Daniel Baker

Daniel BAKER (1650 – 1713) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Daniel Baker was born 2 Sep 1650 in Yarmouth, Mass.  His parents were Francis BAKER and Isabel TWINING. He married Elizabeth CHASE on 27 May 1674 in Yarmouth, Mass.   Daniel died 20 Jul 1713 in Yarmouth

Elizabeth Chase was born c. 1650 in Yarmouth, Mass. Her parents were William CHASE and Elizabeth HOLDER. Elizabeth died on 7 Oct 1716 in Swansea, MA.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth.

Name Born Married Departed
1. Daniel Baker 15 Nov 1675 Yarmouth Mary Sherman
Portsmouth, Newport, RI.
1689 or Mar 1743/44
2. Samuel Baker 15 Oct 1676 Yarmouth Elizabeth Berry
30 Jul 1702
Patience [__?__]
3. Joseph Baker 1679
Isabel Sherman
20 Apr 1711
Swansea, Mass
4. Abraham Baker 8 Aug 1681 Yarmouth Mehitable Sherman
5. Elisha Baker 1683
Mary Earle
31 Jan 1710/11
10 Mar 1759 Newport, RI
6. Elizabeth Baker 1686 Yarmouth Nathaniel Baker
8 Nov 1705 Barnstable, Mass.
7. Hannah Baker 1696
Joshua Wixon
Mar 1714/15
27 Nov 1730 Yarmouth
8. Thankful Baker  1698 Jabez Snow Jr
5 Jan 1727/28
Jesse Cable
9. Tabitha BAKER Oct 1700 Joseph O’KELLY
19 Dec 1717 Yarmouth
Nine of our ancestral families were first comers in Dennis:  1 . Francis Baker, 2.  Daniel, Baker, 3. William Chase,  4. Thomas Folland, 5. Thomas Howes, 6. John Joyce, 7. David O'Kelley, 8. William Twining, 9. Gabriel Weldon.  Map courtesy of Lynn Keller and Cape Cod Genealogical Society

Nine of our ancestral families were first comers in Dennis: 1 . Francis Baker, 2. Daniel, Baker, 3. William Chase, 4. Thomas Folland, 5. Thomas Howes, 6. John Joyce, 7. David O’Kelley, 8. William Twining, 9. Gabriel Weldon. Map courtesy of Lynn Keller and Cape Cod Genealogical Society

Fence viewer at Bass River—”daniel” Baker, March 19, 1696/97; March 22, 1697/98; April, 1699, first Tuesday; March 7, 1700, with Benjamin “gray;” March 19, 1701, with Benjamin “gaige;” April 1, 1702) March 10, 1703, and March 16, 1704, with John Nickerson; March 27, 1707, March 18, 1707-8, March 15, 1708/09, March 14, 1709/10, with John Crow; March 14, 1711, with Thomas Whilden and Ebenezer Rider.

Sept. 26, 1704, Daniel Baker and Nathaniel House serve upon jury of trials.

Daniel Baker’s name was on a List of the Soldiers of Yarmouth that were pressed into the country’s service, and that went to Mount Hope under Capt. John GORHAM against the Indians in 1675, and took their first march upon the 24th June, ’75. The sum of his wages was £3 03 00.

He served in King Philip’s war and in 1736 he received a land grand in Naragansett Number 7, Gorham, Maine ; tax list, 1676, for oyd.; townsman, 1694; proprietor common lands, 1711.


1. Daniel Baker

Daniel’s wife Mary Sherman was born 1 Dec 1683 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island.  Her parents were Samuel Sherman and Martha Tripp. Mary’s sister Martha married Daniel’s brother Abraham. The Shermans were Quakers.

2. Samuel Baker

Samuel’s first wife Elizabeth Berry was born 21 Dec 1684 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were John Berry and Susannah Crowell. Elizabeth died 1755 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Samuel’s second wife Patience Berry was born 22 Jun 1687 in Yarmouth, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Berry and Elizabeth Bell. Patience died in 1750 in Crooky Neck, Mass.

3. Joseph Baker

Joseph’s wife Isabel Sherman was born 1686 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. Her parents were Samson Sherman and Mary Tripp. Isabel died 19 Jul 1742 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island.

4. Abraham Baker

Abraham’s wife Mehitabel Sherman was born 8 Aug 1685 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. Her parents were Samuel Sherman and Martha Tripp. The Shermans were Quakers. Martha’s sister Mary married Abraham’s brother Daniel.

Abraham’s name appears many times in the land records at Fall River and at Taunton; and the Quaker records with Newport Historical Society and with the Moses Brown School in Providence show that he was often appointed to serve on committees for the Friends. Abraham wrote his will on 18 Feb 1749. It was signed by his mark and was proved 7 Aug 1750.

5. Elisha Baker

Elisha’s wife Mary Earle was born in 1690. Her parents were Thomas Earle and Sarah Taber.  Mary died 11 Aug 1758 – Cranston, Rhode Island.

6. Elizabeth Baker

Elizabeth’s husband Nathaniel Baker was born 27 Jan 1672 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. He was Elizabeth’s first cousin. His parents were Nathaniel Baker and Desire Gray. His grandparents were  Francis BAKER and Isabel TWINING.. Nathaniel died 1757 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass

7. Hannah Baker

Hannah’s husband Joshua Wixam as born 14 Mar 1695 at Eastham, Barnstable, Mass., the settlement then called Cape Cod. His parents were Barnabas Wixam and [__?__] The date and place of his death are unknown. He was married 9 Mar 1715, at Yarmouth, to Hannah Baker who died 27 Nov 1730. After Hannah died, he married Elizabeth Chase 18 Dec 1731 Yarmouth, Mass.

The Bakers and the Chases are very intertwined in my lineage. Hannah’s parents were Daniel BAKER and Elizabeth CHASE. Daniel’s sister, Elizabeth BAKER, married John CHASE who was Elizabeth’s brother. It hurts my head, but I think Joshua first married Hannah and then married her cousin, so no special permission needed.

He was then married about December 1731 to Elizabeth Chase of Harwich (born 6 Oct 1718), daughter of William Chase and Dorcas Baker. From the first marriage two children were born, Reuben and Hannah. The son, Reuben, married a younger sister of his step-mother, which made him a brother-in-law of his father, and the older sister became the mother-in-law of the younger. The situation was a little novel, to be sure, but quite proper. Here is the beginning of the use of four Christian names not previously found in the family, and found later only among the descendants of Joshua. They are the names Joshua, Reuben, Solomon, and Dorcas. Here may be given an amusing local law or ordinance found among the early records of Barnstable County, which provides that: ‘Every single man must kill three crows and six blackbirds each year. None shall be permitted to marry until he complies with this requisition.’ In the annals of Dennis, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, appears the name of Joshua Wixam in the year 1749. He was then a representative for two years and a selectman for five years. Many Wixams held public offices in those early days.

8. Thankful Baker

Thankful’s first husband Jabez Snow Jr was born 1703 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Edward Snow and Sarah Freeman.   His grandparents were our ancestors Jabez SNOW and Elizabeth SMITH.  Jabez died 8 Apr 1754 in Harwich, Barnstable, Mass.

Thankful’s second husband Jesse Cable was born about 1698.

9. Tabitha BAKER (See Joseph O’KELLY‘s page)




The Connecticut magazine, Volumes 3-4 By William Farrand Felch, George C. Atwell, H. Phelps Arms, Frances Trevelyan Miller



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