William Allen

William ALLEN (1673 – 1760) was Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather; one of 256 in this generation of the Miller line.

William Allen was born on 10 Aug 1673 in Dartmouth, Mass. His parents were Joseph ALLEN and Sarah HOLLOWAY. He married  Elizabeth [__?__] about 1702.  William died in 1760 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Barbara (Barbery) Allen 10 Feb 1703/04 Dartmouth, Mass. John Handy
29 Nov 1728 Dartmouth
 3 Mar 1768 – Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass
2. Noah Allen 24 Jul 1707 Dartmouth Rebecca Kirby
5 Oct 1727 Dartmouth
3. George Allen 10 Nov 1709 Dartmouth Rachel Smith
14 May 1740 Dartmouth
20 Sep 1763
4. Josiah Allen 29 Oct 1711 Dartmouth Elizabeth Mosher
6 Jan 1736/37 Dartmouth
1742 – Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island
5. Sarah Allen 21 Mar 1714 Dartmouth James Ellis
23 Aug 1752 Dartmouth
6. Marmaduke Allen 23 Aug 1716 Dartmouth Unmarried 6 Aug 1751 South Carolina Colony
7. Mary Allen 9 Jul 1718 Dartmouth John Tinkham
13 May  1741 Dartmouth
Dartmouth, Mass.
8. Joseph Allen 23 May 1721
Mary Faun (Faunce)
28 Aug 1748 Dartmouth
9. William Allen 18 Aug 1723 Dartmouth Lydia Joy
29 Mar 1744 Dartmouth
Bristol County, Mass.
10. Elizabeth ALLEN 1 Dec 1725 Dartmouth Seth MORTON
4 Dec 1746 Dartmouth

William lived his whole life in Dartmouth, Bristol. Mass. the third largest town in the state. Dartmouth was first settled in 1650 and was officially incorporated in 1664, just nine years prior to William’s birth.

The land was purchased with trading goods from the Wampanoag chiefs Massasoit and Wamsutta by elders of the Plymouth Colony; reportedly thirty yards of cloth, eight moose skins, fifteen axes, fifteen hoes, fifteen pairs of shoes, one iron pot, and ten shillings’ worth of assorted goods .

It was sold to the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, who wished to live outside the stringent religious laws of the Puritans in Plymouth. There are still Quaker meeting houses in town, including the Smith Neck Meeting House, the Allens Neck Meeting House, and the the Apponegansett Meeting House.

During the years 1663 and 1664, William’s grandfather Ralph purchased land at Dartmouth in the New Plymouth Colony , which he later conveyed to his children.. William’s father Joseph was one of the original proprietors of Dartmouth, owning a 1/34th share in the Township of Dartmouth.   It was named for the town of Dartmouth, Devon, England, from where the Puritans originally intended to depart for America.

Allen’s Neck Meeting was originally part of Dartmouth Monthly Meeting which met at Apponegansett Meeting House in Dartmouth. In 1758 they felt the need to have their own House of Worship and built their new Meetinghouse on a hill overlooking Buzzard’s Bay about six miles down the road from the Apponegansett Meetinghouse. The new Meetinghouse was finished in 1761.

Allen's Neck Meeting House, Dartmouth, Mass.

Allen’s Neck Meeting House, Dartmouth, Mass.

Allen’s Neck Meeting and Smith Neck Meeting still met at Apponegansett once a month for a business meeting. In 1813 Allen’s Neck Meeting was officially designated as the “West Preparative Meeting” by Dartmouth Monthly Meeting. Preparative Meetings hold their own meetings for worship and have limited authority to conduct business. Some preparative meetings will eventually become Monthly Meetings. This was the case with Allen’s Neck when they experienced growth in membership and in 1955 the process began to establish Allen’s Neck as a Monthly Meeting. The process was completed in 1956 when Dartmouth Monthly Meeting approved of Allen’s Neck becoming a Monthly Meeting separate from Dartmouth Monthly Meeting. (Google Maps.)

Allen’s Neck Friends Meeting Religious Society of Friends still meets Sundays: 9 AM Worship & First Day School Fourth Sunday: 10:30 AM Meeting for Business. 739 Horseneck Road – Dartmouth, MA 02748 – Phone: 508-636-2756

Allen's Neck Clam Bake began in 1888  and has now celebrated over 120 years

Allen’s Neck Clam Bake began in 1888 and has now celebrated over 120 years

Allen’s Pond Wildlife Sanctuary – Grab your binoculars if you’re heading to Allens Pond. You can observe spectacular bird life and salt marsh activity from a number of vantage points at this site. Over 300 bird species have been recorded during migration or nesting season. The sanctuary’s half-mile stretch of beach provides important nesting habitat for rare piping plovers and terns. The sanctuary also attracts many raptors in all seasons including nesting ospreys and migrant bald eagles.

Allen's Pond, Dartmouth is the site of  Audubon Society Bird Walks

Allen’s Pond, Dartmouth is the site of Audubon Society Bird Walks

William’s will, which had been written on 6 Dec 1752, was subsequently probated before the Bristol County Court on 4 Nov 1760.


1. Barbara (Barbery) Allen

Barbara’s husband John Handy was born 11 May 1704, Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass.  His parents were Richard Handy (1672 – 1729) and Patience Parker Randall (1679 – 1730). John died aft.  17 Dec 1785 in Dartmouth, Mass.

Children of Barbara and John:

i. Elizabeth Handy b. 17 July 1730 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. m. 15 Dec 1750 Dartmouth to Isaac Russell (b. 21 July 1717 in Dartmouth) Isaac’s parents were Jonathan Russell (1679 – 1730) and Judith Sampson (1683 – 1752). Elizabeth and Isaac had three children between 1751 and 1761 in Dartmouth.

ii. Judah Handy b. 18 Dec 1733 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 27 Apr 1782 – Dartmouth to Isabel Russell (b. 20 Sep 1741, Dartmouth – ) Isabel’s parents were George Russell (1707 – 1785) and Mercy Shermanm (1710 – 1754) Judah and Isabel didn’t marry until their forty’s so they probably didn’t have any children.

iii. Paul Handy b. 1736 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 11 Dec 1762 Dartmouth to Mary Shearman (b. 8 Mar 1739 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass – d. 1781) Alternatively, Mary was born in Middleborough, Plymouth, Mass. Mary’s parents were Jacob Sherman (1713 – 1778) and Margaret Faunce (1713 – 1755) Alternatively, her parents were Eber Sherman (b. 1709) Hazzard (b. 1715) Paul and Mary had four children between 1764 and 1779.

iv. George Handy b. 7 June 1740 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass; d. bef. 27 Oct 1808; m. 4 Jul 1776 Dartmouth to Mary Potter (b. 25 Jul 1748 in Dartmouth – d. 1808 Dartmouth) Mary’s parents were John Potter (1723 – 1778) and Margaret Gifford (1722 – Aft. 1778) George and Mary had three children born between 1777 and 1783.

v. John Handy b. 29 Oct 1744 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. Aft. 1800 in Dartmouth; m. 24 Mar 1778 Dartmouth to Thankful Raymond (Raiment)(bapt. 13 Oct 1751 in Rochester, Bristol, Mass – Aft. 1800) Thanksful’s parents were William Raymond (Raiment) (1712 – 1809 and Hannah Tupper (1714 – 1795) John and Thankful had seven children born between 1779 and 1795.

vi. Sarah Handy b. 26 Sep 1746 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 12 Dec 1782 to Gershom Wodel Jr. of Tiverton

2. Noah Allen

Noah’s wife Rebecca Kirby was born on 28 Nov 1703 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were John Kirby (1672 – 1727) and Rebecca Mosher (1677 – 1746).

Children of Noah and Rebecca:

i. Elizabeth Allen b. 6 Feb 1727/1728 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m1, 8 June 1762 (intentions) Dartmouth to Judah Allen (b. Feb 1696 Duxborough, Plymouth, Mass – d. 1770 Darmouth) Judah’s parents were John Allen and Rebecca [__?__]. His grandparents were Ralph ALLEN and Susannah [__?__] who were Elizabeth’s 2nd Great Grandparents. Judah and Elizabeth had two children Noah and Rebecca.

Judah first married 26 Jan 172728 Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass. to Rebekah Wing (1702-1756) Judah and Rebekah had five children born between 1729 and 1741. Judah was first cousin with Elizabeth’s grandfather William. If I have it calculated right, Judah and Elizabeth were first cousins twice removed.

Judah was subsequently disowned by the Quakers for marrying outside of their Society. Judah died in 1770 at Dartmouth and later, on 31 Dec 1770, bond was posted by Elizabeth to serve as Administratrix of Judah’s estate.

After Judah passed away, Elizabeth married for a second time to Daniel Ormsby. Although an actual record of their marriage has not been found, their intentions to marry were recorded on 16 Nov 1771 at Dartmouth, Mass.

ii. Jonathan Allen b. 3 Aug 1729 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 1787 in Dutchess, New York; m. 1756 to Martha Tripp (b. 27 Oct 1732 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass) Martha’s sister Ruth married Jonathan’s brother Sylvanus. Their parents were William Tripp (1702 – 1784) and Ruth Mosher (1707 – 1771) Jonathan and Martha had three children

iii. Sylvanus Allen b. 30 Dec 1730 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m1. int. 8 Feb 1755 to Mary Howland. Mary’s parents ere Zoeth Howland and [__?__].

m2. 25 Oct 1764 Dartmouth to Ruth Tripp (b. 1728 in Dartmouth) Ruth’s sister Martha married Sylvanus’ brother Jonathan. Their parents were William Tripp (1702 – 1784) and Ruth Mosher (1707 – 1771)

iv. Noah Allen b. 17 May 1732 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. d. 09 Mar 1799; m. 18 Nov 1762 Dartmouth to Sarah Chandler of Duxbury Noah and Sarah had two children Sarah (b. 1768) and Mary (b. 1774)

v. John Allen b. 8 Feb 1733/1734 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

3. George Allen

George’s wife Rachel Smith was born 2 Jan 1712. She was George’s cousin. Her parents were Eliashib Smith and Dinah Allen. Rachel died 25 Sep 1793.

Feb 22, 1792 a deed recorded in Plymouth in which Job Sherman of Foxborough sells to George Allen of New Bedford for 900 silver dollars a tract of landlying in Rochester which was half of the homestead farm of his father John Sherman which was near “Peaked Rock.”

Also another piece of 7 acres more or less with bounds starting on the “northwardly site of the highway” and extending southwestward along the brook.

Children of George and Rachel:

i. Dinah Allen b. 2 June 1742 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 08 JUL 1818 in Fairhaven, Bristol County, Mass; m. Nathaniel Delano (b. 23 Dec 1728 in Dartmouth – d. 12 Sep 1797 in Dartmouth or 8 July 1818 at Fairhaven, Bristol, Mass.) Nathaniel’s parents were Nathaniel Delano (1695 – 17700 and Elizabeth Durfee (1702 – 1784). Dinah and Nathaniel had seven children born between 1773 and 1784.

Nathaniel first married 12 Dec 1751 Age: 22 Dartmouth to Mary Taber (1731 – 1770) and had seven children born between 1753 and 1766.

ii. George Allen b. 26 July 1746 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass; m1. Susanna Sherman (b. 10 Mar 1752 in Mass ) George and Susannah had ten children born between 1777 and 1795. m. 9 Nov 1776 Darthmouth to Alice Case

George Allen enlisted as a private in Capt. Benjamin Wilcox’s Co. on Dec 8 1776, and served for 17 days. Marched from Dartmoth to Howland’s Ferry,RI to repel British forces which arrived at Newport on Dec 7, 1776.

George Allen was disowned by the Quaker church on July 2, 1777 for privateering.

iii. Rufus Allen b. 20 Jul 1748 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass; d. 7 May 1838 in Fairhaven, Bristol, Mass; m. 8 May 1777 Darthmouth to Rebecca Delano (b. 18 Oct 1752 Dartmouth – d.7 May 1838 at Fairhaven, Bristol, Mass.) Rebecca’s parents were Nathan Delano (1732 – 1805) and Sarah Tripp (1734 – 1787)

iv. Audria Allen b. 5 May 1751 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 8 May 1777 Dartmouth to Peter Fuller

v. Elisha Allen b. 9 Aug 1753 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass; m. 15 Oct 1780 Dartmouth to Sarah Wing (b. 27 Jun 1761 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass – d.24 Jul 1823) Sarah’s parents were Barnabas Wing and [__?__]

4. Josiah Allen

Josiah’s wife Elizabeth Mosher was born 11 Jul 1720 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Mosher (1692 – 1766) Mehetabel Smith (1691 – 1768). Elizabeth died 22 Apr 1768 in Darthmouth, Bristol, Mass.

Children of Josiah and Elizabeth

i. Jethro Allen b. 22 Apr 1737 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 11 May 1803 in Darthmouth; m. 18 October 1760 Dartmouth to Thankful Philips ( 2 Aug 1741 in Dartmouth – d. 17 Aug 1792 in Dartmouth) Thankful’s parents were Peter Philips (b.1692) and Mary [__?__]

ii. William Allen b. 21 May 1739 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

iii. Ede Allen b. 17 Nov 1743 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 26 Oct 1762 Dartmouth to William Hall

iv. Prince Allen b. 31 Dec 1746 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 2 Aug 1775 Age: 28 Dartmouth to Abigail Pratt (b. 20 Apr 1750 in Framingham, Middlesex, Mass – d. 1799) Abigail’s parents were Ebenezer Pratt (1724 – 1798) and Charity [__?__] (1725 – 1761)

v. Ruth Allen b. 5 Jun 1750 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 1782 in Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island

5. Sarah Allen

Sarah’s husband James Ellis was born probably in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. about 1717.   His parents were Manoah Ellis and Elizabeth Atkins.  He first married 3 Mar 1741/42, in Harwich to Desire Ellis, (b. ~ 1722 Harwich – d. bef. Aug 1752). Desire’s parents were Samuel Ellis and Thankful Smith. He married second, 23 Aug 1752, in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. to Sarah Allen. James’ only child thus far identified is James Jr. (b. ~ 1745). No issue have been found from Sarah’s marriage to James Ellis.

6. Marmaduke Allen

Marmaduke was unmarried. He died without issue in 1751 at Dartmouth. An inventory of his estate was carried out on Aug 3 1751, and his brother, Noah Allen, was appointed by the Bristol County Court to administer it.

7. Mary Allen

Mary’s husband John Tinkham was born before 1720 in Dartmouth, Mass. His parents were John Tinkham and Sarah [__?__].  John died before 3 May 1785 in Dartmouth, MA

John was a soldier in Captain Isaac Wood’s company, on the Lexington Alarm and also in Capt. Joshua Tobey’s company in 1775, corporal in 1778, and sargent in 1780 in Rhode Island

Children of Mary and John:

i. Elizabeth Tinkham b. 17 Jul 1741 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

ii. John Tinkham b. 10 May 1743 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 2 Jun 1810 in New Bedford, Bristol, Mass m. 16 Jan 1772 Dartmouth to Mary Myrick

iii. Almy “Amy” Tinkham b. 15 Sep 1745 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 1 Nov 1774 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass Ephraim Tripp (b. 24 Sep 1753 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. – d. 1835 in Fairhaven, Bristol, Mass.) Ephraim’s brother Thomas married Almy’s sister Mary. Their parents were Nathaniel Tripp (1712 – 1790) and Alice Mott

iv. Mary Tinkham b. 4 Sep 1747 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. m. 18 Jun 1767 Dartmouth to Thomas Tripp (b. 1750 in Dartmouth – d. 1817 in New Bedford, Bristol, Mass) Thomas’ brother Ephraim married Mary’s sister Almy. Their parents were parents were Nathaniel Tripp (1712 – 1790) and Alice Mott. Mary and Thomas had seven children born between 1768 and 1780.

v. Barbara Tinkham b. 14 Jul 1749 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 6 May 1794; m. 19 Aug 1774 Dartmouth to Samuel Myrick

vi. Deborah Tinkham b. 22 May 1751 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 6 May 1794; m. 11 Jul 1772 Dartmouth to her cousin (see below ) William Allen. William parents were William Allen and Lydia Joy.

Alternatively or maybe William died young, m. 13 Aug 1774 in Dartmouth to William Waggoner ( – d. 22 Apr 1786)

vii. Hannah Tinkham b. 3 Dec 1754 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 19 Sep 1801 Berkley, Bristol, Mass; m. 18 Jan 1781 Darthmouth to Joseph Paul (b. 23 Jan 1757 in Berkley, Bristol, Mass. – d. 7 May 1816 in Berkley, Bristol, Mass.) Joseph’s parents were John Paul (1730 – 1811) and Love Caswell ( – 1814)

8. Joseph Allen

Joseph’s wife Mary Faun’s last name is also written Fawn and Faunce

Children of Joseph and Mary”

i. Jane Allen b. 1 Dec 1751 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

ii. Mary Allen b. 23 Apr 1757 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

iii. Elijah Allen b. 23 Apr 1759 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

iv. Amie Allen b. 27 May 1761 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. d. 11 Jan 1849 in Dartmouth; m. 29 Nov 1781 Dartmouth to Stoughton Booth (b. 1761 in Dartmouth – d. 08 Jul 1831 in Dartmouth) His parents were Anthony Booth (1724 – 1764) and Rachel Parker (1727 – ) Amie and Stoughton had thirteen children born between 1782 and 1804.

v. Sarah Allen b. 13 May 1764 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; d. Masonville, Delaware, New York; m. Simon Clark (b. 18 May 1760 in Stafford, CT – d. 9 Jan 1840 in Masonville, New York)

9. William Allen

William’s wife Lydia Joy was born 04 Apr 1725 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Joy, Jr. and Content [__?__].

Children of William and Lydia:

i. William Allen b. in Bristol, Mass.; m. 11 July 1772  Dartmouth to his cousin (see above) Deborah Tinkham (b. 22 May 1751 in Dartmouth) Her parents were John Tinkham and Mary Allen.

ii. Marmaduke Allen b. in Bristol, Mass.

iii. Dorothy Allen b. in Bristol, Mass.

iv. Lydia Allen b. 3 Dec 1754 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

v. John Allen b. 25 Nov 1756 at Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 20 Nov 1777 Dartmouth to Sally Langford

10. Elizabeth ALLEN (See Seth MORTON‘s page)






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  6. Peter S says:

    I was doing some genealogical research and came across your website while researching this William Allen, who would be my 7th great-grandfather. I believe I’m related to his son, George, and grandson, also George. You note above that the latter George served briefly in the Revolutionary War before being kicked out of the Quakers for privateering. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the source you consulted for this so that I can explore this further

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