Richard Chase

Richard CHASE  (1542 – 1611) was Alex’s 14th Great Grandfather; in the Shaw line.  I usually don’t take this record past the immigrant ancestor or his parents in the case of immigrating siblings, but in this case, William CHASE, Aquila Chase and Thomas Chase might have been cousins with Richard as their common grandfather.  We don’t know  for sure which have Richard’s sons might have been their father.

Richard Chase was born 26 Jul 1542 in Hundridge, Buckinghamshire, England. His parents were Thomas CHASE and Elizabeth BOWCHIEW. He married Joan BISHOP 16 Apr 1564 in Hundrick Parish Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England . Richard died 31 Jan 1611 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.

Joan Bishop was born in 1543 in Hundridge, Buckinghamshire, England. Her parents were Simon BYSHOPPE and Joan [__?__]. Joan died 4 May 1597 in Hendrick Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England

Children of William and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Robert Chase 16 Sep 1565
Hundridge Chesham, Bucks., England
Jean Tokefield May 1582 Chesham, Bucks, England  8 Jul 1601
Chesham, Bucks., England
2. Henry Chase 10 Aug 1567
Hundridge, England
Margaret Given
Hundridge Parish Chesham, Bucks, England
Chesham, Bucks, England
3. Lydia Chase 4 Oct 1573
Hundridge, England
4 Oct 1573
Hundridge, England
4. Ezekiel Chase 23 Mar 1576
Hundridge, England
Mary Roberts 1596
Chesham, Bucks., England
Elizabeth [__?__] 1618
Chesham, Bucks., England
6 May 1663
Chesham, Bucks., England
5. Dorcas Chase 2 Mar 1578
Hundridge, England
1587 Chesham, Bucks., England
6. Aquila CHASE 14 Aug 1580 in Hundrich, Chesham, Bucks, England Martha (Sarah?) JELLIMAN
11 Jun 1606 in Chesham, Bucks., England.
9 Feb 1643
in St Nicholas Cole, Abby, London, England.
7. Jason Chase 13 Jan 1583
Hundridge, England
4 Jun 1606
Chesham, Bucks., England
8. Thomas Chase 18 Jul 1585
Hundridge, England
 Martha [__?__]
5 Oct 1642 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
5 Oct 1652
Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
9. Abigail Chase 12 Jan 1588
Hundridge, England
Eliphalet Chapman 1609
Headcorn, Kent, England
10. Mordecai Chase  31 Jul 1591
Hundridge, England
 Elizabeth [__?__] 1635 Chesham, England

It hasn’t been proven that Aquila was the father of immigrants Aquila, Thomas and William Chase.  Even if it their descent can’t be proven, I think it’s likely they were related.  Perhaps the immigrants were Aquila’s nephews rather than sons.

Like his father, Richard had a servant Richard Butcher in 1581..

The Chases of Chesham

Chase Generation 1

Chase Generation 2a

Chase Generation 2b and 2c

Chase Generation 3a, 3b

Chase Generation3b cont.  3c

Chase Generation 3d and 3e

Chase Generation 3e cont and 3f

Chase Generation 3g and 3h

Aquila CHASE (See his page 3i)

Chase Generation 3j and 3k

Chase Generation 3k continued



1. Robert Chase

Robert’s wife Jean Tokefield was born 1565 in Chasham, Buckinghamshire, England. Her father was Richard Tookefield.

Robert was a tanner by trade.

2. Henry Chase

Henry’s wife Margaret (Marie) Given was born 1592 in Hundridge Parish Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England   Marie died 6 Mar 1611/12 in Chesham.

Alice Bachilor  was probably the wife of Henry’s cousin of the same name.  Alice was born 1569 in Hundridge Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.  Her parents were Thomas Bachelor and Katherine [__?__].

4. Ezekiel Chase

Ezekiel’s first wife Mary Roberts was born

Ezekiel’s second wife Elizabeth [__?__] was born 1580 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.  She was a widow and living 6 May 1663.

6. Aquila CHASE (See his page)

8. Thomas Chase

Thomas’ wife Martha [__?__] was born in 1590 in England.

They lived in Chesham from 1631 to 1636.

9. Abigail Chase

Abigail’s husband Eliphalet Chapman was born 1587 in Hundridge Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England

10. Mordecai Chase

Mordecai’s wife Elizabeth was born


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  2. Renee Hammon says:

    your sight is the first one to make since with the vital records I have uncovered thanks.
    Renee Hammon

  3. Please remove this Chase coat of arms as it is copyright of

    • markeminer says:

      Coat of Arms removed, at the time John Davys was not part of the gentry and he did not have a coat of arms when his children and grandchildren came to America.

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