Samuel Graves II

Samuel GRAVES II (1628 – 1681) was Alex’s  10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Graves was born 1628 in England.  His parents were Samuel GRAVES I and [__?__]. He was brought to America by his father in 1630.  He married Grace BEAMSLEY about 1657.  He lived in Ipswich, Mass. from 1651 or earlier until his death in 1681.

Grace Beamsley was born 10 Sep 1635 in Boston, Mass. She was baptized 20 Sep 1635 in the First Church of Boston.   Her parents were William BEAMSLEYand Ann [__?__]. Grace died 26 Nov 1730 aged 95.

Children of Samuel and Grace:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Samuel GRAVES 5 Aug. 1658  Ipswich, Mass. Joanna PEARCE
17 May 1677
Elizabeth [_?_]
14 Oct. 1732
Ipswich, Mass
2. John Graves 1 Aug 1660
Martha Kneeland
ABT 1692 Ipswich
Before 21 Jul 1699 Ipswich
2. Hannah Graves 19 Dec 1663 Died Young
3. Elizabeth Graves 29 JUN 1667 Ipswich, Mass. John Choate
7 Jul 1684
4. Hannah Graves 19 DEC 1668 Ipswich Christopher Pottle
12 MAR 1693/94 Ipswich
5. Mary Graves 3 Oct 1673 William Thompson
5. Jonathan Graves 22 Nov. 1679 Ipswich

Samuel was a hat weaver and felt maker.  In the early days hat makers used Mercury in the manufacturer from which constant handling would make one very ill or lead to death. Did his profession affect his health and did Samuel become “Mad as a hatter?” as the saying goes.

Classic Colonial Felt Tricorn Hat like one Samuel Graves might have made.

5 May 1664 – Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Vol. III Court held at Ipswich by adjournment.

Richard Smith, complaining against Zachry Debell and William Newman for stealing his canoe, the court ordered that they pay treble damages, £4 19s.

Stephen Godwin, for breaking prison, was ordered to be severely whipped and committed to prison.

Zachary Debell and William Newman, or being accessory abetters and conveying the prisoners away, were ordered to be severely whipped, fined and committed to prison until they paid it, and also bound to good behavior. Zachry Debell and Samuell Graves bound. Thomas Willson, for being an abetter and concealing the prisoners escape from prison, was ordered to be whipped.

Thomas Tredwell, jr., Nathaniell Tredwell and John Pindar, for concealing the prisoner, were admonished.

Samuell Graves, for suspicion of concealing the prisoner and carelessness in his trust in searching for him, was bound in £50 to appear at the next Ipswich court.

Charges allowed to Walter Roper, Caleb Kimball, Richard Coye, George Abbott and Thomas Johnson in prosecution of the prisoner.

Ordered that Mr. Symonds and Major Genll. Denison take order about the security for the good behavior of the prisoners and the charges. Sam. Graves engaged to pay Zacherye’s fine.

“Forasmuch as severall escapes have beene made out of the prisson by the prisoner with the ayd & assistance of some Ill affected psons It is ordered that noe pson shall prsume heerafter to come within the prisson yard, nor within 20 foote of the prisson on the west syde therof, where there is noe fence, upon any prtence whatsoever without pticular licence from the keeper, while any prisoners are in prisson, upon paine & penalltye to be psceded agast as contemnors of authoritye and abbettours of malifactors.”


1. Samuel GRAVES (See his page)

2. John Graves

John’s wife Martha Kneeland was born 10 Jan 1675 in Ipswich Mass. Her parents were Edward Kneeland and Martha Fowler. After John died, Martha married on 6 Dec. 1705 at Ipswich to Jonathan McIntire (Mackentire) of Reading, Mass (b. 1677 – d. 1738 in Reading, Middlesex, Mass). Martha died in 1770.

John Graves was a cordwainer [a shoemaker/cobbler who makes fine soft leather shoes and other luxury footwear articles].  When he died,  his widow, Martha Kneeland, daughter of Edward Kneeland of Ipswich, was appointed Administratrix of his estate on 21 July 1699.  She was appointed guardian of the children on 4 Sept. 1699.

3. Elizabeth Graves

Elizabeth’s husband John Choate was born 15 Jun 1661 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Choate and Anne Carramas. After Elizabeth died, he married 19 May 1690 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass to Elizabeth Giddings (b. 1666 – d. 1723 in Ipswich). John died 17 Jul 1733 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

4. Hannah Graves

Hannah’s husband Christopher Pottle was born 1663 in Devon, England. Christopher died in 8 Feb 1709 – Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Christopher was a tanner.

5. Mary Graves

Mary’s husband William Thompson was born about 1674 in Essex, Mass. His parents were Alexander Thompson and Deliverance Haggett.


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