James Gorham Sr.

James GORHAM Sr. (1650 – 1707) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

James Gorham was born 18 Apr 1650 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass.  His parents were John GORHAM and Desire HOWLAND. He married Hannah HUCKINS in Barnstable on 24 Feb 1672/73.  James died  at Barnstable, MA, on 18 Nov 1707 and is interred at Lothrop Hill Cemetery, Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts.

James Gorham – Headstone –   Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cemetery


James Gorham Detail

The gravestone is carved in the style of William Mumford of Boston.

John Gorham Sr. – Headstone

Hannah Huckins was born 14 Oct 1653.  Her parents were Thomas HUCKINS and Rose TILLIE Hillier. Hannah died 13 Feb 1726/27.

Hannah Huchins Gorham – Headstone – HERE LYES Ye BODY OF Mrs HANNAH GORHAM WIFE TO Mr JAMES GORHAM DEC’D FEB’ry 13 1727/8 IN Ye 75th YEAR OF HER AGE The gravestone displays a round winged skull. Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cemetery

Children of James and Hannah

Name Born Married Departed
1. James GORHAM Jr. 6 Mar 1675/76
Barnstable, Mass
29 Sep 1709
Barnstable, Mass
10 Sep 1718
Barnstable, Mass
2. Experience Gorham 28 Jul 1678
Thomas Lothrop (Lathrop)
23 Apr 1697
23 Dec 1733
3. John Gorham 2 Aug 1680
Ann Brown
24 Feb 1704/05
20 Jul 1729
4. Mehitable Gorham 28 Apr 1683
Joshua Oldman
12 May 1715 Barnstable
28 Sep 1747
Scituate, Mass
5. Thomas Gorham 16 Dec 1684
Rachel Trott
7 May 1707 Nantucket, Mass
3 Dec 1771
6. Desire Gorham Apr 1685
Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.
John Baxter
11 Jun 1706
Sgt. Daniel Hambleton [Hamilton] Barnstable
15 Dec 1715.
23 Jun 1749 Yarmouth
7. Joseph Gorham 25 Mar 1689
8. Jabez Gorham 6 Mar 1689/90
Molly [Burbank? or Oysterbanks?] 5 Mar 1739
Fairfield,  CT
9. Sylvanus Gorham 13 Oct 1693 1 Sep 1747
Stamford, CT
10. Ebenezer Gorham 14 Feb 1695/96
Scituate, Mass.
Temperance Hawes
(Sister of  Thomas HAWES I)
9 Nov 1727 Yarmouth, Mass.
16 Nov 1776

As eldest son, James received a large piece of his father’s land in Barnstable and built a large home there. At the time he was the wealthiest man in Barnstable.   James was a farmer all his life.


James Gorham, eldest son of Capt. John Gorham, was a farmer, and often employed in public business.  In the dividion of his father’s homestead, he had the north westerly and central portions, on which he build a large and elegant mansion house.  It stood on the spot where Mr. Warren Marston’s house now stands and was taken down about twenty years since.  It appears by the schedule of the dividion of the common lands made in 1703, that he was then the richest man in the town of Barnstable.  He married Hannah, daughter of Mr. Thomas Huckins, of Barnstable.  He died in 1707, aged 57, and his widow 13th Feb. 1727, aged 74 years.


1. James GORHAM Jr. (See his page)

2. Experience Gorham

Experience’s husband Thomas Lothrop was born 6 JAN 1673/74 Barnstable, Mass.  His parents were Melatiah Lothrop and Sarah Farrar. His great grandfather was our ancestor Rev. John  LATHROP (1584 – 1653) .  Thomas died 23 JUL 1757 Barnstable, Mass.

3. John Gorham

John’s wife Ann Brown was born about 1685.  Her parents were John Brown (1650 – 1709) and Anne Mason (1650 – 1709)  Ann died 26 Feb 1730. Her grandparents were both our ancestors Ensign John BROWN (Rehoboth) Lydia BUCKLAND and  John MASON & Anne PECK.

4. Mehitable Gorham

Mehitable’s husband Joshua Oldham was born 20 Jun 1684 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. His parents were Thomas Oldham (1660 – 1734) and Mercy Sprout (Sproat) (1662 – 1728).  After Mehitable died, he married Bathsheba LaBrocke 25 Mar 1752 – Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Joshua died after 16 Apr 1759 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.

5. Thomas Gorham

Thomas’ wife Rachael Trott was born 1683 in Nantucket Island, Mass. Her parents were John Trott and Ann [__?__].  Rachael died 1758 in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Thomas was a blacksmith.

6. Desire Gorham

Desire’s husband John Baxter was her first cousin. He was born about 1680 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Thomas Baxter and Temperance Gorham. John died in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Desire’s second husband Daniel Hambleton [Hamilton] was born about 1669 in Newport, RI.  His parents were Thomas Hambleton and Lydia Wing. Daniel died 08 DEC 1738 in Chatham, Barnstable, Mass.

10. Ebenezer Gorham

Ebenezer’s wife Temperance Hawes was born 31 Dec 1705 Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Joseph HAWES and Mary HOWES. Temperance died 21 Feb 1767 Barnstable, Mass.

Children of Ebenezer and Temperance:

i. Ebenezer Gorham b. 7 Aug 1729 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass

ii. Mary Gorham b. 16 Jun 1735 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass;

iii. Prince Gorham b. 14 Mar 1731 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass;

iv. Hannah Gorham b. 16 Apr 1733 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass;

v. Sarah Gorham b. 22 May 1737 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass;

vi. Thankful Gorham b. 22 Apr 1739 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass;

vii. Temperance Gorham b. 20 May 1744

viii. Silvanus Gorham b. 17 Jul 1746 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass; d. 29 May 1805 in Barnstable; m. 19 Mar 1768 in Barnstable to Anna Gorham (b. 17 Jul 1748 in Barnstable – d. 27 Oct 1811 Barnstable). Anna’s parents were Hezekiah Gorham and Ann Allyn. Her grandparents were Silvanus’ uncle James GORHAM Jr. and Mary JOYCE. Anna and Silvanus had thirteen children born between 1769 and 1793.


Wing Family of America – James Gorman
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