Samuel Graves III

Samuel GRAVES III (1658 – 1732) was Alex’s  9th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line,

Samuel Graves III was born 5 Aug 1658 in Ipswich, Mass..  His parents were Samuel GRAVES II and Grace BEAMSLEY.  He first married Joanna PEARCE on 17 May 1677. He secondly married Elizabeth [__?__] who survived him.  He lived in Ipswich, and like his father followed the business of felt making.  Samuel died died 14 Oct. 1732.

Samuel Graves was a felt maker and probably made classic colonial felt tricorn hats like this one

Joanna Pearce was born 13 Oct 1659 in Ipswich, Mass.  Her parents were Robert PEARCE and Abigail SYMONDS of Ipswich. Joanna died in Ipswich.

Children of Samuel and Joanna:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Moses Graves ABT 1676
Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass
Anna [_?_]
Johanna Byham
17 Dec 1750
Sarah Gould
11 Aug 1767
Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass
10 Mar 1771
Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass
2. John Graves ABT 1678 Ipswich, Mass Hannah Perkins
30 Dec 1730
4 Oct 1775
3. Martha Graves 1680
Jacob Foster
10 Dec 1709
4. Abigail Graves 11 Feb 1683
5. Mary Graves 18 FEB 1684/85 Ipswich Ralph Cross
(Robert’s youngest uncle who was 47 at the time)
6 Nov 1705
6. Samuel Graves 26 Mar 1687 Elizabeth (Rayner) Fossey widow of Thomas Fossey
23 Oct 1703
7. Elizabeth GRAVES ABT 1690 Ipswich, Mass Robert CROSS II
26 Sep 1719


1. Moses Graves

Moses’ first wife Anna [_?_] died 9 Feb 1747 in Chelmsford, Mass.

Moses’ second wife Johanna Byham was born in 1680. Johanna died 14
Sep 1766.

Moses’ third wife Sarah Gould was born 1670 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass

He received a deed from his father in 1730 for land in Chelmsford, Mass., and his first wife, Anna, died there 9 Feb. 1747. He secondly married Johanna Byham on 17 Dec. 1750 at Chelmsford. She died 14 Sept. 1766. He thirdly married Sarah, widow of Benjamin Gould, on 11 Aug. 1767 in Chelmsford. She was buried 6 April 1793.

2. John Graves

John’s wife Hannah Perkins was born about 1707. Hannah died 12 May 1791 at 84 years of age.

3. Martha Graves

Martha’s husband Jacob Foster was born 25 Mar 1670 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were Deacon Jacob Foster and Abigail Lord. He first married 5 Mar 1697 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. to Mary Caldwell (b. 26 Feb 1671 in Ipswich, Mass – d. 2 Apr 1709 in Ipswich). After Martha died, he married thirdly to Mary Willeron 14 Oct 1742. Jacob died 6 Mar 1758 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

5. Mary Graves

Mary’s husband Ralph Cross was born 15 Feb 1658 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were Robert CROSS I and Anna JORDAN.  He was Robert’s youngest uncle who was 47 at the time.  Ralph died in 1711 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

6. Samuel Graves

Samuel’s wife Elizabeth Rayner was born 28 Jul 1661. Her parents were William Rayner and Elizabeth Black. She first married Thomas Fossey (Fancey) Feb 4, 1685 in Ipswich, Mass. In 1696, 1696. Thomas Fossey is keeper of Ipswich prison.

Before she married Samuel Graves,  Elizabeth and Thomas Fossey testified in 1692 regarding [our ancestor] Mary ESTEY’s behavior in Ipswich prison during the course of the witchcraft trials.  Thomas Fossey was the keeper of Ipswich prison.  They were poor spellers even for the times.

Boyer, Paul and Stephen Nissenbaum, eds. .The Salem witchcraft papers,  (279-321) Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library 1692

(Thomas Fosse and Elizabeth Fosse for Mary Easty) thes may Sartifie home it may cun[cern] that wee hows names are undor Ritt[en] Being dasired by some of the Realeations of mary estweke to give our obsarvation how she behaved hur self while she Roumain[ed] in Ipswech prison we dow afarme th[at] wee sawe noe ell carreg or behav[iour in] hure but that hure daportment wosi [torn] Sobor and civell as wittnes our h[ands this] 5 Saptem 92
his mark
elesabeth [Fosse]

7. Elizabeth GRAVES (See Robert CROSS II‘s page)


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