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17th Century Premarital Sex

While some like to think that sex was invented in the 1960’s, these stories prove otherwise. Stephen BACHILER (c.1561 – 1656) (Wikipedia) As an epilogue to his life story, when he was 90 , his last wife had an affair with another … Continue reading

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2011 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 130,000 times in 2011. If it were an exhibit at … Continue reading

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Marcus Antonius

Almost everyone with European ancestors is related to everyone else within the last 2000 years.  Remember the king was was ruined by his promise to pay 1 grain of rice of the first chessboard square, 2 on the second, 3 … Continue reading

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17th Century Houses

A surprisingly large proportion of the oldest New England houses still in existence were built by our ancestors. Stephen HOPKINS House Plimoth Plantation c.1627 Re- creation . The 17th-Century English Village is a re-creation of the small farming and maritime community … Continue reading

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Edward I

24th Generation. EDWARD I of England (1239 – 1307), also known as Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots, was King of England from 1272 to 1307.    He married ELEANOR of Castile. The first son of Henry III, Edward was involved early in the political … Continue reading

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Favorite Posts 2010

Fun Stuff 1. Passages 700 2. Origins 556 3. Vassalboro 443 4. Famous Cousins 252 5. Lyon’s Whelp 198 6. Charlemagne 198 7. Veterans 175 8. Tavern Keepers 82 9. Wikipedia Famous 71 10. Societies 69 11. New England Pioneers 65 12. Crimes and Misdemeanors 58 13. 2010 in Review 56 14. Untimely Deaths 46 … Continue reading

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Genealogical Societies

Here is a list of societies we are qualified to join Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts – This is the third oldest chartered military organization in the World, and the oldest in the Western Hemisphere! The rich tradition of … Continue reading

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Colonial Tavern Keepers

Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers qualify for membership in the Flagon and Trencher Society. Those persons, either male or female, who can prove direct descent from a person conducting a tavern, inn, ordinary, or other type of hostelry prior to … Continue reading

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2010 in Review

I have pretty much come to the end of the line in Tracing each branch back to the American arrival.    Here are the final stats. I found 626 Ancestral Families that have lived in America.  Based on my four grandparents: … Continue reading

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1920’s and 1930’s Fashions


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