George Parmenter

George PARMENTER (1647 – 1727) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

George Parmenter was born about 1647 in Sudbury, Massachusetts; His parents were John PARMENTER. Jr. and Amey EAMES. He married  Hannah JOHNSON 20 Jan 1677/78 in Sudbury, Mass.  George died 25 Oct 1727 in Sudbury, Mass.

Hannah Johnson was born 27 Apr 1656 in Sudbury, Mass.  Her parents were Solomon JOHNSON Jrand Hannah HOLMAN.  Hannah died 16 Jun 1720 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

Children of George and Hannah :

Name Born Married Departed
1. Joseph PARMENTER 19 May 1681 Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. not Mary GIBBS
c. 1700 Sudbury
18 May 1742 Sudbury
2. George Parmenter 5 May 1679
Mary Burke (Bent)
4 Dec 1701
After 1750
3. Solomon Parmenter 17 Jun 1683
Dorothy Goodnow
c. 1708
Deborah Pratt
1 Jul 1717
Framingham, Mass
24 Apr 1755
4. John Parmenter 17 Apr 1685
Abigail Burke
1 Jun  1709
11 Apr 1757 Framingham, Middlesex,
5. Daniel Parmenter 3 Aug 1688
Rebecca Adams
30 Mar 1713
12 May 1753
6. Amos Parmenter 12 Mar 1692/93
Framingham, Mass
Mary (Mercy) Woods
21 Dec 1715
24 Sep 1782
7. Hannah Parmenter 17 Jul 1696
Alexander Grant 29 Jul 1720
8. Abigail Parmenter 17 Feb 1702/03
20 May 1703

George Parmenter – History of Framingham p. 664

In his will, Digory Sargent (1651 – 1704) granted his entire estate to George Parmenter of Sudbury to dispose of as he saw fit to raise Digory’s children.   Digory was scalped and killed by the Indians in Worcester and buried somewhere on his land at the foot of an oak tree by his belated rescuers.  A committee divide the estate into six equal parts.Sixty arce lot and another 150 arces .  Sudbury where George lived is about 25 miles away from Worcester.  There must not have been very many close neighbors on the frontier in those days.

“digory sargent’s will.

” ‘ March the 17th day 1696. The last Will and Testament of Digory Sargent.
I, Digory Sargent, being in my health and strength and in my perfect memory, blessed be the Lord for it ; these few lines may satisfy whom it may concern, that I, Digory Sargent, do freely give unto my daughter, Martha Sargent, my house and land with all its rights and privileges there unto belonging: this house and four score acre lot of land lieth within the township of Worcester ; I likewise do give unto her all my goods ; one flock bed and boulster, with one rugg, and two blankets and two coverlets ; six froes ; one broad ax and one pujling ax and one hand saw; one frying pan ; one shave ; one drawing knife ; one trunk and a sermon book that is at Mrs. Mary Mason’s Widow, at Boston ; with one pewter pint pot ; one washing tub; one cow and calf; one [ — ] ; three iron wedges; two butte rings ; and if in case the Lord should see good to take away the said Digory Serjent by death, then I, the said Digory Serjent, do leave these things above written unto George Parmenter of Sudbury to be disposed of as – he shall see good to bring up the said Digory Serjent’s child ; and if in case that this child should die likewise, then I do freely give my house and land with all the goods above mentioned unto George Parmenter forever, and to his heirs, to look after these things and to dispose of them as he shall see cause. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above named. There is one gun too.

” ‘ Digory Serjent.
” ‘ Witnessed by John Keyes, John Wetherby.’

Mural of the Indian attack on the Digory Sargent Family in Worcester, Mass. This mural was painted by artist Will S. Taylor in the main entry of Vernon Hill School in Worcester, Mass.

Worcester is located approximately 40 miles  west of Boston, and 38 miles northeast of Springfield.

Worcester, Worcester Mass is located in the heart of the state.

Worcester was first settled by the English in 1673, along the Upper Boston Post Road.  The modest settlement of six or seven houses was burned to the ground during King Philip’s War on December 2, 1675, when settlers were either killed or driven off. The town was subsequently resettled and was incorporated in 1684. On Sep 10 of that year, Daniel Gookin and others petitioned to have the town’s name officially changed from Quinsigamond to Worcester.  However, its inhabitants were still vulnerable to attack, and some, such as Samuel Lenorson Jr., were taken hostage by natives during the 1690s. When Queen Anne’s War started in 1702, the town was again abandoned by its English inhabitants except for Diggory Sargent and his family.  In 1713, Worcester was resettled for the third time, permanently

In Feb 1703, Abenaki indians attacked the Sargent home, scalped Digory and killed him inside the home. They then took Digory’s wife and their 6 kids captive to Canada.   Supposedly the wife was to weak to travel and just outside town they scalped and killed her as well as the infant of the children. the 5 remaining siblings (John, Daniel, Martha, Mary, Thomas) were taken back to Canada. John, Thomas and Martha were ransomed back to the colony, while Daniel and Mary remained in Canada.

Digory Sargent was born 22 Jun 1651 in St Germans, Cornwall, England.. His parents were John Sargent and Martha Axford. In 1675-76 He was a soldier in King Philip’s War. He was first married by the famous Cotton Mather 13 Oct 1693 in Boston, Mass to Constance James. He married his second wife about 1796. She has traditionally been called Mary Parmenter.  However, we can find nothing to substantiate this claim. Her son Daniel, at his baptism in 1707, called her Mary or Marie Oben ; there is even less evidence to substantiate this. Digory was killed in an Indian attack 4  Feb 1703/04 in Worcester, Worcester, Mass.

Children of Digory and Mary  (Under George Parmenter’s guardianship

i. Martha Serjent b. 1696 in Westboro, Mass; Ransomed back to the colony. married Capt. Daniel Shattuck on 6 Apr 1719 in Westborough, Middlesex, MA and had a family that lived in southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

ii. John Sargent b. Jan 1697 in Worcester, Worcester, Mass.; d. 29 Mar 1748 in Fort Dummer, Pitney, Vermont, United States. Ransomed back to the colony. John married Abigail Jones on 4 Jul 1727 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA and lived in southern Vermont.

iii. Daniel Sargeant b. Aug 1699 in Worcester, Mass.  He lived for a while with the Abenaki  Indians. It is said that they “gave” him to the governor, Philippe de Rigault Vaudreuil (or was perhaps “redeemed” by the him).

Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil (1643-1725) Governor General of New France (1703-1725)  redeemed Daniel Sargent from the Indians

He was baptized  6 Nov 1707 Age: 9 in  Notre Dame Basilique, Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Louis Phillippe Sargent.   This became corrupted to Serien, which is how it would have been pronounced.   He had been given by this time, by the governor, to Robert Poitier to raise and he grew up in Poitier’s household. Naturalized May 170 Age: 12 Quebec, Canada Louis Phillippe Sargent; Inventaire des Insinuations du Conseil Souverain de la Nouvelle France by Pierre Georges Roy.   Later in time he begain using a “dit” name of Langlais which is French for “The Englishman” and thats the name he passed on to his children. He lived in Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska Co., PQ and his “Langlais” descendants in number probably far surpass that of his brother, John.

; m. 22 Jan 1718 Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada to Marguerite Lavoie (1693 – 1773); d. bef. 3 Aug 1728 in Rivière Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada

Qc Kamouraska.png

Daniel Sargent became Louis-Philippe Serien Langlois and raised a family in Kamouraska Quebec

iv. Mary Sargent b. 1700 in Worcester, Mass. No one has known what happened to Mary, although she is recorded as being with the Indians.

v. Thomas Sargent b. 1701 in Worcester, Mass.; Ransomed back to the colony There is no record of a marriage or children for Thomas.

vi. Baby Sargent b. 1703 d. 4 Feb 1703/04

During the attack, Digory was killed and his wife and children were carried off by the Indians to Canada.  Not too far away from their home, the Indians killed Digory’s wife who was weak and probably unable to continue for the long journey.  It was reported that a baby was killed too.


1. Joseph PARMENTER (See his page)

2. George Paramenter

George’s wife Mary Burk was born September 25, 1680 in Sudbury MA. She was George’s first cousin and was the daughter of Richard Burke and Mary Parmenter. History of Framingham by Temple, and History of Framingham by Barry, both state that George Sr d. 1727, and that George Jr d. 25 OCT 1727, both in Sudbury. George Jr continued to sign deeds up to 1750.. (Vol 61 pg 536 East Cambridge).

3. Solomon Parmenter

Solomon’s first wife Dorothy Goodnow was born 1 on 17 Jan 1688 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA. Her parents were Edmund Goodnew and Dorothy Mann. Dorothy died 2 on 20 Feb 1710 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA

Solomon’s second wife Deborah Pratt was born 15 SEP 1694 in Sherborn, Middlesex, MA. She was his first cousin, her parents were Thomas Pratt and Lydia Parmenter.

4. John Parmenter

John’s wife Abigail Burke was born about 1696 in Stow, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Richard Burke, Jr. (1671 – Aft 1727) and Abigail Sawtell (1671 – 1716). Her grand parents were Richard Burke Sr and (John’s aunt) Mary Parmenter.  Does this make her first cousin once removed or second cousin once removed?   Abigail died 11 APR 1757 Framingham, Middlesex, Mass

5. Daniel Parmenter

Daniel’s wife Rebecca Adams was born 3 Feb 1681/82. Her parents were John Adams and Sarah Rice. Rebecca died 17 Jul 1735 in Sudbury, Mass.

6. Amos Parmenter

Amos’ wife Mary (Mercy) Wood was born 15 Nov 1698 in Concord, Middlesex, MA,  Her parents wereTomson Wood (1669 – 1725) and Martha [__?__] (1672 – 1728).  Mary (Mercy) died 21 Oct 1739 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA

7. Hannah Parmenter

Hannah Parmenter is listed in John Parmenter III will;: “…to my daughter Hannah Grant…”, some believed listing her was only an affectional entry of a niece (George’s dau)… However, Sudbury VRs p106 show Hannah Parmenter as the dau of George and Hannah (Johnson) Parmenter, b17 Jul 1696; and on p307 the death of Hannah Grant, d 29 Jul 1720. Existing documentation supports two separate Hannahs; not one: a dau of George, and a dau of John III. Therefor, until a more definitive documentation is developed two separate Hannahs will be listed, and the Hannah w/o Alexander Grant will be listed as the dau of John Parmenter III.


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  5. Denise Courville Sachse says:

    Hello, I am a descendant of Digory Sargent via his son Daniel, who was captured by the Indians and grew up in Canada (Digory is my 8th great grandfather on my mother’s side). Can you tell me the source of the will and where I might be able to find more information on Daniel’s mother Mary Oben (cited as the name in the PRDH file). Interestingly enough, I noticed that George Parmenter married Mary Burke/Bent (Oben – Bent – similar huh?). I lived in MA 30 years and am now in NH; wish I had known this info while I still lived in MA lol. I woudl oVE to visit the location where Digory lived, any info on that would also be appreciated. Thanks for posting and all your help,
    Denise Courville Sachse
    Jackson, NH

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