John Parmenter Jr.

John PARMENTER Jr. (1616 – 1666) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Parmenter - Coat of Arms

John Parmenter Jr  was born 16 Sep 1616 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England.  His parents were John PARMENTER Sr. and Bridget DAVEYE. He immigrated with his parents in 1639, though the name of the ship is not known.  He married  Amey EAMES 16 Oct 1637 in Little Yeldam, Essex, England.  John died 12 Apr 1666 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Mass.

John was baptized and married in Little Yeldam Church

Amey Eames was  born 3 May 1614 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England.  Amey  died 21 Nov 1681 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co.

Children of John and Amey:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Parmenter 16 Feb 1639/40
Elizabeth Cutler
c. 1667
18 Sep 1719
2. Joseph Parmenter 12 Mar 1641/42
21 Nov 1678
3. Mary Parmenter 10 Jun 1644
Christopher Bannister (never married, but had a daughter Abigail b 24 Apr 1665)
Richard Burke
24 Jun 1670
4. George PARMENTER c. 1647
Sudbury, Mass.
20 Jan 1677/78 Sudbury, Mass.
25 Oct 1727
Sudbury, Mass
5. Benjamin Parmenter c. 1650
Tamisen (Thomasine, Thompson) Rice
22 Sep 1680
1 May 1737
6. Lydia Parmenter 16 Oct 1655
Thomas Pratt
5 Jun 1684
Sherborn, Mass.
6 Feb 1740/41
Framingham, Mass

While he emigrated with his father, John Jr. can be considered the progenitor of the Parmenter name in America.  He was an only son and in only four generations,  of his four sons, one never married, while the other three produced 13 grandsons and 32 grandaughters, and these grandsons produced 29 great grandsons and 55 great grandaughters; and the great grandsons produced 63 great great grandsons- making a total of 108 male descendants.

John became a freeman in May 1642; His father established the Parmenter Tavern when a license for the “house of entertainment ” was issued 10 May 1643.  Prior to opening this business Deacon John probably farmed along with his son John Jr.. When John Jr. took over the ownership and management of the Tavern is not presently known, but in 1653/54 another license was issued to John, Jr. kept a tavern or ordinary, at which the committee of the Colonial Court and Ecclesiastical Council for the settlement of difficulties in Sudbury, in 1655, was held.  His will was proved in 1666, there is mention of money owed to him by Christopher Bannister as a result of a successful paternity suit, brought about by John Jr, (brother to Mary).

Sudbury 1639 Land Division Map - You can see from this map that Henry Loker and John Parmenter Sr. had rather large tracts of land compared to their neighbors farther west on Mill Road. The Parmenter Tavern was located on John Sr.'s land.

History of Sudbury by Hudson

John owned Parmenter Tavern, located at the corner of Bow and Concord Rd – (Google Street View), that is now in the settlement of Wayland, on a lot assigned in general allotments of 1639, little westerly of house occupied by the late Dana Parmenter.

At a public town meeting on 19 Feb 1654, it was agreed that John Parmenter Jr shall keep a house of common entertainment and that the court shall be moved on his behalf to grant a licence to him.

On 4 Jan 1655, at a selectmen’s meeting it was voted to take some means to get the new grants laid out; it was also agreed to keep a herd of cattle upon the land the next summer; a plan was adopted to divide the area into squadrons – southe-east to be the first, the north east the second, the north west the third and the southwest the fourth; included in the list of persons to receive land in the fourth squadron is John Parmenter, Junior.

A list of Officers and Soldiers of the first Foot company in Sudbury under the command of Capt. Moses Maynard, Lt. Joseph Curtis and En. Jason Glezen included John Parmenter Jr.

Capt. Nathaniel Maynard’s muster roll was read and the town voted to allow to each person expressed by name therin a sum set to his name in said muster roll, included is was John Parmenter Jr.

In 1707, a Petition was sent to Governor Dudley and the General Assembly by the people living on the West side of Sudbury; they wanted to divide the town into two precincts and two churches. A protest was presented at the next town meeting signed by East side inhabitants, one of which was Benjamin Parmenter.

Progeniter of the Parmenter line in America

It is presumed that after the initial distribution of meadow land to the 50 families that John Jr.  followed other families in cutting down trees to build his home on the assigned lot in the town. Since most of the families did not bring farming equipment, they had to depend on the practice in East Anglia of sharing equipment and horses in the community to plow the land for crops necessary to produce the food. Undoubtedly cattle and swine were purchased in Sudbury or Watertown to make that start – or possibly by offering grazing land on a share basis with those with cattle. Fish and game were undoubtedly an important food in these early days.

While John Jr.  never was elected or appointed to any of the higher offices held by his father, he was recorded as serving as a constable one term and three terms as Fence Viewer. In 1642 he bought Henry Prentice”s house lot in Sudbury and sold it in 1649 to John Goodenow. He was one of Major Willard’s Trooper at Dedham in 1654 serving as the Major’s “Man”. He was make Freeman three years after his father on 10 May 1643.
The Parmenter Tavern, established by Deacon John in 1643, when a license for the “house of entertainment ” was issued 10 May 1643. This naturally provided a livilehood for the Deacon and his wife. Prior to opening this business Deacon John probably farmed along with his son John Jr. When John Jr. took over the ownership and management of the Tavern is not presently known, but in 1653/54 another license was issued to John, Jr. This was seven years before Deacon John moved to Roxbury to marry his second wife in 1660.

If these dates are reasonably correct, John, Jr. operated the Tavern for ten years up to his death in 1666 at age of 54, which was five years before his father died in 1671. Who then took over the Tavern management? In his will, presented below, John Jr provided that at his wife’s demise “all the rest of my estate then remaining shall be equally parted amongst all my children then living”

At this time his oldest son John III was 25 – old enough to assume this responsibility. However, his mother did not die until 21 November 1681- or 15 years after John Jr. death. Probably she operated the Tavern with the help of John III and/or the other sons; Joseph 24, George 19, and Benjamin 15. Joseph never married and could logically have stayed on to help with the Tavern. John III married a year later in 1657. George married late at 31 in 1678 and likewise could have helped run the tavern in the interim. The actual final disposition of the Tavern is presently unknown, but surely a matter of future research. We do know it operated continiously until after 1800.

Estate probated 1666 [Middlesex county Probate record #16930]


I being in perfect memory, do make this my last will and testament–

Imprimis: I give my soul to Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, and my body to my friends to be by them decently interred.

For my estate, I dispose of it as followth;

1. I give to my beloved wife, Amee Parmenter, my housse and all my land and stock, all moveables whatsoever is mine during her natural life, after her death to be parted among my children by my overseers hereafter named. I give all my estate to her during her life; [except three pounds I give to my son John Parmenter, to be paid in three months after my decease], Also I give unto my son John, half an acre of land that lieth by Mr. Walker’s farm. In that three acres of land I give him liberty to choose half an acre where he pleases to build either house or shop upon. Also I give him liberty to cut what timber he shall use about the said building of my land.
2. I give my son Joseph Parmenter my young horse to be his at my deceace.
3. I give my son George, three pounds to ge paid him when he comes age of one and twenty.
4. I give to my daughter, Mary Parmenter, fifteen pounds and to be paid with the 1st payment is due me from Christopher Bannister, provided the child live until his time of payment be expired, which will be about fifteen pounds to be paid her at the fifteen months and as aforesaid.

At the end of my wife’s life my will is that all the rest of estate then remaining, be it more or less, be equally parted amongst all my children then living; but my will is that my son John shall have five pounds more than the rest of my children, also my will is that my sons then living shall have all my land then remaining equally parted among them.
For education of my younger children my will is that George and Benjamin be taught to write a legible hand and that the art of Arithmatick as far as the rule of three.

Also my will is that all my younger children not yet of age be brought up with my wife, except Benjamin, who, when he have learned to write cypher as aforesaid my will is that, if he be willing, my overseers hereafter exposed shall put him and apprentice to a taylor that is an honest man, a good workman and that it is to be done at a convenient time of his age. Now that this my will may be faithfully performed according to the tenor hereof I do charge and impower my beloved wife and my son John Parmenter to be my executors. I do intrust Deacon Haynes, Philemon Whale and John Grout to be my overseers: Without whose knowledge and consent my executors shall have no power to act; my executors with the consent of my overseers are to manage my estate very carefully and prudently so there may be no waste made nor strip and spoil of timber or anything else committed to their trust, also to receive and gatherin what debts are due to me and pay what debts I owe.
5. My will is that my son John shall have no power to sell or dispose of that half acre of land before mentioned during his Mothers life. In witness herof I have here unto set my hand this 16th day of August 1665.

John Parmenter
Witt: John Swinnerton
Philemon Whale
Elizabeth Whale

Father I will that one of my sons shall have their arms free for their silver, this was done at the same time the will was made.

Witt: Philemon Whale
John Swinnerton Cambe 19,4, 1666

Sworn by Philemon Whale and Elizabeth Whale that this John Parmenter’s last will by him signed and declared in perfect
memory. Before Capt. Cookuis and Thos Danforth, Jr.


1. John Parmenter III

John’s wife Elizabeth Cutler was born 22 Jul 1646 Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. Here parents were James Cutler and Mary Barnard. Elizabeth died 13 Jul 1722.

John’s will was dated 8 Nov 1712; bequeathing to wife Eliza, son Joseph, dau Sarah Bouker, dau Hannah Grant, GGdau Eiza Bouker, dau Elizabeth Garfield, dau Mary Bennitt, son John. [Middlesex Co, Probate record 16929]

2. Joseph Parmenter

Joseph’s will dated 14 Nov 1678, proved 2 Jan 1679; bequeathed to loving mother Amey, to brothers George & Benjamin, to cousin Abigail daughter of my loving sister Mary Burt, when she comes of age or marries, to sister Lydia. After the death of Mother Amey, certain property is to be divided one third to each (Benjamin, George, & Lydia). If none of these three are living it is to go to children of sister Mary. [Probate record Middlesex Co #16930] Joseph served under Capt. Prentice at My Hope, RI campaign 27 Aug 1675 King Phillips, War 24 Jun 1676. Almost certainly buried in the Old North Cem.. located in what is now Wayland, Mass.

3. Mary Parmenter

Mary and Christopher Bannister were never married. Mary’s father’s will stated in part; “…Dau Mary is to receive 15 pounds to be paid with last payment due me from Christopher Bannister (the results of a paternity suit)…” [Middlesex Co Probate Rec. #16930]

Mary’s husband Richard Burke Sr was born in 1640 in Cambridge, England.  His parents were William Burke (1618 – 1657) and Mary [__?__] (1618 – 1669)  Richard purchased his land from Henry Loker, next to John Parmenter, Mary’s father.  I suspect the money he used to purchase this land came from John Parmenter when Richard married his daughter, Mary. You can see from this map that Henry Loker and John Parmenter had rather large tracts of land compared to their neighbors farther west on Mill Road.  Richard died in 1693 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass.

October 24, 1670 he bought one hundred and thirty acres of land in Sudbury, and March 1, 1685-86, he was granted by the town of Stow thirty acres upland and swampland for a house lot. July 26, 1687, he had another small grant of land in Stow.

Mary and Richard’s daughter Mary Burke  married her first cousin George Paramenter, son of George PARMENTER and Hannah JOHNSON.

4. George PARMENTER (See his page)

5. Benjamin Parmenter

Benjamin’s wife Thomasine Rice was born 2 FEB 1661 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Henry Rich b: 13 FEB 1621 in Stanstead, Suffolkshire, England and Elizabeth Moore. Thomasine died 15 APR 1748 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass.

In 1696 Benjamin , in payment, had to sweep the meeting house for one year from April 1 to April 1 for ten bushels of Indian corn, or twenty shillings in money; which he chose and the party who engaged him is not known.  Will dated 12 Jun 1734, proved 1737. Benjamin credited with service in King Phillips War at Garrison in Marlborough, MA 24 Apr 1676.

6. Lydia Parameter

Lydia’s husband Thomas Pratt was born in 1656 in Framingham, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Thomas Pratt and Susannah Gleason. Thomas died on 16 Feb 1741 in Framingham, Middlesex, Mass.

Thomas Gleason Jr. owned land adjacent to other land in Sudbury bought by Thomas Pratt 1678

Lydia and Thomas’ daughter Deborah Pratt married her first cousin Solomon Paramenter, son of George PARMENTER and Hannah JOHNSON.


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    This is a great family site, my family line is with John Parmenter’s son George Parmenter and Hannah Johnson. I am a 15th generation and I now have grandchildren which now makes a 17th generation. I have been doing research on the family for quite some time. Always love to find new info.
    Also doing the Morrill side of the family and have located huge amounts of info..
    Thanks again for the great site!
    Kim Morrill Vorhes

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  7. Carol Shafer says:

    I am equally as appreciative of having found this fantastic website. My paternal grandmother is Amanda Ann Parmenter-Shafer. I have done a considerable amount of research into my paternal grandmother’s lineage. I remember listening to the family and this website has helped to bridge the gaps.
    Thank you, again.
    Carol Shafer

  8. Enjoyed the information on this site! Benjamin Parmenter’s granddaughter Abilgail Parmenter married Thomas Grout of Sudbury, my 4th great grandfather.

  9. Steve Burk says:

    It is stated here that: “Mary’s husband Richard Burke Sr was born in 1640 in Cambridge, England. His parents were William Burke (1618 – 1657) and Mary [__?__] (1618 – 1669) “. I am trying to find a legitimate source for this information. Thus far I have only found one family tree copying this from another family tree without any actual documentation. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
    Steve Burk

  10. Lucinda Bellairs says:

    Thanks for posting this information about our Parmenter ancestors. My Parmenter line of descent is through many Johns – John, Jr. (1612-1666), John (1640-1719), John (1678-17–), and finally his daughter Deliverance (1717-1798) who married John Tiffany and is buried in the Old Kirk cemetery in Attleboro, MA.

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