Andre Arnaud

Andre Arnaud (1624 –  ) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line.

Andre Arnaud was born in 1624 in Arvert, Charente Maritim, France France.   He married Marie GALIHAUT about 1649 in France.

Marie Galihaut was born about 1628 in France.

Charente-Maritime is a department on the west coast of France named after the Charente River.


Location of Arvert in Charente Maritime, France

During this time there was a great turmoil in France and the Huguenots (French Protestants) were under tremendous pressure. Children were taken from their parents and put into Catholic homes,  parents were persecuted and  frequently put to death.  The Edict of Nantes, decreed by French King Henry IV in 1598 guaranteed full civil rights, freedom of conscience and public worship to the country’s minority Protestants. Gradually, these rights were stripped away until in 1685, Louis XIV revoked the Edict altogether.  It was open season on Protestants including the Arnauds.  

Children of Jean and Marie

Name Born Married Departed
1. Marie ARNAUD 24 Nov 1650 in Arvert, Charente Maritim, France. Jean PERLIER 
27 Nov 1667 in Temple of La Tremblade, Perche, France
Pierre Traverrier
4 Jan 1688
Frenchtown, Narragansett, Rhode Island.
2. Jahel (Jael) Arnaud 1652
in La Tremblade , France
Elye (Elias) Naudain  (Naudin)
Jacob Rattier
Rhode Island
Abt. 1720 Delaware

Andre Arnaud smuggled his daughter Jael, daughter Marie, Marie’s children, and cousin Andre out of the country hidden in wine casks aboard one of his ships.  It has been told that they hid in hogsheads which had holes bored in them and were stored with the freight in the bottom of the ship until they were out of reach of the inspectors. The first known record of Marie Arnaud in the United States is in 1687 when she appears as a widow on a list of the French Church at Narragansett, Rhode Island.


1. Marie ARNAUD (See Jean PERLIER‘s page)

2. Jael (Jahel) Arnaud

Jael’s first husband  Elye ( Elias ) Naudain ( Naudin)  was born in 1657 in La Tremblade, France.  His parents were Jean Naudain and Judith Lontie.  Elye died 1694 in England

Jael’s second husband  Jacob (Ratier) Rattier was born about 1655 in France.  Jacob died in 1702 in New York City.

Both Jahel and Elias were both native to La Tremblade, Santonge, France and were naturalized in London in 1682.

Jahel Arnaud came to America with her four children about 1686, probably within a year after the death of her first husband, and was one of the first colonists of Narragansett. She married Jacob Ratier there and moved to New York City when the Narragansett Colony disbanded in 1691. She is believed to have lived with her son, Elias, in Delaware after Jacob died in late 1702 and to have died there in 1720 or 1721.

Children of Jael and Elye:

i. Laurance Naudain d: Bef. 1702

ii. Arnaud Naudain b: May 1675 in La Tremblade , France d: 1702

iii. Mary Naudain b: 1679  France d: Aft. 1702

iv. Elye Naudain b: 26 Jul 1679 d: 13 Aug 1679

v. Elias Naudain b: 1680 La Tremblade, France d: 3 Nov 1749 in New Castle , Delaware m1.  1715 in Philadelphia to Lydia Leroux b: Abt. 1694 d: 2 May 1743 in Delaware Mother: Alida Vryman Father: Pierre Leroux
m2. Mary Stone

Elias was a mariner, in Delaware by 1717, and described himself as a resident of Appoquinimink Hundred and sometimes as of St. Georges Hundred. In 1735 he acquired farmland known as the “old Naudain homestead,” which was located near Taylor’s Bridge in Appoquinimink Hundred, and which, except for the period 1816-1827, remained in his descendants’ hands into the 20th Century.

Child of Elias and Lydia

1. Arnold Naudain, married Catharine Allfree. Arnold owned a large amount of land, was a member of the legislature in 1763, and was said to have been “a man of very large stature.”

Child of Arnold and Catherine

a. Andrew Naudain married Rebecca Snow. Andrew farmed and operated a store at Naudain’s Landing. Rebecca Snow was from near Leipsic, Delaware and her ancestors came to Delaware in 1635. She inherited the 300 acres   near Leipsic that became known as Snowland or Naudain’s Landing, and she and Andrew lived there and are buried there.

Children of  Andrew and Rebecca

aa.  Dr. Arnold Snow Naudain  (Wiki) (6 Jan 1790 – 4 Jan 1872) was an American physician and politician from Odessa, in New Castle County, Delaware. He was a veteran of the War of 1812, and a member of the Whig Party, who served in the Delaware General Assembly and as U.S. Senator from Delaware.

Arnold Naudain – US Senator from Delaware

bb.  Elias Naudain, was justice of the peace in Leipsic, in Little Creek Hundred during the 1820s. He served in the lower house of the Delaware General Assembly in 1827 and in that same year was commissioned first major of the Fourth Regiment of the Delaware Militia. In 1832 he was elected a delegate to the convention to revise the Delaware Constitution and was later was elected to the Delaware Senate.

vi. Francoise Naudain b: 6 Sep 1682 England d: Bef. 1702

Children of Jael and Jacob

i. Jacob Jr. Ratier b: 3 Oct 1690 in Narragansett, RI d: Aft. 1702

Andre’s nephew Andre Arnaud

Andre was born 24 Oct 1654 in Arvert, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France. There was an earlier Andre Arnaud born to Samuel and Anne Arnaud who died shortly after birth in 1652, late in the year.   His parents were Samuel Arnaud (ca. 1617 – ) and Anne Moguen (ca. 1621 – ) . Andre died July 1735 as stated in his will in New Rochelle, Westchester, New York.

Andre Arnaud , we are almost positive, accompanied his cousins, Jael Arnaud Rattier and Marie Arnaud Perlier to England in 1681 shortly after the death of his mother Anne Mogeon Arnaud in 1680.The girls may have left earlier for England and he followed them their , they being married and he being single and younger than them.

Andre Arnaud was also a member of the French Church in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Andre married Marie [___] and had Ettienne Arnaud who allowed the spelling to change to Renoud or Reno or Renaud. Some of the family still uses the Renoud spelling and can be found , particularly in the Mid west, Illinois region and possibly on the West Coast, Oregon area.One of Andre Arnaud’s great grandsons changed the spelling to something that resembled the old spelling, Arnow, in 1810.


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  2. Mark says:

    This is fascinating material. I would like to know where the info comes from on Andre Arnaud. Is there original source material?

  3. Jonathan Arnow says:


    My name is Jonathan Arnow. I am a descendent of Andrew Arnow , who was Andre Arnaud’s great grandson and who changed the spelling of the name for our portion of the family to Arnow around 1810, while living in New York City with his wife and children. I am a direct descendent of Andre Arnaud who was born Oct 24, 1654 not 1652 in France to Samuel and Anne Mogeon Arnaud. I have copied hundreds of pages of records from the church in La Tremblade from 1590 to 1680s and have spent countless hours translating them. There was an earlier Andre Arnaud born to Samuel and and Anne Mogeon Arnaud who died shortly after birth in 1652, late in the year. This earlier Andre has often been erroneously assigned as the ancestor of the Arnaud’s in the United Sates. Anne Mogeon had brothers who were also living in Arvert and La Tremblade in the 1680s , named Jean , Mathurin and Andre. I have a copy of Andre’s birth notice from the church records from La Tremblade and Arvert. Andre Arnaud died July 1735 as stated in his will, not 1717. I have a copy and the probated portion of the will that I obtained from the New York records in Albany many years ago. Andre Arnaud , we are almost positive, accompanied his cousins, Jael Arnaud Rattier and Marie Arnaud Perlier to England in 1681 shortly after the death of his mother Anne Mogeon Arnaud in 1680.The girls may have left earlier for England and he followed them their , they being married and he being single and younger than them.. I have actual copies of baptismal notices for Marie Arnaud . Andre with his cousins and brother Pierre Arnaud , who died at the East Greenwich colony and who is buried in the now covered over church yard for the settlement and possibly a cousin or brother , Laurent ended up in the Frenctown Settlement in East Greenwich, Rhode Island in 1686, sometime in September. There were three ships that came from England to Boston harbor that late Summer early Fall one landing at Cucumscussoc dock behind Major Richard Smith’s house in Wickford, R.I. just down the road from the purchased land in Frenchtown..The settlement once was honored with a marker on Route 2 . The marker is gone and the site is now the location of a military base that all but destroyed the site (covered it up) . An archeological dig was done a few years back that yielded a few French flints and nothing else. The pond for the settlement is still there ( have a picture taken by one of the historians on the dig). The Huguenots that settled in Frenchtown numbered about forty families ( see Elisha Potter’s book with the maps and names on plots etc. on the settlement). I also have a copy of the Frenchtown Settlement records as published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Andre Arnaud was married somewhere around 1687 as his first son, Etienne or Stephen was born in 1688. The name change from Arnaud to Renoud and Reno ( have seen it spelled the following ways, Erno, Arnow, Arno, Rinaud, Arneau ( Arneau is the spelling on Andre Arnaud’s will) , Arnoud, Renoad, etc.) came about most likely due to the name being spelled phonetically as it sounds. Contact me if you want more information. I have thousands of pages of information and have been researching this family for over 43 years.

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your informative updates.


    • Peter LeViness says:

      Hi Jonathan,
      I am a descendant of one of the other first 40 Huguenot families who settled in the short-lived Frenchtown area of East Greenwich, RI. The original family surname was “Le Vigne” on the Frenchtown Huguenot Plat (spelled “LaVigne” and “de la Vigne” in other documents from the same time period; later Anglicized to “Lavinus” then “LeViness”) . In my research, I’ve yet been unable to determine where in England my family stayed, temporarily, after leaving Saintonge province, and before departing for Rhode Island. I’m very interested to correspond more about the church records you have translated.

      Peter LeViness

    • Jared says:

      I have been trying to locate you about the records of Tremblade and Arvert. I have Bouyer {Bouhier] family that may have come from that region. I thought that the records burned. Do you have all of the records from that region translated? Where are they located? Thanks again!

      • THOMAS TAYLOR says:

        I am a descendent of Andre Arnaud who was a ship owner, wife Marie Galihaut . There daughter Marie was married to my great—————grandfather Jean Perlier 1 on 27 nov 1667 in Temple of La Tremblade, Perche, France.If you need more history on Andre Arnaud daughter Marie I do have more. Thanks .

        From: Miner Descent To: Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 1:43 PM Subject: [New comment] Andre Arnaud #yiv5251861584 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5251861584 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5251861584 a.yiv5251861584primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5251861584 a.yiv5251861584primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5251861584 a.yiv5251861584primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5251861584 a.yiv5251861584primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5251861584 Jared commented: “Jonathan-I have been trying to locate you about the records of Tremblade and Arvert. I have Bouyer {Bouhier] family that may have come from that region. I thought that the records burned. Do you have all of the records from that region translated? W” | |

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Jonathan, I am an ancestor of this family as well and would love to connect.

      • markeminer says:

        It is romantic to have an ancestor who came to America hiding in a barrel. Almost all of my 400 ancestors of this generation were English. I learned about the Huguenots sad story in France thru the Arnauds

      • Sandy says:

        @markeminer I am actually just learning that I am a descendant, I feel like I have a lot left to learn.

    • Robert says:

      Hello, My grandmother’s name is Also Arnow, they were in St. Mary’s Ga., via St.Augistine Fl…would be interested in any info..Thank you,


  4. Jonathan Arnow says:

    Much of the data on the Arnaud’s came from my research along the research of Read Arnow , a family historian who worked on the family for 40 years prior to my searching and with whom I finally was able to collaborate and Morgan Horton Seacord, who was Vice President of the Huguenot Society of New Rochelle. Morgan was a local attorney ,a distant cousin and a noted author and historian of Huguenot history.

  5. Jonathan Arnow says:

    Also, Mina Ann Rayner DeGiacomma , along with family members on her side of the family has also done yeoman’s work in researching this family, being the great great great granddaughter of Susan Renoud Secord . Susan was the great great granddaughter of Andre Arnaud. I owe much to her and her sharing of information.

  6. Randy Walker says:


    Thanks for posting this information and all the research you’ve done on the family. I hope you will publish the results of all your research in a genealogy on the Arnauds. I descend from Andre and Marie Arnaud’s son Étienne Arnaud (aka, Stephen Renoud) through his daughter Judith, who married Peter Bertine.

  7. Jennifer says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this information! From what I can tell, I descended from Etienne (Stephen) to the Renouds in Pike County, Illinois. Renoud was my grandmother’s maiden name.

  8. thomas taylor says:

    I desend from Marie Arnaud and Jean Perlier . My mother was a Parlee spelling was changed in NB> Canada

    • Jeany Minor says:

      You are my close relative Thomas Taylor……my great-great grandmother was JUDITH TAYLOR MINOR wife of THOMAS MINOR, hope to meet you someday. My great grandfather Benjamin came in Philippines in the late 1890s……from Sri Lanka. He did not spent too much time in the US especially when the scandal struck the family’s reputations. Great grand uncle THOMAS TAYLOR MINOR who lost in the sea and never found his body was all too confusing and devastating. One of my friend here in UAE told me that there is the possibility also that my great grandfather Benjamin or Bonifacio was or maybe IS THOMAS TAYLOR MINOR itself (who maybe changed his name because he was a reputed politicians)…….who asked the helped of his friends to take him to the other side of the sea to escape from the scandal his half-brother William Chester Minor caused them that brought shame on his pride and damaged to the reputation of the whole Minor family. Maybe uncle Thomas wanted to escaped the scandal for a while and followed his remaining brothers in Sri Lanka but fate brought him to Philippines……. my brother Edwin and my father (when he was 50 years old), by the way looked like ETHAN HAWKE, and BENJAMIN BLAKE MINOR now that my father is 71 years old..(checked it on Google) but when he was 30-35 years old……my father looked exactly like the Marlboro model, the one with a cap or hat in the horse……I think its in 1970 decades Marlboro adds………my auntie Tessie (youngest sister of my father) looked like auntie Katherine Hepburn, the actress. My sister Josephine looked like great auntie Martha Jefferson Minor Trice of Gale Hills while my brother Arnold looked liked auntie Valena Minor Williams (daughter of Norman S. Minor – Cleveland”s Living legend in Law) while my brother Danilo (Danny) looked like uncle John Minor Wisdom…….My father’s uncle, also named Thomas or Tomas……is blue eyed, tall and big man. He was very handsome too. Some of my father’s cousins looked like great grand uncle Zachary Taylor, and there is one common thing I noticed among them (my father and his cousins), that they easily welled tears. When my father and his cousins meet again after 3 or 4 decades, they embraced each other and they cried. They are men of strong characters…….my uncle was a barangay captain in Lopez Quezon, well-respected and most trusted person even by the criminals and the police authorities. That those criminals who wanted to surrender to the authorities……will not come out from his hidings if my uncle was not there to intervene. My MINOR (Taylor) side of families in the Philippines was very loving and so kind, they very gentle and very caring.

  9. Jeany Minor says:

    Yes Mark….and thank you very much for providing me the links. Almost all of our grandparents/cousins bearings the Minor surnames is so familiar to me. Actually there was an awkward coincidences in the dates and events of our families’ activities from US and Philippines.

    Nov. 23, 1963 my parents got married and EBONY Magazine featured our great granduncle Norman S. Minor – Cleveland’s Living legend in Law. Then after 10 years on the same date uncle Thomas Minor Pelly was also featured in the magazine. In the year 1863 there was a Civil War in the US where all of our grandparents was pushing the Union State. After 100 years, in the year 1963, my parents got into a “union” through marriage.

    I am very happy that God gave us the chance to know each others. I have so many stories to tell and share, both funny and sad one about the Minor’s life in the Philippines.

    Thank you very much.

  10. Jonathan Arnow says:

    To all who may wish to contact me….E-mail address is I have found additional information that may be of help to all.

    • Robert says:

      Yes, I am interested, my Grandmothers Family are Arnow, From St. Mary’s Ga. Via St. Augustine Fl. Would be interested in any info.

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