William Chase II

William CHASE II (1621 – 1685 ) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather twice; two of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line. Two children in this family, John and Elizabeth, are our ancestors

William Chase  was born in 15 Jun 1621 in Chesam, Buckinghamshire, England. He emigrated to Massachusetts with his parents William CHASE Sr. and Mary TOWNLEY.  He married Elizabeth HOLDER about 1644.  William died 27 Feb 1685 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Crocker Neck Conservation Area - William Chase probably lived at Crocker's Neck, Harwich.

Elizabeth Holder was born about 1625 in Winterbourne,,Gloucestershire, England. Her parents were  Christopher HOLDER and [__?__].   Elizabeth died about 1678 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William  Chase c. 1645
Hannah Sherman
21 Sep 1676 Portsmouth, RI
Priscilla Berry (Perry)
6 Dec 1732 Portsmouth, RI
16 Aug 1737
2. Jacob Chase 1647
Mary Hall
16 Apr 1734
Swansea, Mass
3. John CHASE 16 Apr 1649
Elizabeth BAKER
6 Aug 1675 in Yarmouth.
27 Feb 1684 in Yarmouth
4. Abraham  Chase 6 Oct 1652
Elizabeth Henry
1676 in Yarmouth
17 Oct 1738
Tiverton, RI
5. Benjamin Chase c. 1654 Yarmouth Amy Borden Jul 1731
Portsmouth, RI
6. Elizabeth CHASE 1656
Swansea, Bristol, Mass
Daniel BAKER
(Elizabeth’s brother)
27 MAY 1674 Yarmouth
7 Oct 1716 in Swansea, MA
7. Joseph Chase 1673
Sarah Sherman
28 Feb 1693/94
19 Jan 1725
Swansea, Mass
8. Samuel  Chase ~1677 Yarmouth Sarah Sherman
(a different family) 1699
Portsmouth, RI
Before 4 Apr 1758 Swansea, Mass.

William came with his parents with the first company in 1630. The Great Migration Begins says he was a child of ill qualities, & a sore affliction to his parents.

William was a residence of Swansea, Bristol, Mass.

Legend says there is Indian blood in the Chase family line. Which of the wives was the Indian is unknown at this point.

“All of the dates for the William Chase are rough estimates and largely unsupported by contemporary evidence. This William’s apparent eldest child, another William, was married by the early 1670s, and would therefore have been born about 1645, which roughly dates the first marriage of William Chase, the son of the immigrant, and also suggests a year of birth for the son of the immigrant. In his article of 1933 John Carroll Chase stated that “it has been claimed that the four youngest children of William Chase were born of his second wife,” but no evidence other than this is offerred [ NEHGR 87:50]. The evidence for the list of children for this William is itself slim, and so all dates for this William are subject to alteration.”

Burt Derrick – Wixon/Chase descendant and Cape expert:

“William Chase was also a Quaker. We don’t know if his joining the Quakers was the reason he “was a sore affliction to his father”, or for other reasons. But William Chase lived on the northern side of the Wixon land in Dennisport, on land that was “acquired from Old Quason (an Indian sachem of Harwich)”, according to historian Josiah Paine. Just how did William acquire this land? At that time, the Pilgrim fathers had strict rules that no land could be bought of the Indians except with their permission, and no such permission exists for William in the records. Did he get that land through his wife? Who knows? No record exists.”


1. William Chase

William’s first wife Hannah Sherman was born 11 Feb 1647 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. Her parents were Philip Sherman and Sarah Odding. Hannah died 9 Oct 1717 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Mass.

William’s second wife Priscilla Berry (Perry) was born 1638 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Aaron Perry and [__?__].

For the hire of horses, the loss of arms, ammunition and money, loss in saddles and bridles in the Second expedition to Narragansett (Great Swamp Fight Dec 19, 1675)— William Chase (not sure if the father or son) was paid £3 16 00.

2. Jacob Chase

Jacob’s wife Mary Hall was born 1650 in Westerly, Newport, Rhode Island. Her parents were Isaac Hall and [__?__]. Mary died 1734 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass.

3. John CHASE (See his page)

4. Abraham Chase

Abraham’s wife Elizabeth Henry was born 1657 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Phineas Henry and Elizabeth Baker. Elizabeth died in 1714

Abraham was a weaver and a Quaker. He had land east of Coy’s Brook and house 24 SEP 1695 Harwich, Barnstable Co., Mass which he sold for 18 pounds to William Cahoon of Chatham/Manomoy.

5. Benjamin Chase

Benjamin’s wife Amy Borden was born 30 May 1678 Portsmouth, RI. Her parents were John Borden and Mary Earle. Amy died 1716 Freetown, Bristol, Mass.

6. Elizabeth CHASE (See Daniel BAKER‘s page)

7. Joseph Chase

Joseph’s wife Sarah Sherman was born 24 Sep 1667 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. She was the other Sarah Sherman’s first cousin. Her parents were Samson Sherman and Isabel Tripp. Sarah’s aunt Hannah Sherman married Joseph’s oldest brother William. Sarah died 19 SEP 1748.

8. Samuel Chase

Samuel’s wife Sarah Sherman was born 10 Apr 1682 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. She was the other Sarah Sherman’s first cousin. Her parents were Benjamin Sherman, Hannah Mowrey. Sarah’s aunt Hannah Sherman married Samuel’s oldest brother William. Sarah died 4 Apr 1758 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass


The Connecticut magazine, Volumes 3-4 By William Farrand Felch, George C. Atwell, H. Phelps Arms, Frances Trevelyan Miller Jan – Dec 1897

2. William Chase d. Feb. 27, 1684/85, at Harwich, Cape Cod. The record of his marriage and dates of birth of his children were probably destroyed when the Yarmouth Town Records were destroyed (see testimony of John, No. 6). He probably lived at Crocker’s Neck, Harwich.

Crocker Neck Topo Map

another account says his family lived near Herring River, on the east side of Bass River, in Yarmouth, now Dennis or Harwich. His children, b. probably 1645-1670, were connected with the Society of Friends in the neighborhood, and undoubtedly attended meeting at Friends’ Meeting, established in second month, 1681, at the house of Ivory Jones and John Dillingham, at or near Bound Brook. All his children, except John and Elizabeth, are found in Rhode Island, from 1680-1701. Abraham, the last one to change his residence, sold land in Harwich in 1695, and in 1701 was a member of Rhode Island Friends’ Meeting. They were all named in R. I. Monthly Meeting Records, except Jacob. About 1700, William, Jacob, Joseph and Samuel went to Swanzy and were there members of the Society of Friends until their death. He paid ^3,7s. 2d., in 1676, toward the expenses of King Philip’s war. He was ancestor of the Swanzy and Somerset branches. He did not serve in King Philip’s war, because the William Chase who served in that war was alive in 1735, whereas this William d. 1684-5. “was evidently his son William who died 1737. He was on the tax list for 3s., 6d., in 1676, and a townsman, 1679. William Chase, Jr., March 6, 1654 5, was presented for entering the house of Richard Berry and taking by violence a parcel of flax and a small parcel of house yarn; sentenced to sit one hour in the stocks on training day. Estate settled June, 1685, by John Thatcher and Barnabas LOTHROP.






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