Joshua Abell

Joshua ABELL (c. 1649 – 1724) was Alex’s 9th great grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

Joshua Abell was born about 1649 in Rehoboth, Mass.  His parents were Robert ABELL and Joanna [__?__].  He married Mehitable SMITH on 1 Nov 1677 in Norwich, CT.   After Mehitable died, he married Bethiah Gager in Nov 1685.  Joshua died 17 Mar 1724/25 in Norwich, CT.

Joshua Abell is buried in the Old Norwich Burying Ground. The inscription on his Headstone reads- Here Lies Ye Body of Mr. Joshua Abell Who Departed This Life March Ye 1, 1725 & in Ye 76 year of His Age.

Mehitable Smith was born 4 Jul 1655 in Marshfield, Mass.  Her parents wereRev. Nehemiah SMITH and Sarah Ann BOURNE.  Mehitable died 14 Mar 1684/85 in Norwich, CT.

Bathiah Gager was born in 1660.  Her parents, John Gager and Elizabeth Gore were original settlers of Norwich, CT. Bathiah died 31 Mar 1723.

Children of Joshua and Mehitable:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Nehemiah Abell 1 Jan 1677/78
Norwich, New London, CT
6 Jan 1677/78
2. Anne ABELL 2 Apr 1681 Norwich CT Capt. Nathaniel FITCH
10 Dec 1701
Lebanon, CT
3 Jul 1728 Lebanon CT
3. Martha Abell 13 Feb 1682/83 Norwich, CT Obadiah Smith
8 FEB 1699/00 Preston, New London, CT.
William Buell
23 Apr 1730
25 May 1751
Lebanon, CT

Children of Joshua and Bethiah Gager

Name Born Married Departed
4. Lydia Abell May 1688 Norwich, New London, CT Thomas Lathrop
24 FEB 1708/09
Norwich, CT
22 Mar 1751/52
5. Mehitable Abell Dec 1686
Norwich, CT
Jan 1693
Norwich, New London, CT
6. Sarah Abell Feb 1690
Norwich, CT
Capt. John Leffingwell
Norwich, CT
 9 May 1730
Old Burying Ground, Norwich, CT
7. Phebe Abell 1 May 1693
Norwich, CT
Hugh Calkins
9 NOV 1714 in Norwich, New London, CT,
8. Elizabeth Abell Oct 1695
Norwich, CT
John Lathrop
07 Apr 1715
Norwich, CT
 25 Oct 1759
Norwich, CT
9. Bathiah Abell Aug 1697
Norwich, CT
6 Nov 1722

[Mason1] Of Norwich. [Abell1 52-53]

Joshua Abel was constable in Dedham Mass and frequently chosen Townsman. He moved to Norwich in 1677 and became a considerable landowner.  44 land grants are listed to him for a total of about 1,000 acres and he was buying others.

1691 – Joshua exchanged his lands by the river for the Norwich Town Homestead and other previlages of John Allyn son of Robert Allyn.

24 Feb 1720 – He presented the West Church Society of Norwich the lot in which it erected its first meeting house.

They lived near what is now Franklin. Joshua Abell  joined the church in 1724.

[Abell1 53] gives his will.[TorreyCD] ABELL, Joshua (-1725) & 1/wf [Mehitable] SMITH (1655-1685); 1 Nov 1677; Norwich, CT {Frame-Dana 293; Beckwith Notes (1956) 18; McCormick-Hamilton 900; Cook-Cooper 21; NYGBR 43:92; Snow-Estes 1:432; Waterman (1939) 623, 654; Reg. 15:120; Hyde 1:46; Booth (1910) 23; Avery Anc. (1925) 80; New London Hist. 323; Abell 3; TAG 11:12, 14:247; Granberry 142, 317}

[Mason1] Of Norwich. [Abell1 52-53] Married 2nd in November 1685, Bathiah Gager (born 1660, died 31 March 1723) the daughter of John and Elizabeth Gager (JG was the son of Dr William Gager)


2. Anne Abell (See Capt. Nathaniel FITCH‘s page)

3. Martha Abell

Martha’s husband Obadiah Smith his born 5 Feb 1675/76 New London, CT. His parents were Edward Smith and Elizabeth Bliss. Obadiah died 11 May 1727 Norwich, CT.

Children of Martha and Obadiah

i. Joshua Smith b. 11 SEP 1705 Preston, CT.; d. 28 SEP 1741; m. 21 OCT 1724 Norwich, CT. to Edna Hazen.  Her parents were Lt. Thomas Hazen and Mary Howlett.  Her grandparents were Edward HAZEN and Hannah GRANT.

ii. Daniel Smith b. 4 DEC 1707 Preston, CT.

iii. Martha Smith b. 26 NOV 1710 Norwich, New London, CT.; m. 3 JUL 1728 Norwich, CT. to Ephraim Kingsbury

iv. Mehitable Smith b. 1713 Norwich, CT.; d. 28 APR 1792; m. 28 OCT 1734 to Abner Hyde

v. John Smith b. 15 NOV 1715 Norwich, CT.

vi. Abner Smith b. 22 SEP 1722 Norwich, CT.; d. 4 OCT 1729 Norwich, CT.

vii. James Smith b. 30 JUN 1725 Norwich, CT.; d. 1 OCT 1729 Norwich, CT.

4. Lydia Abell

Lydia’s husband Thomas Lathrop was born 25 AUG 1681 Norwich, CT.  His parents were Samuel Lathrop and Hannah Adgate.  His grandparents were Samuel LATHROP and Elizabeth SCUDDER

Children of Lydia and Thomas:

i. Daniel Lathrop b. 1 MAY 1712 Norwich, CT.; d. 9 JAN 1782; m. 13 DEC 1744 to Jerusha Talcott

ii. Lydia Lathrop b. 10 APR 1718 Norwich, CT.; m. 1 Jan 1739/40 to Joseph Coit

iii. Joshua Lathrop b. 8 MAY 1723 Norwich, CT.; d. 29 OCT 1807; m1. 21 MAY 1748 to Hannah Gardner’ m2. 5 NOV 1761 to Mercy Eells.

6. Sarah Abell

Sarah’s husband Capt. John Leffingwell was born 2 Feb 1688/89 in Norwich, CT.  His parents were Thomas Leffingwell and Mary Bushnell.  After Sarah died, he married Mary Hart of Farmington. John died 16 Aug 1773, Old Burying Ground, Norwich, New London Co., Connecticut.

Sarah is commemorated in the following epitaph:

Here lyes ye Body of
that Worthy, Virtuous
and most injeneous and
jenteel Woman, Mrs.
Sara Leffingwell,
who Dyed May ye
9th, 1730. Aged
39 years.

Children of Sarah and John

i. Elizabeth Leffingwell b.12 Dec 1713, Norwich, CT; d. aft 1755; m. 30 Mar 1730 to Ezra Hyde; m2. 16 OCT 1749 Norwich CT to Ebenezer Walbridge

ii. Sarah Leffingwell b. 1718

ii. John Leffingwell b. 1721; m. Hannah Edgerton

iv. Mary Leffingwell b. 1723

v. Abigail Leffingwall b. 3 Nov 1725; d. 2 Feb 1768 ‎(Age 42)‎

7. Phebe Abell

Phebe’s husband Hugh Calkins was born 29 Jun 1689 in Norwich, New London, CT. His parents were Hugh Calkins and Sarah Sluman.

Child of Phebe Abell and Hugh Calkins is:

i. Sarah Calkins b. 6 MAY 1716 in Norwich, New London, C; d. JAN 1802; m. Gideon Fitch 4 NOV 1736 in Norwich, New London Co., CT, son of Jeremiah Fitch and Ruth Gifford and grandchild of Rev. James FITCH and Priscilla MASON. Gideon was born ABT 1705 in Lebanon, New London, CT, and died BEF 14 DEC 1796

ii. Bethia Calkins, b. 22 Jul 1718; d. 7 JUN 1727 Norwich, CT

iii. Phebe Calkins, b. 27 Jun 1720; d. 01 Mar 1755 Norwich, CT; m. 14 Dec 1743 Norwich, CT to Samuel Backus

iv. Lois Calkins, b. 4 Oct 1723; d. 13 Nov 1739

v. Abell Calkins, b. 5 Feb 1726; d. 1813 – Norwich, New London, Connecticut;  m. 1 May 1746 – Norwich, CT to Anne Hyde

vi. Elisha Calkins, b. 7 Jun 1727; d. 1806; m. 03 Mar 1757 Norwich, CT to Mary Swaddell

vii. Simon Calkins, b. 6 Oct 1730; d. ca. 1806; m. 28 Nov 1751 to Sarah Swaddell

viii. Hugh Calkins, b. 15 Mar 1733; d. 05 Feb 1808 Norwich, 18 Jan 1759 – Norwich,CT; m. 18 Jan 1759 – Norwich, to Elizabeth Johnson

ix. Andrew Calkins, b. 15 Jun 1735.; d. ca. 1801; m. 11 Sep 1760 – Norwich, CT to Lydia Hewitt

8. Elizabeth Abell

Elizabeth’s husband John Lathrop was born b. 2 Oct 1690.  His parents were Israel Lathrop and Rebecca Bliss.  His grandparents were Samuel LATHROP and Elizabeth SCUDDER.

Children of Elizabeth and John

i. Zebulon Lathrop b. 10 Jan 1717 in Norwich, CT d. 13 Jan 1781
Norwich, CT; m. 4 Sep 1740 in Norwich, CT to Lois Rogers.

ii. Azubah Lathrop b.3 Mar 1719 in Norwich, CT; d. 23 Apr 1719 Norwich, CT

iii. Bethiah Lothrop b. 26 Jul 1723 in Bozrah, CT; d. 12 Sep 1808
Franklin, CT; m. 6 Apr 1743 in Norwich, CT to Joseph Sanford

iv. Rebecca Lathrop b. 15 Dec 1728 in Norwich, CT; d. 1789; m.  8 Jun 1752 in Norwich, CT to Abiel Squier.

v. Sarah Lathrop b. 23 Sep 1731 in Norwich, CT; d. 17 Apr 1744 Norwich, CT

vi. Anne Lathrop b. 23 Mar 1734 in Norwich, CT; d. 15 Dec 1764 Norwich, CT; m. 17 Nov 1754 in Norwich to her second cousin Elijiah Abell.  Elijiah’s parents were Benjamin Abell and Lydia Hazen.  His grandparents were Benjamin Abell and Hannah Baldwion and His great grandparents were Robert ABELL and Joanna [__?__]  

Their sons Abel and Elijah established a saw and grist
mill at the foot of Chestnut Hill, continued after their deaths by Jabez Lathrop Abell who later emoved to Illinois.  They established a reputation for enterprise, integrity and worthy citizenship.

vii. Rhoda Lathrop b. 8 Mar 1737 in Norwich, CT; d. 10 Feb 1821
Franklin, CT; m. 28 May 1760 in Norwich, CT to Eli Hyde

viii. John Lathrop b. 2 Jun 1740 in Norwich, CT; d. 8 Oct 1803
Franklin, CT; m. 1765 in Franklin, CT to Lydia Hyde

ix. Azel Lathrop b. 1742 in Norwich, CT; d. 1785; m. 1775 to Elizabeth Hyde


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