roman Emporer. married Lady Judith, the fair maid of Bavaria, daughter of Guelph I, Duke of Bavaria.
41. Charles II “the Bald”, (13 Jun 823 – 6 Oct 877) King of France. Married Hermintrudis, daughter of Odo Count of Orleans.
40. Louis II  The Stammerer (1 Nov 846 – 10 Apr 879) “le Beque”, King of France. Married Adelheida.
39. Charles III The Simple, (17 Sep 879 – 7 Oct 929) King of France.  Married Edgina,  daughter of Edward the Elder, King of England, son of Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons in England.
38. Louis IV “d’Outre Mer”,(10 Sep 920 – 30 Sep 954), King of France. Married Princess Gerberger, daughter of Henry I, Auceps, the Emporer.
37. Gerberger, (c. 913–5 May 984) Princess of France  married Albert I, Count of Vermandois, son of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois. (Actually Gerberger was her mother’s first marriage to Gilbert, Duke of Lorraine., but I won’t tell if you don’t)
36. Herbert III, (953 – 1015), Count of Vermandois. Married Ermengarde de Bourgones
35. Otto, (Eudes) Count of Vermandois. (29 Aug 979 – 25 May 1045) Married Princess Patra.
34. Herbert IV (1028 – 1080) Count of Vermandois. married Lady Adelaide of Valois.
33. Adelherd, (1062 – 1122) Countess of Vermandois. Married Prince Hugh Magnus, Count of Vermandois, son of Henry I, King of France.
32. Lady Isabel (Elizabeth) de Vermandois, (c. 1081 – 13 Feb 1131) Countess of Vermandois. Married Sir Robert de Beaumont, Count of Muellent, Earl of Leicester, Lord of Belloment.
31. Sir Robert de Beaumont II “le Bossu”, (1104 – 5 Apr 1168) Second Earl of Leicester, Lord of Bretuil and Poci. Married Lady Amica, daughter of Ralph de Gande (Waer) II, Lord of Breteine, Earl of Norfolk.
30. Sir Robert de Beaumont III, ( – 1190) Third Earl of Leicester, Knight, Steward of England. Married Lady Petronilla, daughter of Hugh de Grantmesnil.
29. Lady Margeret de Beaumont. Married Saire de Quincy, (1155 – 3 Nov 1219) Magna Charta Surety, Earl of Winchester.
28. Robert de Quincy. (1195? – 25 April 1265) Married Helen, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Alan, Lord of Galloway.  I’m not sure this is the right Robert de Quincy.  Our Robert de Quincy married Hawise of Chester, Countess of Lincoln (1180- 6 June 1241/3 May 1243), Helen’s Margaret de Quincy, married William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby.
27. Our Margaret de Quincy. (c. 1206 – March 1266) Married  John de Lacy (c. 1192 – 1240) was the 1st Earl of Lincoln, of the fifth creation. Magna Charta Surety, Earl of Lincoln, Baron of Halton, Lord Pontefract and Blackburnshire.
26. Maud de Lacy, (25 Jan 1223- 1287/10 Mar 1289) Countess of Lincoln, Countess of Hertford and Gloucester  Married Richard de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford, 6th Earl of Gloucester (4 Aug 1222 – 14 Jul 1262)
25. Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Hertford and 7th Earl of Gloucester (2 Sep 1243 – 7 Dec 1295)  Married Princess Joan of Acre, daughter of Edward I King of England.
24. Margaret de Clare (1293-1342) married firstly Piers Gaveston (executed in 1312) and then Hugh de Audley.  (1289 – 10 Nov 1347) Earl of Gloucester.
23. Margaret de Audley (1318 – 7 Sep 1347)who was abducted as a wife by Ralph Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford.  Baron of Stafford, original Knight of Garter.
22. Joan de Stafford. Married John de Cherlton,(c. 1336 – 1374) Baron of Cherlton, Lord Chamberlain to King.
21. Lady Isabel de Cherlton. married John de Sutton, Baron Sutton of Dudley. John Sutton III, (1339 – c. 1370) and Catherine de Stafford (1340–1361)
20. John Sutton IV (1361–1395), of Dudley Castle who wed Alice Despencer of Carlington. (John de Sutton, Baron Sutton of Dudley. Married Lady Joan Clinton.)
19. John de Sutton V (1380 – 29 Aug 1406) , Baron Sutton of Dudley. Married Constance Blount, daughter of Walter Blount..
18. John Sutton, 1st Baron Dudley (25 Dec 1400 – 30 Sep 1487) Baron Sutton of Dudley, Knight of the Garter. Married Lady Elizabeth (of) Berkeley, daughter of Sir John Berkeley of Beverstone.
17. Jane de Sutton, Married Thomas Mainwaring of Ightfield, Shropshire, son of William Mainwaring and his wife Margaret, daughter of John Warren.
16. Cecily Mainwaring (? – by 1516) Married John Cotton  (1464? – ?) Shropshire, Esquire, 1500, son of William Cotton and his wife Agnes, daughter of Philip Young.
15. Sir George Cotton  (1505? – 1545) Knight and Esquire of the Body to King Henry VIII, Grantee of Combermere, Cheshire, 1541. Married mary Onley, sister of John Onley of Catesby, Northampton.
14. Richard Cotton, (1539? – 1602?) Esquire of Combermere, Cheshire. married Jane Seylyard, daughter of William Seylyard of London, and his wife Jane, daughter of Sylvester Todd.
13. Frances Cotton (1573 – 1646) Married George Abell, Esquire of Stapenhill, Derby and of Hemington, Leisestershire, son of Robert Abell of Stapenhill, Derby.
12. Robert ABELL (c. 1605 – 1663)of Stapenhill, Derby and of Rehoboth, Mass. Emigrated to New England in 1630. He married Joanna [__?__] about 1639.
11. Joshua ABELL (c. 1649 – 1724)  He married Mehitable SMITH on 1 Nov 1677 in Norwich, CT
10. Anne Abell (2 Apr 1681 –  3 Jul 1728) She married Capt. Nathanial FITCH on 10 Dec 1701
9. John FITCH (1712 – 1742) He married Hannah SCOTT on 5 Nov 1734 in Lebanon, CT.
8. Azubah (Fenbor) Fitch (7 Apr 1742 – 26 Aug 1814) She married Oliver WELLS on 7 Feb 1760 in Norwich-Bozra, CT.
7. Annie C. WELLS (1774 – 21 Dec 1844) She married Joshua POLLEY before 1792 in Lebanon, CT.
6. Sophia L POLLEY (Polly) ( 6 Aug 1811 –  27 Sep 1839 when our ancestor Sidney was only one year old. )  Philo Sidney MINER Sr. (1811 – 1890)  on 14 October 1834 in Lisbon CT.
5. Philo Sidney MINER Jr. (1838 – 1911)  He married Calista Jane LATTA on 4 May 1869 in Cass County Nebraska
4. Harvey Latta MINER(1873 – 1958)  He married Cora Lorena McCAW in Oct 1895
3. Fay Everett MINER (1900 – 1982) He married Eleanor Coleman Shaw on 30 Aug 1923 in San Diego, California.
2. Everton Harvey MINER He married Nancy BLAIR
1. Mark Everett MINER.  He married Guadalupe VILLA VELASQUEZ Osnaya

John de Sutton, Baron Sutton of Dudley.
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