John Polley Sr.

John POLLEY Sr. (1650 – 1711) was Alex’s 8th great grandfather, one of 512 in this generation of the Miner line.

John Polley Sr. was born 16 May 1650 in Woburn, Mass.  He was christened in Reading, Mass. His parents were George POLLEY and Elizabeth WINN.  He married Mary EDWARDS on 16 May 1681 in Reading Mass.  John died about 1711.

Mary Edwards was born 25 Mar 1659 in Reading, Mass.  Her parents were Matthew EDWARDS and Mary POOLE. She first married Francis Everett 7 Dec 1675 in Cambridge, or Reading Mass.   Mary died about 1715.

Francis Everett was born circa 1659 at Reading, Middlesex, Mass.  Francis died 22 May 1680 in Reading, Middlesex, Mass.

Mary and Francis may have had one daughter, Mary, b 19 Apr 1678 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts: Died 5 Sep 1761 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut. She married Joseph Eames and had at least two children: James and Mary.  

Children of John and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elizabeth Polley 25 Jun 1683 Peter Randall
27 Nov 1706 Stonington, CT
Sep 1719
2. John Polley 21 May 1686 Woburn, Mass.
3. Matthew POLLEY Mar 1689 Woburn Mass Hannah

c. 1718
Abigail Gilbert 17 Apr 1738 at the First Church in New London, CT
4. Abigail Polley 29 Apr 1692 Woburn, Mass John Ford
1 Jan 1709/10
4 Mar 1712/13
5. Thomas Polley 13 Oct 1694 Woburn, Mass 14 Apr 1695 Woburn, Mass.
6. Thomas Polley 10 Oct 1696 Woburn, Mass Ann [_?_]
24 Mar 1725
New London, New London, Connecticut
22 Mar 1755
Hebron, CT
7. Sarah Polley 12 Oct 1702 Woburn, Mass. Benjamin Newall
4 May 1726
Roxbury, Mass
8. Daniel Polley 1704 Woburn, Mass Jerusha Houghton
24 Mar 1724/25

John’s name is included on a list of men impressed in several towns where Capt. Davenport’s company was raised will serve to identify many of the names. John is listed under Woburn where he was born. Of course, many impressed were either excused for disability or escaped from the service in some other manner. The returns were dated from Nov. 25 to Dec. 3, 1675. Capt. Davenport’s company took part in the Great Swamp Fight.

Salem, New London, CT

John Polley and his wife Mary with their family removed to Colchester, Connecticut some time late in the spring or early summer of 1704 and settled in the parish of New Salem, now the town of Salem, New London, CT. This move is discussed at length in a series of exchanges in the Boston Evening Transcript Genealogy column in 1927, case # 5249.

The Salem area was originally inhabited by Mohegans. The very first settlement of European origin in present-day Salem (then part of the town of Montville) was deeded in 1664. In the early 18th century, more settlements appeared in what was then Colchester. During this time period, the area was called “Paugwonk.” The small neighborhood around the Gardner Lake Firehouse on Route 354 is sometimes still referred to by that name.

Because of the remote location of these settlements and the considerable distance to churches, the people petitioned the Connecticut General Court for a new parish in 1725. It was named New Salem Parish, in honor of Colonel Samuel Browne, the largest landowner at the time, who was from Salem, Massachusetts. Recent archaeological evidence suggests that Colonel Browne owned slaves. The people of New Salem strongly supported the Patriot cause in the Revolution. Salem was the first town in the state of Connecticut to have a plantation, owned by the Browne family.

John was impressed into service in King Philip’s War in November or December of 1675 by Captain Daniel Davenport. Was garrisoned at Chelmsford. He married Mary EDWARDS, 16-May-1681 in Reading, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

    [Polley 10, 14] Married 1) Mary (Edwards) Everett, daughter of Matthew Edwards and Mary Poole; 2) 8 December 1695, at Reading, Frances Everett (2 children: Mary and Frances).[TorreyCD] POLLEY, John & Mary (EDWARDS) EVERETT, w Francis; 16 May 1681; Reading/Woburn {Bailey: Early MA Mar. 3:80; Court Rec. 1:481}[Cleveland1 2421] Married Mary Bosworth. In the King Philip’s War, 24 August 1676.Note: Since i have been able to find no connection between the Bosworths and Polleys in any of the Bosworth literature, I am inclined to believe the Polley account.


1. Elizabeth Polley

Elizabeth’s husband Peter Randall was born 1676 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island.  His parents were John Randall and Elizabeth Morton.  After Elizabeth died,  in Sep 1719 in Preston City, New London, CT, he married Phebe Larrabee.  Peter died in 1726 in Preston, New London, Connecticut.

Children of Elizabeth and Peter:

i. Prudence Randall (1709 – 1811)

ii. Peter Randall b. 2 DEC 1711; d. 1712 Stonington, CT.

iii. Peter Randall (1713 – 1755) m. Keturah Ellis 12 DEC 1732 Preston, CT.

3. Matthew POLLEY (See his page)

4. Abigail POLLEY

Abigail’s husband John Ford was born 11 May 1688 Bradford, Mass. His parents were Matthew Martin Ford and Lydia Griffin. His grandparents were our ancestors John GRIFFIN and Lydia SHATSWELL.   After Abigail died, John married Judith Richards.

6. Thomas Polley

126 Jun 1725 – Corporal from Boston on muster roll of Captain Joseph Heath at Richmond.

The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records indicates a number of different John Polleys. One that does not connect is the one that married Esther Loomis in Hebron on 5 June 1746. The fact that Esther had a sister Rachel who married Daniel, son of Thomas, suggests that perhaps this John is the brother of Daniel. There is a large gap in the birth order between 1719 and 1727 into which this John seems to fit based on a presumed marrying age of 20 to 25, producing a birth year of 1720 to 1726. It appears that Thomas was on the move some time in this period from Norwich to Hebron, Connecticut. Thus we assign this John speculatively to Thomas as a fourth generation Polley of the Woburn line. Likewise there is question concerning the parentage of William Polley, initially married to one Sarah Mattoon and later to Abigail Cushman. It would appear that he could belong either to Matthew or Thomas of the third generation. However the dates would indicate that this William would be the last of all of Thomas’ children. Also, he was married in Hebron where all of Thomas’ children were raised. Thus we tentatively assign William to the family of Thomas. He married Ann _____.

Children of Thomas and Ann:

i. Daniel Polley, born May 24, 1719 in Norwich, New London, CT; died Abt. 1780; married Rachel Loomis August 20, 1741 in Hebron, Tolland Co., CT.

ii. William Polley, born Abt. 1742 in Hebron, Tolland Co., CT.

7. Sarah Polley

Sarah’s husband Benjamin Newall was born 20 Jan 1704 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass.  His parents were Isaac Newell (1660 – 1738) and Sarah [__?__] (1670 – 1728).   Benjamin died 1754 in Mass.

Children of Sarah and Benjamin:

i. Sarah Newell (1727 – 1777) m. 19 Dec 1747 in Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts to Capt. Joshua Healy;   Joshua Healy, Jr. was the first white male child born in the town of Dudley, Massachusetts.  He was the Captain of a Training Company first mentioned in Chesterfield, Mass in 1763.

ii. Benjamin Newell (1729 –

iii. Abijah Newell (1732 – 1807

iv. Stephen Newell (1734 –

v. Caleb Newell (1738 –

vi. Hannah Newell (1741 – 1736

vii. John Newell (1745 – 1836

8. Daniel Polley

Daniel’s wife Jerusha Houghton was born 25 Jan 1706/07 New London, CT. Her parents were Sampson Haughton and Sarah [__?__].

Children of Daniel and Jerusha:

i. William Polley b. ABT 1736 New London, CT; m. 17 Jan 1771 Hebron, Tolland, CT to Abigail Cushman.



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