John Guilford

John GUILFORD (1625 – 1660) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Guilford - Coat of Arms

John Guilford was born in 1625 in England. His parents were John GUILFORD (Guildford) and Mary [__?__]. He married Susannah KNOWLTON about 1650 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass.   John died 26 Sep 1660 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass.

Susannah Knowlton was born in 1624 in Canterbury, Kent, England.  Her parents were William KNOWLTON and Ann Elizabeth SMITH.   Many sources state that John’s wife was Susannah’s sister Mary Knowlton born in 1617, but others say Mary died young. Susannah  died 7 May 1660 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass.

Children of  John and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Susannah GUILFORD 2 Nov 1651 Hingham Plymouth Mass. Thomas JEWELL II
18 Oct 1672 Hingham, Mass.
Amesbury Essex Mass.
2. Paul Guilford 14 Aug 1653
Susannah Pullen
20 Feb 1677 Hingham
Apr 1790
On an Expedition for an Assault on Quebec, Canada
3. Priscilla Guilford 22 Apr 1660
12 Jul 1660

Very little is known of John Guilford. It is known that he bought property in Hingham and Scituate because Paul inherited it.  A number of years after his death, his son sold his house and home lot for fifty pounds which was half what it cost, indicating that it was for its time a very fine house.

If, as suspected, the Guilfords and Knowltons came in a vessel owned by either family or, perhaps, jointly, they would have been able to bring far more goods to America than those who were crammed into ships that carried passenger loads.

John, his wife Susannah and daughter Priscilla all died in 1660, leaving Paul and Susannah as young orphans.  The probably were raised by their maternal grandmother, Ann (Smith) Knowlton, now remarried to Capt. John Tucker as of June of 1649. Capt. Tucker died in 1661, but Ann survived until 1675, leaving a will that named Paul and Susanna, calling them her grandchildren.


2. Paul Guilford

Paul’s wife Susannah Pullen was born 1660 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Edward Pullen and Elizabeth [__?__]. Susannah died 8 Apr 1690 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass.

Paul died during an expedition for an assault on Quebec, possibly of small pox.  He was orphaned in his seventh year. He was indentured to Jeremiah Bumstead, but was released from service 30 April 1672 and ‘committed to the honored Governor to dispose of to a good master as he pleaseth.’

30 July 1672 – The Session ordered Jeremiah Bumstead to deliver over to the Governor Paul’s indenture and his clothes.

23 Oct 1673 – Paul was ‘presented by the Grand Jury for brutish and Uncivilized carriages and noe [sic] Evidence appearing against him was discharged.’

He evidently first marched under Capt. Joshua Hobart of Hingham in 1675 during King Philip’s War, being on the roll of payments 24 August 1675. He once more marched under Capt. Samuel Wadsworth and was paid on 24 July 1676 and Hingham paid him further for service under Capt. John Holbrook

1679 – Paul’s name appeared on the list of persons at Hingham who took the oath of allegiance and in this same year he was ‘convicted of affronting the Constable in the Execution of his Office’ and sentenced to pay 10 shillings . . ‘

8 Apr 1690 – Susanna died at Hingham and it is assumed that at the time, Paul was on expedition with Sir William Phips who first sailed from Boston early in the spring of that year to Port Royal [Nova Scotia] to fight the French [in  King William’s War,]. That effort being successful, Phipps again regrouped at Boston with about 30 ships and 2,000 Massachusetts men for an assault on Quebec, this expedition meeting with disaster. Paul was among those who were either killed or carried off by smallpox during this expedition. Before he left Hingham, he prepared a will on 5 July 1690 to assure the welfare of his children, their mother now being deceased. He directed that certain lands be set apart for the education of William'”


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