Orlando Bagley Sr.

Orlando BAGLEY Sr. (1628 – 1700) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Orlando Bagley - Coat of Arms

Orlando Bagley was born about 1628 in England. His parents were NOT John Bagley and Mary Warren which is another unrelated Biglo family. John Biglo seems to have arrived in Watertown, MA about 1632. Orlando married Sarah COLBY 6 Mar 1654 in Salisbury, Mass.    Orlando died in 1700 in Boston, Mass.

Amesbury Monument - The Golgotha Burying Ground is also found on Rt. 110 (Macy St.), in Amesbury Massachusetts about a half a mile east. It is the first burial ground in Amesbury but there are no markers.

Amesbury Monument – The Golgotha Burying Ground is also found on Rt. 110 (Macy St.), in Amesbury Massachusetts about a half a mile east. It is the first burial ground in Amesbury but there are no markers.

Over half the first settlers names on this memorial are our ancestors.  They are: Richard Currier, Orlando BAGLEY Sr., John Bailey, William BARNES, Thomas Barnard, Henry Blaisdell, Philip Challis, Anthony COLBY,  John COLBY, Edward Cottle, Jarret Haddon, John HOYT, William Huntington, Thomas Macy, George MARTIN, Valentine Rowell, William SARGENT and John Weed.

Sarah Colby was born in 1635 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Anthony COLBY and Susannah WATERMAN.  Sarah died 18 May 1663 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass.

Children of  Orlando and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Bagley 1656
Boston, Mass
31 Aug 1658
2. Orlando BAGLEY Jr. 18 Feb 1658 Boston, Mass. Sarah SARGENT
22 Dec 1681
Amesbury, Essex, Mass.
13 Jan 1728 Amesbury, Essex, Mass.
3. Mary Bagley 5 Jan 1661 Boston William Colby
4. Sarah Bagley 2 Mar 1663 Boston John Mack
5 Apr 1681 Salisbury, Essex, Mass
Lyme, New London, CT

The line continues on to John Baguley 1616, Randall Baguley 1578, Robert Baguley (Bigelow) 1556, Randall Baguley (Bigelow)1518, Ralph Baguley (Bigelow)1500.

“ORLANDO BAGLEY, the pioneer ancestor of the Bagley family of Worcester, Massachusetts, was born in England, as near as can be ascertained, between 1624 and 1630. He came to America some time before 1653, as it is recorded that he was married at that time in Salisbury, probably of that part of the town which is now Amesbury, Massachusetts. He removed to Boston soon afterward, as some of his children were born there. He was made a freeman in 1667, admitted to the church, and is believed to have died in Boston before 1700. He married Sarah Colby, the daughter of Anthony Colby — the first Colby to come to America — by whom he had five children, the second child named Orlando.”

Orlando Bagley Sr Source: Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938)


2. Orlando BAGLEY Jr. (See his page)

3. Mary Bagley 

I can’t find any details for Mary’s supposed husband William Colby which is odd given how close the two families were.

4. Sarah Bagley

Sarah’s husband John Mack was born 6 Mar 1653 in Inverness-Shire, Scotland. John died 24 Feb 1721 in Lyme, New London, CT.



Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938) By Holman, Mary Lovering, 1868-1947; Pillsbury, Helen Pendleton Winston, 1878-1957

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  11. John Knight says:

    Very interesting. The surname Mack got Americanized to Macke and later McKee. My grandfather was Earnest R. McKee of Seminary, MS. I’ve tracked his family directly back to John Mack and to Orlando and even Hammon de Baguely. It appears that I am a direct descendant several hundred years later!

  12. Chuck says:

    I am a Lyme resident. In 1690 Sarah Bagley Mack and her husband John Mack moved to Lyme and settled on the Ct. River. The site of the original farm is located on a large tract of land which has survived essentially intact as a private estate. The farm itself was abandoned by the early 19th century. I excavated what remained and found artifacts I can directly attribute to the family. I will be glad to share photos of these artifacts to any Colby, Bagley, or Mack descendent interested. Regards, Chuck

  13. Ruth Arenz says:

    Thank you. I figured out that Orlando was not the son of John Bagley and Warren. I think, though, that he is somehow related to Bigelow family. My direct ancestor was Ebenezer Bagley, son of David. I can find several Ebenezer Bigelows but not in the Bagley family. There are also many Brownes that married Bigelows. My direct ancestor, David Bagley married Margaret Browne. (NH).
    I get many dna matches to Bigelow as well as Bagley.
    I know this is confusing, but i am hoping someone can shed some light on this.
    My best guess is that Orlando was a brother or cousin to John Biglo.

    • Aleana Bagley says:

      Hello, Ruth. I am a Bagley, Orlando is my 11th GGrandfather. According to birth and death records John Bagley and Mary Sara Warren are his parents, for starters. The confusion with relatives and who is who in the Bagley family is directly related to incest.

  14. Aleana Bagley says:

    I am a direct descendent of Orlando Bigelow/Bagley I (he’s my 11th great grandfather) and his parents are in fact John Bagley and Mary Sara Warren according to the entire family and birth/death records.

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