John Willey I

John WILLEY I (ca. 1649 – 1688) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation.

John Willey was born ca. 1649, New London, New London, CT. John’s parents were Isaac WILLEY and Joanna LUTTEN .  He married Merriam MOORE on 18 Mar 1669/70 in New London, CT.  John died 2 May 1688, in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Merriam Moore as born 8 Nov 1647 in New London CT.  Her parents were Miles MOORE and Isabell JOYNER .  She married second to  Samuel Spencer in 1689.  Miriam died in 1706, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Samuel Spencer was born 1650 in Lynn, Essex, Mass. His parents were Gerard Spencer and Hannah Hills.  He first married in 1673 to John’s older sister, Hannah Willey as her third husband.  After Hannah died, he married  in 1689 to  Merriam MOORE.  Samuel died 7 Aug 1705 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Children of John and Miriam:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Isaac WILLEY 18 Jan 1669/70
New London, CT
14 DEC 1697
Lyme, CT
after 1751
Lyme, CT
2. Isabel Willey 21 Oct 1673
New London, CT
John Griffee
1690 in New London, CT
Caleb Bennett (Rose’s brothers and son of Henry BENNETT)
Lyme, CT
3. John WILLEY II 24 Feb 1675/76
New London, CT
Elizabeth HARVEY
16 Oct 1698 in New London, CT
19 Jun 1754
New London, CT
4. Miriam Willey 1 Nov 1677
New London, CT
Thomas Harris
Lyme, CT
Dutchess, NY
5. Allyn Willey 25 Jan 1680
New London, CT
Matitable [_?_]
6. Abel Willey 3 Mar 1682/83
New London, CT
Hannah Bray
17 JUL 1703
New London, CT
Martha Miner
Aft. 1733
2 OCT 1752
East Haddam, CT
7. Mary Willey 10 DEC 1685
New London, CT
John Holmes
11 FEB 1706/07
New London, CT
Samuel Andrews
1 Jun 1736 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT
29 MAY 1734
New London, CT

There is a difference of opinion among genealogists which son, Isaac or John was John WILLEY III’s father.  These are alternative, not double ancestors.

John was one of those who wrought at the mill-dam in 1651. He lived beyond the Head of Nahautick.

23 Sep 1652 – The land in Lyme was confirmed to him by the town, being described аз follows :

At the head of Nehantuck River, twenty acres of upland be it more or less : bounded easterly with New London bounds, and every way else with the Commons, at the South East Corner at a white oak tree, at the North East Corner at a white oak tree being a little without the fence now standing, af the North West Corner by a Keed oake tree, at the South West Corner with a stake.”

Swamp -- Nehantic State Forest -- Lyme CT.

17 Feb 1693 – The same land, with some in New London, was sold by his sons, John and Isaac Willey (either son could be our ancestor, see John Wiley II for details ) to Capt. Edward Palmer. They both subscribed by a mark, and were described as sons of John Willey, late of Haddam, deceased.

Three purchases of land, made by Isaac and John Willey in 1692 and 1709 and later, from Amos and Samuel Tinker, in the N. W. part of Lyme, with a considerable tract adjoining in East Haddam, remained the home of the Willey family for nearly a century, until it had been divided among successive generations into very small parcels.

2 May 1688 – The inventory of John’s estate, amounting to £169 13 00, was presented at Hartford, Nov. 6. 16S9, by his widow, who was appointed to administer the estate, with Alexander Eolio and Thomas Hungerford to assist her and to oversee her and her children..

1696 – John Willey( deceased)  granted lands in Voluntown, Conn., in 1696, for their services in the Connecticut volunteers in King Philip’s War[Narragansett Hist. Beg., 1882, p. 146.] (See Great Swamp Fight – Aftermath for details)

Genealogical and family history of western New York: a record of …, Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter 1912

John, son of Isaac Willey, was born at New London about 1648. He was one of those who made the mill dam. He lived beyond the head of Nahantic; when the bounds between New London and Lyme were settled, his farm was split by the line, leaving twenty acres with his house in New London. On September 23, 1682, land was confirmed to him in Lyme, and this land with some in New London was sold February 17, 1692-93. There are records of other land bought by him. He died at Haddam, Connecticut, May 2, 1688, and his wife was administratrix of his estate. He married, at New London, March 18, 1668-69, Miriam, daughter of Miles and Isabel (Joyner) Moore, and she married (second) in 1689, Samuel Spencer. Children, born at New London: Isaac, January 18, 1670-71; Isabel, October 21, 1673; John,mentioned below; Miriam, November 1, 1677; Allen, June 25, 1680; Abel, March 3, 1682-83; Mary, December 10, 1685.


1. Isaac WILLEY (See his page) Some sources say John WILLEY III‘s parents were Isaac Willey and Rose Bennett, others say John Willey Jr. and Elizabeth Harvey

2. Isabel Willey

Isabel’s first husband John Griffee was born 1666 in CT. John died 1697 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Isabel’s second husband Caleb Bennett was born 11 Oct 1675 in Lyme, New London, CT. His parents were Henry BENNETT and Sarah CHAMPION. He first married Rebecca Mack. Caleb died 12 Nov 1732 in Lyme, New London, CT.

3. John WILLEY II (See his page) Some sources say John WILLEY III‘s parents were John Willey Jr. and Elizabeth Harvey, others say Isaac Willey and Rose Bennett.

4. Miriam Willey

Miriam’s husband Thomas Harris was born 22 Mar 1677 in Block Island, Rhode Island. His parents were William Harris and Elizabeth [__?__]. Thomas died 22 Feb 1726 in Dutchess, New York.

5. Allyn Willey. T

Allyn’s wife Matitable [_?_] was born about 1710.

6. Abel Willey

Abel’s first wife Hannah Bray was born 1680 in New London, CT. Her parents were xx. 1733 in New London, CT.

Abel’s second wife Martha Miner was born 20 Jun 1699 in New London, New London, CT. Her parents were Clement Miner and Martha Mould. Her grandparents were our ancestors Clement MINER and Francis BURCHAM. Martha died in 1746.

Martha Miner joined the church at East Haddam Nov 6, 1737 and that of New London on Aug 23, 1767 by letter. She is mentioned in Abel’s will Apr 17, 1746, proved Oct 2, 1752 of which Abel’s son Abel Jr. was named executor and who accepted the trust Nov 2, 1752. The inventory amounted to several hundred pounds.

7. Mary Willey

Mary’s husband John Holmes was born 11 Mar 1687 in New London, New London, CT. His parents were Thomas Holmes and Lucretia Dudley. John died 29 May 1734 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

Mary’s second husband Samuel Andrews was born in 1683 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT. Samuel died 14 Dec 1758 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.


Isaac Willey of New London Connecticut and His Descendants – Google Books

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