Joseph Brown

Joseph BROWN (1688 – 1728) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather, one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Joseph Brown was born 28 Aug 1688 in Rehoboth, Mass.  His parents were Joseph BROWN Sr. and Hannah FITCH. He married Abigail PEARSON on 11 Nov 1714 in Newbury, Mass.  Joseph died 12 Aug 1728 – Newbury, Mass.

Abigail Pearson was born 1 Mar 1687/88 in Newbury, Mass. Her parents were Benjamin PEARSON and Hannah THURSTON When Abigail was 41, she remarried to John Wheeler in Rowley, Mass on 26 Dec 1730.. Abigail died 11 Nov 1763.

John Wheeler was born 28 May 1679 in Essex, Mass. His parents were John Wheeler and Mary Giles.


Name Born Married Departed
1.. Mehitable BROWN 1715 Samuel DANFORTH
13 Jan 1737


Danforth Genealogy – Nicholas Danforth of Framington England (1539 – 1648) and Cambrige NE  and William Danforth of Newbury Mass (1640 – 1721_ and their descendents – Google Books 1902

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