Pieter Winne II

Pieter WINNE II. (1643 – 1705) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Pieter Winne was born about 1643 in Curaçao, West Indies. His parents were Pieter WINNE I and Aechie Jans Van SCHAICK.  Pieter was baptized on 20 Nov 1661 in Kingston, NY.  A transcription error in his baptism record led genealogists to think that there was another short lived Pieter Winne with an otherwise unknown wife named Jannetje Albertse.   (See discussion below) He married Jannetje Arentse PIER on 5 Jan 1681/82 in Kingston, New York. Pieter died in 1705 in Bethlehem, Albany, NY.

Pieter was born in Curaçao in 1643.  Willemstad Harbor shows a unique combination of Dutch and Spanish style

In the Dutch Settler’s Society yearbook there is a genealogy of the Winne family honoring one of the founding members of the society – Mr. Charles Knickerbacker Winne, which shows that Pieter1 had a son Pieter2 (b.c. 1643 in Curacao, West Indies) by his first wife Aechie Jans. Aechie died and Pieter1 remarried a Jannetje Adams. Pieter2 supposedly married a Jannetje Albertse in Kingston and had one child, a son, Pieter3 who later married a Jannetje Arents.

I always thought it was strange that Pieter2 only had one child. We know that Pieter1 lived in the West Indies before he settled near Albany, NY. So, his son, Pieter2, was probably born there. There is a baptism record in the Kingston reformed church for a Pieter Winne bp. 20 Nov, 1661, born in Curacao. The baptism record has as parents Pieter

Winne and Jannetje Albertse and the sponsors as Nicholas and Rebecca Alberts.

This has led to the mistaken belief that the parents were Pieter2 and his wife. However, there is no record of a marriage of Pieter2 to a Jannetje Albertse. Pieter2 would only have been 18 at the time of the baptism (so, about 17 at the time of his marriage?). That’s too young. Additionally, the only Pieter Winne we know of that was born in Curacao is Pieter2 – so this was probably an adult baptism with the parents being Pieter1 and his stepmother, Tannetje Adams (transcribed incorrectly as Alberts). Pieter2 did eventually marry Jannetje Arents Pier in 1682 and they had a daughter Aechie (after his mother) and a son Pieter, after his father, as well as other children.

page 129 of the Early Records of Albany contains Release by Pieter Winne, junior, eldest son of Pieter Winne, senior in Sep of 1689.  Second will has Pieter living in Sopus (Kingston) in 1684. Only one Pieter Winne is listed in Oath of Allegiance in the County of Ulster on 1 Sep 1689.

Jannetje Arentse Pier was baptized 12 Jul 1664 in Kingston, NY.  In this version of the story she was much younger than her husband just as were Pieter’s mother and step-father.  Her parents were Arent Teunisse PIER and Giesjen JANS. Jannetje died after 2 Jan 1702  in Albany, NY.

Children of Pieter and Janetje:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Aegje Winne 22 Jul 1683
Kingston, NY
Johannes Traphagen
10 Oct 1708
Ulster, NY
2. Geesje Winne 21 Mar 1686
3. Goetje Winne 23 Sep 1688
4. Pieter WINNE III baptized
4 Oct 1691 Kingston, NY
Anna Barbara Muller
10 Mar 1716/17 Kingston
20 Nov 1720 in Kingston
5. Rachel Winne? 3 Jun 1694
Wouter (Walter Barheit) Barhert
28 Mar 1715
Albany, NY
6. Catherine Winne 7 Mar 1697
Ritsert Green 1754
7. Arent Winne 24 Dec 1699
8. Gepje Winne c. 1703 Hendrick Kort
6 Nov 1724
Kingston, NY

Pieter was born in Curaçao about 1643 and lived there until the 1650’s when his family moved to Rensselaerswyck. (Albany) New Netherlands .  Curaçao was occupied by the Dutch in 1634. The Dutch West India Company founded the capital of Willemstad on the banks of an inlet called the ‘Schottegat’.  Curaçao had been ignored by colonists because it lacked many things that colonists were interested in, such as gold deposits.  However, the natural harbour of Willemstad proved quickly to be an ideal spot for trade. Commerce and shipping — and piracy—became Curaçao’s most important economic activities. In addition, the Dutch West India Company made Curaçao a center for the Atlantic slave trade in 1662. Dutch merchants brought slaves from Africa under a contract with Spain called Asiento. Under this agreement, large numbers of slaves were sold and shipped to various destinations in South America and the Caribbean.

14 Sep 1689 – Release by Pieter Winne, junior, of his share of his step-mother’s estate

I, the undersigned, Pieter Winne, junior, eldest son of my father Pieter Winne, senior, acknowledge and declare that in love and friendship, without persuasion or deceit, I have well and truely agreed with my aforesaid father respecting the inheritence from my mother deceased; also that after my said father’s death neither I, nor any of my heirs or assigns shall make any further claim thereto, either directly or indirectly, with or without legal proceedings, inasmuch as I acknowledge that I have received from my aforesaid father all that was heretofore agreed upon. I therefore thank him for good payment and release him and his heirs from all claims, the provision heretofore made in my father’s will regarding that portion of the inheritence that was to come to me being hereby canceled and annulled. In witness of the truth of which, I have subscribed and sealed this without fraud or deceit, on the fourteenth day of September at Albany, 1689, being in the first year of the reign of our sovereign majesties of Great Britan, William and Mary.

Was signed:
Pr. Winne Junr. (L.S.)
Signed, sealed and delivered in our presence,
Dirk Wessels } Albt. Ryckman } Justices of ye Peace

There is a Winne gravesite across Creble Road from the Pieter 2 Winne house, up on the hill. I wonder if there might not be a gravesite at the Daniel 2 Winne house also, or any sign of an old saw mill.

On 9W, about a hundred yards south of the church is a dip where the road goes over the Vloman Kill. There is a blinking light there. Take a right and you are on Creble Rd. About 100 yard up on the left, some old homes begin. 20 years ago, several of them were in rather poor shape. Another Winne house off Creble Road adjacent to the Vlomankill (shown as “Old Peter Winne on the Bleecker map of 1767) was under restoration in 2003 by a private owner and can be easily seen from Creble Road near Route 9W. The whole valley of the Vlomankill seems to have been inhabited by Winnes early on. The Vloman Kill flows not far behind the row of houses.

Peter Winne II Home 1


Peter Winne II Home – Near Selkirik, NY


1. Aegje Winne

Aegje’s husband Johannes Traphagen was born 1659 in New York City. His parents were Willem Jansen Traphagen and Aeltje Dircks Meerman. Johannes died in 1727 in New York City.

4. Pieter WINNE III (See his page)

5. Rachel Winne

Rachel’s parents might be Thomas Winne b: c. 1670 in Bethlehem, Albany, NY and Teuntje Janse Hoes b: ABT 1670 who are not closely related to our Winnes.

Rachel’s husband Wouter (Walter Barheit) Barhert was baptized  4 AUG 1691 Albany RDC, Albany, Albany Co., NY. His parents were Jeronimus Janse Barheit and Rebecca Pels b: in Kingston, Ulster, NY.

6. Catherine Winne

Catherine’s husband Ritsert (Richard) Green was born

8. Gepje Winne

Gepje’s husband Hendrick Kort was born in  1700 in New Castle, Delaware. Aka Henry Short, his parents were Adam Short (1666 – 1748) and Martha Metcalf ( – 1748).







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