Deacon John Parmenter Sr.

Deacon John PARMENTER Sr. (1588 – 1671) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather, one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Parmenter – Coat of Arms

Deacon John Parmenter Sr. was born 12 Jan 1587/88 in Little Yeldman, Essex, England.  His parents were William de PARMENTER and Margery GARROLD.  He married Bridget DAVEYE on 12 Jun 1609 in Little Yeldman, Essex, Engalnd. In 1639 John Parmenter emigrated to New England with his wife Bridget and children Mary and John Jr; in his party were the widow Elizabeth Loker and her children.  The name of the ship or port of departure is not known.   John Parmenter was one of the original proprietors of Sudbury, and was assigned lands May 1640 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay colony.  Following the death of his first wife, he married Annis (Agnes or Ann) (Bayford) (Chandler) Dane on 9 Aug 1660 in Roxbury, Mass.  John died 1 May 1671 in Roxbury, Mass.

One of Sudbury’s historic landmarks, the Wayside Inn claims to be the country’s oldest operating inn, built and run by the Howe family for many generations opening in 1716. . Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote Tales of a Wayside Inn,   John Parmenter  his son John Jr and their descendents ran an inn in Sudbury from 1643 to about 1800

Bridget Daveye was baptized 12 Feb 1588/89 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England.  Her parents probably were John DAVEYE and Mary BURGOYNE.   She was probably the sister of Elizabeth, wife of  their next door neighbor in Sudbury, Henry Loker.  Bridget and Elizabeth may have been daughters of William PERRY or of John SIMPSON, who both had daughters with their names baptized at Bures St. Mary between 1585 and 1593.  Bridget died 6 Aug 1660 in Roxbury, Mass.

Annis (Bayford) (Chandler) (Dane) was baptized at Farnham, Essex, England, 12 June 1603.  When they married, John would have been about 72, Annis 57. She was the widow of William Chandler, with whom she came to Massachusetts in 1637, and of John Dane, who was buried at Roxbury, 14 Sep 1658. She is an ancestor to President Rutherford B. Hayes through a child with her first husband. He died ten years later, and she survived him by ten more years, dying on March 15, 1683  in Roxbury.

Bridget was baptized in Bures St Mary’s

Children of John and Bridget:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Parmenter c. 1610
Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England
John Woods
10 Oct 1633
17 Aug 1690
Marlboro, Mass
2. John PARMENTER Jr. 16 Sep 1616
Little Yeldham, Essex, England
16 Oct 1637 in Little Yeldam, Essex, England
12 Apr 1666 Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Mass.

The: name of Parmenter is said to be of French, origin, and denotes a mountaineer.

John’s 3rd Great Grandfather was Guillaume Parmentin born about 1435 in France.

John’s father, William de PARMENTER, was born 7  Jan 1562/63 in Ovington, Essex, England.  He married Margery GARROLD 21 Jan 1582/83 in Ovington, Essex, England. William died before 4 Dec 1617 in Ovington, Essex, England.

Commissary Court of London for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], 1617, original will.

The Will of Willm Parmeter of Over [or Little] Yealdham, co. Essex, husbandman, 12 October 1613. To Margery my wife for life all my messuage and tenement where I now dwell called Tankerton, and after her decease reversion to Robert Parmiter my son, he paying to John Parmeter my son £5 one year after the decease of my wife;

and if the said John die before the sum be due, reversion to his children, equally divided. To Margery my wife for life all my copyhold land called Cowell alias Gowldwells, and after her decease it shall be sold by Robert Parmeter my brother, if he shall be living, and the money arising therefrom is to be equally divided among George Parmeter, Ursely Parmeter, Sara Parmeter, and Margaret Parmeter, my children;

and if my said brother be dead, then the land shall be equally divided among them. If my son George or my daughters Sara or Margaret shall die before said money be paid or land be possessed, reversion to my surviving children. My son Robert shall pay to John Parmeter, the son of John Parmeter my son, 6s. 8d. at the age of one and twenty years, and to Mary Parmeter, my son John’s daughter, 6s. 8d. at the age of one and twenty years. To my son George and my daughters Sara, Margarett, and Ursely certain articles of furniture [specified] after the decease of my wife Margery, whom I make executrix. [Signed] Sign’ Gulielmi Parmeter. Witnesses: Richard Hamon and George Bucher. Proved 19 January 1617 [1617/18].

John’s grandfather George PARMENTER married Alice HEDGINGHAM.

The Will of George P’menter thelder of Over [or Little] Yeldham. co. Essex, yeoman, 8 May 1591.

To be buried in the churchyard of Over Yeldham. To the poor people of Over Yeldham 3s. 4d. To the poor people of Tylberye 2s. To Alyce my wife and Robert my son the lease of my farm where I now dwell. To Alyce my wife for life my freehold and land in Over Yeldham called Madges, with reversion at her decease to my son Edward and his heirs.

Also to my said wife for life my copyhold lands and tenements lying in Tylbery, with reversion at her decease to my son Robert and his heirs, he paying to Chrystyan my daughter or her children £6,

to Katherine my daughter or her children £6,

to Jone my daughter or her children £6,

to Alyce my daughter or her children 40s.,

to George Parmenter my son or his heirs £4,

to Elizabeth daughter of Richard P’menter 20s.,

to Robert Page 6s. 8d.,

and to Jone Staniar dwelling with me 6s. 8d.

I give to Edward Parmenter and Susan Parmenter, son and daughter of my son Edward. 40s., to be paid by my son William [John’s father] a year after he shall enter into my land called Bushaleyes in Yeldham Pva.

To wife Alice for life said three and a half acres of land called Pushelyes [sic], which I bought last of John Browne of Yeldham Magna, with reversion at her decease to my son William. To my daughter Christyon a bullock.

To wife Alice all household stuff, money, and implements of household in my dwelling house. Residuary legatees and executors: wife Alice and son Robert. Supervisor: son George Parmenter, to whom I give 3s. 4d.

To wife Alice for life two acres of land lying in Dowries that I bought of George my son, with reversion at her decease to Richard my son. I have surrendered my copyhold lands in Tylberye into the hands of the Lord of the Manor by the hands of William Parmenter, in the presence of Mathewe Coldham [John P’ment his brother],* to the use of this my will.

To ray grandson William Parminter of Cavendysb eight bushels of barley. [Signed] George Pmenters marke. Witnesses: Edward Raynsford, Roger Barrow Jun., and John Hardyng. Proved 12 February 1591 [1591/2] by Alice Parmenter and Robert Parmenter. (Commissary Court of London for Essex and Herts [Somerset House], 1591, original will.

John’s mother,  Margery Garrold,  was baptized 18 Sep 1560 in Ovington, Essex, England. She was the daughter of George GARROLD.

John was an original proprietor of Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass

John Parmenter was one of the original proprietors of Sudbury, and was assigned lands May 1640 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay colony.  The original Town of Sudbury was the third, Colonial, permanent, Inland Town within the 1639 borders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Inland  means above the flow of tide waters from the Atlantic Ocean.  The first  (1635) was the original Town of Concord, then and now the immediate northern neighbor of Sudbury, and the second (1636) was the original Town of Dedham.  An inland location was a high risk location for the initial settlers of the original Town of Sudbury, since: there was no possibility of escape by ship if needed; emergency resources were about ten hours away in the Boston area; there was mainly wilderness beyond the southern and western borders of the Town.

1639 Land Grant map showing John Parmenter Sr and his son John Parmenter Jr.’s lots.

Parmenter Story  by Roland A Dahir, at the 400th birthday of Dea. John Parmenter

Dea. John was born in Sible Hedingham County Essex, England on 12 Jan 1588; he m Bridget in Little Yeldham on 12 Jun 1609; she was born at Bures St. Mary, Country Essex on 12 Feb 1589. He was buried on 1 May 1671 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.  John and both children are mentioned in his father (William) Will in 1613, but he inherited no lands or tenements from his father. Following his father’s death in 1617 John moved to about eight miles from Little Yeldham into Bures St. Mary. John’s connection to Bures St. Mary can be seen in his association with Philemon Whale and Herbert Pelham, residents of Bures St. Mary who emigrated to Sudbury [The Puritan village, Sumner Chilton Powell, Appendix I, Wesleyan Univ. Press, 1963]

A comparison of the signature of John Parminter as a witness in the original will of Henry Loker of Bures St. Mary with an autograph signature of Dea. John Parmenter as a commissioner of Sudbury, MA, 6 Jan 1639/40 shows that the two signatures were made by the same hand. [Suffolk Co. Court files, Boston, NO.162004]

John was chosen early as a Selectman; then Deacon, and Commissioner; he desired to be made Freeman 13 May 1640 [NEHGS Reg. Vol 13, 261], and made freeman 10 May 1643.

The Parmenter Tavern, established by Deacon John in 1643, when a license for the “house of entertainment ” was issued 10 May 1643. This naturally provided a livilehood for the Deacon and his wife. Prior to opening this business Deacon John probably farmed along with his son John Jr.. When John Jr. took over the ownership and management of the Tavern is not presently known, but in 1653-4 another license was issued to John, Jr. This was seven years before Deacon John moved to Roxbury to marry his second wife in 1660.

This Google Map Street View shows the corner of Bow and Concord Road Today

John’s will was dated 25 Mar 1671, and proved 25 Jul 1671 names his second wife, son-in-law John Wood , grandson John Parmenter, and cousins Cheevers and John Stibbins.

Bridget may have been the sister of Elizabeth, wife of Henry Loker (Douglas Richardson, “The Riddlesworth alias Loker Family,” [Register, 143 (1989): 325-331, at 329]. The registers of Bures St. Mary show two pairs of sisters named Bridget and Elizabeth baptized within an appropriate time period: William Perry had daughters Elizabeth and Bridget baptized in 1586/7 and 1593 respectively, and John Simpson had Bridget baptized in 1585/6 and Elizabeth in 1588 (ibid). [NEHGS Reg., Vol 147, Oct 1993, 381]. She died on 6 April 1660 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA.Henry Loker (Robert, John, Robert Riddlesdale alias Lokar) was baptized at Bures St. Mary 7 February 1576/7 as Henry Locar, and was buried there 25 February 1630/1 as Henry Loquar. He married, probably about 1610, ELIZABETH, who died at Sudbury, Massachusetts, 18 May 1648 (Vital Records of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850 [Boston, 1903], 314). Her maiden name has not been learned. They may have married in an adjoining parish, or perhaps at Bures St. Mary between 1602 and 1609, when a gap occurs in the parish registers there.

A likely guess is that Elizabeth was the sister of Bridget, wife of John Parmenter of Bures St. Mary and later New England; the Lokers and the Parmenters came to New England in the same year, settling in the same town, and John Parmenter was a witness to the will of Henry Loker. There were two pairs of sisters named Elizabeth and Bridget baptized at Bures St. Mary in the right time period: one William Perry had daughters Elizabeth and Bridget baptized in 1586/7 and 1593 respectively, and John Simpson had a Bridget baptized in 1585/6 and an Elizabeth in 1588.

Henry was a glover, not yet in his apprenticeship when his mother made her will in Feb  1592/93. Like his parents and grandparents, he lived in the southern part of the parish of Bures St. Mary which is in Essex. Apparently in his lifetime he dropped the surname Riddlesdale and began regularly using the alias Loker instead, a pattern which his children followed in New England. [NEHGR, vol 143, 329; Oct 1989]


1. Mary Parmenter

Mary’s husband John Woods was born 6 Feb 1610 in England. His father was James Wood (1573 – 1628).  John died 10 Jul 1678 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass.

John was a pin-maker by trade, arrived in America at age 26 in 1635 aboard the ‘Hopewell,’ and first settled at Salem, MA, but removed to Sudbury, MA by 1638, becoming a proprietor there in 1639. He was admitted freeman on May 10, 1642, and received several Sudbury land grants through 1655. After Marlborough was formed in 1660, John sold his property at Sudbury and relocated to Marlborough, where he had been granted land and served in various town offices. On Apr. 4, 1664, he deposed that he was about age 54. His will, dated Nov. 26, 1677 and proved Oct. 1, 1678, names his wife Mary, his three sons, daughter Katherine, son-in-law John Bellows, and grandchild Hannah Levins. The inventory of his estate, on Jul. 19, 1678 at £303. 03. 07, mentions son-in-law Joseph Newton.

2. John PARMENTER Jr. (See his page)


Elizabeth French, “Genealogical Research in England” (Boston: NEHG Reg., 1914, Vol 68, 262-273).

Ralph Parmenter Bennett, “Further Notes on the English Background of John Parmenter…” (Boston: NEHG Reg., 1993, Vol 147, 377-382).

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  4. Ted Loker says:

    I enjoyed this Parmenter history very much. I am a direct male descendant of Henry Loker and, of course, his sons who were part of the Parmenter/Loker group who left Bures, St. Mary in 1638. It would be my pleasure to communicate with any of the Parmenter descendants.

  5. Pauline renner says:

    My husband is a direct descendent of George Parmentier born 1520 he is his 10th grandfather

  6. Allan Gilbertson says:

    What is the source for Bridget’s maiden name? NEHGR 147 (1993) does not have this information.

  7. markeminer says:

    Dena Dickinson
    Thank you so much for this. My husband and I just returned from visiting our daughter (working briefly as a visiting undergrad in a Harvard lab) in the Boston/Cambridge area. They are descendants of John Parmenter; in fact, my mother-in-law remembers her grandmother Ella Mozella (!) Parmenter. By that time, her end of the line had settled in West Texas. So it was with great excitement that we discovered Parmenters–and a tributary plaque in John’s honor–in a cemetery near the location given here for the Old Parmenter Tavern, Wayland, MA. We southern country mice felt connected to the area! The experience was a highlight of our trip (daughter even posted an account on Facebook, if that tells you anything about its significance, ha).
    Dena Dickinson

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