Santos Lopez

Santos LOPEZ (18xx – ) was Socorro’s great grandfather.

Santos Lopez was born in Lipa, Bantagas. His parents were xx. He married  Maria MERCADO. Santos died xx.

Lipa Batangas

Santos Lopez and Soledad Lopez

Santos Lopez

Santos Lopez

Maria Mercada was born xx. Her parents were Jose Trivino MERCADO and Dorotea Moxica QUIZON. Maria died xx.

Children of Santos and Maria:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Miguel Lopez Catalina Mercado Javier
2. Arsensio Lopez Angeles Rodriguez
Pianing (Pia) Salud
3 Soledad LOPEZ 1905
San Juan Batangas
Eusebio M. LOPEZ
4. Leonor Lopez Dr. Jose (Pepe) Soco

Santos and Soledad oversee a basketball game on the internet

The Lopez ancestral home was built by Lolo Santos Lopez and Lola Maria Mercado. Santos Lopez of Lipa built their heritage bahay-na-bato house in Mojica  Street.   Their pictures still hang in the dining room. See Eusebio’s page for more pictures.

The traditional Filipino “Bahay na bato” style for the large houses  built of stone and wood combines Filipino, Spanish and Chinese style elements.

The two major rivers of San Juan are the Malaking Ilog and the Lawaye rivers. “Malaking Ilog has the largest watershed area among the rivers of Batangas. It drains an area of about 820 square kilometers that includes most of Malepunyo Volcano, two-thirds of San Cristobal Volcano and the southwest quadrant of Banahaw Volcano. Because of its extensive watershed, the lower reaches of Malaking Ilog are prone to flooding and flash floods which early settlers might have experienced perennially.

On October 28, 1883, San Juan experienced a catastrophe due to continuous high winds and storm rain. “Water in the town rose to a height of three meters; houses were destroyed, livestock drowned and planted crops were washed away.

In agreement with the parish authorities, the town officials initiated the petition for the transfer of the lumang bayan upstream to a new site on January 18, 1886. On December 12, 1890 the bagong bayan or new town location in Calitcalit was formally approved by the Government. Two years later by 1893, the Maura Law was passed and all the town heads under the new set up were formally designated and given the title of Capitan Municipal. Four Tinientes (deputies) would make up the Tribuna Municipal or Municipal Council.

San Juan Batangas

The relatively urgent relocation of the township due to the floods actually gave the people a fresh base to start their life anew. Despite its new town setting, however, the socio-economic setup in San Juan retained its feudal character. The large plantations that fostered the tenancy system and were owned by a few families remained the order of the day. As these plantations grew in the hinterlands around the town, the families that established them clustered together in the new poblacion (town urban center). There they built their fine houses at about the same time and socialized with their peers even as their tenant workers lived out their simple life in their nipa huts in the rural field.


1. Miguel Lopez

Miguel’s wife Catalina Mercado Javier

 Don Miguel Lopez (San Juan Mayor 1934-1942)

Don Miguel Lopez (San Juan Mayor 1934-1942)

Children of Miguel and Catalina

i. Marcelo Lopez m. Naty [__?__] Children: Mario, Maricsi, Baby, Lito Lopez

Marcelo Lopez

ii. Natividad Lopez m. Rolando Cueto Child Cesar Cuerto

iii. Librada (Lily) Javier Lopez m. Rudy Asuncion Children: Lolly, Greg, Lydia, Bernie, Phil, and Jun

2. Arsenio Lopez


San Juan West Central School – Founder’s Bench

Child of Arsensio and his first wife Angeles Rodriguez.

i. Dennis Lopez m. Noemi Mariano

Children of Arsensio and his second wife  Pianing (Pia) Salud

ii.Nora Lopez m. Atty. Adelfo M. Maceda Children Pia,  Regina Eloisa, Carlos, Johnny and Renato (Tato).

Pia Maceda

Regina Eliosa Maceda

Johnny Maceda

Renato Maceda

Me, Renato Maceda, Socorro Alcid, and Cherry Maceda in their new Jersey City condo on the Hudson.

iii. Jun Lopez m. Ofelia Ledesma; Children Cecil Alcantara, Argie Lopez, Manny Lopez, John Paul Lopez, Pia Lorenzo, Mark Lopez

iv. Zenaida Lopez m. [__?__] Fernandez Children: Noli Lopez Fernandez, Ma. Pia Lopez Fernandez,  Monica Fernandez Ocampo, Mario Lopez Fernandez, Martin Lopez Fernandez, Isidro Fernandez, Pia Fernandez, Martin Fernandez, Mai Mai Fernandez, Monica Ocampo, Noli Fernandez

3. Soledad LOPEZ (See Eusebio M. LOPEZ‘s page)

4. Leonor Lopez

A huge painting of Lola Leonor Lopez Soco – sister of Lola Soledad greets one and all

Leonor Soco

Leonor’s husband Dr. Jose (Pepe) Soco was 15 years older than her.  He was from Hagonoy, Bulacan.

Leonor Lopez Soco

Children of Leonor and Jose

i. Leonor Soco m. Jun Magbag

Lena Magbag

ii. Aggie Lopez-Soco m. Jenny [__?__] Daughter Maan Soco, son JF’s wedding on 6-9-12 in Tagaytay.

iii. Rene Lopez-Soco  m.  Trina Montemayor-Misa of Alaminos, Pangasinan. Children are Angela, Jose Miguel (Mitch), and Jose Paolo (Paul). Angela married Bill Mitchell. Angela’s children are Reid (son 12-23-09) and Ryan (daughter 3-23-12). Mitch married Charlene Arguelles. Paolo married Rebecca Dixon. Paul’s first child is expected October 2012.

BTW, Trina (wife of Rene) and son Mitch; and Lena arrived in PI for JF’S Wedding on 6-9-12 in Tagaytay. JF is son of Aggie Lopez-Soco and Jenny.

iv. Digos Lopez-Soco

v. Boy Lopez-Soco Children Yeyet Soco (son) and Nico Soco (son)

vi. Titol Lopez-Soco m. Ruffy [__?__] Child: Banjo Lopez-Soco


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11 Responses to Santos Lopez

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  3. Angela Soco-Mitchell says:

    Rene Lopez-Soco married Trina Montemayor-Misa of Alaminos, Pangasinan. Children are Angela, Jose Miguel (Mitch), and Jose Paolo (Paul). Angela married Bill Mitchell. Angela’s children are Reid (son 12-23-09) and Ryan (daughter 3-23-12). Mitch married Charlene Arguelles. Paolo married Rebecca Dixon. Paul’s first child is expected October 2012. This is a great website. We’ve been curious about our family tree especially since we’re all spread out across the world. Thank you for putting this together. BTW, Trina (wife of Rene) and son Mitch; and Lena are arriving in PI for JF’S Wedding on 6-9-12 in Tagaytay. JF is son of Aggie Lopez-Soco and Jenny.

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Angela,
      I’m glad you liked the post. It looks like you are Socorro’s 2nd cousin. I added your info into the page.

      Some other of your cousins were visiting from PI on New Years and were telling us how you all are related to Jose Rizal. I put this page together to figure out the relationship and keep all the cousins straight. Socorro has so many, some she has not seen for many, many years. We met your mutual 2nd cousin Renato (Tato) Maceda on our trip to NY last week who she hadn’t seen since 1972!

      Are you familiar with the giant portrait of Lola Leonor Lopez Soco in your ancestral San Juan Batangas house?

      Kind Regards, Mark

  4. Jeany Minor says:

    Hi Mark Miner, how could this people of Batangas and Pangasinan claimed that they are part of our family? I did not see any relevance or any connections in any form with regards to our relations and/or their family names to our family names. I am a direct descendant of Judith Taylor Minor and Eastman Strong Minor……lola Judith Taylor Minor is a daughter of Lolo ISAAC TAYLOR and LOLO ZACHARY TAYLOR, the 12th US President is her first cousin thru great granduncle Robert Taylor. THOMAS TAYLOR MINOR is a brother of my great grandfather BENJAMIN TAYLOR MINOR……I am also a descendant of William Brewster and Thomas Palmer Minor/Miner. My father’s name is CLAUDIO PALENCIA MINOR, his mother was came from a prominent Palencia family from Spain. My grandfather,EMETERIO MINOR and my great grandfather Benjamin who changed his name to BONIFACIO MINOR when he settled in Bell Magarao, Camarines Sur prevented his children (my grandfather and his siblings) to went to school for fear of letting his children learned the scandal happened in our family……the incident where my half-great grand uncle WILLIAM CHESTER MINOR, the contributor of quotations of Oxford English Dictionary committed a crime in London. My great grandfather owned a vast of land in Bell, Magarao. He is the richest man in Bell, who owned 2 cars in the late 1930’s and a mansion, 2 tambubongs or bodega (a cotteges to store the grains of palays) that was burnt down by the Japanese forces during WWII. Remnants of the burnt cars and the remains of the hard wood post of the house was seen by my father when he was 6 years old. My father born on June 3, 1943. My great grandfather Benjamin was a merchant, a sugarcane to palay plantation owner and a missionary like his parents. He kept telling his wife (lola Aweng or lola PAULA Penaflor) of how he missed his family back in the US, especially his brothers Thomas, Jorge whose son is Arthur father of NORMAN S. MINOR (Cleveland’s Living Legend in Law of Ohio), Alfred, William, John, Robert and sister Lucy (Minor-Trices-Davis families of GALE HILLS). My grand uncle Eleuterio “Ilyong” Minor even mentioned the names of “Manassah”, William and Thomas ….. when I asked him about our great grandparents but he never mentioned that they were Americans. All I have known was, we are a natural Filipinos. Lolo Ilyong looked very much like uncle Robert “Bob” Minor, the cartoonist and have a big ears and big loud voice that he earned a nickname of “damulag” or carabao.

    My father, despite lacking a proper education, (he barely reach Grade 3) because of the war and the “prohibited order of not letting them to go to school” due of secret fear of the scandal be known to them (my father and his siblings) have yet still earned him a good reputation from his bosses in the Department of Agriculture that they entrusted the farm management to my father that brought him a national recognition from the government thru the Ministry of Agriculture. My father received an award for his “exemplary achievement as production in-charge of Palay seeds” for producing a 150 cavans/sacks of 50 kilos of palay seeds in one hectare. My father managed more or less 50 hectares of agricultural lands in DA and he was allowed by the department to recruit laborers outside DA and managed them to worked and tilt the lands under his supervisions. My father’s superiors from DA always paid a visit to our house, made fun and chat with my father and my sister Josephine. They are a good buddies…….a jolly-good-fellow, my father’s company is a “no-dull-moments”. My father have a very strong influence over his cousins, nephews and nieces and grand children. He was even called a “sandigang-pader” or “stone fortress” by his cousins. My father is well-respected by the people who knows him. His cousins (my uncles and aunties) looked up to my father as their head of the family because my father was the “eldest son” bearing a MINOR name from all among his cousins and relatives. It is also as if a “trademark” of EVIDENCE in our tradition within our family that WE MUST TAKE GOOD CARE OF OUR NAME AND REPUTATIONS……to be a good person and have fear in GOD. My father is quite conservative, he don’t like me (and the ladies) going to church wearing a jeans or pants. He loves to see me, my sister and my mother wearing dresses…….so he did not mind spending P750.00 to 1,000.00 pesos to a single cut of fabric from a Parisian shop there in Naga City…..that amount is quite expensive in the year 1975 until 1990 when the ready made dresses was not too common during that time, especially in our province 450 kilometers away from Manila. All the fabric that we bought was imported from Paris or Hong Kong and it was always a custom-made tailored dresses.

    All our immediate relatives here in Camarines Sur (Bicol), and in Bataan (where most of my aunties and uncles lived there since 1964, there also, my grandfather died and was buried in Bataan) and in Lopez Quezon (where most of my father’s cousins lived there since 1960s)…….all have a very good reputations, well-respected and academically very talented families.

    I am very happy to tell you Mark that I am an innovator of nata de coco (it is like an ice cream, quite like nutty, delicious and very mild to clean up our intestines, it is good to distribute in any fast food chains like McDonalds, or Southern Fried Chicken, etc. My innovation of nata de coco attracted the interest of the lawyer who executed the AFFIDAVIT offering me a help to sell my idea to the government and to any business establishments but I declined. I want to protect my ideas and reputation and own the name of it bearing our family name MINOR. And likewise I am also a discoverer of the solution to the breast cancer problems……that “fights” and lessen the inflammation and pain of the breast, reduces and even dissolves a lump. I shared an initial information of my discovery to the ABBOTT Company thru emails and the customer service agent even thanked me twice in just one email. I sensed they are interested but because I do not know who’s the people behind those emails, I stopped communicating with them for a while. I am quite insecure that some people should not be trusted with the kind of the discovery that I have because it speaks “VOLUMES”: fame, money and prestige that I and we MINORs or MINERs should be proud of. I have to protect our interest and our names, It should be known that it is OURS, owned by the MINORs or MINERs.The last but not the least, the distinctive characters that we both share lies in our genes. We are after to protect our PRIDE and HONOR, principles and integrity. That is what we are, that is the MINORs and the MINERs.

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Jeany,

      The Lopezes and Rangels are my wife’s family and mine now too.

      Very interesting to hear of Miner/ Minor relatives in PI.
      I see Thomas Taylor Minor in wikipedia
      and I have a book about

      One of my GGGG was a sailor and supposedly died young in Indonesia, no further details.

      My American Miner line goes Thomas, Lt. Clement, Lt. William, Elihu Sr, Elihu Jr, Selden, Philo Sr, Philo Jr, HL, FE, Everett, me – Mark, and Alex

      • Jeany Minor says:

        Oh my dear cousin Mark, I didn’t know that your wife is a Filipina. I am happy to know that. I am just so surprised upon finding their names and pictures being posted here not knowing the reasons behind. Thank you for the clarifications.

        Yes, we are cousins. I descended from Thomas Palmer Minor lines thru GGreat grandfather Eastman Strong Minor and lola Judith Taylor Minor. Their son Benjamin whose name was changed to Bonifacio Minor, is my great grandfather. I want to have a copy of your book cousin Mark about my/our great grand uncle William Chester Minor, and the books about our cousins from Gale Hills and lolo Ephrahiem Miner. I will send my payment to you through your bank account.

        I have found out that the Millers is also our relatives. When Princess Marie Chantal Miller was mentioned in the list of the UK Super Rich people, I had a thought
        of giving a formal party here in Abu Dhabi in her honor for her achievements and success. My pride goes over my head thinking that it is very rare opportunity to have a cousin that became a royal princess and a billionaire, so to host a formal party for her is such a good idea to let the world knows that she is our cousin. But I am like shooting the moon at the precise miss because giving a party in honor for the princess is not simple, it is very expensive and I do not have cousins and relatives here from our lines who could support me.

        I am so thankful to you cousin Mark for acknowledging my message. I hope to meet you all in the near future.

        Best regards everyone.

  5. mauricio cirera says:

    Hi (Mr/Mrs/Ms)Minor and Miner families: I am deeply concern about finding Filipino family names here that are obviously not a Minor or Miner descent like Lopeses, Mercado, Rangels, etc though Mr. Mark Miner admitted that they are his wife’s family. Their names should not be included in the list of the Minor or Miner descents for the following reasons:

    1. Mark Miner, his wife and their children is the only one, legitimate member of the family and sole rightful descent that is ONLY allowed in the list, other families that having no BLOOD RELATIONS to the Minor and Miners should be excluded and be deleted in the list.

    2. It is deeply a concern of respect and diligence that the Minor and Miner families must have to observed. Minors and Miners is a well-respected families that any person, people or families and or its allied families that are in the list here can cause or bring bad reputation to the good names and image of the entire family in the future. The opportunist can even use the good names of the Minor and Miner in any situations that offers opportunity for their advancement, a very dangerous scenario if it happened that the Minors and Miners should and must address my observations.

    3. I raise this observation because your cousin JEANY MINOR is in bad mood depending Mark Miner of his stand to claim his wife’s family as his own. It is a personal right of Mark Miner to own his wife’s families but they SHOULD NOT and MUST NOT be here being included in the Minor and Miner descent history, records and list. Its an insult and disrespect on the side of all those MINORs and MINERs that are not included in the list or neglected due of the passing time and gaps like the Minors of the Philippines and Minors of the San Luis de Potosi, Minors and Abbotts of Nebraska, Texas, Virginia, etc. The Lopeses, Mercado, Raykels etc is not a family of MINORs and MINERs so its not proper to included their names, stories or pictures here for reasons that THEY DON’T POSSESS THE BLOOD AND GENES OF THE MINORs and the MINERs except Mark Miner’s children. According to Jeany, her entire family and relatives back in the Philippines was so disappointed, insulted and hurt upon learning that other people not related to them was included in the list here in Minor/Miner descents. They are very disappointed because they are putting names of people or family that are not blood related to the Minors and Miners.

    4. There is a strong notion that Jeany Minor will take action or protest in the near future if the management, relatives and cousins here will not take actions to remove all the names of unrelated people or family that are not a Minor/Miner descent. in accordance with what I said. REMOVE ALL THE UNNECESSARY NAMES AND FAMILIES HERE THAT ARE NOT legitimate MINOR OR MINER IN BLOOD AND IN NAMES.

    5. Due diligence and respect must be observed so as not to hurt any of your relatives and cousins. Jeany Minor is a legitimate great grand daughter of the other prominent families. Check the famous descendants of WILLIAM BREWSTER, and read their biographies. Jeany’s grandmother is half Japanese, related to the owner of GODZILLA’s film rights and logo’s, from her maternal grandfather includes an uncle that became the first Filipino Governor of GUAM, Mr. Bautista, there is also a prominent businessman including an owner of oil mill and trucking transfort, there is a founder/owner of a school, prominent teachers, lawyers, doctor, etc. From her paternal grandmother, the Palencia includes a prominent heart surgeon, there is an owner of a vineyard and winery (USA), there is a rancher, there is a prominent politicians, rich and famous family in Spain plantation and mansion owners too, etc.

    6. There is one close relatives of the Lopeses that are married to a man suspected as a gang leader of Martilyo Gang wherein his armed pistol was recovered by authorities from the scene from one of the hold upper suspect happened in the SM mall Manila, Philippines. This same man have 10 pending criminal and civil cases in the Philippine court but fled to America. Many of the Filipino names like theirs involved or have criminal records in the national archives of NBI, polices records, civil courts etc. Thank you very much.

    • markeminer says:


      Yours is a very strange comment, as I can put any subject on my blog that I choose. Normally I would delete such a rude letter, but since you put so much time into it, I will respond.

      The Lopezes and Rangels are my wife’s family and now mine too.

      was texting with Jeany Minor last week and learned of the Filipino Minors; interesting stories there. She also told me not to post about the Lopez family.



  6. Jeany Minor says:

    Cousin Mark: I just noticed that Lola Judith was not a daughter of US Pres. Zachary Taylor but Isaac Taylor. In old biographies of uncle Thomas Taylor Minor, it said that he’s a descendant of Zachary Taylor. I tried to checked it again in any latest biographies available online but it was redo or changed and removed the named of Lolo Zachary Taylor. Tatay suggest that maybe Lolo Zachary and Isaac were brothers from one and the same father Robert. There is no doubt too that great uncles….Alfred, William Chester Minor (half-brother and a contributor to OED), Jorge/George and my great grandfather Thomas or Benjamin Taylor Minor was all sons of EASTMAN STRONG MINOR and JUDITH TAYLOR MINOR, that when uncle William went back to US from Broodmore, he “returned”, went and lived with his brother in the place called Spottsylvania- a place where uncle Jorge lived before moving to Ohio. I don’t know if there is available written records of them as they lived and stayed in Manepy Ceylon, (Sri Lanka) for several years, so maybe they are not listed in any church baptismal records or census. Thank you so much.

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