Stephen Richardson

Stephen RICHARDSON (1649 – 1717) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Stephen Richardson was born 15 Aug 1649 in Woburn Middlesex, Mass.  His parents were Samuel RICHARDSON and Joanna THAKE.  He married his second cousin Abigail WYMAN on 31 Dec 1674 in Billerica, Middlesex, Mass.  Stephen died 22 Mar 1716/17 in Woburn Mass.

Stephen Richardson Headstone – Woburn First Burial Ground: “Here lyes the body of Mr. Stephen Richardson, aged about 67 years, died March ye 20th, 1717-18.

Abigail Wyman was born c. 1659 in Woburn MA.  Her parents were Francis WYMAN and Abigail Justice REED.  Abigail died 17 Sep 1720 in Woburn Mass.

Abigail Wyman Richardson – Headstone – Woburn, MA First Burial Ground: “Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Abigail Richardson, wife of Mr. Stephen Richardson, aged 60 years, who died September 17th, 1720.”

Children of Stephen and Abigail

Name Born Married Departed
1. Stephen Richardson 20 Apr 1675
Woburn, Middlesex, MA
Susanna Wilson
Billerica, Mass
14 Jan 1711/12
Billerica, MA
2. William Richardson 14 Dec 1678
Rebecca Vinton
15 Sep 1703
Woburn, Mass
6 Sep 1749
Attleborough, Mass
3. Francis RICHARDSON 15 Jan 1680/81
7 Jul 1708 Charleston, MA
31 Dec 1755
Attleborough MA.
4. Timothy Richardson 6 Dec 1682
Susannah Holden in 1713 in Woburn Mass 1 Jan 1716/17
Wobrun MA
5. Abigail Richardson 14 Nov 1683
John Vinton
9 Mar 1702/03
Charlestown, Mass
21 Jun 1720
Stoneham, Mass
6. Prudence Richardson 17 Jan 1684/85
Samuel Kendall
1707 in Woburn
7. Timothy Richardson 24 Jan 1686/87
Woburn, Mass
Susannah Holden
1713 in Woburn
Abigail Johnson
11 Dec 1717 Woburn, Mass
29 Jun 1735 Woburn, Mass
8. Seth Richardson 16 Jan 1688/89 Woburn Mary Brown
18 Jan 1714 Attleboro
1 Sep 1747
Attleborough, Mass
9. Daniel Richardson 16 Oct 1691
Joanna Mousall
1723 in Woburn
20 Apr 1749
10. Mary Richardson 3 May 1696
Abraham Cummins
11. Rebecca Richardson 10 Jun 1698
6 Dec 1711
12. Solomon Richardson 27 Mar 1702
Abigail Evans
1728 in Woburn
1728 in Woburn
13. Henry Richardson 1704 Woburn

Stephen Richardson resided in Woburn which then included Burlington and a part of Wilmington.  His land extended in Billerica which then adjoined Woburn.

1690 – Admitted Freeman in Woburn.

His will, dated 15 Aug 1713, proved 22 Apr 1718, mentions wife Abigail; daughters, Abigail Vinton and Prudence Kendall; sons Stephen, William, Francis, Timothy, Seth, Daniel, and Solomon.


1. Stephen Richardson

Stephen’s wife Susanna Wilson was born 11 Mar 1679 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Lt. John Wilson and Hannah James. After Stephen died in 1712, she married 17 May 1717 in Woburn to Daniel Snow (b. 9 Jul 1674 in Woburn – d. 7 Jul 1717 in Woburn). Daniel died soon and she married again in 1718 to Daniel Simonds (21 Feb 1690 in Woburn – b. 25 Jun 1772 in East Haddon, N Hamptonshire, England). 1718 Susanna died in 1749

2. William Richardson

William’s wife Rebecca Vinton was born 26 Mar 1683 in Malden, Middlesex, Mass. She was John’s brother and her parents were John Vinton and Hannah Green. Rebecca died in Jan 1757 in Attleborough, Bristol, Mass.

Their grandson Col. Stephen Richardson was born 6 Aug 1737 in Attleboro. His parents were Capt. Stephen Richardson (1714-1754) & Hannah Coy (1718-1761). He married Hannah Fuller on the 30 Apr 1761 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA. She was born abt. 1739, died 4 Nov 1764. Col Stephen died 18 Nov 1808 in Attleboro.

Col Stephen Richardson commanded a company under Colonel John Daggett and was made Colonel in 1778. One dau. known: Elizabeth Richardson 1763-1825.

At the first outbreak of the Revolution,he took an active and leading part in opposition to the oppressive measures of the British ministry. The town, Dec. 6, 1774, established “a superior and an inferior court, to hear and determine controversies that had arisen, or might arise in that town.”

Of seven inferior judges, Capt. StephenRichardson was one. March 19, 1776, he was chosen a member of the ” Committee of  Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety.” May 22., 1776, he was chosen one of a committee of five to prepare instructions to the representative of the town, Capt. John Stearns. Among other things, it was enjoined on the representative, that if the Continental Congress should declare the country independent of Great Britain, he should, in behalf of the town, sustain and defend them in so doing.
In October, 1777, he commanded a company, under Col. John Daggett, grandfather of the historian of that name, from Attleboro, stationed fori one month on Rhode Island.

January 12, 1778, Col. Stephen Richardson,his brother, Capt. Caleb Richardson, and five others, were chosen to prepare instructions to the representatives of the town, relative to the Articles of Confederation. Col. Stephen Richardson and two others were chosen, Aug. 2, 1779, members of the convention to meet at Concord the following October, for the purpose of forming a State Constitution.   He was a representative of the town of Attleborough in 1783 and 1785. .

3. Francis RICHARDSON (See his page)

4. Timothy Richardson

Timothy’s wife Susannah Holden was born 16 Oct 1694 in Billerica, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Justinian Holden, Susannah Dutton. Susannah lived to be a 100 years old and died in 1794 – Malden, Middlesex, Mass.

5. Abigail Richardson

Abigail’s husband John Vinton was born 16 Jan 1681 in Malden, Middlesex, Mass. He was Rebecca’s brother and his parents were John Vinton and Hannah Green. Late in life, Apr 1752 in Stoneham, Middlesex, Masss he married Hannah Richardson, Abigail’s 2nd cousin, (b. 6 May 1689 in Woburn – d. 1766 in Stoneham, Mass.) John died Dec 1760 in Dudley, Worcester, Mass.

6. Prudence Richardson

Prudence’s husband Samuel Kendall was born 13 Aug 1684 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Kendall and Rebecca Mixer. Samuel died 17 Oct 1743 in Lancaster, Worcester, Mass.

7. Timothy Richardson

Timothy’s first wife Susannah Holden was born 16 Oct 1694 in Billerica, Mass. Her parents were Justinian Holden and Susannah Dutton. Susannah died 1717 in Malden, Middlesex, Mass

Timothy’s second wife Abigail Johnson was born 1698 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Edward Johnson and Sarah Walker. Abigail died in 1747.

8. Seth Richardson

Seth’s wife Mary Brown was born 1687 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. Mary died 15 Jan 1752 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.

“Will of Mary Richardson of Attle(boro), widow of Seth Richardson, she ‘being in ye 66th year of my age’, dated 15 Jan 1752; prob(ated) 20 Jan 1753. Daus. : Mary Hambleton, wife of William Hambleton; Abigail Fuller, wife of Obediah Fuller; Sarah Parmetor, wife of Caleb Parmetor; Phebe Bourn, wife of Andrew Bourn. Gr(and)ch(il)d(re)n: Abigail Follet, Robert Follet, Mary Follet, children of Robert Follet; Sarah Fuller, Obadiah Fuller, Bethiah Fuller and Phebe Fuller, children of my dau. Abigail Fuller; John Bourn, son of Andrew Bourn. My [grand]children Mary Parmetor, Sarah Parmetor, Hannah Parmetor, and Elizabeth Parmetor, children of Caleb Parmetor; Grandsons Robert Bourn and Seth Bourn. Son-in-law Andrew Bourn to be executor. Witnesses: Edward Foster, John Foster 3rd and Rachel Foster

Children of Seth and Mary:

i. Stephen Richardson b. 1710 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.

ii. Mary Richardson b. 6 Oct 1715 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass; m. 14 Dec 1735 in Attleboro to Stephen Fuller (b. 15 Apr 1714 in Attleboro – d. 6 Nov 1768 in Attleboro) Mary and Stephen’s son Stephen Fuller (1742 – ) married Mary Maxcy, their daughter Anna Fuller (b. 1784 in Attleboro – d. 1861) married James Richardson (b. 3 Apr 1775 Attleboro, Bristol, Mass; d. 1843), Stephen RICHARDSON’s great grandson. (See Francis RICHARDSON’s) page for details.

Stephen Fuller (1742 – ) was proprietor of the Half Way House in Walpole, Mass. a place for stage coaches to stop on their journey between Boston and Providence.

iii. Abigail Richardson b. 24 Mar 1718 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass;

iv. Seth Richardson b. 26 May 1723 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass

v. Phebe Richardson b. 17 Oct 1725 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass

9. Daniel Richardson

Daniel’s wife Joanna Mousall was born in 1693. Her parents were Joseph Mousall and Joanna Whittemore.

Daniel Richardson Gravestone — First Burial Ground, Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

10. Mary Richardson

Mary’s husband Abraham Cummins was born 1663 in Woborn, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were [__?__] Cummins and Sarah Wright. Abraham died 7 Apr 1755 in Attelboro, Bristol, Mass.

12. Solomon Richardson

Solomon’s wife Abigail Evan was born 23 Jun 1705 in Malden, Mass. Abigail died in 1774.


Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal …, Volume 2 By Ellery Bicknell Crane

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    8 Gregory Wood 70 (Orange Park FL) says thank you for such a good overall website. Some of text helped confirm my records. I have the pleasure of being downstream of both Abigail and Prudence following both Kendall’s and Vinton/ Eaton lines. At Carolinr O. Eaton one line connect to Henry Richardson . From there down to my grandmother Lucy Dodge Richardson they to Hilda Hutchinson my mother (her second marriage to Ernest Wood
    If I can help with Dodge / Hutchinson let me know Greg

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