John Gibbs

John GIBBS (1662 – 1718) might have been Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.  However, there are too many holes to claim that Mary Gibbs was indeed his daughter; especially since Nathaniel Gibbs, Mary’s supposed brother, married Bathsheba Parmenter, Joseph and Mary’s daughter.

John Gibbs was born 1662 at Sudbury, MA.  His parents were Matthew GIBBS and Mary BRADISH. He married Anna Gleason on 27 Apr 1688.  After Anna died, he married Sarah CUTLER, 31 May 1694 in Reading, Mass.  John  died 2 Apr 1718 at Sudbury, MA.

Anna Gleason was born about 1667 in Sherborn, Mass.  Her parents were Thomas Gleason and Sarah [__?__].  Anne died about 1692 in Sudbury, Mass.

Sarah Cutler was born 15 Mar 1664/65 in Reading, Mass.   Her parents were Nathaniel CUTLER and Mary GOULD.  Sarah died 31 Aug 1725 in Sudbury.

Children of John and Anne Gleason:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Thomas Gibbs 19 Apr 1689 Brookfield, Mass Sarah Woolcott
13 Apr 1719 Brookfield, Worcester, Mass
Greenwich, Worcester, Mass
2 John Gibbs 3 Aug 1691, Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass. 23 Nov 1732, Framingham, Middlesex, MA.
3. Mercy Gibbs 3 Aug 1691 15 Oct 1718, James Aikens Brookfield, Worcester Co., Mass

Children of John and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
4. Israel Gibbs 11 Jul 1706 Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass Mary Hamilton
18 May 1727 Hopkinton, Middlesex, Mass
5 Oct 1780
Blanford, Mass
5. Mary GIBBS 3 Aug 1691 Sudbury Joseph PARMENTER?
Sudbury, Mass.
James Aikens
15 Oct 1718 in Brookfield, Worcester, Mass
6 Apr 1752
6. Nathaniel Gibbs 1695 in Sudbury Bathsheba Parmenter
(Joseph’s daughter)
26 May 1726 Sudbury
7. Isaac Gibbs 1700
Thankful Wheeler
1 Oct 1725 Sudbury
115 Sep 1785
Framingham, Middlesex, Mass
8. Sarah Gibbs 6 Dec 1701
Daniel Winch
4 Mar 1731 in Framingham,
2 Feb 1734
9. Jacob Gibbs 25 Jun 1704
Martha Howe
1724 in Sudbury
17 Oct 1777
Sutton, Worcester, Mass
10. Ephraim Gibbs 12 Jun 1710
15 Aug 1710


5. Mary Gibbs

Mary’s husband James Aikens was born 19 Jun 1692 in Montrose, Lanarkshire, Scotland. James died 10 Aug 1775 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.

Joseph Parmenter was born on 19 May 1681 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were George PARMENTER and Hannah JOHNSON.   His wife’s name is not known.  He did not marry Mary GIBBS about 1700 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.  It was his son Joseph Paramenter Jr that married a Mary Gibbs.  Jospeh died 18 May 1742 in Sudbury, Mass.


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4 Responses to John Gibbs

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  3. Mark,
    I have reviewed your comments, dates, and concerns regarding your attachment. I also have a severe problem, with a some of your data and assumptions. MERCY was a Twin, born at the same time as JOHN Jr.. I have never seen any record to indicate that Anna (Gleason) Gibbs, John’s wife, might, have actually had triplets. MERCY, is the only child registered as a Birth in the Sudbury V.R.,

    What we really need is access to the actual document, or an original micro-fiche of the original record. We need to know actually where it is listed in the V.R.,

    In the meantime, there is ZERO possibility that Sarah Cutler, had that child “out of Wedlock”
    I’d consider adding a disclaimer, “This information is in dispute, being researched, please do not Copy or use, without vetting the data for yourself.”

    I’ve spent 40+ years researching my lineages, and trying to this out of the public domain,
    Now I spend countless hours, correcting data that was copied from private sources, and made public.

    God’s Peace,
    David C. Gibbs
    Boise, ID

  4. David C Gibbs says:

    Hi Mark,
    “Joseph’s wife Mary Gibbs was born 23 APR 1716” Is the daughter of Joseph(3) son of Matthew(2) Granddaughter of Mathew(1) Joseph’s wife was recorded as Mercy Clark of Cambridge m. 01 JULY 1712, Birth was recorded in the Framingham Vital, as 23 Apr 1716.
    David C. Gibbs

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