Deacon Joseph Hawes

Deacon Joseph HAWES (1673 – 1752) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Deacon Joseph Hawes was born on 16 July 1673 at Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony . His parents were  Capt John HAWES and Desire GORHAM. He married Mary HOWES , before 1696. He married his second wife, Berthia Hall on 21 Mar 1729/30 in Harwick Mass.  He married a third time to Sarah Howes on 7 Jun 1746 in Harwich Mass.  Joseph died at sea, on 16 Nov 1752.

Joseph Hawes – Ancient Cemetery,  Yarmouth Port, Barnstable –
“Here Lyes Buries ye Body of Deacon Joseph Hawes who Departed this Life Novbr ye 16th 1752 in ye 80 Year of this Age” 
Find A Grave Memorial# 48775842

Mary Howes was born about 1672. in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.  Sometimes called Mercy.  Her parents were Jeremiah HOWES and Sarah PRENCE. Mary died 10 Jan 1728/29, possibly at sea, and was buried in Yarmouth, Mass.

That his first wife was Mary Howes, daughter of Jeremiah Howes and grand-daughter of Governor Thomas Prence, appears from a deed (recorded in Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, vol. 2 9, p. 121), dated Sept. 27, 1734, in which he, described as gentleman, with his wife Bethiah and his children, conveys to Cornelius Bennett all the right of his late wife Mary in and to lands and meadow in Bridgewater and Middleborough that had belonged to Gov. Prence.

Mary Howes Hawes – Headstone – Ancient Cemetery Yarmouth Port, Barnstable
Find A Grave Memorial# 48775941

Mary Hawes Footstone

Mary Hawes Footstone

Berthia Hall was born 1672 in Massachusetts.  Her parents were Gershom Hall (1648 – 1732)and Bethia Bangs. She first married 5 Jan 1690 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass to Kenelm Winslow (b, 9 Aug 1668 in Marshfield, Mass – d. 20 Mar 1729 in Barnstable, Mass).  Berthia and Kenelm had eight children born between 1691 and 1715.  She married on 21 Mar 1729/30 in Harwick Mass. to Joseph HAWES . “Joseph Hews of Yarmoutha and Bethiah Winslow of Harwich.”  Berthia died 8 Sep 1745 in Barnstable, Mass.

Sarah Howes was born 29 Oct 1673 in Yarmouth, Mass.  Her parents were Capt. Thomas Howes.  Her grandparents were our ancestors Thomas HOWES Sr  and Sarah BANGS.  She first married 19 May 1692 in Eastham, Mass to Stephen Hopkins (b. 15 Jul 1670 in Mass – d. 9 Apr 1733 in Brewster, Mass)  Sarah and Stephen had ten children born between 1694 and 1714.   She married 7 Jun 1746 in Harwich Mass. to JOSEPH HOWES.  Sarah died 25 May 1752 in Harwich, Mass.

Children of Joseph and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Sarah Hawes 1 Apr 1696 Yarmouth, Mass Thomas Hallett (Son of Jonathan HALLETT)
9 Apr 1719
31 Jan 1720
2. Elizabeth Hawes 5 Nov 1697 Yarmouth Jonathan Sears
29 Jun 1721
8 Jan 1748/49
Harwich, Mass.
3. Edmund Hawes 13 Jun 1699
Mary Paine
11 Oct 1729 Barnstable
11 May 1762
Barnstable, Mass
4. Thomas HAWES I 16 May 1701
Thankful GORHAM
2 Jul 1730
Barnstable, Mass
10 Jan 1729
5. Joseph Hawes 12 Jan 1702/03
Yarmouth, Mass
Desire Hallett
20 Jul 1732 Yarmouth
16 Feb 1759
6. Mary Hawes 23 Mar 1703/04
David Parker
24 Sep 1732
12 Feb 1737/38
7. Temperance Hawes 31 Dec 1705
Barnstable, Mass
Ebenezer Gorham
(son of James GORHAM Sr. & Thankful’s uncle)
22 Sep  1727
21 Feb 1767 Barnstable
8. David Hawes 10 Oct 1707 Yarmouth Elizabeth Cobb
10 Mar 1736/37 Barnstable
17 Jun 1752
9. Prince Hawes 29 Dec 1709 Yarmouth Ann Hedge
(daughter of our ancestor John HEDGE)
17 Jul 1735
8 Dec 1771 Yarmouth
10. Thankful Hawes 16 Apr 1712 Yarmouth Thomas Annable
19 Oct 1732 Yarmouth
7 Nov 1739
11. Desire Hawes 1714
7 Mar 1715 Yarmouth

1713-1714 Representative in the Legislature
1729-1736 Yarmouth town clerk and treasurer.

5 May 1692 -Joseph  was mentioned in the will of his grandfather Edmund HAWES.

I do give and bequeath to my Grandson Joseph Hawes six acres of of my Land (to be laid forth to him at marriage or full age which shall first happen) so as it may Liy next to Capt. Thachers or John Hallets Land and Abut up on ye highway and also ye one halfe of my Island of Sedg or crick thatch Land which Lyies in ye Lone tree crick the which sd Island being divided in too equal devitions my son John Hawes to have his choice first: And also I do give to ye sd Joseph priviledg to driy thatch upon that meadow at Lone tree; And also I do give to ye sd Joseph one acre of my meadow where his father shall see cause to lay it forth to him; all which sd six acres of Land and half of sd Island priviledg of drying thatch and one acre of meadow I do give to him ye sd Joseph Hawes his heirs and assignes for ever.(Edmund Hawes, page 131, 140)

15 Oct 1701 –   Capt John HAWES left a will,  proved Nov. 19, 1701, in which he mentions his sons John, Joseph, Ebenezer, Isaac and Benjamin, and his daughters Elizabeth Dogget, Mary Bacon, Desire and Experience Hawes. He named his sons Joseph and Isaac as executors.(Edmund Hawes, page 148-149)

1712 – At the division of the common lands he received 28 shares out of a total of 3118 distributed among 150 or 160 individuals or interests.

25 May 1752 – He left a will (9 Barn. Prob. Recs. 34). The inventory of his estate amounted to £373 18s. 4 1/2d., including lands and houses to the value of £284 (Ib. 38).

Joseph Hawes Bio - From

Joseph Hawes Bio – From Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Massachusetts 1914

Joseph Hawes Bio 2


Yarmouth Town Birth Record for Joseph Hawes Family

Yarmouth Town Birth Record for Joseph Hawes Family

1. Sarah Hawes

Sarah’s husband Thomas Hallett was born 1691 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were our ancestors Jonathan HALLETT and Abigail DEXTER.  He was married four times and died 10 Apr 1772 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. at the age of 81

  1. Sarah died 31 Jan 1720 after less than a year of marriage in the birth of their first child.
  2. After Sarah died, he married 8 Feb 1722 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. to Hannah Gray (b. 1693 in Harwich, Mass – d. 6 Feb 1750 in Yarmouth, Mass.)
  3. After Hannah died, he married a third time 19 Aug 1750 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass to Desire Gorham (26 Aug 1710 in Yarmouth, Mass – d. Dec 1767 in Yarmouth) Desire’s parents were John Gorham and Anne Brown and her grandparents were James GORHAM Sr. and Hannah HUCKINS.
  4. After Desire died, he married a fourth and final time 5 Jan 1769 in Yarmouth, Mass to Mary Gorham (b. 19 Jul 1719 in Barnstable, Mass – d. 2 Jun 1795 in Yarmouth). Mary’s parents were James GORHAM Jr. and Mary JOYCE. 

Genealogical notes of Barnstable families (1888) –Thomas Hallett, styled gentleman, son of Jonathan, born in Yarmouth in 1691, owned and resided in the large, ancient mansion-house now standing on the corner of Hallett St., and Wharf Lane. It was originally built on the same plan with that of his father’s which has been described, but was better finished at first, and has since been kept in good repair. The Halletts’, as a race, are able-bodied men, and average in stature above the common height. Thomas was an exception. He was a short, thick-set man. During the latter part of his life he was of feeble health. ‘ For many years he was afflicted with a sore leg — a disease which usually set at defiance the curative skill of the physicians of his time.

Thomas Hallett, lived in better style than many of his neighbors, and died April 10, 1772, aged 81, leaving a good estate.

He married April 9 , 1719, for his first wife, Sarah, daughter of Dea. Joseph Hawes. She was born April 1, 1696, and died soon after her marriage, leaving no .issue. He married Feb. 8, 1721-2, Hannah, widow of Andrew Gray of Harwich, and North Yarmouth, Maine. She died Feb. 6, 1749-50, and he married for his third wife, Aug. 19, 1750, Desire Gorham. She died Dec. 1767, aged 57. For his fourth wife he married Mary, widow of Thomas Hedge, and a daughter of James Gorham.

In his will dated 21st Feb. 1770, proved May 4, 1772, he gives to his wife Mary Hallett in lieu of thirds, the improvement of all his real estate during her natural life, one-third of his in-door moveables, and his best cow. To his nephew Thomas Hallett, son of his brother Jonathan, a piece of land on the south side of the road on which Thomas’ house stood, containing two acres. To his nephews Jonathan and Jeremiah, sons of his brother Jonathan, £6 or $20 each. To his nephew Ebenezer Hallett, Jr., £6-. To his nephews Jonathan and Abner, sons of his brother David, £4 each. To his nephews Moses, Joshua, and Isaac, sons of hia brother Timothy, deceased, £6. All the rest of his real and personal estate he gave to his adopted son Joshua Gray, son of his second wife Hannah Gray.

INSCRIPTION: “Here Lyes ye Body of Mrs. Sarah Hallet Wife of Mr. thomas hallet who Died jan ye 31 1719/[20

Child of Thomas and Sarah

i. Baby Hallett b. 25 Jan 1719  Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass’ d. 25 Jan 1719 Yarmouth.

2. Elizabeth Hawes

Elizabeth’s husband Jonathan Sears was born 3 Sep 1693 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Samuel Sears (1664 – 1742) and  Mercy Mayo (1664 – 1749). Jonathan died 3 Sep 1738 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass

John Sears was appointed administrator of the estate of Jonathan Sears, deceased ; and Daniel Hall, Judah Sears and Ebenezer Paddock, rendered an Inventory Oct. 26, 1738 ; Real Estate, £ 575. Personal Estate, £ 374 18 0.

He “left widow and four children.” His widow Elizabeth was appointed Guardian to Jonathan, Joseph and Sarah, Mar. 12, 1742.

Mar 10 1748 – When Elizabeth died 8 Jan 1748,Joseph Sears of Harwich administered her estate and was appointed guardian of Prince and Sarah.

Jan 28 1757 – The estate of Jonathan Sears was divided by. Daniel Hall, Elisha Bassett, Theo. Crosby and Joseph Howes Jr., who set off to the eldest son Jonathan, deceased; to Joseph, and to Prince ; the widow and other children being then all deceased.

Joseph Howes in his will 1752, names ” Jonathan, Joseph and Prince Sears, sons of my daughter Elizabeth Sears.”

Sears Cemetery – INSCRIPTION: “Here Lyes Buried Ye Bodyof Mrs. Elizabeth Sears Wife of Mr. Jonathan Sears Who Departed this Life Janry 8th AD 1748 in Ye 52d Year of Her Age”

Children of Elizabeth and Jonathan:

i. David Sears b. 2 Sep 1722 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.; d. infancy.

ii. David Sears b. 26 Mar 1724 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.; d. young.

iii. Jonathan Sears b. 9 Sep 1725 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 16 Dec 1752 W Brewster, Barnstable, Mass.; Burial: Sears Cemetery East Dennis; m. 29 Jun 1749 in Harwich to his first cousin Priscilla Sears (b. 31 Dec 1730 in Harwich – d. 12 Apr 1819 in Brewster) Priscilla’s parents were Seth Sears (1703 – ) and Priscilla Ryder (1707 – ). Jonathan and Priscilla had two children Jonathan (b. 1752) and Elizabeth (b. 1752).

Priscilla was admitted in the 2nd Church of Yarmouth on May 19, 1751. After Jonathan died, she married 11 Apr 1754 Yarmouth to Deacon John Sears (1712 – 1791) John Sears had ten children by his first wife Deborah Crowell (1720 – 1753) born between 1739 and 1752 and seven more children by Priscilla born between 1755 and 1772 for a total of seventeen. John was chosen deacon, Feb. 29, 1768, which office he held until his death ; was a prominent man in church, and precinct affairs, for many years chosen moderator, assessor, and on prudential committee.

Jonathan Sears of Harwich, mariner, made his will Mar. 28, 1752, ” being then very sick;” wife Priscilla and brother Joseph, Executor ; mentions his children, but not by name.

Feb 6 1753 – Jonathan’s filed Feb. 6, 1753, amounting to £ 128 12 0.

Nov 23 1757 – John Sears was appointed guardian of Jonathan and Elizabeth

7 Jan 1815 – Widow Priscilla Sears made her will naming daughters Elizabeth Hall (by her first marriage), Bethia Sears, Lucy Hall, and Kezia Sears, and grand-children, sons and daus. of Jonathan Sears, deceased, Jonathan, Asarelah, Abigail and Clarinda; and Lydia Sears, daughter of Rev. Freeman Sears, deceased; and daughters oi Seth Sears, Hephsibeth Gibson, Priscilla and Belinda Soars, Herdphebah (sic) Sears, and sons, Luther and Mark.

iv. Joseph Sears b. May 1728 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 14 Mar 1758 West Brewster, Barnstable, Mass.

Unmarried, though marriage intentions of Joseph Sears and Tabithy Kendrick, were published Jan 19, 1754, but she m. Theo. Hopkins. The will of Joseph Sears of Yarmouth late of Rochester, dated Feb. 5, 1758/59, makes his brother Prince, sole heir and executor— mentions Jonathan and Elizabeth, children of deceased brother Jonathan.

Here lies the Body of
son of Mr JONATHAN &
who Died March ye
14th 1758 in ye 30th
Year of his Age

v. Mary Sears bapt. 12 Jul 1730 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.; d. Young

vi. Sarah Sears b. 28 Jul 1731 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 16 Dec 1749 Harwich

Sarah Sears Gravestone

Sarah Sears Gravestone — Sears Cemetery East Dennis
Find A Grave Memorial# 41558263

vii. Prince Sears b. 1732 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 31 Oct 1732 Harwich

viii. Nathan Sears, b. 25 Sep 1733 Harwich, Barnstable, Mass; bap. Sep. 30; d. young.

ix. Prince Sears b. 13 Apr 1735 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass; d. 25 Feb 1829 in Brewster, Barnstable, Mass; m. 17 Jun 1758 Barnstable to Betsy Hall (16 May 1738 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass – d. 1 Jul 1818 in Brewster) Betsy’s parents were Joseph Hall (1697 – 1772) and Rebekah Sears (1701 – 1791).  Prince and Betsy had two children Sarah (b. 1758) and Joseph (b. 1764).

12 Jun 1760 – Elizabeth, wife of Prince Sears, was admitted to full communion in the Harwich Church

21 Mar 1786 – Prince Sears was appointed Pound-keeper.

Prince’s will, dated Brewster, 1829, names wife Betsy, son Joseph, and grand-children, Ezra Sears and Rebecca Gray. Joseph was appointed Executor.

Prince Sears Gravestone -- Sears  emetery  East Dennis Barnstable, Plot: #33 Find A Grave Memorial# 39184932

Prince Sears Gravestone — Sears Cemetery East Dennis Barnstable, Plot: #33
Find A Grave Memorial# 39184932

In memory of
who died
Feb 25 1829
Æt 94

3. Edmund Hawes

Edmund’s wife Mary Paine was born 13 Aug 1700 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. her parents were James Paine (1665 – 1728) and Bethiah Thacher (1671 – 1734). She first married 11 Oct 1723 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass to Nathaniel Freeman (b. 7 May 1698 in Barnstable, Mass – d. 2 Dec 1727 in Barnstable) and had three children, the youngest Nathaniel was born four months after his father’s death. Mary died 17 Jun 1775 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass

Children of Edmund and Mary:

i. Sarah Hawes b. 26 Mar 1733 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 12 Jun 1754 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass

ii. Mary Hawes b. 11 Aug 1735 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 25 Feb 1754 Barnstable

iii. Edmund Hawes b. 26 Jul 1738 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 5 Jun 1777 Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass; m. 19 Jun 1766 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass to Hannah Snow (b. 28 Jul 1740 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.) Hannah’s parents were Jabez Snow (1696 – 1760) and Elizabeth Paine (1702 – )

After Edmund died, Hannah married Truro, Dedham, Mass to John Avery (b. 27 Oct 1743 in Dedham, Mass. – d. 24 Apr 1819. Hannah and John had four children.

4. Thomas HAWES I (See his page)

5. Joseph Hawes

Joseph’s wife Desire Hallett was born 21 Apr 1714 in Yarmouth, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Andrew Hallett (1684 – 1751) and Mehitable Annable (1695 – 1767). Desire died 24 Feb 1798 in Yarmouth, Plymouth, Mass.

Desire had one sibling, Stephen. Her nephew Joseph was lost at sea with Howes Taylor. Her nephew Levi was also lost at sea. Her nephew Stephen married Desire Hall and had Susan and Mercy. He drank to excess, spent the large estate devised to him by his father, and died a town-pauper.

Children of Joseph and Desire:

i. Desire Hawes b. 22 Sep 1735 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 2 Mar 1736 Yarmouth

ii. Hannah Hawes b. 2 May 1737 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

6. Mary Hawes

Mary’s husband David Parker was born 17 Feb 1700 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Daniel Parker (1670 – 1728) and Mary Lombard (1669 – 1744).  After Mary died in 1737, David married Mercy Crosby  1703 –   1785) David died 24 Jun 1788 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.  David and Mercy had four more children born between 1740 and 1747.

Mary Hawes Parker Gravestone

Mary Hawes Parker Gravestone Find A Grave Memorial# 5763129


David Parker Gravestone

David Parker Gravestone — West Barnstable Cemetery
Find A Grave Memorial# 5763091

Children of Mary and David:

i. Mary Parker b. 18 Feb 1734 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. ; m. 5 Jun 1755 in Barnstable to James Childs (b. 22 Apr 1725 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass – d. 03 Apr 1772  Barnstable) James’ parents were James Childs Sr. (1694 – 1779) and Elizabeth Crocker (1702 – ). Mary and James had five children born between 1756 and 1767.

ii. Dr. Daniel Parker b. 25 Mar 1735 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d.  Feb 1809 Barnstable ; burial: West Barnstable Cemetery;  m. 22 Jan 1768 Barnstable to Mercy Jenkins (b. 25 May 1737 in Barnstable – d. 24 Sep 1812 in Barnstable) Mercy’s parents were Joseph Jenkins (1703 – 1793) and Mercy Howland (1710 – 1760) Daniel and Mercy had seven children born between 1769 and 1782.

“Dr. Daniel Parker’s house was near the present Barnstable town house.

Sacred to the memory of
Dr Daniel Parker
who died February 18th 1809
in his 75 year

Remember me as you pass by
For as you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Therefore prepare to follow me

iii. Patience Parker b. 3 Mar 1736 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 27 Oct 1737 Barnstable

Children of James and Mercy Crosby:

iv. David Parker b. 31 Aug 1740

v. Ebenezer Parker b. 6 Mar 1741/42

vi. Elisha Parker b. 30 Jan 1743/44

vii. James Parker b 28 Sep 1747–

7. Temperance Hawes

Temperance’s husband Ebenezer Gorham was born 14 Feb 1695/96 Scituate, Mass.   He was Thankful’s youngest uncle and his parents were our ancestors James GORHAM Sr. and Hannah HUCKINS.  Ebenezer died 16 Nov 1776, Barnstable, Mass.

Children of Temperance and Ebenezer:

i. Ebenezer Gorham b. 7 Aug 1729 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 1772 Lost at Sea; m1. 21 Dec 1752 Barnstable to Mary Thacher (b. 7 Mar 1732 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass – d. 1764 in Barnstable) Mary’s parents were Lot Thacher ( – 1732) and Rebecca Keen (1709 – 1775)

m2. 6 Dec 1764 in Plymouth to Hope Carver (b. 19 Feb 1739 in Plymouth – d. 7 Jun 1765 in Barnstable) Hope’s parents were Isaac Carver and Mary [__?__]

m3. 16 Jul 1767 in Yarmouth to Hannah Hall Doane (b. 1731 in Chatham, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 3 Oct 1810 in Barnstable) Hannah’s parents were Reuben Doane (1705 – 1737) and Sarah Haugh (1713 – 1756). Ebenezer and Hannah had one child Hannah (b. 1768)

ii. Prince Gorham b 14 Mar 1731 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 4 Dec 1804 Norwell, Mass; m. 22 Apr 1756 in Barnstable to Abigail Gorham (b 1 Jun 1732 in Barnstable – d. 3 Aug 1765 in Barnstable) Abigail’s parents were John Gorham (1688 – 1769) and Prudence Crocker (1692 – 1779). Prince and Abigail had one child, Sarah, (b. 1762)

m2. 15 Nov 1767 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass to Desire Clapp (b. 13 May 1741 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 20 Aug 1813 in Barnstable) Desire’s parents were Nathaniel Clapp (1709 – 1783) and Desire Bourne (1718 – 1786). Prince and Desire had four children born between 1769 and 1779

iii. Hannah Gorham b. 16 Apr 1733 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 5 Apr 1765 Barnstable; m. 16 May 1754 in Barnstable to her second cousin Thomas Gorham (b. 13 Aug 1723 in Barnstable – d. 3 Sep 1795 in Barnstable) Thomas’ parents were Job Gorham (1692 -1753) and Desire Dimmock (1696 – 1732) His grandparents were John Gorham and Mary Otis and his great grandparents were Capt. John GORHAM and Desire HOWLAND. Hannah and Thomas had eight children born between 1754 and 1765. After Hannah died, Thomas married later that year to Mrs. Rebecca Jones of Yarmouth.

During the latter part of his life, he was blind. He was a man of sound judgment and of industrious habits. After he became blind, he performed many kinds of labor which others in his situation would not have attempted. Timothy Swinerton as a boy lived with him. Mr. Gorham, instead of having the boy to lead him, put the boy on his horse and taking the crupper in his hand, walked behind the horse. When walking alone, he kept his cane in constant motion before him.

iv. Mary Gorham b 16 Jun 1735 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 26 Dec 1775 Gorham, Cumberland, Maine

v Sarah Gorham b. 22 May 1737 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.

vi Thankful Gorham b 22 Apr 1739 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 1802  Barnstable; m. 3 May 1759 in Barnstable to Josiah Davis (b. 19 Feb 1722 in Barnstable – d. 8 Feb 1824 in Gorham, Maine) Josiah’s parents were John Davis (1681 – 1739) and Mehitable Dimmock (1686 – 1775). Thankful and Josiah had nine children born between 1758 and 1780.

After Thankful died, Josiah married 25 Nov 1802 in Gorham, Maine to Martha Hill. He may have married a third time to Thankful Matthews

vii. Temperance Gorham b 20 May 1744 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 26 Nov 1824 Gorham, Cumberland, Maine; m. 7 Feb 1765 in Barnstable to Jonathan Sturgis (b 9 Aug 1743 in Barnstable – d. 11 May 1834 in Gorham, Cumberland, Maine) Jonathan’s parents were Nathaniel Sturgis (1714 – 1770) and Abigail Cobb (1711 – 1772) Temperance and Jonathan had twelve children born betweenn 1766 and 1790.

viii. Silvanus Gorham b.. 17 Jul 1746 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 29 May 1805 Barnstable; m. 19 Mar 1768 in Barnstable to Anna Gorham (b. 17 Jul 1748 in Barnstable – d. 27 Oct 1811 in Barnstable) Silvanius and Anna had thirteen children born between 1769 and 1793

Silvanus Gorham Gravestone  [-- Cobb's Hill Cemetery  Barnstable Find A Grave Memorial# 22084305

Silvanus Gorham Gravestone [– Cobb’s Hill Cemetery Barnstable
Find A Grave Memorial# 22084305

8. David Hawes

David’s wife Elizabeth Cobb was born 18 Apr 1718 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were James Cobb (1673 – 1757) and Elizabeth Hallett (1679 – 1759). Elizabeth died 14 Sep 1768 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Children of David and Elizabeth:

i. David Hawes b. 20 Sep 1740 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d 14 Dec 1803 Yarmouth; m. 26 Mar 1766 in Yarmouth to Anna Bray ( b. 25 Feb 1746 in Yarmouth – d. 9 Oct 1826 in Yarmouth) Anna’s parents were Thomas Bray and Mercy Crowell (1704 – 1786). David and Anna had seven children born between 1767 and 1789.

ii. Elizabeth Hawes b. 28 Mar 1742 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 1805 Waterville, Maine; m. 30 Dec 1762 in Yarmouth to Lemuel C Crowell (b. 16 Mar 1733 in Yarmouth – d. 1787) Lemuel’s parents were Thomas Crowell (1694 – 1762) and Experience Crowell (1694 – ) Elizabeth and Lemuel had eight children born between 1764 and 1786.

Crowell, Lemuel. Private, Capt. Lot Crowell’s co., Col. Nathaniel Freeman’s regt.; service, 6 days, on an alarm at Dartmouth and Falmouth in Sept., 1778.

9. Prince Hawes

Prince’s wife Ann Hedge was born 9 Dec 1716 Yarmouth, Mass.  Her parents were John HEDGE and Thankful LOTHROPAnn died 4 Mar 1782 Yarmouth, Mass.

Prince graduated at Harvard College in 1728. He was one of the selectmen of Yarmouth for 11 years from 1756 and town clerk and treasurer for five years from 1765. He also served as school master for the town.

A glimpse of Prince in his old age is provided by his grandson Deacon Joseph Hawes about 1838 when speaking about the educational facilities of Yarmouth a little before the Revolutionary War “At that time I lived with my aged grandfather, who had a liberal education, but in low circumstances. I could learn more in his corner with my pine candle, in one evening than I could in school in one week.”

INSCRIPTION: “Here lies Buried Mr. Prince Hawes Who decd Decm Ye 8th 1771 Aged___”

Children of Prince and Thankful:

i. Prince Hawes b. 15 Apr 1736 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 14 Dec 1767 Lost at Sea  Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia.; m. 2 Apr 1757 in Yarmouth to Elizabeth Hallett (b. 25 Apr 1734 in Yarmouth – d. 19 Mar 1764 in Yarmouth) Elizabeth’s parents were Joseph Hallett (b. 1690 – ) and Abigail Thacher (1699 – 1768). Prince and Elizabeth had three children born between 1758 and 1763.

m2. 17 Oct 1765 in Yarmouth to Sarah Thacher (b. 17 Aug 1737 in Yarmouth – d. 7 Aug 1773 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass.) Sarah’s parents were Judah Thacher (1693 – 1775) and Sarah Crosby (1702 – ). Prince and Sarah had one more child, Anna (b. 1766) After Prince died, Sarah married 27 Nov 1771 in Yarmouth to Thomas Palmer (1738 – 1775)

ii. Anna Hawes b. 29 Jun 1739 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 28 Apr 1765 Yarmouth

iii. Simeon Hawes b. 22 Mar 1745 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 4 May 1791; m. 1768 to Bethiah Matthews (b. 22 Mar 1749 in Yarmouth – d. Jul 1796 in Yarmouth) Simeon and Bethiah had nine children born between 1769 and 1789.

iv Baby Hawes b. 18 Jul 1746 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 31 Aug 1746 Yarmouth

10. Thankful Hawes

Thankful’s husband Thomas Annable was born 21 Jun 1708 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Samuel Annable (1669 – 1744) and Patience Daggett (1670 – 1760). Thankful and Thomas did not have children.

After Thankful died Thomas married 7 Aug 1740 in Barnstable to Anne Gorham (1717 – 1748) Thomas and Anne had four children born between 1741 and 1747. After Anne died, he married 26 Mar 1748 in Barnstable to Abigail Dimmock (1714 – 1788) and had three more children born between 1747 and 1753. Thomas died 6 Dec 1798 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass Burial: Lothrop Hill Cemetery

Inscription: (From a 19th Century transcription)

“In memory of Mr. Thomas Annable, he died December ye 6th. 1798 in his 91st year.”


Wing Family of America – Joseph Hawes

Wing Family of America – Mary Howes

World Connect Search – Joseph Hawes 1673

Edmond Hawes and his American descendants: Edmond Hawes (1608-1683) of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and some of his American descendants through thirteen generations Gateway Press, 2000

Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Massachusetts: an emigrant to America in 1635, his ancestors, including the allied families of Brome, Colles, Greswold, Porter, Rody, Shirley and Whitfield; and some of his descendants (Google eBook) 1914

The descendants of Richard Sares (Sears) of Yarmouth, Mass., 1638-1888. With an appendix, containing some notices of other families by the name of Sears (1890) By Samuel Pearce May (1828- )

Sears Family Association

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