Anthony Colby II

I originally thought Anthony COLBY II (1665 – 1721) was Alex’s  9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.  However, I now believe Dorothy COLBY was actually the daughter of Anthony’s cousin Isaac COLBY and Martha PARRATT.

Anthony Colby was born 10 May 1665 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass. He had a twin, Susannah who died in 1674.  His parents were John COLBY and Frances HOYT. He married Elizabeth WEST in 1678 in Massachusetts. After Elizabeth died, he married Sarah Pike 4 Feb 1685 in Salisbury. Anthony died 4 Dec 1721 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Elizabeth West was born in 1660 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas WEST and Mary [__?__].    Elizabeth died 25 Jun 1738 in Haverhill, Mass.

Sarah Pike was born in 1670 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of  Anthony and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Thomas Colby 1685 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass Mary Harvey
2. Dorothy COLBY 1686
Samuel HADLEY Jr.
23 Jan 1702/03 in Amesbury, Mass.
3. Jacob Colby
4. Timothy Colby 1701
5. Orlando Colby 1705

Anthony was a “snow shoe” man, 1710, under Lieut.-Col Saltonstall.  A large company of soldiers, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Saltonstall, were also kept constantly armed and equipped, and exercised in the town; and, that theso soldiers might bo the better prepared for every emergency, the General Court (June 19. 1710,) ordered them to bo supplied with snow shoes. Snow shoes were also supplied to the whole of the North Regiment of Essex. Daniel BRADLEY’s son Joseph, Joseph HUTCHINS’ son John, Josiah HEATH’s sons Josiah Jr and John, and Stephen DOW’s son Samuel were also members.

In 1711, he petitioned for a school in the east part of Haverhill.

He was a member in full communion of the First Church of Haverhill, April 1723, and served on a Haverhill town committee, 1725, but in 1730, he petitioned to be allowed to pay his ministerial rate in Amesbury.

In 1743, with Ebenezer Colby, Richard Colby, Isaac Colby, and others, he petitioned the town to relocate the Haverhill meeting house nearer the eastern part of that town.


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