Jeremiah Webber

Jeremiah WEBBER (1786 – 1820) was not a direct ancestor in the Shaw line, but he holds clues to the ancestry of Oliver A. WEBBER  because Oliver was appointed guardian of some of his grandchildren when his son Horatio Nelson Webber died.  Jeremiah was Oliver’s uncle.

Jeremiah Webber was born 17 Jul 1786 in Vassalboro, Maine.  His parents were Charles B. WEBBER and Sarah SMILEY.  He married Belsora Horn on 1 Jun 1805 in Vassalboro, Maine.  Jeremiah died in 20 Apr 1820 in Vassalboro, Maine.

Belsora Horn was born 30 Mar 1789 in Dover, Strafford, NH.  Her parents were William Horne and Elizabeth Roberts.  Belsora died after 1830 in Vassalboro Maine

Jeremiah and Belsora  had the following children, all born in Vassalboro:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William Jerome Webber Jul 1806 18 Aug. 1828
Webber Cemetery
2. Horatio Nelson Webber Aug 1808 Dolly (Dorothy) F. Harlow
18 Feb. 1830
25 Sept. 1838,
Hallowell Village Cemetery
3. Elizabeth Farwell Webber 5 Nov 1809 Charles Elmer Hixon
29 Aug 1830
Vassalboro, ME
William Hume
19 Jan 1836  -Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
25 Sep 1889
4. Belsora Horn Webber Jan 1811
5. Charles Jarvis Webber 24 Mar 1810
or Mar 1813
Harriett H. Harlow
6 Feb. 1834
11 May 1863
Augusta, Kennebec, Maine
6. Laura Smiley Webber Nov 1814
7. Jeremiah Decatur Webber 10 Feb 1816 Lois Bean Brown
3 Jul 1847 Chester, Maine
24 Nov 1894 – Oakfield, Maine
8. Sarah Smiley Webber Sep 1818 Otis Taylor
8 Dec 1839 – Vassalboro
14 Mar 1852 – Vassalboro,

The settlement of town of Vassalboro commenced in 1760. for ten years only eight families had become residents including those in what is now Sidney that was first included in the limits of Vassalboro. Four families settled on the river front below what is now called riverside. Charles Webber came in 1765, soon after his brother Joseph came. Charles Webber was first town treasurer of Vassalboro 1771, was selectman in 1773, Joseph Webber was selectman of Vassalboro in 1778.  Jeremiah Webber was selectman in  1817.


2. Horatio Nelson Webber (See his page)

Our ancester Oliver WEBBER was appointed guardian when Horatio Nelson Webber died in 1838.   Horatio’s wife was Dolly Harlow, b. 16 Oct. 1812; d. 1921. M. at Vassalboro 18 Feb. 1830 as Dorothy F. Harlow, Horatio Nelson Webber of Vassalboro (VR Vassalboro, p. 24)b. 1809, son of Jeremiah Webber; d. 25 Sept. 1838, age 29 (VR Vassalboro, p. 42). Both are buried in the Hallowell Village Cemetery (MOCA 3:2665 or 1665). Kennebec County Probate Records named Dorothy Webber of Hallowell the widow of Horatio Nelson Webber, who died 25 December 1839

Children (named in probate records): Mary Webber, Susan B. Webber (also  Susan B. Lowell), Sarah H. Webber, all minors. Oliver A. Webber was appointed  their guardian. Charles E. Webber was “heir of age.”

3. Elizabeth Farwell Webber

Elizabeth’s first husband Charles Elmer Hixon was born 27 Nov 1809 in Hallowell, Kennebec, Maine. Charles died before 1836.

Elizabeth’s second husband William Hume was born 1794 in Waterville, Kennebec, Maine. William died in 1868 in Augusta, Kennebec, Maine.

In the 1850 census, William was a fisherman in Augusta, Maine.

Elizabeth divorced William Mar 1865 in Kennebec, Maine.

5. Charles Jarvis Webber 

Charles’ wife Harriet H Harlow was born 3 Aug 1811 in Sidney, Kennebec, Maine. Her parents were Jabez Harlow and Catherine Hastings. Harriet died 7 Jun 1881 in Augusta, Kennebec, Maine.

In the 1850 census, Charles was a carpenter in Vassalboro, Maine.

Children of Charles and Harriet:

i. Chester Harlow Webber (1835 –

ii. John Chandler Webber (1836 –

iii. Harriet M Webber (1838 – 1839)

iv. Horatio Nelson Webber (1840 – 1847

v. Helen M Webber (1842 –

vi. Martha L Webber (1845 – 1847)

vii. Adaline M Webber (1846 –

viii. Emma H Webber (1848 – 1874)

ix. Lottie E Webber (1853 – 1873)

7. Jeremiah Decatur Webber

Jeremiah’s wife Lois Bean Brown was born 5 Sep 1829 in Albion, Maine. Her parents were Samuel Gilman Brown (1796 – 1872) and Mary Warren Coombs (1799 – 1870).  They were married in Chester, ME on 3 July 1847 by Lois’s brother, Samuel Warren Coombs.  Lois died 18 Oct 1885 in Astoria, Oregon.

In the 1850 census, Jeremiah was farming in Township 4 Range 3, Penobscot, Maine

Jeremiah and Lois divorced prior to 1880.

Children of Jeremiah and Lois:

i. Clarissa Webber b. 1848 Maine

ii. Willard Webber b. 1849 Maine

iii. Laura Webber b. 1851 Maine

iv. Abram Brown Webber b. 21 Feb 1853 in Bangor, Maine; d. 2 June 1892 in Alaska; m. 4 Oct 1875 Monticello, Washington Territory to  Martha Eleanor Towner (b. 29 May 1858 in Montana – d. 1947 Castle Rock Washington).

She was the daughter of Abram Brown Webber (b. Feb 21, 1853 in Bangor, Maine and d. 2 June 1892 in Alaska)and Martha Elinor Towner b. May 29, 1858 in Montana, buried at Castle Rock, Washington). They were married in Monticello. Washington Territory on 4 October 1875.   Abram Webber went to start a Canning Company in Alaska in 1888 (salmon canning).

v. Mary Webber b. 1855 Maine

vi. Nichols Webber b. 1856 Maine

vii. Abbe Webber b. 1857 Maine

vii. Lydia Webber b. 1859 Maine d. before 1870 census

vii. Jerome (Nicholas) Webber b. 1861 in Winn, Penobscot, Maine; d. 30 Apr 1940 in Clatsop, Oregon

viii. Ablen Webber b. 1865 Maine (M)

ix. Alvine Webber b. 1869 Maine (M)

8. Sarah Smiley Webber

Sarah’s husband Otis Taylor was born 15 Jan 1814 in Winslow, Kennebec, Maine. His parents were John Taylor and Abigail Pillsbury. After Sarah died, he married Oct 1852 to Harriet N Patterson (1828 – 1899). Otis died 25 Jul 1899 in Fairfield, Somerset, Maine.

In the 1850 census, Otis was a millman in Vassalboro, Maine.

Sarah and at least two of her children died in 1852.

Children of Otis and Sarah

i. Abbey S Taylor b. 25 Feb 1845 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; d. 31 Dec 1922 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass; m. 3 Jul 1864 to Michael Queeney (1840 – 1922)

ii. Orrin P Taylor b. 1847 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; d. 29 Feb 1852 in Vassalboro

iii. John W Taylor b. 1848 Vassalboro, Maine

iv. Charles O Taylor b. 1849 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; d. 10 Apr 1852 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine

v. Charles P Taylor b. Mar 1852 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; d. 22 Jan 1904 in Hyde Park, Norfolk, Mass. m. 1888 to Mary Frances Chamberlain (1858 – )


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