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I think I’ve found every ancestral family that can be found, so it will be hard to make new ancestor posts.  You can click on the “Missing Parents” category to see the possible candidates.  I’ll continue to make updates and revisions based on your comments.

I’ve finished adding cousins/grandchildren, through about 8 generations, but there are hundreds more to find in older generations, so I may go back some day and flesh out earlier families.
My new posts are more likely to cover neighborhood history.   Recents ones include Murrieta Rock – El Cerrito,  Fred Korematsu and El Cerrito Architecture

In urban planning circles, El Cerrito is known as a “first suburb”;  mostly residential; not super fancy.     It shares liberal values with neighboring Berkeley, but with perhaps a little less histrionics and righteousness.  At one point, El Cerrito had the most Nobel Prize winners per capita.  (helps to have a smaller denominator for these kind of rankings – lol)  and the second most Priuses per capita in the state after Santa Monica.

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