Thomas Harvey Sr.

Thomas HARVEY Sr. (1580 – 1647) was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather; one of 8,192 in this generation of the Miner line.

Thomas Harvey – Coat of Arms

Thomas Harvey was born in 1580 in Ashill, Somerset, England. His parents were William HARVEY and Thomazine [__?__] He first married Ann Hall 17 Feb 1598 in St Michaels Macclesfield, Cheshire, England. After Ann died, he married Joan COLLIER 22 Jun 1612 in Ashill, Somerset, England. Thomas died in 1647 in Ashill, Somerset, England.

Anthony Slocum (b. 11 Nov 1590 in Taunton, Somerset, England – d. 1675 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. or Edenton, Ablemarle, NC) wrote a letter where he called Thomas’ son William Harvey Brother-in-law. This may refer to his step brother or half brother, but some have taken it as evidence Anthony’s wife Agnes was William Jr’s sister. However, there is no proof that Anthony was married to an Agnes Harvey. There are at least three William Harvey’s that came here in the 1600’s and I can find at least three William Harvey’s in England that would fit. Two in Somerset and one in Bristol.

To complete this version of events, Thomas Harvey supposedly married an Agnes Clark 1591 in Ashill, Somerset, England. If our Thomas was really born in 1580 he would have only been 11 years old at the time. The date seems to be too early for Thomas’ father William Harvey (1560 – 1630) to be the grandfather. This Thomas and Agnes had a daughter Agnes Harvey who was born 1594 in Ashill, Somerset, England. She married 2 Mar 1637 in Taunton, Somerset, England to Anthony Slocum Agnes Harvey died 1689 in Edenton, Albermarell, North Carolina.

Another explanation for Anthony’s letter is William married his sister,  perhaps, Martha Slocum, after his first wife Joane Hucker died in 1647.

Ann Hall was born 1585 in Ashill, Somerset, England. Ann died 13 Mar 1605 in Ashill, Somerset, England

Joan Collier was born 1580 in Ashill, Somerset, England. Joan died 1647 in England.

Children of Thomas and Joan:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Daughter Harvey 1610
Ashill, Somerset, England
Anthony Green
2. James Harvey 1612
Ashill, Somerset, England
3. William Harvey 1614
Ashill, Somerset, England
Joane Hucker
2 Apr 1639 New Plymouth (Taunton), Mass
Martha Slocum?
15 Aug 1658 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass.
4. Thomas HARVEY 1617
Ashill, Somerset, England
Elizabeth ANDREWS. 1642 in Taunton, Mass. 1651 in Taunton Mass.
5. Joanna Harvey 1620
Ashill, Somerset, England
Robert Barnard before 1641 31 March 1705 Nantucket, Mass.

Thomas, son of William (2) Harvey, was born about 1585, in Somersetshire, and died there before 1647, as shown by the will of Agnes Clark, of Ashill, Somerset, widow. He lived at Ashill, a small village on rising ground three miles west of Ilminster, and nine miles east of Taunton. It is named for the ash trees of the great forest formerly near there.


HARVEY traces its ancestry to the time of the Conquest. The progenitor is believed to be Herveus de Bourges, or Hervey of Bourges, who came with William the Conqueror, and according to Domesday Book was in 1086 a baron in county Suffolk. He was a grandson of Geoffry, third viscount of Bourges, an ancient city of Berry, a former province of France. Geoffry rebuilt the abbey of St. Ambrose at Bourges in 1012. Harvey as a surname is undoubtedly derived from the ancient baptismal name variously spelled Herveus, Hervey, Harvey, etc. Surnames came into general use in England about A. D. 1200. The family of this sketch has an unbroken lineage to about 1450.

(I) Humphrey Harvey, first of the ancestors definitely known and traced, lived at Brockley, Somersetshire, and owned a third of the Manor of Brockley, besides other estates. His ancestors doubtless lived in Somersetshire also. He died at Brockley, 4 Jan 1526. He had sons: 1. Richard, father of Nicholas. 2. Turner, mentioned below.

(II) Turner, son of Humphrey Harvey, was born in 1485. He was a noted archer and warrior, the mightiest man with the long bow in all England, we are told. “At his death there was no man in the country who could spring his bow.” He was a favorite henchman of King Henry VIII. After a battle in which Harvey had especially distinguished himself, the king bestowed an escutcheon upon which Harvey’s arms were emblazoned, and as late as 1640 this had been preserved in the family. It is described: Sable on a chevron between three long-bows argent as many pheons of the field. Crest: A leopard or langued gules holding in a paw three arrows proper. Motto: “Faites ce que I’honneur .exige.”

(III) William, son of Turner Harvey, was born in 1510, and resided in Somerset. He was appointed blue mantle pursuivant in the Herald’s College ordinary, and accompanied his patron, William Paget, on an embassy to France. He was made Somerset herald in 1545 by Henry VIII, when the office was established, and became Norroy king-at-arms, February 4, 1555, and paid seven official visits to Germany. He was deputed to go to France, June 7, 1557, to declare war. He was appointed Clarencieux king-of-arms and held this office until he died, February 27, 1567.

(IV) William (2), son of William (1) Harvey, was born in Somersetshire, in 1560, and resided in Bridgewater, in that county. He had sons: 1. Thomas, mentioned below. 2. Henry, bought the Manor at Bridgewater.

(V) Thomas, son of William (2) Harvey, was born about 1585, in Somersetshire, and died there before 1647, as shown by the will of Agnes Clark, of Ashill, Somerset, widow. He lived at Ashill, a small village on rising ground three miles west of Ilminster, and nine miles east of Taunton. It is named for the ash trees of the great forest formerly near there. Children: 1. Daughter, born 1610, married Anthony Green. 2. James, born 1614; died 1691. 3. Thomas, mentioned below. 4. William.


3.William Harvey

William’s wife Joan Hucker was born about 1616 in England.  Her parents were John Husker and [__?__]. William Harvey married Joane Hucker on 2 April 1639 in Taunton, Plymouth Colony, now Bristol County, Massachusetts. Their’s was the second marriage in the new Taunton settlement, and was recorded at Plymouth. Joan died  in 1647 in Cohasset, Norfolk, Mass.

William was of Cohannet, April 2, 1639; was proposed to take up his freedom in 1653; admitted as freeman at court in 1656; member of the Grand Inquest 1655-1660; constable 1661; surveyor of highways 1662; appointed to collect the excise 1661; deputy or representative to the General Court for fourteen years from 1664; selectman for twenty years from 1667; appointed “to looke after the minnester’s rate” in 1670; appointed “to be of the Towne Councell of War” in 1675. A mortgage of land made over by Philip the Sachem to Constant Southworth was made over to William Harvey and John Richmond in 1672 and thus described: “Four miles square down Taunton River and next unto Taunton bounds.” Among the first and ancient purchases of the township was eight shares by William Harvey.  Assonet Neck, conquered from the Indians, was divided among six freemen, including William Harvey. Another purchase, made in 1672 by William Harvey and four others, afterwards constituted the town of Dighton. This deed was signed by King Philip or Metacomet.

5. Joanna Harvey

Joanna’s husband Robert Barnard was born circa 1614 in Suffolk, England. His parents were Thomas Barnard and [__?__]. Robert died in 1682 in Nantucket, Province of New York, now Nantucket County, Mass.


History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocombs of America, genealogical and biographical, embracing twelve generations of the first-named family from A.D. 1637 to 1908, with their marriages and descendants in the female lines as far as ascertained”

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