Jasper Taylor

Jasper TAYLOR (1643 – 1719) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Immigrant Ancestor

Jasper Taylor was born 21 Oct 1641, St. Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex, England. His parents were Richard TAYLOR (1610 – ) and [__?__]. He is sometimes called Jospeh Taylor.  He married Hannah FITZ RANDOLPH 6 Nov 1668 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. Jasper died 1719 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.

Hannah Fitz Randolf was born 23 Apr 1648 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Edward FITZ RANDOLPH and Elizabeth BLOSSOM.Hannah died 13 Apr 1705 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass

Children of  Jasper and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Taylor 28 Jan 1670  Barnstable, Plymouth Colony 9 Feb 1669 Barnstable
2. Mercy TAYLOR 6 Nov 1671 Barnstable, Mass. Jonathan WHELDON
1 Dec 1698 Yarmouth
14 Mar 1742 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.
3. Hope Taylor 24 Oct 1674   Barnstable, Plymouth Colony Joseph Sturgis (Son of Edward STURGIS)
13 Apr 1705 Yarmouth, Massa
4. Seth Taylor 5 Sep 1677  Barnstable, Plymouth Colony Susanna Sturgis
20 May 1701
17 Dec 1721  Yarmouth
5. John Taylor 21 Mar 1680  Barnstable, Plymouth Colony 1681
6. Elinor Taylor 6 Apr 1682 Barnstable, Plymouth Colony 26 Apr 1682   Barnstable
7. Jasher Taylor 29 Apr 1684 Barnstable, Plymouth Colony Experience Cobb
18 Feb 1714 Yarmouth
31 Oct 1752 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Jasper Taylor’s Origins

Little is known about Jasper Taylor’s origins. Many genealogies say he was born in 1643 in Barnstaple, Barnstable, Mass and his parents were Stephen Taylor and Sarah Hosford. Other genealogies say his parents were Richard Taylor and Ruth Wheldon. I don’t think either of these two theories are supported, so I’m going with the ideas Jasper was born in England. I found this reference  showing a possible baptism

Stephen Taylor / Sarah Hosford Theory

Stephen Taylor was born about 1618, possibly in Spreyton, Devon, England, and died 1 Sep 1688 in Windsor, Conn.. He first married 1 Nov 1642 in Windsor, Conn. to Sarah Hosford (bapt. 11 Jan 1623/24 Beaminster, England – d. 1647 in Windsor, CT). Her parents were William Hosford and Florence Hayward. After Sarah died, he married 25 Oct 1649 in Windsor, CT to Elizabeth Nowell ( b. ~ 1630 – 5 Aug, 1689 in Windsor, CT). .Genealogies that show Jasper’s parents to be Stephen Taylor and Sarah Hosford, show him as an only child. In trees that show their other children, Jasper never appears.

Children of Stephen Taylor and Sarah Hosford:

i. Stephen Taylor b. 11 Mar 1643/44, Windsor, CT; d. 3 Aug 1707, Windsor; m.  Joanna Porter.

ii. Samuel Taylor 8 Oct 1647, Windsor, Conn.; d. 5 Aug 1723, Westfield, Mass.

Children of Stephen Taylor and Elizabeth Nowell:

iii. John Taylor b. 22 Mar 1651/52 Windsor, CT; d. 20 Jul 1726 Windsor; m1. Sarah Younglove; m2. Elizabeth Spencer

iv. Thomas Taylor b. 5 Oct 1655 Windsor, CT; d. 6 Jan 1740/41 Windsor

v. Abigail Taylor b. 19 Mar 1657/58 Windsor, CT; d. 17 Mar 1739/40 Suffield, CT

vi. Mary Taylor b,. 18 Jun 1661

vii. Mindwell Taylor b. 5 Nov 1663 Windsor, CT

Richard Taylor and Ruth Wheldon Theory

There were two contemporaneous Richard Taylors residing in early Yarmouth between 1643 and 1674 (the “tailor” and the “Rock”). I’m going with the theory that they married sisters Mary and Ruth Welden. Mary and Ruth were both daughters of our ancestor Gabriel WHELDON.   See Gabriel’s page for the 18 children of the two combined families.  I sorted out the children by family, but presented  in a single list.

One of Ruth’s children  has named “Jasher”  and another had a son named “Jasher”, though other accounts say he was the child of the subject of this sketch.

vii. Richard Taylor (Ruth) b: 9 Jun 1652  Yarmouth, Plymouth colony; d. 15 Nov 1732 in Yarmouth,; m. ~1670 to Hannah [__?__] (b. 1648 – d. 18 Nov 1733 Yarmouth) Richard and Hannah had at least three children born in Yarmouth between 1683 and 1695.  Some genealogies say they had a son Jasher Taylor (1685 – 1752) , others say that Jasher was a son of Jaspser TAYLOR and Hannah FITZ RANDOLPH

Jasher’s son and grandson with the same name

Son – Jasher Taylor b. 6 Oct 1719 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 28 Nov 1795 Buckland, Franklin, Mass.; m. 20 Sep 1744 in Yarmouth to Thankful Sears (b. 11 Apr 1723 in Yarmouth)

Grandson – Lt. Jasher Taylor b. 12 Mar 1761 Yarmouth; d. 17 Feb 1806 Buckland, Franklin, Mass; m1. 13 Jan 1785 in Ashfield, Franklin, Mass to Susannah Kelley (b. 1757 in Ashfield – d. 5 Apr 1804 in Buckland; m2. 19 May 1805 in Ashfield to Marcy Taylor (b. 27 Jul 1765 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.)

xiii.  Jasher Taylor (Ruth)  b: 9 May 1659 or 9 Aug 1653 Yarmouth, Plymouth colony

A 1655 lawsuit was brought against Margaret Whelden, widow of Gabriel by four men, two of whom were: Richard Taylor, Taylor and Richard Taylor, Husbandman… [Source: Middlesex Court Files Folio 11; HLS #411 and/or Probate Court, Cambridge, Suffolk County]:

“To the Constable of maulden or his deputie. You are required to attach the body or goods of Margrett Weilden, late widdow of Gabriel Weilden, and to take bond of her to the value of fourscore plus tenn pounds with sufficient suerties for her appearance at the next Court holden at Cambrdge ye wd day of ye 8 mo. 55, then and there to anser ye complaynt of Henry Weilden John Weilden, Rich: Taylor Taylor and Rich: Taylor husbandman for withholding their parts or portions of an estate which their late father Gabriell Weilden was possessor or owner of in his life and soe make a true returne hereof under your hand. Dated the 28 of the 5th mo. 55. By the Court Tho: Starr”

Jasper and Jasher

There were Jasper and Jasher Taylors in early Yarmouth.  Are they two names, or variants on one?

Jasper is a variant of the Persian name Kasper–and related to the name of the third Magi, Gasper. In Scandinavian countries, the name is Jesper. The name dates far back, and was common enough to be used in the royal family of England. The uncle of Henry VII of England was Jasper Tudor (1431-1495), the second son of the scandalous relationship of Owen Tudor and Queen Catherine of Valois (widow of Henry V).

Jasher, pronounced jaw-shawr’, is Hebrew in origin and it’s meaning is righteous or upright. The Book of Jasher, or the Book of the upright is one of the several lost books of the Old Testament referenced in the Hebrew Bible. It was probably a collection of verses in praise of the heroes of Israel.

Biblical reference for baby name Jasher:
Joshua 10:13; 2 Samuel 1:18

2. Mercy Taylor (See Jonathan WHELDON‘s page)

3. Hope Taylor

Hope’s husband Joseph Sturgis was born about 1664 in Yarmouth, Plymouth colony
His parents were our ancestors Edward STURGIS and Temperance GORHAM. Joseph died 16 Mar 1747 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Children of Hope and Joseph

i. Jasper Sturgis b: 1 Apr 1695 in Yarmouth, Mass.

ii. Temperance Sturgis b: 6 Sep 1696 in Yarmouth, Mass.

iii. Thankful Sturgis b: 15 Jul 1698 in Yarmouth, Mass.

iv. Hannah Sturgis b: 30 Jul 1701 in Yarmouth, Mass.

v. Fear Sturgis b: 15 Jan 1705 in Yarmouth, Mass.

4. Seth Taylor

Seth’s wife Susanna Sturgis was born 1683 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Sturgis and Abigail Lathrop. Her four grandparents were all our ancestors:  Edward STURGIS & Elizabeth HINCKLEY and  Barnabas LOTHROP & Susanna CLARK.  After Seth died, she married 9 Oct 1732 to John Throop. Examination of the original Bristol Vital records discloses the following wording, “Dea’n John Throop entered his intention of marriage with Susannah Taylor of Yarmouth, October 9th 1732.   She was admitted a member of the Bristol church between January of 1728 and May 13, 1741.  Susanna died 13 Oct 1768 in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Children of Seth and Susanna:

i. Barnabas Taylor b. 28 Jan 1702 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

ii. Abigail Taylor b. 6 Dec 1703 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

iii. Seth Taylor b. 1 Apr 1705  Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

iv. James Taylor M 7 Feb 1707 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

v. Eleanor Taylor b. 8 May 1709 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

vi. Ebenezer Taylor b. 10 Jun 1711  Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

vii. William Taylor b. 23 Feb 1713  Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

viii. John Taylor b. 5 Jul 1715 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

ix. Thankful Taylor b. 8 Mar 1717  Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

x. Thomas Taylor b. 5 Jul 1718 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

xi. Enoch Taylor b.  4 Mar 1720 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

xii. Nathaniel Taylor b.  18 Jun 1723 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

7. Jasher Taylor

Some genealogies show Jasher’s parents as Richard Taylor (1652 – 1732) and Hannah Rice (1651 – 1707).  Richard’s parents were Richard Taylor and Ruth Wheldon and his grandparents were Gabriel WHELDON and Jane [__?__].

Jasher’s wife Experience Cobb was born 8 Jun 1692 in Barnstable, Mas. Her parents were Samuel Cobb (b. 12 Oct 1654 in Barnstable, Plymouth Colony – 7 Sep 1727 ) and Elizabeth Taylor (b: ~1655 in Barnstable, Plymouth Colony).   Experience died 17 Dec 1764 Burial: Ancient Cemetery, Yarmouth Port, Barnstable, Mass.

Experience Cobb Headstone; Find A Grave Memorial# 43963005

Experience Cobb Headstone; Detail — Ancient Cemetery, Yarmouth Port —  Find A Grave Memorial# 43963005


Jasher Taylor Gravestone -- Ancient Cemetery, Yarmouth Port Barnstable, Mass -- Findagrave #43963059

Jasher Taylor Gravestone — Ancient Cemetery, Yarmouth Port
Barnstable, Mass — Findagrave #43963059

Here lyes Buried ye Body of Mr JASHER TAYLOR Who Departed this Life Oct’r 31 Anno Dom’ni 1752 In ye 67th Year of his Age

Children of Jasher and Experience

i. Ruth Taylor b: 28 Apr 1715 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 18 Jun 1737 Yarmouth

ii.  Capt. Isaac Taylor b: 14 Nov 1716 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 11 Dec 1786 Ashfield Franklin, Mass.; m. Sep 18,1755 in Yarmouth to Mary Joyce (1725 – 1779)

iii. Lydia Taylor?  b. 12 Jan 1717

iv.  Jasher Taylor b: 16 Oct 1719 in Yarmouth, Mass; d. 28 Nov 1795 in Buckland, Franklin, Mass; m. 20 Sep 1744 in Yarmouth to Thankful Sears

v. Betty Taylor? b: 27 Feb 1721

vi. David Taylor b: 24 May 1724; d. 24 Jan 1760; m. 23 Mar 1748 Ashfield, Franklin, Mass. to Thankful Hallet

vii. Jonathan Taylor b: 18 Feb 1726; d. 29 Dec 1794 in Ashfield, Franklin, Mass; m. Thankful Phinney (1733 – 1818)

viii. Stephen Taylor? b: 16 May 1728; d. 20 Dec 1759 in Yarmouth

ix. Thankful Taylor b: 2 Apr 1732; d. 11 Oct 1812 in Yarmouth; m. 27 Nov 1766 to Richard Taylor (1742 – 1838) Richard’s parents were William Taylor (1717 – 1808) and Anne Gorham (1717 – 1791)

x. Keziah Taylor b: 29 Mar 1734; d. 1 Aug 1801 in Yarmouth




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  7. Jeany Minor says:

    Cousin Mark Miner……..I am so sure that our lineage from the Taylors started from Great grandparents Jasper Taylor and Hanna Fitz Randolf. Joseph Minor moved and lived in Nebraska. He went or lived there maybe because our uncle/grandfather US President Zachary Taylor went and lived there too. Joseph Minor of Grants County Nebraska is a brother of my great grandfather Benjamin/Thomas Taylor Minor. Joseph Christopher Minor Abbott was the son of Hanna, Hanna’s father was Joseph Minor….they are the first ranch owner who used a cabin plane in ranching in Nebraska, Grant County. Another uncle that is not practically known to other MINORs list is my direct cousins and relatives like great uncle Jorge/George Minor of Spotsylvania who moved to Ohio, where son is great uncle Arthur Minor, father of Norman S. Minor- CLEVELAND’S LIVING LEGEND IN LAW” featured in Ebony Magazine Nov. 1963 issue.Jasper Another cousins and relatives, uncles and aunties is the MINORs of GALE HILLS. Auntie LUCY MINOR TRICES is sister of my great grandfather. One of our cousin JASPER BURNS chronicled the story of the TRICES, MINOR and JEFFERSON of Gale HIlls…….Jasper Burns name was followed from our great great ancestor Jasper Taylor, that obviously suggests he’s belong to us TAYLOR family. THE traditions to ‘follow and use the names of parent or grandparents ” so to preserved their memory and our ties to them never fades” IS VERY OBVIOUS. Now that my father is 71 years old, he looked very similar to uncle BENJAMIN BLAKE MINOR, but when he’s only 30 years old, he looked like Ethan Hawke…….uncle Benjamin Blake Minor is a nephew of THOMAS TAYLOR MINOR. Another thing that puzzled me was the name “BELL” in Magarao Camarines Sur. My grandfather Emeterio, my father’s “Tatay” (father) was born in BELL Magarao Camarines Sur. One resident from Magarao said that the BELL name came or derived from American missionary who lived and built a church in Magarao, another stories emerged that he is an American soldier who lived and died there during World War II. Maybe that man having a surname “BELL” was a very good fellow, very humble and loving that residents of Magarao wants his memory to live forever. My 2x great grandmother Lola Pyang was the richest residents of Magarao, she donated a parcel of land in BELL Elementary School. have lots of horses and carriages, vast lands with two :bodega” or storehouses to keep the hays and the palays, In 1920-1930s Naga City have no drinking water supply, my great grandmother have lots of boats so he founded a,business of supplying drinking water from Magarao to Naga City. They are very rich, they owned two Ford cars that was burned down by the Japanese troops in WWII. and the last car she owned was Ford Special, a model similar to the Philippine President in 1965. 1n 1966, my grandfather learned that all our property was lost and squandered by his cousins. Hope my story will add info as to how the other MINORs lived outside the comforts of American dreams and luxuries, far and away from cousins and relatives……whom WE longed for to see and hug and say I LOVE YOU auntie….I LOVE YOU uncle….I LOVE YOU cousins. . Thank you so much cousin Mark for giving me the chance to be in this group. I am very proud of our ancestors that leaved a mark in history.

  8. This Taylor coat of arms is copyright of http://www.4crests.com. Please remove it, or at least add a link to our website and remove any advertising to outside companies, such as Ancestry.com…. This amounts to you using my images to collect ad dollars for yourself. Please cease and desist. You have quite a huge number of my graphics on your site at minerdescent.com

    Mike Kennaugh

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