Far Corners of the World

One of the most enjoyable parts of writing this blog is getting visitors from around the world. My rarest visit so far has been one hit from North Korea.  The smallest place with a visitor so far is Niue with a population of about 1,000.

Flagcounter.com, has a new feature listing the countries that haven’t visited a site.  There are only 16 countries who haven’t yet visited minerdescent.com.  Some county’s IP addresses, like Western Sahara may not be actively used, but it would be fun to collect them all.

If you know anyone in Antarctica, Vatican City or any of these other  small or or out of the way places, please encourage them to click!

Thanks, Mark

Country Unique Visitors Last New Visitor
1. Antarctica 0 Never
2. British Indian Ocean Territory 0 Never
3. Chad 0 Never
4. Christmas Island 0 Never
5. French Southern and Antarctic Lands 0 Never
6. Guinea-Bissau 0 Never
7. Nauru 0 Never
8. Norfolk Island 0 Never
9. Pitcairn Islands 0 Never
10. Saint Helena 0 Never
11. Saint Martin 0 Never
12. Tokelau 0 Never
13. United States Minor Outlying Islands 0 Never
14. Vatican City 0 Never
15. Wallis and Futuna 0 Never
16. Western Sahara 0 Never
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