Joseph Webber Jr.

Joseph WEBBER Jr. (1727 – 1796 ) was Alex’s 6th Great Uncle in the Shaw line.

Joseph Webber was born on 24 Jul 1727 in York, Maine.  His parents were Joseph WEBBER Sr. and Mary LEWIS.  He married Sarah Sedgeley on 10 Jan 1754 intentions filed 19 Oct 1753  in  York, Maine. Joseph died 9 Sep 1796 in Vassalboro, Maine.

Alternatively, Joseph’s parents were Samuel Webber Jr and Elizabeth Young.   Samuel was Joseph Sr.’s older brother.  However, this lineage would make it very difficult for Charles to be Joseph’s brother.   That Joseph Webber married Elizabeth Johnson 21 Mar 1748 York, Maine.  Based on verbal family history,  Karen Eilola-Miller believes that Samuel’s Joseph Webber – and his wife moved to Nova Scotia right around 1760 and there was a rift in the New England Webbers and several of the Webbers migrated as loyalists to the Crown during the revolutionary war. Virginia Smith and Kurt Webber have done extensive research on Webbers in New England and Nova Scotia – but no ties have been made as of this date.

Sarah Sedgeley was born 29 Apr 1731 in York, Maine.  Her parents were John Sedeley and Elizabeth Adams.  

Children of  Joseph and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Joseph Webber III c. 1755
Jones Plantation (Harlem & China), Lincoln Co. Maine
Susannah Carswell listed in the 1790 Cs., (1-1-5), at “Jones Plantation”, (later Harlem & China).
2. Lewis Webber 4 Dec 1756
China, Kennebec, Maine
Keziah Hatch
3 May 1782 Vassalboro, Kennebec, ME.
5 Jan 1838 China, Kennebec, ME.
3. Eliab (Elias) Webber Molly Sedgeley
8 Mar 1798
4. Asa Webber 1770
Ruth Foss
1 Oct 1804
Clinton, Maine
Sarah Patten (Potter)
29 Dec 1806
5. John Webber .
6. Joel Webber 1774 Winslow, Kennebec, Maine Rhoda(Rebecca) Foss
6 May 1802
Clinton, Kennebec, Maine
After 1850 Census, Vassalboro, Maine
7. Sarah Webber 1765 David Newcomb
8. Hannah Webber Moody Brown
Int recorded
28 Dec 1800
Clinton, ME

Joseph was one of the incorporators of Bowdoinham in 1762, but seems to have been linked more closely with Vassalboro, Harlem and China. Vassalboro is about 40 miles north of Bowdoinham up the Kennebec River.

His 1790 household at Vassalboro consisted of four males 16/over, none under, three females. He died there by Sept. 9, 1796, when wid. Sarah Webber and Asa Webber (both of V.) were appointed adm’rs, sons Joseph and Lewis Webber giving bond as sureties, (EPW 100).

The settlement of town of Vassalboro commenced in 1760. for ten years only eight families had become residents including those in what is now Sidney that was first included in the limits of Vassalboro. Four families settled on the river front below what is now called riverside. Charles Webber came in 1765, soon after his brother Joseph came. Charles Webber was first town treasurer of Vassalboro 1771, was selectman in 1773, Joseph Webber was selectman of Vassalboro in 1778.

Lewis Webber served in the Revolutionary War.


In 1807 (EPW 97), Joseph & Lewis Webber of Harlem, Eliab Webber of Vassalboro., Joel Webber of New Waterford, David & Sarah Newcomb of Vassalboro. And Moody & Hannah Brown , of Clinton, all conv. Claims to land in Bowdoinham, to Asa Webber, (John not mentioned)

1. Joseph Webber III

Joseph’s wife Susanah Carswell was born about 1780.

i. Wealtha R. Webber b. 23 May 1808 Maine; d. 14 Feb 1829 Etna, Penobscot, Maine; m. John B Turner 1823 Etna, Penobscot, Maine

2. Lewis Webber

Joseph’s wife Keziah Hatch was born 14 Feb 1759 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Sylvanus Hatch (1725 – 1764) and his cousin Abigail Hatch (1727 – 1800). She married Joseph  3 May  1782 Vassalboro. Keziah died 22 Mar 1840 in China, Kennebec, Maine.

He followed his brother Joseph in the 1790 census listing at “Jones Plantation”

Children of Joseph and Keziah:

i. Rebecca R. Webber , b. 14 Feb 1783, m. Ephraim Clark, 10 Sep 1805 in Harlem, Lincoln, Maine (now China, Kennebec, Maine), d. 17 March 1851, buried in Morril/Bragg Cemetery, China Kennebec, Maine; 11 grandchildren

ii. John Webber, b. 4 Nov 1784 in China, Kennebec, Maine, m. Meribah Weeks (1789-1856), 11 Oct 1811 in Harlem, Lincoln, Maine (now China, Kennebec, Maine), d. 6 Oct 1867, buried in South China Cemetery, China, Kennebec, Maine; In the 1850 census, John was farming in China, Kennebec, Maine next to his brothers Sylvanus and Ephraim.  7 grandchildren

Children of John and Meribah in the 1850 census:

a. Daniel Webber b. 17 Apr 1812 – China, Maine; d. 30 Jul 1896 Wayne County, Michigan;   m1. Mary Wyman; In the 1850 census, Daniel was farming in China, Maine;  Divorced from Mary Ann Wyman, 1868; Mary Ann lived with her son William R Webber in the 1870 and 1880 census and died 9 Feb 1890 in China, Maine.   m2. 30 May 1868 in Monroe, Monroe, Michigan to Mary Elizabeth Archibald (27 May 1845 England – 19 Dec 1926 New Boston, Wayne, Michigan)

b. Mary H. Webber b. 1819 d. 7 Feb 1888, Chadwick Hill Cemetery, China, Maine; m. Jonathan Bassett (1805 – 1894)

c. John Webber  b. 28 Mar 1822, South China, Kennebec, Maine; d. 16 Jun 1878 South China Village Cemetery, Maine; m.  Melinda Chadwick (1831 – 1918)

d. Delia Webber b. 1824 China, Kennebe, Maine; d. 1884 South China Village Cemetery,Maine  In 1880 Delia was living with her niece Eliza Hatch

e. Laurilla Webber b. 1826 China, Kennebe, Maine; d. 1893 South China Village Cemetery,Maine

f. Sarepta Webber b. 1834 China, Kennebe, Maine; d. 1859 South China Village Cemetery, Maine

iii. Lucinda Webber, b. 12 Aug 1786 in Harlem, Lincoln, Maine (now China, Kennebec, Maine), m. John Weeks, 5 Aug 1810 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; d. 25 Sep 1862, buried in Weeks Mills Cemetery, South China, Kennebec, Maine; 5 grandchildren

iv. Eunice Webber, b. 14 August 1788, m. Sylvanus Chadwick, 19 May 1809 in China, Kennebec, Maine;  d. 19 Nov 1864,  buried in Chadwick Hill Cemetery, South China, Kennebec, Maine; 4 grandchildren

v.  Sylvanus Webber, b. 8 May 1790 in Harlem, Lincoln, Maine (now China, Kennebec, Maine), m. Patience Pullen (1795-1873) 9 Oct 1817 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine, d. 1873, buried 1873 in South China Cemetery, China, Kennebec, Maine; In the 1850 census, Sylvanus was farming in China, Kennebec, Maine next to his brothers John and Ephraim.  9 grandchildren

vi.  Ephraim Webber , b. 12 May 1794, m. Esther Chadwick (1794-1865). , 5 Jan 1816 in China, Kennebec, Maine, d. 23 Sep 1857, buried in South China Cemetery, China, Kennebec, Maine; In the 1850 census, Ephraim was farming in China, Kennebec, Maine next to his brothers John and Sylvanus.  4 grandchildren

vii.  Mahala Webber, b. 4 May 1799 in Maine, m. Benjamin D. Young , 24 Feb 1822 in China, Kennebec, Maine, d. 24 Nov 1886, buried in South China Cemetery, China, Kennebec, Maine; 3 grandchildren

viii.  Abigail Webber, b. 1 Aug 1801, m. Elias Tyler, 4 March 1823 in China, Kennebec, Maine; 1 grandchild

3. Eliab Webber

Eliab’s wife Molly Sedgeley was born in Bowdoinham, Sagadahoc, Maine

In the 1800 census, Eliab had only one child, a girl under 10,

4. Asa Webber

Asa’s first wife Ruth Foss was born Clinton, Kennebec, Maine. She married Asa 1 Oct 1804 in Clinton, Maine

Asa’s married hissecond wife Sarah Patten (Potter) 29 Dec 1806

6. Joel Webber

Joel’s wife Rhoda(Rebecca) Foss  was born 1783 in Clinton, Kennebec County, Maine. She married Joel 6 May 1802 Clinton, Maine.

In the 1850 census, Joel and Rhoda were farming in Winslow, Maine next to their son Isaac, 42, with wife Henrietta, 45, & family. In the same town were Thomas, 42, with wife Rachel, 30, & family.

Children of Joel and Rhoda

i. Isaac Webber b: Sep 1807 in Winslow, Kennebec, Maine; d. 8 Apr 1883 in  Winslow, Kennebec, Maine; d. 8 Apr 1883 Albion, Kennebec, Maine;  m. 28 Feb 1835 – Lincoln, Penobscot, Maine to Annarietta (Etta) Conner (1815 – 1893) In the 1850 census, Isaac was a farmer in Winslow, Kennebec, Maine

ii. Thomas Webber b: 1808 in Winslow, Kennebec, Maine; m. Rachel Eastman 15 Apr 1836 – Clinton, Kennebec, Maine In the 1850 census, Thomas was a farmer in Winslow, Kennebec, Maine.

iii. Emeline R. Webber b. 12 Sep 1814; d. 21 Jul 1881, China, Maine; m.  Henry Clark (1814 – 1881) a deacon  Alternatively, Emeline was the daughter of Joel’s nephew John Webber and his wife Meribah Weeks.

7. Sarah Webber

Sarah’s husband David Newcomb’s origins are not known.

8. Hannah Webber

Hannah’s husband Moody Brown was born about 1771 in Clinton, Kennebec, Maine. His parents were Simon Brown and Jane Patterson. He married Hannah 28 Dec 1800 Clinton, Maine.

Prob. Related to the above group, —found in Clinton VR:
Lydia Webber of Vass. Rec. 2/8/1802 int. To m. Nathanjiel Brown of Clinton.
Henry Webber d. Clinton 9/16/1878, ae. 80 Henry, 52, and Sazrah A., 34, with h.h. of
6 chn., 16 to 1, and “Hannah Hues”, 69, were there in 1850 Cs. (EPW 203);
also in Clinton Cs. Were Loren Webber , 40, wife Olive, 34, & 5 children.


For more on Lewis Webber contact Marilyn Webber

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14 Responses to Joseph Webber Jr.

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  3. Marguerite Webber Witter says:

    I believe my Benjamin Webber is a son of the John Webber brother to Lewis Webber. A John Webber appears in the 1830 Census for Vassalboro ME I don’t know if this is the brother of Lewis or if he had a son named John? Lewis appears in the same census. Do you know if the Sarah Webber who married David Newcomb died young….? Benjamin Webber appears in the 1840 Census for Vassalboro..He appears in the same family groupings as the 1830 Census with the older family members…Benjamin Webber named his daughter Sarah Lovinia Webber..supposedly after his sister Sarah who died the same year that his own daughter was born.

    • markeminer says:

      On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:05 PM, Marilyn Webber wrote:

      Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your reply. We have not been able to definitively tie our Lewis Webber b 1775 to Joseph Webber III in your posting.

      There are 3 Webber’s living at Vassalborough in the 1790 census that I can see on the document. 2 Joseph’s and 1 Lewis. One of the Joseph’s and Lewis are next to one another at Jones Plantation/China/Harlem. We believe the other Joseph that is living between Wentworth Robinson and Widow Ballard to be Joseph, married to Sarah Sedgley & brother of your Charles. We think the two living at China are Joseph’s oldest sons. They would be the two who signed as you mentioned:

      In 1807 (EPW 97), Joseph & Lewis Webber of Harlem, Eliab Webber of Vassalboro., Joel Webber of New Waterford, David & Sarah Newcomb of Vassalboro. And Moody & Hannah Brown , of Clinton, all conv. Claims to land in Bowdoinham, to Asa Webber, (John not mentioned)

      Below that posting you also mention that Lewis served in the Rev. War. Joseph his brother also served in the same unit in the Rev. War as Lewis. There is testamony to that in the pension records.

      It is our hope to prove that JosephRev….had a son named Lewis, who would be the same Lewis who married Hannah Pigeon in Hallowell. In JosephRev’s pension records his current wife/2nd we think, is Susannah/Lusannah Caswell/Carswell. They were married in 1805. JosephRev is in the 1800 census at Harlem with 3 males in the household and 5 females. We believe this is the family makeup with his first UNKNOWN wife……who would be the mother of our Lewis (theoretically) Recently I was contacted about a document that names Lewis and Hannah as the parents of 3 children, 2 males and 1 female that match our family records. We believe Hannah died somewhere between ME and OH were Lewis settled. We hope to prove all of this supposition.

      Additionally there is a William Webber at Harlem in 1800 also. It indicates he is 26>45…………don’t know who he is.

      I am trying to get all of this in my head, as I am going to ME next week and plan to do some research in Somerset, Kennebec and whereever the wind takes me. I don’t have much time, but I hope it will be fruitful.

      Please respond with what your opinions of this relationship might be. Thanks again for your reply.
      Marilyn Webber in KS

  4. Marguerite Webber Witter says:

    Does anyone have the names of the children of Ephraim Webber? Named Above

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  8. Karen Eilola-Miller says:

    Hi, Great site- I just saw this above and reference to my notes from 2008. My speculation that Joseph Webber was s/o Samuel and Elizabeth Young came from Dave Rudge’s site: – he and Kurt Webber have been in contact on and off over the years on Webbers. In my notes regarding Kurt Webber and Virginia Smith’s Webber research – they don’t have ties to Digby, NS Webbers, that they can see. Virginia’s NS ancestors were in Chester Basin Nova Scotia and Kurt’s have been primarily limited to New England. There were Capts. Joel and Joseph Webber in Nova Scotia around 1760-1784 – possibly after the Louisburg Exepedition. Dave has Joseph b. 1727 as S/O Samuel and Elizabeth Young. I have your Joseph Webber above as s/o Joseph Webber (s/o Samuel and Elizabeth), s/o Joseph and Mary Lewis who married Sarah Segley. I believe your strand of the Webbers stayed in York and the two younger son’s of Samuel migrated to Nova Scotia….haven’t proved it yet conclusively, but have found some other York Families in Nova Scotia around the same time.

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Karen,

      I’ve spent more time on the Webbers than any other ancestral line. Oliver Webber born in 1797 in Vassalboro, Maine is the oldest one I know for sure. The Webbers were original settlers in the area, Webber Pond is named for them and there are tons and tons of early records about the family. However, Oliver’s father is not recorded, why no records for him, but all of his brothers and sisters, I can’t figure out, but through the process of elimination using early census records, I determined that his father was Charles Webber Jr. ((1764 – 1837) Why is there no record of his twelve children?

      Oliver deposed that his grandfather was Charles B. Webber [(1741 – 1819) ]. I’ve heard that two brothers Charles and Joseph were original early settlers of Vassalboro. If your version in right Charles and Joseph would be cousins and I suppose its possible that they still could have immigrated together to Vassalboro. One of my main sources is ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF KENNEBEC COUNTY MAINE

      Charles was selectman in 1767 and 1768 and Joseph was selectman in 1779. Charles Webber, [my assumption is Charles Jr], was selectman in 1792, 1793, 1794 and 1795.

  9. seranade2012 says:

    Hi I’m having computer problems so if this post is posted a couple of times – that’s why. Great site. I saw your reference above to some notes that I have on my old site regarding Joseph Webber, b July 24, 1727. I still believe that Joseph b. 7-24-1727 was the s/o Samuel and Deborah LIttlefield – not the son of Joseph, s/o Samuel. I believe that your Joseph was born in 1726 vis 1727. This goes along with Dave Rudge’s research at: Over the years, i have exchanged some notes with Virginia Smith, Kurt Webber and Dave Rudge and they have also exchanged with each other. What I meant in my note on my site regarding Kurt and Virginia is that we can’t tie the Digby Webbers to the Chester Basin Webber’s which are Virginia’s line and Kurt hasn’t delved into Nova Scotia Webbers that much. Nobody has much information on Joseph b. 1727 and Paul b. 1729 of Samuel Webber. However, there are references to Capt. Joel Webber and Joseph Webber in Nova Scotia around 1760-1784 – I belive Joseph Webber was also listed on the rolls for the Louisburg Expedition along with names of allied webber lines, such as Young. The names on Dave’s site – tie into the names and dates that i received from family years ago when I started my research.

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  11. Marguerite Webber Witter says:

    Under number 2 Lewis… should say Lewis’ wife Kiesiah Hatch…I think? and on to children of Lewis and Kesiah….I’m confused? Yes or no

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