Joseph Allen

Joseph ALLEN (1642 – 1704 ) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Miller line.

Joseph Allen was born 1 Apr 1642 in Sandwich, Mass. His parents were Ralph ALLENand   Susannah [__?__].  There was another Ralph Allen residing at Sandwich who was married to a woman named Esther Swift and was a mason by trade.   Joseph married Sarah HOLLOWAY in Jul 1662.  After Sarah died, he married Sarah Hall after 7 Mar 1680.  Joseph died in Sep 1704 Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey

Joseph was one of the original proprietors of Dartmouth, owning a 1/34th share in the Township of Dartmouth.

Sarah Holloway (Holway, Holly) was born in 1640 Sandwich, Plymouth Colony.  Her parents were Joseph HOLLOWAY and Rose ALLEN.  Sarah was Joseph’s cousin.  Sarah appears to have passed away in about 1675, shortly after the birth of their seventh child.

Sarah Hall was born in 1650 in Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Tristram Hull and Blanche [__?__] .  She first married  Mark Ridley.  It appears that Joseph and Sarah lived at Dartmouth in what is now Bristol County, Massachusetts throughout much of their married life.  Sarah, is believed to have died shortly thereafter in 1705.

Children of Joseph and Sarah Holloway:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Abigail Allen 1 Apr 1663 Dartmouth, Mass. Edward Cottel (Cottle)
c. 1701
Dartmouth, Mass
25 Dec 1733
Tisbury, Mass
2. Rose Allen 1 Oct 1665 Duxbury, Mass Nathaniel Howland
3 Mar 1723
3. Joseph Allen 4 Mar 1666/67 Dartmouth Rachel Gilford
Jennette Ray
17 Nov 1721
31 Jan 1734/35 Dartmouth
4. John Allen 15 Jul 1669 Rehoboth Deborah [_?_] 1754
5. Phillip Allen 3 Jul 1671 1690
Dartmouth, Mass
6. William ALLEN 10 Aug 1673 Dartmouth, Mass. Elizabeth [__?__]
c. 1702
1760 Dartmouth
7. Josiah Allen 1674
Rehoboth, Mass.
Remained Single 17 Sep 1718


Children of Joseph and Sarah Hall

Name Born Married Departed
8. Benjamin Allen c. 1680
Dartmouth, Mass
Rebecca Sherman
7 Dec 1747
c. 1747
Frederick, Augusta, VA?
9. Tristam Allen
10. Ralph Allen 1688
Amey Anthony
13 Jun 1716
Portsmouth, RI
11. Sarah Allen c. 1690
Jeremiah David (Devol,  Davol and Davel)
24 May 1711
12. Ruben Allen c. 1690
Mary Jackson
Baltimore, MD
Orange County, VA
13. Hannah Allen 1694
Richard Rundels 1719
New Jersey
14. Daniel Allen 1696
Rebecca Newman
9 Feb 1719/20
Cecil County, MD

Joseph and Sarah were both Quakers and belonged to the Rhode Island Monthly Meeting of Friends. In the records of this Meeting were found the birth dates of their first six children.

Joseph was one of the original proprietors of Dartmouth, owning a 1/34th share in the Township of Dartmouth

During the period 1695-1700, Joseph acted as agent for the Dartmouth Proprietors in a dispute with the towns of Little Compton and Tiverton. In 1697, however, Joseph purchased property in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and at the time of his death he was building a home there. In various deeds, Joseph’s occupation was listed as either a wheelwright, husbandman, or yeoman.

Joseph left two wills, one written in 1696 while he was residing at Dartmouth, and a second, written on 26 June 1704, which states that he was a resident of Shrewsbury in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Joseph died during the month of September 1704, probably at Shrewsbury. Both of Joseph Allen’s wills were subsequently probated on 11 October 1704 before Samuel Cranston, the Governor of Rhode Island.


1. Abigail Allen

Abigail’s husband Edward Cottle (also written Cottel) was born on 28 Sep 1666 at Salisbury in Essex County, Mass. His parents were Edward Cottle and Judith Osgood. This was Edward’s second marriage, having previously married 1690 to Esther Daggett. Edward died 22 Nov 1751 Edgartown, Dukes, Mass.  His will, which had been written on 2 Nov 1748, was probated in Dukes County on 22 Nov 1751.

2. Rose Allen

Rose’s husband Nathaniel Howland was born on 5 Aug 1657 at Duxbury in the New Plymouth Colony of Massachusetts His parents were Zeoth Howland and Abigail [__?__].  His grandparents were Henry Howland and Mary Newland.  Nathaniel died  3 Mar 1723/24 at Dartmouth, Mass.

22 Dec 1657 – Henry, his son Zoeth and brother Arthur were called before the Plymouth court to answer for entertaining a Quaker, and suffering and inviting sundry to hear said Quaker. They were fined for using thier homes for Quaker meetings. The families of Henry Howland and his brother Arthur, were two Plymouth families most identified as practicing Quakers. The families ceased attending Plymouth religious services and allowed their homes for the conduct of Quaker meetings. Throughout his life, Henry’s brother John HOWLAND(also our ancestor) remained faithful to Separatist belief and practice, but his compassion for Quakers is not known.

3. Joseph Allen

Joseph’s first wife Rachel Gifford (Gilford) died 10 Apr 1731 Dartmouth, Mass.

Joseph’s second wife Jenett Ray was born in 1670 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

6. William ALLEN  (See his page)

8. Benjamin Allen

Benjamin eventually left Massachusetts and moved to Cecil County, Maryland, where he purchased approximately 900 acres of land on 29 Nov  1714. He later sold half of this
land to his brother, Reuben Allen. Benjamin sold his remaining Cecil County property in 1729, at which time he is thought to have moved into the state of Pennsylvania.

In 1734, however, Benjamin Allen, together with Riley Moore and William White, moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. During the following year, 1735, Benjamin purchased 290 acres of land from Joist Hite. This land was situated near Mt. Jackson in what is now Shenandoah County, Virginia. It was on this property that he later built his water grist mill. On 29 January 1739, Benjamin received a patent for an additional 400 acres of land that was situated on both sides of the North Branch of the Shenandoah River, and adjoined his other property. Benjamin, who had remained single throughout his life, subsequently died intestate in about 1747 in that part of Augusta County that was later formed into Shenandoah County, Virginia.

9. Tristham Allen

Tristram may possibly have been married to a woman named Mary. Even so, he is not believed to have had any children.

Tristram is known to have been residing in Monmouth County, New Jersey until
sometime after 1719. He was found in the records of the Shrewsbury Monthly
Meeting of Friends as a witness to two marriages taking place in 1704 and 1707. He was also mentioned in the will of his brother, Josiah, as living there. Tristram was later found residing at Newport in Rhode Island County, Rhode Island (now within Newport County, Rhode Island) in 1725. No other records have been found concerning this individual.

10. Ralph Allen

Ralph’s wife Amy Anthony was born at Portsmouth on 13 April 1688, Her parents were Abraham Anthony and Alice [__?__].

11. Sarah Allen

Sarah’s husband Jeremiah Devol (also written Davol and Davel) on 24 May 1711. His parents were Jonathan Devol and Hannah Audley.

Even though Sarah and Jeremiah resided at Rochester in Plymouth County,Massachusetts for a time, they apparently remained closely connected with theDartmouth settlement. Jeremiah died at Dartmouth on 29 November 1753. His will,which was written on 24 October 1753, was admitted for probate before the Bristol County Court on 29 January 1754.

12. Ruben Allen

As a young man, Reuben moved to Cecil County, Maryland, where he joined his older brother, Benjamin Allen. On 29 Nov 1714, Benjamin had purchased 900 acres of land
in Cecil County, and on 13 Jan 1719/20, he sold 450 acres of this property to Reuben.

It is believed that Reuben was probably married in about 1720, as a property deed
was found that was dated 16 Jan 1720/21, which stated that he had a wife named Mary at that time. This deed conveyed Reuben’s 1/12th interest in his half-brother, Josiah’s, land to Benjamin Wilber after Josiah’s death. Five years later, in June of 1726, Reuben sold his Cecil County, Maryland property to Herman Hinkey.

By 1729, his brother, Benjamin, had also disposed of his land, and it is thought that they, along with their brother Daniel, may have moved into Pennsylvania at this time.

In 1734, Reuben and Mary moved into Virginia, however, settling near Mt. Jackson in
the Shenandoah Valley. Seven years later, in 1741, Reuben passed away. He died intestate while still residing near Mt. Jackson in what was then Orange County, but is now Shenandoah County, Virginia. Mary, on the other hand, died in Orange County, Virginia in 1751.

13. Hannah Allen

Hannah’s husband Richard Rundels was a carpenter by trade.  Hannah and Richard eventually moved to New Jersey, where they resided at Shrewsbury in Monmouth County. They were members of the Shrewsbury Monthly Meeting of Friends, and apparently remained members of this Meeting until their deaths. Both Hannah and Richard died in New Jersey.

14. Daniel Allen

Although it remains to be verified beyond doubt, this Daniel Allen is believed to be the same Daniel Allen who was married to Rebecca Newman in St. Joseph’s Parish in Cecil County, Maryland on 9 Feb 1719/20.

Daniel eventually moved into that portion of Orange County, Virginia that was later formed into Augusta County in 1745. The last document that was found which pertained to Daniel Allen was an Augusta County, Virginia Order Book entry that was dated 18 Mar 1746/47. This entry pertained to the administration of his brother, Benjamin Allen’s, estate.


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  4. Heather Bradley says:

    “Joseph’s first wife Rachel Gifford (Gilford) died 10 Apr 1731 Dartmouth, Mass.”
    I believe this is the death date for Rachel wife of Increase Allen.

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