Missing Parents

7th Generation

Louis B. HORTONs Parents

Tryphosa Ames’ Parents.  Tryphosa married Louis B. HORTON.  The only information I have on them is their daughter Rebecca Tryphosa Horton’s baptism and a 1850 census record.

Anna [__?__]’s Parents.  John Morton McCAW married Anna [__?__] on  19 Sep 1822. Anna [__?__] was born in 1805 in South Carolina.  Anna (Annie) died on 7 Apr 1894 in Americus, Lyon County, Kansas.

8th Generation

The name of Roger PARKE Jr.’s wife is unknown. Some mistaken information having to do with a will of a Thomas ROBINSON  got the idea that her name was Susannah ROBINSON started but it has no basis in truth, having been researched extensively by many Parke family researchers. It has also been speculated that his wife was Jane Stout or a woman named Hannah before 1704, but this also is just speculation – so his wife’s name is unknown.

James Smith’s Parents – James  SMITH’s Parents – James Smith was born about 1769 probably in Pensylvania.  He married Anna [__?__].  They moved to Kentucky and then settled in Somers Township, Preble County Ohio in 1802.  James died about 1852 in Preble County, Ohio and is buried in Hopewell Cemetery.

Agnes [__?__] ‘s Parents – Agnes died in 1814 in Camden, Preble County, Ohio  She married Samuel PATTERSON Jr in Abbeville District, South Carolina before 1792.

Ruth Thatcher’s Parents – Charles WEBBER  Jr. was born in 1764 in Dresden, Maine. He married  Ruth THATCHER 2 Apr 1792 in Yarmouth, Maine. He also may have married Mary Sturgis whose parents were Edward STURGIS V and Mary BASSETT…  Vassalboro; Village Cemetery, North Vassalboro; and Webber Cemetery, Vassalboro,  respectively ( MOCA 4:2655 and 2684). Marriages/intentions in VR Vassalboro.

Charles Webber, Jr. m. Mary Sturgis and m. int. 2 April 1792 Ruth Thatcher of Yarmouth (p. 33)

9th Generation

William CROSS Wife Judith’s Parents – William was born in 1738 in New Hampshire.  Judith [__?__] was born about 1780 and died 18 Aug 1843.

Mary’s Dean’s Parents – Mary [__Maiden Name?__] Dean was born about 1749 in Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut. Mary first married Isreal Dean in 1763.     She next married Elihu MINER Jr. about 1776 in Sharon, Litchfield, CT.  Her first child,  Amos Dean, was born in 5 Aug 1764 in Marlborough, Hartford, CT and Lydia Dean was born 28 Feb 1767 in Salisbury, CT.   Mary died in 1782 in East Haddam, Connecticut. Amos married Marilvah Ingham on Nov 1795. Israel Dean was born about 1740 in Colchester, New London, CT..  His parents, Seth Dean and Ann Skinner, were married 29 Oct 1721 in Colchester, CT. Isreal died in 1768 in Salisbury, CT.

Eleanor [Borden?]’s Parents – Eleanor was born in 18 July 1761. She married Thomas DeLONG in Eleanor died after the 1850 census in Caroline, New York.

Oliver Perkins Jr’s Wife’s Parents – The name of Oliver’s wife is not yet known.

Nathaniel Pease III’s Wife’s Parents – Nathaniel PEASE III was born 28 DEC 1753 Enfield, CT.   The name of his wife is not not known

10th Generation

Mary Brown’s Parents –  Mary Brown may have been born 19 Jan 1725/26 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.  She married David Dow 10 Apr 1744 in Salem NH.   Many genealogical records show her parents to be Caleb Brown and Elizabeth Jewett However, Caleb’s and Elizabeth’s Mary married Francis Peabody (Source:http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/t/a/y/James-R–Taylor/GENE6-0010.html#CHILD17039619)

Hannah [__?__]’s Parents – Matthew POLLEY married Hannah [__?__] about 1720.  After Hannah died, he married Abigail Gilbert on 17 Apr 1738 at the First Church in New London, CT. Hannah [__?__] died before 1738.

Elizabeth [__?__]’s Parents.  William ALLEN married Elizabeth [__?__] about 1702.

Sophia Nichol’s Parents – Nathaniel PEASE II was born  10 Sep 1732 in Enfield, CT.    He married Sophia NICHOLS. 31 Oct 1751  Nathaniel died at sea in Suawesi Tengah, Indonesia.  Sophia Nichols was born between 1730 and 1735 in Enfield, CT.  After Nathaniel died, she married Benjamin Parsons 27 Oct 1763 in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut. Benjamin Parsons was born 5 Mar 1729 in Enfield, Hartford, CT. His parents were Christopher Parsons and Mary Pease.  Benjamin died 13 Dec 1795 in Aroostook, Maine.

11th Generation

Sarah Saunders’ Parents – Sarah was born in 1705 in East Haddam CT.  She married John Willey II 5 Apr 1722 in East Haddam.  Sarah died in 1791 in East Haddam.

Lydia [__?__]’s Parents – Lydia  was born in 1669 in Strafford NH.   She married Joshua CROMWELL about 1699 in Dover NH. on Lydia was still alive on 19 January 1743/44 when she deeds with her husband. Both Lydia and Joshua are dead by 1752 when their children exchange deeds for their land .

Edward Jones’ Parents – Edward JONES  was born about 1685 in New York state.  He was possibly the son of Thomas JOANES of Jamaica, Long Island.  (Not the famous pirate Thomas Jones of  Jones Beach fame.)  See below for a discussion possible origins. He married Catherine DECKER about 1715 in Staten Island.  Edward died between 1735 and 1749 in Staten Island, New York

Susannah [__?__]’s Parents – Susannah [__?__] was born about 1665. She married John JOHNSON Jr. in 1682 in New London, CT.

Susannah [__?__]’s Parents -. Susannah [__?__] was born about 1670 in Rehoboth, Mass.  Alternatively, she was born 5 Jan 1664.   She married John ORMSBY in 1695.  Susannah died 26 Dec 1752 in Norwich, CT.

Mary Gibbs parents – She married Joseph PARMENTER about 1700 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  Mary Gibbs was born in 1682.  There was a Mary Gibbs  who was born 3 Aug 1691 in Sudbury, Mass, but that would make her only 12 years old when her daughter Bathsheba was born.  That Mary Gibbs  parents were John GIBBS and Sarah CUTLER. Our Mary died 6 Apr 1752 in Sudbury.

Mary Edgeley’s Parents – Mary was born in 1655 in East Hampton, Suffolk, New York?  She married Edward AVERY before 1671. Edward died in Eastchester, Westchester, NY.  An Edward Avery married  Mary Edgley in 1626 in London. Could this be coincidence or is the wife Mary Edgeley for our Edward a guess? (Registry of Bishop of London.)

Edward Avery, St. Peters, Paul’s Wharf, London, dyer, and Mary Edgley, widow of JohnEdgley, St. Bartholomew-the-less, West Smithfield, London, at Horsney, Middlesex Sep 9 1626.

Phillip Call Sr’s Parents – Philip was born 1684 in Newbury, Mass.  His parents are not known, though many sources say his father was John COLE. Other sources say that his father was Philip CALL I, but that Philip died in 1662.   He married Sarah TRESWELL 20 Jan 1706/07 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.  Philip died 10 Aug 1757 either at Stevenstown, NH  or maybe at Ft. William. Henry in NY in battle.

12th Generation

First Wife of Alexander Balcom  Sr.‘s Parents

Thomas Robinson’s Wife – Thomas ROBINSON  was born in England.  He married Susannah [ __?__] in 1666 in Crosswicks Creek, NJ, Thomas died 13 APR 1690 in Crosswicks Creek, West Jersey .

Eytie Ariaansz’s Parents – Eytie  was born Abt. 1654 in Albany, NY.  She married Hendric Gerrits Van WIE. After Hendrick died, she married Andries Jacobsz Gerdenier on 13 Nov 1692 in Albany. Eytie died in 1704 in Albany, NY.

Margaret [__?__]’s Parents – Margaret was born in 1640. She married John CORSER before 1688. Margaret died in  1713 in Massachusetts.

Nathaniel White’s Parents –  Nathaniel WHITE was born about 1660 in Purpooduck, York Co., Maine. Nathaniel died after 1691 His ear was cut off and he was later killed in Indians.

William WOODCOCK’S second wife Mary’s parents – Mary was born about 1646 in Bristol, Mass.

Philip Call II wife’s parents – Phillip CALL II was born  7 Jan 1659 in Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay and  died after 1732 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

13th Generation

Maria Cornelis Adriaens (Adriaensen)’s Parents – Maria was baptized Sep 1643 in Goirle, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.  She married Jan Juriaensen BECKER about 1660 while living in the Delaware River Colony.Her parents may have been Cornelis Daniel ADRIAENS and Adriana Joost DANIELS. Maria died before 1684.

Mary [__?__]’s Parents – Mary  was born in 1638.Hope Willemze was born about  1650 in Hempstead, Nassau, NY. She married Hope WILLEMZE in 1668 in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, NY. He died 9 Aug 1704 in Cape May, NJ.

Joanna [__?__]’s Parents – Joanna married William COURSER before 1638 in Boston.

Thomas Lumbert’s third wife – He first married in 1602  and his first wife did sometime between 1608 and 1617.  He married a second time in 1617 to someone who died after 1623.  Thomas emigrated in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet on the Mary and John, first settling in Dorcester, Mass. He married a third time about 1635, possible a sister or sister-in-law of Alice (Richards) Torrey[TAG:67:51].  After 1645, he married Joyce Small Wallen, widow of Ralph Wallen of Plymouth.

Elizabeth Willey’s parents – She  was born 1650 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. She married John HARVEY 1675 in Taunton, Mass.  Elizabeth died 9 Jan 1705 in Lyme, New London, Connecticu

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