Augustine Williams

Augustine WILLIAMS. (1650 – 1692) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Miller line.

Immigrant Ancestor - Williams Coat of Arms

Immigrant Ancestor – Williams Coat of Arms

Augustine Williams may have been born about 1650 or 1653 in Stonington CT or as according to LDS, he was born in 1644 in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.  But in reality, his origins remain a mystery and very little is known about him.  He married the Hannah NORTON about 1678 in Stonington, CT.  Augustine died before Jun 1692 in Killingworth, CT.   

Hannah Norton was born about 1657 in Edgartown, Dukes, [Martha’s Vineyard], Mass. Her parents were Nicholas NORTON and Elizabeth ISAAC. After Augustine died, she married John Brown and had one child, Samuel Brown.  Samuel Brown was born about 1700 and died in 1745 in Waterbury CT.   Hannah died on 18 Jan 1710 in Lebanon, New London, CT.

John Brown was born in 1646 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut. His parents were John Brown and Mary Burwell.  John died 29 Apr 1708 Killingworth, CT.

Children of Augustine and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Thomas Williams 1678
Stonington, CT or Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
Experience Hayden
28 Sep 1704 Killingworth, CT
17 Sep 1722
Killingworth, Middlesex, CT
2. Hannah Williams 10 Jan 1680
Killingworth, Middlesex, CT
John Rose
9 Dec 1702 in Branford, New Haven, CT
Branford, New Haven, CT
3. Daniel Williams 9 Sep 1683 Killingworth, Middlesex, CT Lydia Abell
19 Jun 1711 Norwich, New London, Connecticut
2 Dec 1737 or
2 Dec 1732
Lebanon, New London, CT
4. Bethia WILLIAMS 5 May 1686 Killingworth, Middlesex, CT William CLARK Jr.
5 Jan 1709/10 Lebanon, CT
19  Oct 1758 Lebanon, CT

*Dukes Deeds, I, 322, 331. The Diary of Thomas MINER  of Stonington speaks. of delivering corn to Augustine Williams in 1680 (p. 16o), indicating residence in Connecticut at that date

1680 – Thomas Miner Diary account of Augustine Williams (I couldn’t find what happened on 16 June)

The earliest mention found of an Augustine Williams in CT is in THE  HISTORY OF MIDDLESEX COUNTY 1635-1885; J.H.BEERS & Co., 26 Vesey Street,NY, 1884,  pp 417-434  by Hon. William H. Buell  (transcribed by Janece Streig, found at

In describing an early boundary conflict between the towns of  Killingworth and neigboring Saybrook which was settled by Killingworth voting on  16 Mar 1687 to pay Saybrook for clear title. “it appears from page 138, vol I, that  the following persons ‘Did Disburse money for Saybrook purchase …’Augustine Williams 0…5’ ” (Pounds, shillings, pence)

His marriage to Hannah Norton in 1678-80, prob. in Martha’s Vineyard
(Augustine is noted as being of Stonington, New London, CT) is found in The
History of Martha’s Vineyard by Dr. Charles Banks, Vol. 3 Family Genealogies, pp
341-382 “The Norton Family of Martha’s Vineyard” and New England Marriages
Prior to 1700 by Clarence Almon Torrey, 1987 Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing
Co., Inc.

The history of Martha’s Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts

Augustine Williams was a transient resident of Martha’s Vineyard. He is first found here in 1679, as a witness, and again in 1684 and 1687 in the same connection.  The town records have an entry relating to him in 1681, and it may be inferred that he was a constant resident here between the earlier and later dates. Of his antecedents nothing is definitely known, but he was probably a resident of Stonington, Conn., (1663), and possibly a mariner. He married Hannah Norton, and had Thomas [1678], Hannah, 1680, Daniel, 1683, Bethiah, 1686, and Matthew, 1688, all recorded at Killingworth, Conn., whither he removed about the last named date. He died shortly after this, as in 1692 his widow Hannah was empowered by the General Court to sell certain property, according to a verbal bargain made by her deceased husband.   She was here on Aug. 17, 1692, as witness to a deed, probably on a visit.  She married a second time, before 1699, elder John Brown of Killingworth.’^

^Dukes County Court Records, Vol. I; comp.. Deeds, I, 398. Thomas Harlock was appointed one of the administrators of his estate.

‘Killingworth Town Records. Thomas Williams, natural son and heir to Augustine Williams, deceased, deeds to his natural mother, Hannah Brown, administratrix of estate of his father, March 12, 1699. Elder Brown died in 1708, but whether she survived is not known to the author.


1. Thomas Williams

Thomas’ wife Experience Hayden was born 15 May 1679 in Killingworth, Middlesex, CT. Her parents were Nathaniel Hayden and Sarah French. Experience died 20 Apr 1706 in Killingworth, Middlesex, CT.

Children of Thomas and Experience:

i. Hannah Williams b. 13 Jun 1705  Killingworth, Middlesex, CT

ii. Nathaniel Williams b. 8 Feb 1707  Killingworth, Middlesex, CT; m. Dec 1730 in Killingworth to Elizabeth Lane (b. 17 Mar 1712 in Killingworth – d. 3 Jan 1766 in Killingworth)  His parents were Jonathan Lane (1685 – 1759) and Mercy Wellman (1692 – 1727).  Nathaniel and Elizabeth had six children born  between 1732 and 1750.

iii. Daniel Williams b. 2 Jan 1709  Killingworth, Middlesex, CT

iv. Experience Williams b. 3 Aug 1710  Killingworth, Middlesex, CT; d. 9 Jun 1790 Killingsworth; m. 30 Jun 1732 in Killingworth to Jonathan Wilcox (b. 22 Sep 1705 in Killingworth – d. 18 Dec 1761) His parents were Nathaniel Wilcox (1668 – 1712) and Hannah Lane (1668 – 1727)Experience and Jonathan had eight children born between 1732 and 1751.

v. Abraham Williams b. 10 Oct 1710 Killingworth, Middlesex, CT

vi. Sarah Williams b. 7 May 1715  Killingworth, Middlesex, CT

vii. John Williams b. 6 Jul 1717  Killingworth, Middlesex, CT; d. 1804 Ernestown, Ontario, Canada; m. 17 Dec 1755 to Sybil Rathbun (b. 24 Nov 1727 in New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island – d. 1827) Her parents were Thomas Rathbone (1695 – 1756) and Lydia Mott (1697 – 1797).    John and Sybil had at least one child Jonathan (b. 1757)

Alternatively, John married 26 Jan 1757 New York to Catharine Van Winkler (b. 1728 in New York City – d. 07 Oct 1795 in Lennox Ontario, Canada) John and Catherine had at least one child: Ruth (b. 1774)

John was a loyalist.  1783 — Age: 66 Ernesttown, Lennox & Addington, Ontario War Office Records: Returns of Detachments and Companies of the Kings Rangers and Loyal Rangers stationed in Lower Canada.

viii. Mary Williams b. 1 Feb 1720  Killingworth, Middlesex, CT; d. 16 Feb 1721 Killingworth

2. Hannah Williams

Hannah’s husband John Rose was born 28 Oct 1679 in Branford, New Haven, CT. His parents were Jonathan Rose and Deliverance Charles. John died 17 Apr 1712 in Branford, New Haven, CT.

See this discussion for confusion over the Hannah Williams that married John Pratt.

Children of Hannah and John:

i. Bethia Rose b. 2 Oct 1705 Branford, New Haven, CT; m. 3 May 1727 in Branford to Samuel Penfield (b. 19 Jul 1700 in Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island – d. 2 Nov 1747 in Branford, New Haven, CT.  His parents were Samuel Penfield (1676 – 1714) and Hannah Shepard (1677 – 1771).  Bethia and Samuel had five children born between 1728 and 1743.

ii. Hannah Rose b. 1706 Killingworth, Middlesex, CT; m. 3 Feb 1726 in Killingworth to Henry Earle (b. 1702 in Killingworth).;  Hannah and Henry had at least one child: Hannah (b. 1728)

iii. John Rose b. 9 Sep 1707; m. 15 Mar 1739 to Elizabeth Luddington (b. 1709 in Branford, New Haven, CT)  Her parents were John Luddington and Elizabeth Potter.

3. Daniel Williams

Daniel’s wife Lydia Abell was born 1683 in Norwich, New London, CT. Her parents were Benjamin Abell (1651 – 1699) and Hannah Baldwin (1656 – 1717). Her grandparents were our ancestors Robert ABELL and Joanna [__?__]. Lydia died 2 Oct 1731

Child of Daniel and Lydia:

i. Daniel Williams b. 14 Aug 1712 Lebanon, New London, CT; m. 1735 to Elizabeth Toogood (b.  14 Apr 1710 or 1715 – d. 26 Feb 1786 in Lebanon)  Daniel and Elizabeth had ten children born between 1732 and 1750.

4. Bethia WILLIAMS (See William CLARK Jr.‘s page)


Charles Edward Banks,The History of Martha’a Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts. in three volumes (Edgartown Massachusetts: Dukes County Historical Society. 1966).

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