Samuel Richardson

Samuel RICHARDSON (1602 – 1658) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2.048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Richardson Coat of Arms

Samuel Richardson was born 22 Dec 1602 in Westmill, Hertsfordshire, England and was christened at St. Mary, Virgin, Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. His parents were Thomas RICHARDSON  and Katherine DUXFORD.  He married Joanna THAKE 18 Oct 1632 in Great Mead Hertfordshire, England.

Samuel is one of three brothers who united in the settlement of Woburn, MA.   We do not know in what year he came to this country, but 1636 is the most likely.  Samuel’s nephews Francis WYMAN and his brother John were seventeen and fourteen in 1636 when they immigrated and so probably came with their older uncles.   Samuel died 23 Mar 1657/58 in Woburn, Mass.

Woburn Location in Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Joanna Thake was born on 2 Feb 1606 in of, Westmill, Hertfordshire, England. She was baptized on 2 Feb 1606 in Barkway, Hertfordshire, England.  Her father, William THAKE was born c. 1571 in England.  Her mother, Johan WOOD was born c. 1574 in England was baptized on 27 Sep 1574 in Therfield, Hertsfordshire,  England and  buried on 14 May 1621 in Barkway , Hertfordshire, England. Joanna died on 20 Jun 1666 in Woburn, Mass.

Children of Samuel and Joanna:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Samuel Richardson 3 Jul 1633
West Mill, Hertfordshire, England
Died Young
2. Elizabeth Richardson 22 May 1635
West Mill, Herts, England
John Mousall
c. 1659
16 Aug 1685
3. Mary Richardson 25 Feb 1637/38
Charlestown, Mass.
Thomas Mousall 13 Sep 1677
4. Lt. John Richardson 12 Nov 1639
Charlestown, Mass
Elizabeth Bacon
22 Oct 1658
Mary Pierson
28 Oct 1672
Cambridge, Mass
Margaret Willing
1 Jan 1696/97
Woburn, Mass
5. Hannah Richardson 8 Mar 1641/42
Woburn, Mass
8 Apr 1642
Woburn, Mass
6. Joseph Richardson 27 Jul 1643
Woburn, Mass
Hannah Green
5 Nov 1666 Woburn, Mass.
5 Mar 1717/18
Woburn, Mass.
7 Samuel Richardson 22 May 1646
Woburn, Mass.
Martha [_?_]
Hannah Kingbury
20 Sep 1674
Phebe Baldwin
7 Nov 1676 Woburn, Mass.
Sarah Hayward
8 Sep 1680
29 Apr 1712
Woburn, Mass
8. Stephen RICHARDSON 15 Aug 1649
Woburn MA.
Abigail WYMAN
31 Dec 1674 in Billerica MA.
22 Mar 1716/17 Woburn MA
9. Thomas Richardson 31 Dec 1651
27 Sep 1657

Samuel Richard’s three brothers also immigrated from Westmill England and settled in Woburn, MA.

Woburn was first settled in 1640 near Horn Pond, a primary source of the Mystic River, and was officially incorporated in 1642. At that time the area included present day towns of Woburn, Winchester, Burlington, and parts of Stoneham and Wilmington. In 1730 Wilmington separated from Woburn. In 1799 Burlington separated from Woburn; in 1850 Winchester did so, too.

Woburn got its name from Woburn, Bedfordshire. Woburn played host to the first religious ordination in the Americas on Nov. 22, 1642. Rev. Thomas Carter was sworn in by many of the most prominent men of New England including John Cotton, minister of the First Church of Boston, Richard Mather minister of the First Church of Dorchester, and Capt. Edward Johnson [son of William JOHNSON] co-founder of the church and town of Woburn. Johnson is regarded as “the father of Woburn.” He served as the first town clerk, represented the town in the Massachusetts General Court, made the first map of Massachusetts, and wrote the first history of the colony.

Map of Waterfield 1638 Riichardson-Johnson — This map was constructed by the late George Cooke and George T. Littlefield of Winchester and is designed to show “the approximate location in 1638” of the lots in Woburn and Winchester which had been granted to the inhabitants of Charlestown. The descriptions of the lots, from which the compilers prepared their map, were taken from the Charlestown Book of Possessions. This land is situated in the westerly part of Winchester.

The first organizational Town Meeting was held on April 13, 1644 and the first town officers were chosen. Town Selectmen were Edward Johnson, Edward Converse, John Mousall, William Learned, Ezekiel Richardson, Samuel Richardson and James Thompson. William Learned was also selected as Constable. Michael Bacon, Ralph Hill, Thomas Richardson were chose for Surveyors of Highways.

Deacon Edward Convers was also one of the founders of Woburn. He was one of its first selectmen, and built the first house and first mill in Woburn. He was very active in town affairs and was a large landowner, miller and surveyor.

The Richardson Memorial by John Adams Vinton, 1876 printed by Brown Thurston & Co., Portland, Maine (1876), pg. 183 – 184:

SAMUEL RICHARDSON, the 2nd of the three brothers of that name, who united in the settlement of Woburn, was born in England, not far from the year 1610. We do not know in what year he came to this country. Possibly he came with his elder brother, Ezekiel, in 1630, though this is not at all probable. A list of fifty-eight men, inhabitants of Charlestown, dated Jan. 9, 1633/34, is found on the records of that town. Among them is the name of Ezekiel Richardson, but not Samuel or of Thomas, his brothers. A similar list was made out, Jan. 1635/36, in which Ezekiel appears, but neither of his brothers.  Putting all these things together, it amounts to a certainty that while Ezekiel arrived in June or July, 1630, his younger brothers did not come till 1636. Ezekiel may have been twenty-five or thirty on his coming. Samuel was probably four or five years younger

31 Jul 1634 – Executor of his father’s estate  at Hutchins, England

1 Jul 1636 – The first notice we find of Samuel  when he and his brother Thomas Richardson, with others, were on a committee to lay out lots of land for hay.

17 Mar 1636/37 -Samuel was chosen surveyor of the highways,

1637 -The names of Samuel and Thomas Richardson first appear in a list of inhabitants of Charlestown. The same year the town of Charlestown granted to each of them a “houseplot,” clearly indicating that they had recently become residents in the place. These two brothers were admitted members of the church there, Feb.. 18, 1637/38, in consequence of which they were made freemen of the colony,

2 May 1638. –  Samuel becomes a freeman

20 Apr 1638 –  The three brothers had lots assigned them, , on “Misticke side above the Ponds,” that is, in Malden, and their names, among others, appear as persons having the privilege of pasturing cows upon the Common, Dec. 30, 1638.

9 Sep 1639 – Joanna  united with the church in Charlestown

5 Nov., 1640. – the three brothers and four others, Edward Convers, Edward Johnson, John Mousall, and Thomas Graves, were chosen by the church of Charlestown as commissioners or agents for the settlement of a church and town, within what were then the limits of Charlestown, but soon after erected into a separate town, and called Woburn. That whole territory was then a wide, uncultivated waste. In the February following, the commissioners built a bridge over the Aberjona River, as the Mystic River is called, north of Mystic Pond. This bridge was known in after times as Convers’ Bridge, from Edward Convers, the proprietor of the adjacent mill. He lived in the immediate vicinity, in the first house built in Woburn. His descendants lived there, or in that vicinity, and the entire locality is now in the heart of the town of Winchester.

14 Aug 1642 – When the church was constituted in Woburn, O.S., Samuel Richardson and his two brothers, with John Mousall, Edward Johnson, Edward Convers, and William Leonard, solemnly stood forth, as the nucleus around which the church was to be gathered.

1644-1646 and 1649-51 Samuel Richardson was selectman of Woburn

Richardsons Row Woburn, Mass

1647 – The three brothers lived near to each other, on the same street, which has ever since been known as “Richardson’s Row.” It was by the town laid out as a street in 1647, and the three Richardsons are in the town book represented as then living upon it.  Since Woburn was first settled near Horn Pond, this  Google Map Street View of Richardson Street in Woburn is probably the same place.

Samuel Richardson – Horn Pond Woburn Mass

In 1645, Samuel paid the highest tax of any man in Woburn; Capt. Edward Johnson the next.

23 Mar 1658 – Samuel died, intestate, The inventory is dated March 29, 1658. His widow Joanna and eldest son, John, were appointed administrators.

25 Jun 1658 – Lieut. John Wyman, of Woburn, was appointed guardian of his sons, John and Joseph,


2. Elizabeth Richardson

Elizabeth’s husband John Mousall was born 1631 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass. He was Thomas’ brother and his parents were Ralph Mousall and Alice [__?__]. John died 16 Aug 1685 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.

When Edward WOOD and Ruth LEE both died in 1642,  Ralph and Alice Mousall took their six year old daughter Ruth in, and raised her.

3. Mary Richardson

Mary’s husband Thomas Mousall was born 25 Mar 1633 in Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass. He was John’s brother and his parents were Ralph Mousall and Alice [__?__]. Thomas died 16 Apr 1713 in Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass.

4. Lt. John Richardson

His father died in 1658 when John was 19 years old and his cousin Lt. John Wyman was appointed guardian on 25 Jun 1658.

John’s first wife Elizabeth Bacon was born 4 Jan 1642 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Michael Bacon and Mary Jobs. Elizabeth died 1673 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

John’s second wife Mary Pierson was born 4 Jan 1642 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Bartholomew Pierson and Ursula [__?__]. Mary died Jun 1689 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mas

John’s third wife Margaret Willing was born 1668 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Margaret died 28 Oct 1726 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

John was constable 1675, a soldier in King Philip’s war 1675-6, freeman 1678, and selectman 1690 and 1692.

Lt John Richardson Gravestone — Here lies the body of Lieutenant John Richardson aged 58 years died the 1 of January 1696. (there is a 7 engraved after the second 6 in the year and some of the letters are joined to each other, such as the letters n and t in Lieutenant) — First Burial Ground , Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

6. Joseph Richardson

His father died in 1658 when Joseph was 15 years old and his cousin Lt. John Wyman was appointed guardian on 25 Jun 1658.

Joseph’s wife Hannah Green was born 7 Feb 1647 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Green and Elizabeth Lynde. Hannah died 24 Oct 1708 in Norwich, New London, CT.

Although it is sometimes said that Hannah Green, wife of Joseph Richardson, was the daughter of William Green of Woburn, she was actually the daughter of Thomas Green of Malden. The other Hannah Green married Thomas Knowlton.

Joseph was admitted freeman 15 May 1672.  He was one of Major Samuel Appleton’s soldiers, and was engaged in the Great Swamp Fight  on 19 Dec 1675. He was a selectman of Woburn, 1693, 1694, and 1702.

7. Samuel Richardson

Samuel had fifteen children in all, four by his first wife, one by his second wife, one by his third wife, and nine by his last wife.  The story of his family can be found in “Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine,” Volume 4, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1909

Samuel’s first wife Martha [_?_] was born 1650 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Martha died 20 Dec 1673 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

Samuel’s second wife Hannah Kingbury was born 27 May 1656 in Braintree, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Kingsley, of Billerica. and Hannah Brackett. She was slain, with her only child, scarce a week old, by Indians, 10 Apr 1676 in Woburn, Mass.  Hannah, her daughter Hannah, and her step-son Thomas, were slain on the same day by the Indians.

Samuel’s third wife Phebe Baldwin was born 7 Sep 1654 in Woburn, Mass. Her parents were Deacon Henry Baldwin, of Woburn, and Phebe Richardson, dau. of Ezekiel and Susanna Richardson. Phebe died Oct. 20, 1679 in Woburn, Mass, aged 25.

Samuel’s fourth wife Sarah Hayward was born 1655 in Malden, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Hayward and Hannah Willis.  Alternatively, her parents were Samuel Hayward and Sarah Stowers. She survived her husband and died 14 Oct 1717 in Woburn, Mass, aged 62. The name was sometimes pronounced and written Howard.

Sarah Hayward Richardson Gravestone — First Burial Ground, Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

Samuel Richardson lived upon what has recently been called the Miller Farm, on Richardson’s Row, less than a mile north of the present village of Winchester. He was a soldier in “Philip’s War,” 1675.

In the afternoon of April 10, 1676, he was employed in carting manure into his field, accompanied by his son Samuel, a boy between five and six years old. Looking toward his house he was surprised at seeing feathers flying about it and other tokens of mischief within. He also heard the screams of his wife. Apprehending that Indians might be there, he hastened home with his gun, and there found two of his family murdered, viz., his wife Hannah, who had lately been confined, and his son Thomas, twin brother to him who had been with him in the field. On further search, it was found that the infant, only a week old, had been slain by the same ruthless hands. The nurse, it appeared, had snatched it up in her arms upon the alarm of danger and was making her escape to a garrison house in the vicinity; could not save herself and the babe too, she let the babe drop, and the Indians dispatched it at once. Mr. Richardson now rallied some of his neighbors, who went with him in pursuit of the enemy. Following them some time, they espied three Indians sitting on a rock, fired at them, killed one, and drove the others away. [Sewall’s Hist. of Woburn, p. 119.]

“His will is dated Feb. 23, 1709-10; proved May 19, 1712; recorded Midd. Prob. Rec., xiii. 68.  He mentions wife Sarah, eldest son Samuel, daughter Elizabeth Wyman, wife of Jacob Wyman, son Zachariah, daughter Sarah Richardson, daughter Hannah Pratt, sons Ebenezer, Eleazar, David, Thomas, and Jonathan, the last being a minor.  He speaks of his brother Stephen and of John Vinton, their land as bordering on his own; of Joseph Richardson, jr., also, and Stephen Richardson, Jr., as his cousins, that is, nephews.”

Samuel Richardson Jr Gravestone — First Burial Ground, Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

8. Stephen RICHARDSON (See his page)


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  11. Barbara Taylor says:

    Hi, you show Elizabeth Richardson married to John Mousall. I have not been able to confirm that anywhere and your snippet showing info about her shows her husband as Francis Wyman, not Mousall.

  12. markeminer says:

    Hi Barbara,

    The Elizabeth Richardson that married Francis Wyman is Samuel Richardson’s sister. Here’s a reference to the Elizabeth Richardson / John Mousall family, Note that the specific URL will change over time,

    • Barbara says:

      Mark, Thanks for that 🙂 I’m still skeptical of it though until I find better sources. I found a similar page – – and compared it to “The Richardson Memorial” from which it quotes extensively. However, the children as listed below the text for that section where she is shown are different in some key dates and details from the Richardson Memorial book. It’s almost like they copied a section of text from the book and the children from somewhere else. The Richardson Memorial shows Elizabeth as the youngest daughter (not the 2nd of 8 children) born 165-; living in 1666 (no husband listed) – daughter of Samuel Richardson I (who died 3/23/1658) and Joanna (will dated June 20, 1666, proved 1677). The web pages that show Elizabeth married to John Mousall show her birth date as 1635 – enough to be off by a generation. I’ll keep working with it. It’s hard when there are so many people with the same names. It is very easy to confuse them, which I why I am looking for known credible source citations rather than just Internet pages that may or may not be correct. Background: I found your page looking up the 7 founders of Woburn, MA, where my grandfather’s family came from. I was concentrating on the Fowle line (my direct line back to George Fowle (1610/11) and the Richardson line (my direct line is to Samuel Richardson I, one of the 3 original brothers). Then, as I was reading some of the stories about starting the town, I decided to look at the other founders and early settlers to see if they fall in my family tree also and what I could find out about them. I do have a Thomas Mousall in my tree married to Mary Richardson (1637-1677) – daughter of Samuel I, which comes from the Richardson Memorial, so there is probably a relationship in there somewhere to John Mousall. I just want to verify who is who.

      Thanks for the follow-up 🙂


      Miner Descent wrote thusly, On 8/14/2012 6:18 PM Pacific Time: > markeminer commented: “Hi Barbara, The Elizabeth Richardson that married Francis Wyman is Samuel Richardson’s sister. > Here’s a reference to the Elizabeth Richardson / John Mousall family, Note that the specific URL will change over time, > http://www.genealogyofnewengland” >

      • charles richardson says:

        Samuel Richardson was my 11th great grandfather, I have a copy of the memorial book but can it/has it been updated?

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  15. Hello, my brother Vern has just traced back to Samual Richardson as Being our 10th great grandfather
    I am glad to have found this information!!!

  16. Carol Harris Maxfield says:

    I have recently traced one branch of my family tree to Samuel’s brother, Ezekiel Richardson, who is a tenth great-grandfather to me. The info here totally supports other info I have found. Thank you!

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