Joseph Lowell

Joseph LOWELL (1680 – 1736) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Miller line

Joseph Lowell was born 12 Sep 1680 in Newbury, Mass. His parents were Benjamin LOWELL and Ruth WOODMAN.  He married Mary HARDY on 6 Dec 1707 in Newbury.  Joseph died  Oct. 10, 1736 in Newbury, MA

Mary Hardy was born 2 Feb 1691/92 in Newbury, Mass.  Her parents were George HARDY and Mary FOGG.  Mary died 4 Nov 1747 in Salisbury, Mass.

Children of Joseph and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Lowell 1 Dec 1709
Newbury, Mass
Nathaniel Davis
28 Sep 1732 Newbury
2. George Lowell 28 Mar 1712
Elizabeth Morse
28 Jun 1732
3. Abigail Lowell 2 Jan 1714/15
Moses Cooper
24 Feb 1736/37 Newbury, Mass.
Jeremiah Goodrich
18 Jan 1739 Newbury
4. Mercy LOWELL 20 Dec 1718 Newbury Francis BROWN II
5 May 1741 in Newbury
5. Joseph Lowell 20 Feb 1720/21
Mary Jones
11 Feb 1744/45 South Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
6. Priscilla Lowell 10 Aug 1729
Henry Merrill
5 May 1748 Newbury
May 1777
7. Benjamin Lowell 24 Feb 1731/32
Bef. 11 Nov 1754
8. Stephen Lowell 1 Jun 1735
Before 1756



1. Mary Lowell

Mary’s husband Nathaniel Davis was born 15 Mar 1705 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Ephraim Davis and Elizabeth Kingsberry. Nathaniel died 1761 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of Mary and Nathaniel:

i. Mary Davis b. 9 May 1733 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 1819 Sandwich, Carroll, New Hampshire; m. 19 Mar 1752 in Plaistow, Rockingham, New Hampshire to Jasiel Harriman (b. 11 Mar 1727 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass – d. 17 Aug 1802 in Sandwich, New Hampshire) Nathaniel’s parents were Ephraim Davis (1655 -1721) and Elizabeth Kingsbury (1669 – 1713) Mary and Jasiel had nine children born between 1754 and 1771.

The biblical Jasiel was one of the mighty warriors in David’s army. He was a native of Metsobajah in Palestine.   Jasiel was a veteran of the revolution: SAR membership: 84026.

Jaasiel Harriman, one of [Col. Joshua] Howard’s companions, came from Haverhill, Mass. He was commonly called “Jesse,” and was a grantee of Haverhill, Bath [NH] and Newbury [VT]. He remained in Haverhill [NH] only a few years and then removed to Bath. His was the first family that settled in that town.

According to the History of Newbury, New Hampshire Jasiel Harriman, sometimes called Joseph Harriman, from whom Harriman’s Pond and Harriman’s Brook are named,  was the first blacksmith in Newbury.  Traditiona says his first anvil was a particularly hard stone laid on a stump.  Harriman soon removed from town, but Joseph Chamberlain was a blacksmith and carried on the trade for many years.

Situated at the south end of Lake Sunapee, Newbury has gone through numerous name changes. It started in 1753 as “Dantzic”, after the Baltic seaport. The first provincial grant in 1754 named the town “Hereford”, in honor of Edward Devereaux,Viscount Hereford. Colonial Governor John Wentworth renewed the grant in 1772 under the name “Fishersfield”, for his brother-in-law, John Fisher. The town was finally incorporated as “Newbury” in 1837, as suggested by settlers originally from Newbury,Massachusetts.

Bath New Hampshire

Bath New Hampshire

The town was granted to the Rev. Andrew Gardner and 61 others on September 10, 1761 by Governor Benning Wentworth, who named it for William Pulteney, 1st Earl of Bath. It was first settled in 1765 by John Herriman from Haverhill, Mass But the terms of the original grant were unfulfilled, so Bath was regranted on March 29, 1769 by Governor John Wentworth. The first census, taken in 1790, recorded 493 residents.

Situated at the head of navigation on the Connecticut River, and shielded from strong winds by the Green Mountains to the west and White Mountains to the east, Bath soon developed into “…one of the busiest and most prosperous villages in northern New Hampshire.”Intervales provided excellent alluvial soil for agriculture, and the Ammonoosuc and Wild Ammonoosuc rivers supplied water power for mills.

ii. Mercy Davis bapt. 28 Oct 1739 Newbury, Essex, Mass

iii. Mercy Davis b. 22 Jul 1742 Newbury, Essex, Mass

iv. Nathaniel Davis b. 7 Dec 1746 Newbury, Essex, Mass; m. 12 Jun 1766 Salisbury, Mass to Betty Flanders (b.  22 Jan 1744 Salisbury, Essex, Mass).  Her parents were Phineas Flanders (1720 – 1754) and Tabitha Clough (1707 – 172); Nathaniel and Betty had at least two children Moses (b. 1767) and Mercy (b. 1769)

2. George Lowell

George’s wife Elizabeth Morse was born 2 Apr 1714 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Morse (1688 – 1753) and Elizabeth March (1691 – 1723).

Children of George and Elizabeth

i. David Lowell b. 12 Jun 1734 Newbury, Essex, Mass

ii. George Lowell b. 12 Jun 1734 Newbury, Essex, Mass

iii. Baby Lowell b. Jan 1736 Newbury, Essex, Mass

iv. Samuel Lowell b. 17 Feb 1738 Newbury, Essex, Mass. d. 23 Feb 1784 Saco, York, Maine; m1. 1736 Greenland, Rockingham, New Hampshire to Susan Ellen Philbrook (b. 1745 in Greenland – d. 1769 in Greenland) Samuel and Susan had one child Susanna Ellen (b. 1768)

m2. 16 May 1771 in Saco, York, Maine to Charity Berry (b. 9 Jun 1745 in Biddeford, York, Maine – d. 14 Mar 1828 Saco, York, Maine) Her parents were Richard Berry (1707 – 1765) and Abigail Smith (1712 – 1776); Samuel and Charity had five children born between 1773 and 1784.

SAR Membership Number: 52938

Samuel Lowell Revolutionary Service

Samuel Lowell Revolutionary Service

v. Elizabeth Lowell b. 21 Jun 1741 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 19 Sep 1772  Newbury, Orange, Vermont; m. 12 Feb 1765 – Newburyport, Essex, Mass to Thomas Johnson (b. 21 Mar 1742 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass. – d. 4 Jan 1819 in Newbury, Orange, Vermont) His parents were John Johnson (1711 – 1762) and Sarah Haynes (1711 – 1750) Elizabeth and Thomas had five children born between 1766 and 1772.

Elizabeth Lowell Gravemarker

Elizabeth Lowell Gravemarker

After Elizabeth died, six weeks after the birth and four weeks after the death of their youngest son Lowell Johnson (7 Aug 1772 – 17 Aug 1772), Thomas married 26 Nov 1772 to Abigail Merrill (1750 – 1774) Thomas and Abigail had one child Abigail Johnson (1773 – 1796).

After Abigail died, Thomas married a third time 17 Feb 1775 to Abigail Carleton (1750 – 1833) Thomas and Abigail had eight more children born between 1776 and 1792.

Thomas Johnson SAR Membership: 17876

Thomas Johnson Revolutionary Service

Thomas Johnson Revolutionary Service

vi. Sarah Lowell b. 4 Apr 1744 Newbury, Essex, Mass

vii. John Lowell b. 1746 Newbury, Essex, Mass

viii. Ruth Lowell b. 1751 in Newbury, Orange, Vermont; d. Jun 1736; m. 20 Aug 1772 in Newbury, Orange, Vermont to Pelatiah Bliss (b. 3 Apr 1749 in Lebanon, New London, CT – d. 1798 in Newbury, Orange, Vermont; Burial: Oxbow Cemetery, Newbury, Orange, Vermont)  His parents were Pelatiah Bliss (1725 – 1808) and Hepzibah Goodwin (1727 – ) Ruth and Pelatiah had seven children born between 1779 and 1797.

SAR Membership: 19289

Pelatiah Bliss Jr Revolutionary Service

3. Abigail Lowell

Abigail’s first husband Moses Cooper was born 1720 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Cooper and Sarah Salmon. Moses died 10 Nov 1803 in Massachusetts.

Abigail’s second husband Jeremiah Goodrich was born 4 Sep 1667 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Jeremiah Goodridge (1638 -1708) and Mary Adams. Jeremiah died 16 Jan 1729 in Newbury, Essex, Mass (1642 – )

Child of Abigail and Jeremiah

i. Barnard Goodrich b. 30 Jun 1746 in Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 6 Dec 1769 in Newburym. 26 Sep 1768 Newbury to Sarah Carr (b. 1745)


4. Mercy LOWELL (See Francis BROWN II‘s page)

5. Joseph Lowell

Joseph’s wife Mary Jones was born 5 Feb 1726 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Jones and Mary Prowse.

Children of Joseph and Mary:

i. Anna Lowell b. 14 Feb 1746 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 1 May 1819 Brooksville, Maine; m. 1769 in Brooksville, Hancock, Maine to Joshua Grindle (b. 31 Mar 1746 in Berwick, York, Maine – d. 21 Feb 1819 in Brooksville) His parents were John “Old Tory” Grindle (1714 – 1794) and Mary Downs (1719 – 1748)  Anna and Joshua had nine children born between 1769 and 1790.

Joshua was a brickmaker in Brooksville. He was on the muster rolls of Ft. Pownall for two years.

Brooksville, Maine “A town in the Revolution, by Walter A. Snow reports: “The home of Joshua Gindle was at North Brooksville in the field by the present [1976] Francis Lymburner home on the western side of the Bagaduce River. A hop vine planted nearly 200 years ago still climbs bravely over the remains of the old cellar wall of the house built by this young pioneer. It was planted, no doubt, by the bride Anna (Lowell). These Lowells were of the Boston family.

ii. Eliphalet Lowell b. 2 Aug 1747 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d.. 28 Jul 1833 Penobscot, Maine; m. 1774 in Penobscot to Elizabeth Haney (b. 26 Jun 1758 in New Meadows, Maine – d. 28 Jul 1833 in Penobscot)  Her parents were Archibald Haney (1732 – 1821) and Margaret Howard (1735 – ).  Eliphalet and Elizabeth had two children.

iii. Mary Lowell b. 19 May 1754 Newbury, Essex, Mass; m. Joseph Webber (b. 19 Sep 1745 in York, York, Maine) His parents were Samuel Webber (1708 – 1782) and Sarah Bowden (1715 – ).  Mary and Joseph had six children born between 1772 and 1793.

iv.Hannah Lowell b. 23 Jan 1759 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 1802 Penobscot, Hancock, Maine; m. 6 Oct 1777 in Penobscot, Hancock, Maine to Reuben Grindle (b. 20 Mar 1757 in Lebanon, Maine – d. 15 Jul 1835 in Penobscot, Hancock, Maine) Hannah and Reuben had eleven children born between 1779 and 1802.

After Hannah died, Reuben married 6 Oct 1803 in Blue Hill, Hancock, Maine to Mary Winslow (b. 13 Mar 1777 in Somersworth, Strafford, New Hampshire – d. 9 Jan 1854) and had seven more children born between 1804 and 1818.

Reuben Grindle was one of three sons of John Grindle and his second wife Elizabeth. children: William, Daniel and Reuben.

It is an appraisal of his estate made Apr. 18, 1794 by Giles Johnson, Seth Blodget and John Grindle (Vol. 1, p. 80).” Reuben administered the estate. “The Grindle Family of Hancock County, Maine” (1978), pp. 11-12: states “Probably it was after Oct. 13, 1762 that John Grindle and his family settled permanently at Bagaduce since a deed of that date reveals he was a husbandman residing in ‘New Township head ot Berwick called Lebanon and Dorothy his wife, for $L13 sells Nathan Downes and Tristam Fall, both of Berwick all our rights in real estate of Matthew Farnam, dec’d, former husband of Dorothy, in Lebanon (ME.).” [quoting “Abstracts from Unpublished Deeds of York Co., ME” {LDS, Salt Lake City} by Dr. B. Lake Noyes, Vol. 37, York County Deeds.] “The Grindle Family…” continues: “During the Revolution Mr. Grindle’s political leanings were with the Tories, but four of his sons, Ichabod, William, Daniel and Reuben chose the side of the Patriots as did his sons-in-law, Thomas Davis, and Major Pelatiah Leach who all served on the side of the Americans.

Reuben born 20 Mar 1757, Lebanon, Maine. Vital records list “Lebalon”. Lebanon is a town in York County, Maine. On April 20, 1733, the Massachusetts General Court granted Towwoh Plantation to 60 colonists, who first settled it in 1743. The township was incorporated on June 17, 1767, renamed Lebanon after the biblical land of Lebanon. Dover, Maine is approximately 15 miles south of Lebanon, Maine.

With Anna he had 13 children and with Mary he had nine children. He was the first settler in South Penobscot, 1772, and Mark E. Honey (“Castine Patriot,” 8 July 2004, p. 5) states that he served as a soldier during the War for American Independence. Reuben served in Col. Jonathan Buck’s Reg. Aug. 19, 1777 to Sept. 28, 1777, served at Machias [DAR, SAR line].

Joshua, John, Ichabod, Daniel and Reuben Grindle were early settlers of Brookville. Ichabod, Daniel and Reuben were Revolutionary soldiers. The family, or at least some of them came from Newburyport, Mass and they were English people. John delivered the mail from Sedgewick to Passamaquoddy 1790. It took two weeks to make the trip along the shore in a small boat. john took up land about half way between what is now Brooksville and North Brooksville Reuben, Ichabod and Daniel owned land at West Brookville. (Limeburner, Grace. Stories of Brookville. 1924 (35)

Reuben was a Private in the Revolutionary War, served in Col. Jonathan Buck’s Reg. Aug. 19, 1777 to Sept. 28, 1777, served at Machias.

6. Priscilla Lowell

Priscilla’s husband Henry Merrill was born 27 Jun 1719 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Merrill (1673 – 1756) and Deborah Haseltine (1685 – 1728). Henry died 4 Jan 1804 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of Priscilla and Henry

i. Mary (Molly) Merrill b. 14 Jul 1749 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 1784 Newbury; m. 29 May 1773 in Newbury to Cutting Moulton (b. 25 Jul 1748 in Newbury – d. 25 Jul 1809 in Parsonsfield, York, Maine; Find A Grave Memorial# 66347402)

ii. Henry Merrill b. 4 Oct 1751 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d, 3 Apr 1844 Newbury; m. 25 Nov 1773 in Newbury to Rebecca Moulton (b. 16 Dec 1750 in Newbury, Essex, Mass – d. 10 Dec 1823 in Newbury) Rebecca’s parents were Samuel Moulton (1718 – 1756) and Mary Ordway (1721 – 1760) Henry and Rebecca had nine children born between 1774 and 17943

After Rebecca died, Henry married 10 Jan 1824 in Newbury to Hannah Chase (b. 2 Jun 1763 in Newbury – d. 30 Dec 1836 in Newbury)

iii. Priscilla Merrill b, 22 Jan 1754 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 17 Sep 1814 Newbury; m. 25 Nov 1779 in Newbury to Samuel Chase (b. 26 Aug 1754 in Newbury – d. 22 Feb 1834 in Newbury) His parents were John Chase (1731 – 1804) and Hannah Plummer (1725 – 1807) Priscilla and Samuel had at least one child, Mary (b. 1788)

iv. Stephen Merrill b. 22 Jan 1757 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. Parsonsfield, York, Maine; m. 13 Jul 1777 in Newbury to Anna Bailey.  Her parents were David Bailey (1687 -1722) and Experience Putnam (1698 – 1782).  Stephen and Anna had at least one child, Sarah (b. 1794)

Parsonsfield was part of a large tract of land sold on November 28, 1668 by Newichewannock  Indian  Chief Sunday (or Wesumbe) to Francis Small, a trader from Kittery. The price was two large Indian blankets, two gallons of rum, two pounds of gunpowder, four pounds of musket balls and twenty strings of Indian beads. Small then sold half his interest to Major Nicholas Shapleigh of what is now Eliot. In 1771, heirs sold the township to Thomas Parsons and 39 associates, upon which it was surveyed into 100-acre lots. Called Parsonstown Plantation, it was first settled in 1772 by 12 families.

On Aug 29, 1785, the town was incorporated as Parsonsfield after Thomas Parsons, one of the largest proprietors. The Blazo-Leavitt House, a fine example of the Federal style, was built in 1812.

v. Sarah (Sally) Merrill b. 11 Mar 1764 or 1765 Newbury, Essex, Mass; d. 13 Jul 1822 Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire; m. 15 Dec 1785 in Newbury to Nathan Merrill (b. 6 Jan 1761 in Newbury – d. 29 Aug 1836 in Rumney, NH) His parents were Richard Merrill (1732 – 1791) and Mary Pillsbury (1737 – 1791) Sally and Nathan had ten children born between 1786 and 1806.

Nathan Merrill SAR Membership: 51157  He was said to be at Bunker Hill.



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